Time to Play the Game…

The sound of cicadas was deafening as we drove through the Decatur/Bartholomew county countryside on our way to work/home. Ann’s car was still in the shop, which meant I got the truck. It only “2/50” air conditioning (two windows at 50 mph!). So I really got to hear them in all their glory. We enjoyed cooler mornings and gorgeous afternoons. It was the beginning of the “Zeptember” celebration all month long on my favorite radio station (WJAA), when they increase the rotation of all things Zep… It is getting noticeably darker much sooner now and the temps are beginning to fluctuate…typical Indiana weather for this time of year. One day we’ll have the house opened up and the next day we’ll have the air on and the next day we’ll be in sweatshirts. Sadly, we hit a couple milestones as we will for years to come now at this time of year with Mom’s passing. I talked to Dad & Rob more these last two weeks than I did all summer, I think. As for the atmosphere around the Scheu abode, it has been all about football these past two weeks…
Welcome to a special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. It’s been a crazy couple of week since we touched base last time. As we said last time out, Labor Day Monday was not only a day off but also a day of remembrance for us as we passed the one year anniversary of Mom’s passing. So as if she wasn’t already constantly on our minds, it was even worse this week. I still have the last two voicemails Mom left me on my phone and I had to play them a couple times just to hear her voice and have a good tear or two. I swear it’s been a decade since she has been gone, but I’m sure that’s normal. In many ways, I feel like we are still in shock – I keep waiting for things to return to normal but I think this may be normal from now on?
On Tuesday it was back to work and school…except for Ann, who stayed home to continue working on the garage in preparation for our big sale. Matt had football practice after school, as did Luke & I. Meanwhile, Abby & Ann travelled to Batesville to watch Baker and the South Decatur Cougar JV team battle the Bulldogs. I could barely get off the couch that evening due to practicing too hard with the boys as a defensive lineman to give our offensive line some much-needed competition. God I love Advil…
It was a chilly start to Wednesday morning with temps in the lower 50s. Ann was again off to work on the garage sale (what a mess we have in that area!). It was mow day, but since we have had so little rain there was no need to get the lawn equipment out. Ann made potato soup so we huddled around our warm soup bowls and watched Iron Man 3. Ann went to a parents meeting for Abby’s travel softball team where it sounds like Bu may get lots of PT!
We had a small scare on Thursday morning. I was loading up some equipment in the truck before work that I had sold Philip and I looked over to see our elderly neighbor Ed facedown on his driveway. He is still agile and mows his lawn at least once a week, still drives and does everything he has done all his adult life…but this day he got a little dizzy and lost his footing, hitting the concrete pretty hard. I ran over and performed first aid on him. We got all the bleeding stopped and he ended up going to urgent care for his shoulder. The kids were a big help as well. Thankfully he is OK and will make a full recovery. Perhaps Luke can make a little extra $ by mowing his lawn and shoveling his walks/driveway now? Ann worked on the garage all day, except when she ran Abby to the doctor as she continues to complain of several different ailments. She turned out to be OK but has some new medicines to help her cope. Matt and Luke had football practice and the girls went to jazz dance. Luke had school pictures and was thrilled to wear his #63 (also his big brother’s number). That evening, we had a coaches meeting at Messer’s Bar and watched Peyton whoop up on the world champs on the NFL’s opening night. We have lots of new social media pictures, including Abby’s many faces, Bu with Baker, a couple amazing pictures in Mom’s memory at the Sand Pebble beach – Mom’s favorite place to be; Abby with Megan; Lindsay and friends; The Nocturnals in the rain; Bu with Emma & Megan; an old one of Matt & Bu from about 2000; Nathan’s oldest girl; Kate & Jake; Rob’s tribute to Mom; Ann with the girls bar hopping in the Blue Bug; Abby getting her ears pierced, Bu trying on dresses for Shawna and the cover of Metallica’s new album (due out very soon!).

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On Friday, Ann wrapped up the garage cleaning and began getting everything put outside. Matt had a football game in Connersville. We went early and tailgated with the other senior parents beforehand. Matt had the best game of his varsity career! He had about 10 tackles and made some killer blocks. We won 28-20, but it was never really that close…we just couldn’t put them away in the 4th quarter. The team is now 2-1 and back on the right road. Matt spent the night at his buddy Kelso’s house, along with some of the other seniors.

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Matt had football practice on Saturday morning. Ann held her yard sale. We got everything else out and ready for the big sale. Luke had a football game at Connersville. We rode up with Bryan and Drew while Mom came over and helped Ann run the yard / garage sale. I couldn’t believe that I forgot to put a memory card in the stupid video camera, so I missed getting the entire game…and what a game it was! Luke had a very good game again, as did our whole team! He had a few good tackles and blocked well. He got to play multiple positions in the game, including center, quarterback, halfback, kicker and defensive end…WOW!! Thanks to Coach Messer for allowing Luke to have a chance at carrying the ball. He was SO excited! He got to be captain as well, calling (and winning) the coin toss and made good decisions on penalties with the referee! He had a big play on defense, making a key tackle on 4th down during an attempted sweep to his side. He still took a few plays off (as did all our players on the team) and so he still has room for improvement. He ran the ball twice for a total of about 7 yards. We got our first shutout of the year and played outstanding team defense. We won 14-0 and are now 2-0 on the year. When our offense comes around in the 2nd half of the season, we should be a force to be reckoned with! Apparently there was some sideline drama where a parent lost control and ended up cussing and screaming and eventually threatened another fan (a grandmother of all people – what a man, huh?). Luke rode home with his buddy Grayson while Bryan & I caught with his buddies Terry (Mesco) and Rich (Skeeter McGee). We got on the road immediately after the game and drove up to Michigan University in Ann Arbor. Bryan had scored amazing tickets for the biggest college game of the month – Notre Dame vs. Michigan. Dubbed, “Under the Lights in The Big House II”, it was a matchup of two Top 25 teams and was an outstanding game. We set a new record for attendance for any football game – college or pro – with 115, 109! Wow!! The Big House did not disappoint as it was rocking – loud and rowdy! We tailgated 100 feet from the main entrance and enjoyed a couple beverages, food and a nice cigar. It was very warm down on the 8th row! It was an amazing game that saw Michigan pull out the victory. The town was electric and was nothing but a big party – what a great place to see a ballgame. We stayed in a hotel up there, a few miles from the stadium. We closed down the bar and ordered in pizzas. We saw security run off a couple guys and the police take a guy to jail. We finally went to bed despite the college kids that wanted us to keep drinking with them on the underwear couch (you had to be there to fully appreciate it).

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On Sunday, we drove back and found the yard in a complete mess! Ann had a poor turnout and an even poorer reception to her items. We had such high hopes that it would be a very successful sale. However, the stuff still needs to go. Poor Ann felt awful and was over it. Our internet and TV were both out, so I had nothing better to do than to put everything away in the intense heat and humidity. I got all the tables loaded in the truck and all the leftover goods stacked up on the driveway. Ann’s friend came over and took several items (she donated the items to him as he and his wife are raising money to adopt another child). Luke had travel-team basketball practice and Abby went to Baker’s house for dinner. The NASCAR boys finished the regular season and Jeff did not make the final cut. However, there was controversy right from the start and in a strange twist of events, one driver was removed because his teammates manipulated the outcome of a race. Ryan Newman from South Bend was instead awarded a seat in the “chase” and for the first time ever, they decided to go with 13 teams – my man Jeff Gordon was awarded the additional seat at the table. Let’s go Gordo!!
This past Monday, the boys had football practice. It was a hot one. Luke & I fought over who got to shower first! Abby had jazz dance practice. Ann & I went over to the Messers’ for some vacation planning. Really it was just a reason to watch football and drink beverages during MNF! We stayed out late “planning.” Abby’s role model poster is out! She looks beautiful on it. She and Ann will take a stack of them around to local businesses. They are up in all the schools, including Baker’s school. Abby also got her school pictures back. They are gorgeous…but then I might be a bit biased…

awath13.1 awath13.2 awath13.3 awatg13.4

Tuesday saw record heat and humidity. We set a record by hitting 97 on the thermometer. It also forced all practices to cancel (except varsity, of course) and even cancelled Baker’s JV game at South. There were bad storms in the area, but we never saw a drop of it in Columbus or Greensburg. Matt attended the college fair. Because of the threat of rain, Ann had move all that shit from the driveway into the front of the garage. There is still quite a bit that didn’t sell and I hated myself for putting it in there…but Ann swears it is only temporary… I showered and fell asleep on the couch almost immediately.
Wednesday was the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. There were stuff about it all over the TV, radio, internet and social media. I still remember where I was when I first heard about the attacks. Ann had a good doctor appointment and Acra’s finally figured out the issue with the Pacifica and got it back to us again. It was cool to drive the truck again, I missed it. The heat was still near record-highs, but the humidity was gone, making it manageable. Did that 95 degree temp stop us from mowing? Heck no! Despite the lack of rain, Mom & Sandy’s lawn continues to grow even when the neighbors’ is dead. Abby won a bet with Ann and was able to get her ears pierced in a couple spots.
Matt and Luke had football practices on Thursday and Abby had tap at Dixon Dance. It rained all morning and in to the early afternoon but cleared up nicely, as the temps finally came back down. I think that was our Indian Summer for the year.
Friday had a downright cold start to the day. We opened up the house and Abby complained that she was cold. It didn’t get real warm all day and later that night we tailgated at home for the first time. It was even chilly at the tailgate party. We had a lot of fun before heading in. They have the new banners on display on the fence in front of the student section and the license plates were also on display by the ticket booth. The Pirates came out with a ton of momentum, getting a defensive stop (3 and out), returned the punt decently and put together a long drive that ended with a TD. That’s when we began to have issues as we missed the PAT. That would prove to be a HUGE point and the difference in the game. Lawrenceburg was our first conference game and we jumped out to a nice lead at halftime, 20-7. Bryan and I lead our peewee team out on to the field at halftime. Luke loves going out on the varsity field! In the 2nd half, we did not make the right adjustments and didn’t score another point the entire rest of the game. We passed on a short field goal on a 4th and 2 inside the 10 and came up short. Later we chose not to punt on a 4th and a couple at midfield late in the game. Those two decisions plus a downed kickoff inside the 10 led to our defense being on the field far too long in the last half of the game. We gave up 2 TD’s and lost the lead for the first time with 33 seconds to play. This reminded me of the sick feeling that I got in my stomach last year down in Lawrenceburg. The officiating was suspect and several calls went against us late in the game that also led to our defeat. We are now 2-2 and need to get all these stupid mistakes out of our system now so we can start gelling come playoff time. We had Grayson and Drew over to spend the night. We got a bunch of pizza for dinner and set the boys up in the family room with an air mattress that they used more for a wrestling ring than a sleeping device. Matt hurt his right wrist on the 2nd to last play of the game. It was sore all weekend, as was his whole body. He spent most of the weekend with his best friend – the family room couch.

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The boys were up early on another chilly morning. Matt went to football practice. The boys went outside where they met up with Alex and we eventually became a foursome. Luke fed the boys with several cinnamon rolls before they went back outside for awhile until Ann made them come in and settle down before their game. Got those kids are loud – 10 year-old quadruplets would suck! Before long, it was time to head to the football game at North Park. We faced a large South Dearborn team. We played them very well. Our defense was outstanding again! We were missing two of our starters today. One was sick and only played a few downs where the other one just plain didn’t show up. So we made some adjustments and shuffled a few guys around and it worked out pretty well. Our sick ball player made a couple mistakes that lead to their only score. He speared a boy that put them across midfield and then blitzed when I had no idea he was going – leaving his corner unprotected and they ran right around it and in to the endzone. Apparently the sideline coach gave him a signal that he thought meant blitz. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy but our team rebounded from the mistake and rallied around itself. The officiating was awful – even worse than in Connersville! Despite all the bad calls, we still had the lead with them driving and only a few seconds on the clock. From the 8 yard line, we made our final stand and forced a fumble that we recovered as time ran out and we held on to win 12-8! Luke had an outstanding game – by far the best of his short career! He had a dozen tackles, including 4 for loss of yardage and 2 quarterback sacks!! He played at defensive end on D and tackle on the offensive side of the ball. He also did kicking duties. He was only off the field for about 4 special teams plays. He did an amazing job and was a big reason why we won again to stretch our record to 3-0! Abby started off video taping, then gave it to Ann. I took over and then had Bryan do it when I was on the field. Eventually Matt came over and took over video duties. Thanks guys! Matt picked up drive through for us before Ann went out with her buddies Angie, Jean and Lynn barhopping in the Blue Bug! 😉 We took naps all afternoon and got caught up with our DVR’ed shows.

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On Sunday, we got up early and cleaned the house. We had Abby’s 14th birthday party with close friends/family in attendance. Phyllis & Dick were first to arrive, followed by Mom & Gigi; Dee, Jamie & Grace; and eventually Baker made it also. We’ll have pictures of all this next week. She opened her presents and we had cake and ice cream as we watched football all day and all night. The Colts lost, as did the Cowboys (and yesterday Purdue lost to ND). Peyton, however, won for the 3rd straight time while facing his kid brother Eli in the Manning Bowl III! The NASCAR boys began the chase but it got rained out and postponed until late that night. I recorded it and will watch it later this coming week. Two of our 3 football games were delayed as well due to the lightning. Abby had travel team baseball practice that night. Luke had travel team basketball practice. Afterwards, Ann made Abby her favorite – chicken fettuccini Alfredo, garlic bread and salad. Baker’s mom came over and visited for a while before heading back home and we got back to our football games. 

Next up is our video section, including ten new family videos and several from around the internet.

Next up is our Waybac section. Leading off, we have an old one of Great Grandpa Morgan (Robert) with Grandmaw (Connie) sitting next to him, Aunt Louise in the background and Aunt Norma as the baby on his lap in about 1926; Aunt Dorothy and Great Grandma Brown in about 1943; several different pix of Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown (Bob & Connie) in about ’43 or so; a very rare one of Aunt Dorothy and Great Grandpaw Brown (don’t have many of him) in about 1946; then I think one of the Timm girls in the ‘50s, I think?; Grandpaw in the paper again in April o f’51; Aunt Marilou’s possible senior picture in ’53?; Aunt Lou at the pier in Lake Schaeffer in August of ’54; Grandpaw in the paper again in July of ’58; a classic photo of Mom feeding her face in June of ’59 (maybe her 10th birthday party?) with Aunt Midge, Grandpaw and others; then Grandpaw and Midge at the cottage a month later in July of 1959; Mom brushing her hair while some teen idol looks on from above her mirror in about 1959; Grandpaw in the newspaper in March of ’60; Mom acting out a homicide crime scene in about 1961; Grandpaw working security at Purdue National Bank in ‘70s; me opening presents at Rob & I’s birthday party in LaPorte in October of ’81; Rob, Great Grandpa Morgan and I at Thanksgiving in 1981 at Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown’s house in Lafayette; Mark Crum & I in the same house only 5 months later at Easter; then Grandmaw, Grandpaw, Aunt Norma, Uncle Ralph, Aunt Brenda & Uncle Steve mushroom hunting in Michigan in 1982 (I think this is Norma & Ralph’s pop-up camper?); Grandpaw in the newspaper in 1984; Matt & Abby making planter boxes on the workbench in October of 2003; and Abby’s 8th birthday party with Grandpa Bryan, Taylor Smith, Gracie and Bu in September of 2007.

Waybac.1926.cnlrm Waybac.1943.adggb1 Waybac.1943.gmgpb1 Waybac.1943.gmgpb2 Waybac.1943.gmgpb3 Waybac.1943.gmgpb4 Waybac.1943.gmgpb5 Waybac.1946.adaggb1 Waybac.1946.amlggm2 Waybac.1950s. utc1 Waybac.1951.04.01.gin1 Waybac.1953.aml Waybac.1954.08.val1 Waybac.1954.08.val2 Waybac.1958.07.12.gin1 Waybac.1959.06.mbd1 Waybac.1959.07.svhr1 Waybac.1959.07.svhr2 Waybac.1959.mbh1 Waybac.1960.03.26.gin1 Waybac.1961.mgcs1 Waybac.1970s.gpnbso1 Waybac.1981.10.24.bdp4 Waybac.1981.11.26.til5 Waybac.1981.11.26.til6 Waybac.1982.04.11.eil2 Waybac.1982.mv2 Waybac.1984.gin1 Waybac.2003.10.mabp1 Waybac.2007.09.17.asbd7

Well that does it for this week’s special double edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time out. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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