Jump to the Ground as the Turbo Slows…

With all the rain this week and the last couple; the trees are starting to bloom, flowers are popping up everywhere and the grass is turning green – it’s springtime again! On Monday, it was back into the groove – Matt had football practice after school. Bryan picked up Luke from Gma & Gigi’s house for baseball practice while Ann & I headed out to the high school for Abby’s first home track meet (and the first one in four that WASN’T cancelled). Abby again participated in long jump and then high jump. She placed 5th in both events. I met up with Luke for the final 10 minutes. Abby missed her softball practice due to the track meet. Ann went to the junior high school for an algebra meeting about Abby (she has been invited to take high school credit-eligible Algebra next year! Way to go, Bu! I met up with Bryan out at his house for a coaches meeting. And sadly, Richie Havens died (he was best known as the artist who opened up the original Woodstock festival in ’67).

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Tuesday’s rain showers were scattered all day and night. Abby was in early for Student Council and stayed late for track practice. Matt stayed late for lifting (football) practice. Luke & I mowed and trimmed Mom & Gigi’s house and then our front yard as well – even though it was a little damp. Overnight, it rained and rained, even through most of Wednesday morning. The storms brought in cold, breezy weather that evening. It got colder and colder and eventually brought about a frost warning. Matt was in early for Leadership Academy before school and then had to leave during class for physical therapy before getting his hair cut after school in Columbus with Jami. Luke’s baseball practice was cancelled because of the cold, wet environment. Abby, on the other hand, still had her practice – and let me tell you, she was miserable. In fact, the whole team was unhappy with the practice – and with good reason – nothing was gained. Abby said no one could pitch, bat, catch, throw or run worth a shit because of the poor conditions – exactly why Bryan & I cancelled our practice. Nonetheless, she toughed it out but I had to pick her up early and run her out to jazz class. Amy brought her home while I napped. Meanwhile, Ann ran Matt over to Batesville to get his tux for next weekend’s prom! There was another frost warning for Thursday morning but it got nicer as the day went on. Matt had a dentist appointment that caused him to miss part of school again and had football (lifting) after school. Abby had a track meet in Batesville that evening. She did the long and high jump events again. She was again 5th in long jump but finished tied for 3rd in high jump (actually, no one from our team made the opening height). We signed out a very grumpy Bu from the track meet and took her to tap class after dinner.

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On Friday, Matt had physical therapy and Abby had track practice. It was Ann that had all the excitement. She came home for work and instantly knew something was wrong when she didn’t hear the dogs going crazy in the kitchen, ready to go outside. She put the gate down and still saw neither pooch. That was when she heard Lola whining. She saw Molly looking at her, waiting for Ann to open the door to the laundry room. Sure enough, that was when she figured out that she had accidentally trapped Lola in the laundry room all day. Although she didn’t poop or pee in there, it still smelled really bad. Lola is normally giddy and anxious normally anyhow; so Ann swears she must’ve been farting the entire day – it smelled that bad! Poor Lola must’ve whined and whined – to the point where Molly was compelled to try and dig her way through the door…or under it to be precise. Throughout the day, she completely tore up the carpeting under the French doors that separate the laundry room from the kitchen in an attempt to “save” Lola. It was an admirable action, so it was hard to be mad – especially when it was one of us that did it not one of the kids! 😉 Needless to say, Ann had quite a mess and felt pretty guilty about it. Ann met up with Shawna to work on After Prom later that night. Sadly, country music lost a great one as the legendary George Jones passed away.
Ann was up early on Saturday to run Bu out to dance class practice. I picked her up and we got gas and aired up a tire in the Pacifica while Ann & Luke got ready to go shopping in Greenwood. They truly shopped till they dropped as they were gone all day long; only stopping to grab some lunch at Friday’s where the Duke got one of his faves – ribs! Bu went with me to get the oil changed in the Grand Caravan and then we did some shopping at Wal-Mart and Hibbett’s before stopping at A&W for lunch. We next took the Silverado to Gma & Gigi’s to fertilize but we decided not to do it due to the threat of rain (it looked pretty bad when we were there, but I don’t think it ever did rain!) overnight. So instead I visited with the ladies in the backyard while Abby & Grace played volleyball back there with us. Jamie & I got his new grill going and then Abby & I ran in to Picker’s Paradise where Bu found a picture frame and I found 1 Hot Wheels car. On our way home, we dropped off stuff at station for Mom/Gigi. I had a good conversation with our neighbor, Gene before running Bu out to the high school for track practice. As it turned out, only one other gal showed for practice, so Ab ended up getting a couple hours of 1:1 training. It seemed to help as she added over a foot to her long jump and a half foot to her high jump previous bests this year. I came back and worked on the truck in the driveway – checking all the fluids, clearing out the trash, adding ATF/cleaning the leaking ATF off the driveway and installed the center cap on one of the rims that Acra’s had left off for some reason and cleaned out part of the garage – man, I need to do that more often…what a mess it is in there right now. Later, I gassed up the Crossfire and picked up Abby from practice. She was so excited over her progress she had made with her coaches out there! We came home and ordered Adamo’s pizza for dinner and watched the fashion show that Luke put on when he came back with Ann. 😉 It was a slow day where we got some things accomplished but didn’t feel like we did any work.
Sunday was an overcast, drizzly day that was a nice day to be lazy – filled with couch-flopping and weekly inside household chores. Next we have some miscellaneous pictures, including some from Facebook: David & Becky w/ Monica before Prom; Abby and her friends; Richie Havens; 1985 homecoming at LPHS; Brayton and date before Prom; Haley & Parker; Aunt Judy; Luke at Friday’s; Abby at Wal-Mart; Abby’s Honor Roll certificates (thanks, Bu, for finally digging these out of your nasty locker!); Luke’s safety message; George Jones; our friends Rick & “Gertrude” 😉 ; and Haley ready to pop again…

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Next up is our video section, which includes a pair of family videos from this week’s activities as well as several from around the internet that I’ve been listening to this week.

Our final section is our favorite – the Waybac feature. Leading off this week, we have a few early clipping of Grandpaw Brown in the newspaper from the first quarter of 1954; then Mom with Grandpaw & Grandmaw and “Aunt” Lou and her husband (Terry?) at the beach – possibly in Moticello during August of 1954 as well as Mom with her friends and cousins at her house in September of 1954; then another trip to the twin lakes in Monticello, also in September of ’54; then Grandpaw in the newspaper in later ’54; Grandpaw in June of ’55; and then again in July of ’55; Grandmaw & Lou at the lake in August of ’55; Grandpaw in the newspaper again in September of ’55 (boy, he was truly the poster-boy of the Lafayette force back then!); another in October of ’55 – but this time he had a special guest – can you spot Mom??…and finally one last article about Grandpaw – this time graduating from school in ’55. Next we skip ahead to Thanksgiving in 1980 – our first back in Indiana; Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph at Keith’s house for Christmas in ’80; Schnapps at Christmas ’80; Dad & Grandmaw during Christmas of ’80; Grandmaw, Grandpaw, Rob & I during a visit in August of ’81; Rob, Dad & I in the Rockwood St home during our birthday party in October ’81; Mom & Dad with Grandpaw at his dining room table in July of ’87; Grandpaw at our home for his birthday a little later that same month; the Elmwood St home in July of ’87; Rob out in front of the Rockwood St home in October of ’87; Dad’s damaged truck in ’87; Austin in approximately October of ’93; our kids enjoying Christmas festivities in December of 2006; the Bryan Christmas in Kokomo in 2006; and Mom & Dad’s last home in Rossville after a snowstorm in February of 2007.

Waybac.1954.01.29.gin1 Waybac.1954.02.01.gin1 Waybac.1954.03.09.gin1 Waybac.1954.08.sil1 Waybac.1954.08.sil2 Waybac.1954.08.sil3 Waybac.1954.08.sil4 Waybac.1954.09.sab1 Waybac.1954.09.sab2 Waybac.1954.09.sab3 Waybac.1954.09.sab4 Waybac.1954.09.sab5 Waybac.1954.09.sab6 Waybac.1954.09.sab7 Waybac.1954.09.sab8 Waybac.1954.09.sab9 Waybac.1954.09.sab10 Waybac.1954.09.sab11 Waybac.1954.09.sab12 Waybac.1954.09.sab13 Waybac.1954.09.sab14 Waybac.1954.09.sab15 Waybac.1954.09.sab16 Waybac.1954.09.sab17 Waybac.1954.09.sab18 Waybac.1954.gin1 Waybac.1954.gin2 Waybac.1955.06.09.gin1 Waybac.1955.06.09.gin2 Waybac.1955.06.22.gin1 Waybac.1955.06.22.gin2 Waybac.1955.06.22.gin3 Waybac.1955.06.23.gin1 Waybac.1955.07.05.gin1 Waybac.1955.07.05.gin2 Waybac.1955.07.05.gin3 Waybac.1955.08.glob1 Waybac.1955.09.26.gin2 Waybac.1955.09.26.ginn1 Waybac.1955.10.06.gin1 Waybac.1955.10.06.gin2 Waybac.1955.gin3 Waybac.1980.11.27.tilp1 Waybac.1980.11.27.tilp2 Waybac.1980.11.27.tilp3 Waybac.1980.11.27.tilp4 Waybac.1980.11.27.tilp5 Waybac.1980.11.27.tilp6 Waybac.1980.12.21.cak1 Waybac.1980.12.cil1 Waybac.1980.12.cil2 Waybac.1981.08.vil5 Waybac.1981.10.25.bdilp1 Waybac.1981.10.25.bilp4 Waybac.1981.10.25.bilp5 Waybac.1987.07.gmgpv1 Waybac.1987.07.gpbilp1 Waybac.1987.07.gpbilp2 Waybac.1987.09.gmgpb1 Waybac.1987.10.31.rifu1 Waybac.1987.10.31.rifu2 Waybac.1987.didt1 Waybac.1993.10.absmo1 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig10 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig11 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig12 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig13 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig14 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig15 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig16 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig17 Waybac.2006.12.25.cig18 Waybac.2006.12.cik1 Waybac.2006.12.cik2 Waybac.2006.12.cik4 Waybac.2007.02.wir1 Waybac.2007.02.wir2

That wraps up this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. As always; thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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