Well I been Hustlin’ Here, I been Hustlin’ There…

You know it is going to be a long week when an hour and a half in to it, you are already getting sick. Still, that’s how our week started, with my head buried in the commode. It was a long week that continued the ups and downs that we’ve come to expect as the norm here lately. Still feeling the effects from Brian & Angie’s Super Bowl party the night before, Ann allowed me to sleep in until it was time to get ready for Kenny’s funeral. It was a very nice service and we wished we could’ve spent more time with Gigi, but knew we had to pick up the kids so we split after the burial at the cemetery. Ann & I came back in to town and stopped at Panda Garden for a quick lunch before coming home to allow Ann to nap and went and picked up Luke. Only I messed up and made him cry. I was there in plenty of time but had no idea that I was in the wrong line. Thankfully, we got it worked out but Gigi would pull the same thing the following night, so I didn’t feel so bad. Matt was relegated to driving the old Barney Mobile due to being too slick to drive the sports car. Matt went to wrestling practice but didn’t do much due to still hurting badly. I picked up Bu from basketball later that evening while Ann made dinner. We were up early on Tuesday, getting Bu in early for Student Council and heading back in to work after a long, 3-day weekend. It was a long day for me as I struggled to catch up on all I had missed the previous day. Matt went to wrestling practice for a while before coming over to the junior high for elementary wrestling, where he is again volunteering his time to coach the little ones this year. Luke, Ann & I travelled to Rushville to watch Abby play basketball vs. Benjamin Rush Middle School. Bu lost her starting position due to missing practice last Friday while grieving the loss of our family friend Larry and being there to console her bestie, Megan. She still managed to play several minutes as the Pirates spanked the Lady Cubs 33-8! Bu was 1-1 from the field with 2 turnovers and a foul. She also had a blocked shot and 7 rebounds.

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Matt had wrestling on Wednesday evening. He informed us that he would like to go to semi-state with 5 of his wrestling buddies and stay the night down in Evansville on Friday night. Ann and I would do a lot of thinking on this topic before over the next couple of days. Abby had basketball practice at the junior high and then prepared to go to jazz dance at Dixon but it was cancelled due to the teacher having a sick baby again. They have missed several classes for various reasons this year already.
After a few nasty days with a strong, cold wind – Thursday turned out to be a gorgeous day up near 60. It was another busy one for me, but then they were all busy for me this week. We had four contractors in house that day as we ran an emergency earthquake drill. Our drill coincided with the Great Central US Shakeout. An estimated 3 million people participated in today’s drill in our region alone. It went pretty good and I think we will do it again next year. Matt had wrestling practice (he doesn’t actually do anything due to still being so sore) then came to the junior high to coach his elementary wrestling team. He happened to hurt himself a little while proving a point to a particularly rambunctious student. After practice, he came next door to the old gym to join Ann, Luke & I and watch the 7th grade girls’ basketball teams compete against Jennings County. Both the A & B teams were close games that night. Where as the A team pulled away, late in the 2nd half to win by 20; in comparison the B team game was a true marathon. To put it another way, there were 21 fouls in the 1st half alone. I’m certain we had approximately 50 for the game even though they let them play in the 2nd half – which worked to the advantage of the visiting team. Jennings County was a scrappy, hard nose – some would say even dirty – team. Abby got the start again after Ann emailed the coach to explain why Abby had missed practice last week (to be with Megan during her time of need). We felt like Abby wasn’t as forthcoming with an explanation and thought we needed to let coach know the truth of her absence. We felt she had made the right decision and were a little disappointed that coach stuck to her guns and didn’t bend the rules a little in this situation; but we understood. Abby played quite a bit that evening and was pretty beat up and sore afterwards, as were most of the girls on both the A & B teams. This resembled a football game at times, it was that rough. Their crowd was also loud, rude and obnoxious. We’ll have to remember that when we visit them next year. To say this game was a long one is an understatement. To put it in to perspective, the 8th grade girls had to travel to Jennings County and they actually went, played their two games, drove back and still had time to catch the end of our game! Abby seemed a little out of it tonight, possibly intimidated by the sheer physicality of the event. Abby and the Pirates survived and pulled out the win, 31-27 and remain undefeated on the year! As I said, Abby had trouble getting in to the flow of the game. She went 0-4 from the field and 2-4 from the stripe for 2 points and a foul with 11 turnovers. Defensively she had 5 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 blocked shot and 2 forced turnovers with a foul. The girls went on to tap dance class at Dixon while the boys grabbed pizzas and went home.

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On Friday morning, as the eastern seaboard prepared for a blizzard, we took the Pacifica back to Acra’s to fix the same issue we just paid to fix – the engine cuts out for no apparent reason. Last time we replaced the catalytic converter but now they say it is a barometric pressure gauge or something strange like that…anyhow it was yet another long day. I didn’t get out of work until 8 that night. Ann went scrapbooking after work. Matt left with his best friend Joel and all their friends, road-tripping down to Evansville. It took Ann and I a few days to finally feel at ease with this whole adventure of his. Six teenage boys going four hours away to semi-state to watch two of their teammates complete in the penultimate wrestling tourney of the year. They got a late start and finally reached their destination late in the night.
Matt and the boys enjoyed rooting on their two teammates all day on Saturday. Brandon lost his first match and took 8th place overall while Drew went 2-2 on the day to finish 6th. Congratulations to both boys and to all the Pirate wrestlers on a great season! The tourney lasted all day and well in to the night. Matt rode back with the team on the bus and didn’t get home until about 3 a.m. Ann went scrapbooking for the majority of the day with Shawna at Mrs. B’s. Meanwhile Abby, Luke & I took it easy and enjoyed a quiet Saturday for a change. We ran a few errands and had Taco Bell for lunch. In the afternoon, while Abby & I napped on and off, Luke had Alex over and then they went over to his house to play until supper time, when Ann returned home and made salmon patties (yum!). Matt & Abby were in the newspaper – Bu for Honor Roll and Matt for wrestling at Regionals (or lack thereof in his case). Matt got his Sectional patch for football to put on his letter jacket. Matt got signed up to take the SAT. Luke drew me a Valentine’s Father’s Day. Rob & Sharon sent us a lovely invitation for their wedding in May. Lots of Facebook pictures as well – Bu, Dick, Abby & her buddies, Matt dressed as a hippie for school, Haley, Chris, Matt @ semi-state and the boys w/ Memaw and Gigi at Kenny’s showing.

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We slept in on Sunday morning before heading to the Batesville area for Abby’s volleyball game vs. St. Anthony’s in Morris. The girls played pretty well but the teams were evenly matched. In the first match, Bu and the Dreamsicles (don’t ask…) pulled out a 22-20 victory. In the 2nd match, there were some questionable calls as well as a scoreboard snafu that aided St. Anthony’s win 21-19. In the rubber match, Abby & the St. Mary’s team pulled away late to win going away, 21-14. After a slow initial start this morning, Abby started getting in to the swing of things midway through the 2nd game by jumping at the net, sliding on her knees in the back row and hammering some aces while serving. Most importantly, she looked like she was really enjoying her time out there with Shawna’s girls. Shawna was absent today but her husband did a fine job at the helm. On the way back, we stopped and ate at LaRosa’s. Matt stayed home and slept, literally, all day on the couch. Ann took a nap and then the girls went out and did grocery shopping while Luke & I did our weekly chores around the house. Ty from the down the street came over late and he and Bu did their homework for tomorrow. Ann & I wound down, catching up on our DVR shows. For whatever reason, our Comcast DVR was wiped clean – including our scheduled recordings. We had to go back through and re- setup all of the programs we want to record (and that is a lot!). Let’s hope next week goes better…

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Next up is our video section, which includes five new family movies and several from around the internet this week.

Next up is our Waybac section, which includes yet again photos from the Gil Hutton collection. I have this and one more round before my supply is finally exhausted. This week includes pictures of: Aunt Judy at various points of the 60’s; Gil in the newspaper; the Jeff basketball team postcard that Gil photographed; Cathy in ’64; John in ’67; Cathy & David at Christmas in ’67 & ’68; David in ’68; and finally several pictures of a photo shoot in ’69 with Judy, Cathy & David.

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…And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. If you’ve read this far, I’d like to personally thank you for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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