When her Motor is Running, this Girl don’t Sit Still

It seemed it was all about Bu this week…solidifying her standing as a true triple threat – with her brains and athletic abilities and all the while looking fabulous. Abby had her first dance competition and her first track meet while Luke & I started league baseball and Matt continued physical therapy on his shoulder. There has been a rash of celebrity deaths this week and last – including a founding member of the prog-rock group, Yes (guitarist, Peter Banks); former bassist for hard rock band, AC/DC (Neil Smith); one of the very best record engineers/producers (Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Free, Steve Miller Band, Van Halen, Humble Pie, etc) the rock world has ever known (Andy Johns); a former head of state (England’s Margaret Thatcher); Lumpy from Leave it to Beaver (actor, Frank Bank) and everyone’s favorite Mouseketeer and actress (Annette Funicello).
Luke had to ice his shoulder after pitching at all-star practice on Sunday evening. He did pretty damn good for his first time ever pitching, much less off a mound. His shoulder has been sore, though, since the middle of last week when he tried to do too much too soon. Still, I thought he did great at practice with his pitching. He was so excited – smiling from ear to ear out there, really enjoying the moment. Matt had football practice where he continues to lift and build up what he can, muscle-wise. Abby had a track meet in Brookville vs. Franklin Co. junior high. Bu competed in the long jump and high jump with mixed results. She did very well in the long jump but hurt her knee during warm-ups for the high jump and couldn’t make opening height. She was pretty upset. She ended up finishing 4th in long jump – just 2” away from earning a ribbon! That evening, I met up with Bryan and the old football coaching staff out at he and Angie’s house to watch the National Championship for men’s NCAA basketball. It was a good game until the last minute when Louisville finally pulled away from Michigan to become this year’s champs.

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Abby was in early for Student Council before school and attended track practice afterwards. Matt again had lifting for football and I walked three miles after work to catch up from taking a few days off (I really needed the exercise).
Matt was in early on Wednesday morning for Leadership Academy. Abby was crabby all morning. She had track after school. Matt had physical therapy on his shoulder and Luke had his first league baseball practice. The Marlins will have a competitive team. We have a long way to go to get game ready, but we have some good talent and good families to work with, which is so nice. Because it was a late one, the boys made a run for the boarder for dinner while the girls had After Prom meeting and then on to jazz dance practice.
Abby brought home a sheet last night that showed that she was ranked the 6th highest in her whole class for math, so we are supposed to attend an algebra parent’s meeting…fun…but way to go, Bu! We are so proud of her achievements in the classroom. Abby was supposed to have a track meet vs. Waldron – but because it rained all night last night and most of the day today, it was cancelled. Good thing, too; it turned nasty that evening. So Ann took Abby to an After Prom meeting with Shawna, went tanning and then on to tap dance class. Lots of new Facebook pictures, including Aunt June & Lindsay in Florida, Bu w/ one of her BFFs, Emma; my cousins Mindy & Kathy in Key West; the Turnpike at Columbian Park (one of my all-time favorite rides as a kid!); Lindsay & Jack at John & June’s Florida home; Lumpy, Annette & Maggie; Abby w/ Brooke & Megan; Luke & Alex; Luke’s artwork and the van hit another milestone.

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Bu was in early on Friday for Student Council. Matt had physical therapy. Ann, Luke & I took Abby up to Beech Grove high school in Indy for the annual ShowStopper Regional dance competition. First up was Abby and Baili’s jazz number, Primadonna. They did pretty good but did have a few issues. Although they earned 1st place in their dance style, they were a disappointing fifth overall in their age category. Still, I thought they did great and looked fabulous…although I have to say that I didn’t exactly know how to react when I first saw the dance. It was my first time seeing it at all. When did these little girls get big all of a sudden?? Afterwards, we went to Oh Charley’s as we do every year afterwards, but it was packed and we were hungry. So we went next door to Uno’s pizza. It was delicious! The girls’ teacher joined us for dinner as did Rob & Amy, Baili’s parents.

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We got up early on Saturday. Ann took Matt clothes shopping up in Greenwood and Indy. Meanwhile, Luke and I got the oil changed in the Pacifica and washed it. We came back home and got the truck up and running. Loaded up the yard tools and headed over to Gma & Gigi’s house for the first mow / trim of the year. We came back home and did the same at our house. Afterwards, we went to Wal-Mart and grabbed Subway. We came home, got showers and did our weekly inside chores around the house. Abby went out to the movies for the evening. Matt watched Luke for us and Ann and I headed to Batesville. We met up with Bryan & Angie, Chad & Jean and Alan & Christy over at the Wing Shack, where Bryan was playing drums and bass in a gig by his band, Skeeter McGee. Ann and I stayed for dinner and a few brews before heading home after their first set.

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On Sunday, we were up even earlier as Ann helped Abby get ready for the 2nd day of the ShowStopper dance competition up at Beech Grove high school. This time, it was tap day. Abby and the girls tapped to Real Wild Child, an energetic number. The girls nailed it! They have great choreography and the girls were nearly flawless! They earned a 1st place double platinum (their 2nd time achieving this level) and as well as first place overall for their age division!! This was only the third double platinum that the dance studio has earned! Way to go, Bu!! Afterwards, we tried again to get in to O’Charley’s and this time the wait was even longer – 90 minutes! So we again went next door – this time to Longhorne Steakhouse. It was an excellent lunch!! As has become tradition, we also went shopping at Target. 😉 We came home and everyone took a nap. We did not get back in time to get Luke out to all-star practice for baseball. Instead, he had his buddy Alex come over. Joining him was his cousin and Abby’s best friend, Megan. The kids played outside. Matt joined Luke in playing Army. Ann went to an After Prom meeting that evening, then came home and made cheesy popcorn and we got caught up on our DVR’ed shows.

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Next up is our video section, which includes two new family videos from this week as well as a few from around the internet…

We had a couple of entries to choose from for the Shit that Luke Says this week, though there were plenty more. So we were in the car on Friday night, headed to dance competition when Luke figures out he has left his headphones at the house. So Ann offered him her earbuds and he asked, “Are they Pink?” Ann answered, “No, they’re white…why did you want them to be pink?” Luke answered back, “No…well kinda…I like pink!”  Another was Luke watching TV and asking totally out of the blue, “Why were there only 50 people that died in WWI? That’s why we have 50 starts on the flag, right?”

And finally, we have our Waybac section which features a plethora of great old family photos. We begin this week with a great picture of my great, grandma, Mary Brown from shortly after the turn of the century, circa 1904; then Grandpaw in the 1950s in his kitchen on Elmwood Ave; a pictures for the newspaper in June of ’55; a newspaper article from June of ’56; then we have a bunch of great photos from August of 1956 – Mom’s dog Rusty in his house; Mom and a friend; Mom and her friends (maybe cousins?) out in the front yard on Elmwood Ave; Grandpaw in the kitchen of the same home; Mom and Rusty out back; and Mom possibly in her front yard(can that possibly be Elmwood Ave?…was it ever a country-looking road??…if so, it must’ve been before Market Square was built!); then we have an article on Grandpaw in October of ’56; Mom at the beach with the family in August of ’57; a few newspaper articles from the first half of ’58; Mindy in fall of ’73 school picture; Nathan’s birth announcement at the end of October in ’77; Katie’s 6 month picture in May of ’79; Grandmaw/Grandpaw/Aunt Lou in DC in September of ’80; Grandpaw’s 64th birthday at our Rockwood home in LP in July of ’81 – including Rob in the living room, Grandpaw opening presents after lunch on the front porch; Rob & I keeping cool in the backyard; then on to Kokomo for the boys’ birthday party in October of ’81; Grandmaw & Grandpaw out front of the Rockwood home in LP in August of ’82 (likely celebrating Grandpaw’s birthday); Bryan Christmas at our house in ’82; Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s 40th wedding anniversary in August of ’86 along with a picture of a few of those in attendance including Bob & Karen; Homey & Trudi; Brett & Tammie; Cathy and her first husband; and Mom & Dad. Next is Dad on his birthday in ’87 with Mom & Grandpaw in our kitchen; and also all dressed up for dinner and a show in Merrillville, I believe; then Tammie & Brett’s wedding in June of ’88; Grandpaw’s birthday at our house in July of ’88; then the Bryan Christmas at Mom & Dad’s house in Rossville in 2004; Rob in Greensburg for Christmas a few days later; Ann on Christmas morning in our living room in 2006; Mom & Dad with their Week 19 buddies in Treasure Island, FL at the Sand Pebble, etc in May of 2007; Mom & Dad on vacation in August of ’07; and then the family gathered again in our house for Abby’s 8th birthday in July of 2007…enjoy! ;0)

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And that wraps up another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom…
Later, Scheu

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