…And Though the End is Near, I’m Not Sorry

Although it was a colder week, it was just as busy for us around the Scheu abode. Abby had her first basketball game, as well as another volleyball game, Matt had his final regular season wrestling tourney and Luke played in his final regular season basketball game. It was much colder on Monday. All the rain turned to ice overnight, making the cars really hard to open. Matt was still nursing his sore shoulder from the past weekend’s tourney as he returned to practice. Abby had basketball practice. Kenzie came home with her after they both stayed late to watch the boy’s junior high school basketball game. She ended up spending the night with us as her mother was out of town. Also included is Abby’s 1st place Abby’s dance team pictures came in as well…

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Tuesday was another chilly day and was Grandma Scheu (Barb)’s birthday. All three kids had practice after school and Abby / Kenzie went to the boy’s basketball game again that evening. The sun finally came out on Wednesday but it was just a rouse; it was still colder than hell outside. Matt had a late night at wrestling. Bu had basketball then jazz dance practice at Dixon. She was pretty tired that night. However it was nothing compared to the following night. Ann and I left early to get to Abby’s first basketball game of the season. The Lady Pirates faced Connersville for their season opener. The A team obliterated them by 40 points. Abby played on the B team and they had equal success, winning 28-13. Abby was 1-8 from the field with 2 turnovers. She also pulled down 4 rebounds, had 2 steals and 3 forced turnovers with 2 fouls. After the game, she went to Dixon Dance for tap class. We have a few pictures from Facebook as well as some odds and ends from the past couple weeks. Luke’s has been enjoying his artwork materials from Christmas, including his easel that he uses nearly daily, set up next to his computer desk in the playroom.

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Matt had wrestling on Friday night and Abby had volleyball. I attended a CPR trainer update and got home early. Ann joined me shortly thereafter and we finally got down that darn Christmas tree and decorations. Abby went to the Connersville “Red” tourney with the A-team. She and the other B-teamers did not get any PT but helped keep stats. Still, she was excited to be part of a winning team, as the Pirates won the tourney!! Meanwhile, the rest of us drove to Lawrenceburg or the year-end EIAC (conference) tourney. The Pirates wrestled very good overall and came in 3rd, edging out rival Batesville by a point or so. As for Matt, he also wrestled fairly well. He went 3-1 and finished 3rd in the 220 weight class again this year. He had a 1st round bye as he was seeded 2nd. He followed that by a tough loss to South Dearborn. He worked his way up the loser’s bracket by winning out. He beat Batesville in the 3rd round, participated in the Face Off in the 4th round and beat Franklin County to capture third place for the 2nd year in a row. The two above him are seniors, so it should be his to win next year! His good friend Joel and his wrestling partner Nathan (the boy whose car he hit in the parking lot) both took the Conference title for the weight divisions. Congrats to those boys!! We got home and Ann went scrapbooking while the kids and I watched TV and did a few chores around the house.

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On Sunday, Luke Matt & I headed to Hagerstown for last regular season games for young Pirate basketball team. Luke and the boys faced Morristown Black the first game. He went 0-1 from the field with an assist and a foul. He also had 6 rebounds, 3 steals, 4 blocked shots and 2 forced turnovers. It was never close and we won going away, 24-9. Next was the host team, Hagerstown in a very physical game that had numerous questionable calls. After last weekend where the refs called it really close, they let the boys play today. That did not work to our favor as we had several injuries from this game. Luke saw limited time in the game – part of it had to do with him forgetting his defensive responsibilities. He swears he is only baiting the other team and I have gone along with it since his stats back him up. However, that didn’t work against the #2 team in the league. We had these guys beat last game and they came roaring back from down 8 with 2 minutes to go to win. Today, we gave them a taste of their own medicine. We sorely missed our point / shooting guard, Grayson who was at Great Wolf Lodge for the weekend. We struggled to bring the ball up the floor and our passing was not good. With only a few minutes to play, we found ourselves down several points. To their credit, the Pirates battled back but in the end came up just a whisper short, losing 24-9. Luke was 0-0 with a turnover, 3 rebounds, a steal 2 blocked shots and a forced turnover. We tried a game-winning last-second shot, but didn’t go in and we lost 22-23. I’m surprised that both coaches made it through the game and weren’t asked to leave – hell, I’m surprised I made it through the game. We were all pretty vocal by the end of the game. The boys and I went out to Pizza Hut afterwards.

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Meanwhile, Abby and her orange St. Mary’s team hosted a volleyball game against St. Joseph’s church. Unfortunately they lost all three sets but Abby was named the player of the game! Pretty cool for a 7th grader on a team filled with high school players…way to go, Bu!! Later that night, she went to the junior high for a Student Council Team Time event. They stayed pretty late then all the girls had a sleepover at one of their houses, as Monday was a holiday for MLK Day.

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Next up is our video section, including six new family videos from this week along with several from around the ‘net…

And finally, we have our Waybac section which continues to feature the Gil Hutton Collection of Scheu Family portraits from yesteryear in Lafayette. This week we have the following photos: another sunset photo of one of the twin lakes in Monticello in the 60s; Aunt Sue’s wedding to Hank in April, 1961; Cathy in October, 1963; Aunt Judy in 1963/1964; Cathy in April, 1964; September, 1964; September, 1965; David in September, 1965 and November, 1967; Cathy in November, 1967; the McKenzie twins at Uncle John’s wedding to June in December, 1968; and Steven in November, 1978.-

Waybac.1960s.sfpsp14 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw88 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw89 Waybac.1961.04.15.sahw90 Waybac.1963.10.nbc8 Waybac.1963-1964.jas23 Waybac.1963-1964.jas24 Waybac.1963-1964.jas25 Waybac.1963-1964.jas26 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo23 Waybac.1964.04.c3mo24 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo35 Waybac.1964.09.03.c11mo36 Waybac.1964.cs21 Waybac.1965.09.09.cs1y11m13 Waybac.1965.09.09.cs1y11m14 Waybac.1965.09.09.cs1y11m15 Waybac.1965.09.d2mo24 Waybac.1965.09.d3mo25 Waybac.1967.11.19.ds25 Waybac.1967.11.19.ds26 Waybac.1967.11.19.ds27 Waybac.1968.12.21.jajw124 Waybac.1978.11.13.s8mo25

Well that does it for this episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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