You Say the Hill’s too Steep to Climb…Climb It!

It was another busy week for us here at the Scheu abode. Matt continued on his journey, back up to the top of the mountain. It was Veteran’s Day on Monday. Thanks to all our active service men and to all those that have served in the past… It was a cold day and there was a hard frost on the windows as we started in the upper 20s. Keith & Rosie had a bunch of snow. Matt took day off from school due to being still sore – plus he has some homework to do. Abby had jazz dance at the Dixon Studio. Luke had basketball practice at the elementary. We picked up the keys for the Crossfire, which Matt was thrilled. Later, I fixed Dr. Dan’s laptop and as we went to bed, it started to snow…
Tuesday was quite eventful for Matt, as it turned out. We woke up with about a half inch of snow on the ground and the first time we had to really scrape the windshields this season. It was in the low 20s and I don’t know that it ever got above freezing all day. Matt returned to school for the first time in a week. The plant ops crew had not been out to clear the ice from the sidewalks for some reason and wouldn’t you know it – Matt found it. He fell…in fact he did the splits! Although it sounds horrifying as the parent of the newly repaired knee, I guess it was quite humorous to witness. Thankfully, there were a couple of guys there that saw it and came to his rescue by picking him up and helping him past the icy sidewalks. Thank you to one of Matt’s former coaches, Jeff Emsweller, who happened to be in the parking lot when the incident occurred. He got out of his car and came to his aid. I guess the vice principle saw it and not only didn’t help, but didn’t even come see if Matt was OK until the next day. …Good thing that we are not the suing-type of folks, huh? His knee was pretty sore, to say the least, and he couldn’t even make it past the halfway part of the day. He ended up leaving and coming home to ice his knee for a few hours. He later went to physical therapy and he confirmed that it appeared that he did not re-injure the knee (we would’ve been furious – not that we aren’t disappointed with the maintenance crew at the high school). While at therapy, he received and exciting phone call – he was officially accepted at one of the five schools he applied to – Anderson! Congrats, Matt! Later that night, Luke had basketball practice at the elementary school. Luke came home and drew me a picture.
There was still some snow on the ground on Wednesday morning and we had to let the cars warm up for a while due to the chilly temps. Matt returned to school and actually made it through the whole day. He was not able to attend his job shadowing class at the hospital and will take some time off for a couple weeks until his knee is stronger. I left early to pick up Luke at school and bring him back to Columbus for his doctor appointment. He got a good check up as well as his flu shot (now all the family has had theirs this year). He is in the 90th percentile for height & weight and is projected to be about 6’2” or 6’3”! We warned Matt & Abby to not pick on him because one day he would be bigger than both of them… We stopped by Target and got a snack and a Hot Wheel before heading back to work. In my office, Luke has his own computer that I set up for him a few years ago. That afternoon, Luke wrote a short story he gave to me…I thought it was pretty cute and wanted to share it here.

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The Baseball Championship
I was up to bat; suddenly the umpire called a strike. I asked him, “Why did you call a strike?”
The umpire said it when right down the middle. I did not see it. He pitched it again then I hit the
ball over the fence. I told him don’t pitch the ball fast or we will hit it over the fence every time.
Then my buddy Drew hit the ball over the fence to! Drew told him do not pitch the ball slow
either or we will win every time to! WE won the championship! The score was 2 to 0! The team
that we faced were undefeated!

On Thursday, Luke had basketball practice at the Jr High while Matt and the wrestling team held the inaugural Blue/White game/meet. The program has been on the rise since Matt’s class entered it. Their numbers have slowly grown and this year, they have 32 young men on the team! We held a parent’s meeting ahead of time. I picked up Luke and came back to wrestling. Luke and Alex played in the wrestling room while I talked with the coaches and fathers during the event. Meanwhile, Ann and Abby went to tap practice at Dixon Studios. Afterwards, Luke when out to eat with Matt and I headed over to Messer’s Mancave to catch the Colts game. Bryan & Angie also had the Bewley’s and Evans’ over. Ann was supposed to join me, but was wiped out from all the stress at work and took a rain check. The Colts were down big early but came storming back in the 2nd half – thanks in part to a special team’s play that really turned the tide of momentum – and won by a field goal!
On Friday, I got to drive the truck in to work since Matt needed to use the van until his range of motion starts to come back. Both Ann & I had very busy days again – as all the days this week have been. I went in a little late due to a dental appt (good check up!) and left late (it was very dark when I left sometime after 6). Drew spent the night with Luke. Ann made Matt’s favorite – “noonles and tadies!” I was so exhausted that I fell asleep by 7:30 and was in bed by 8 – God I am old!! We have several new social media pictures of both family and favorites: Abby and her friends; Aunt Brenda & Uncle Steve; my cousin Tammy and her children Leila & Austin; Uncle Keith, Aunt Rosie & Megan; our niece Gracie; my cousin Barney with Steph and the kids; my cousin Chris’ son Conner; my cousin Kimmy; Uncle Dan w/ Brody; Abby’s new convertible ( 😉 ); The Beatles released a new double live album this week of previously unreleased BBC recordings; the world’s largest flag in Dallas’ new stadium for Veteran’s Day; my favorite radio station’s Yule Bus; there is a new documentary of my favorite comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes; it is nearly time for Thanxmas again – and that brings about a family tradition…that of watching the Snoopy special with the kids; and finally several of my old childhood haunt – that of the classic years of Columbian Park in Lafayette (the old pool, the Big Dipper, the Moon Walk, the Rocker, the Boat House, the Pumping Station, and the Lagoon).

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I was up early on Saturday morning. Ann took Drew home and we headed up town to meet Sandy at the Quilt Store on the square. We surprised MaryAnn, who was celebrating her 74th birthday. We sang to her in Death March version – much to her embarrassment in front of her quilting friends. It was great! Gigi had a scavenger hunt set up for Memaw. She needed help from Lukey to find all the clues. We came back and started cleaning up around the house. Ann & I took a cat nap. She went shopping and I took Luke to his basketball scrimmage against the 5th graders. It was actually a really good scrimmage. Luke’s team is pretty tough this year. They upgraded a couple players…but that also means there’s a little less time for everyone to play – especially Lukey Duke. However, he still managed to get a few rebounds, blocked a shot, made a couple hustle plays (and hurt himself on one play), while committing a couple good fouls on 0-2 shooting from the field (he took two 3-pointers). We came back home and finished up our weekly chores. Ann made (Grandma’s favorite) spaghetti and salad and had Mom & Sandy over for dinner. Dee & Jamie were supposed to come as well, but Jamie got sick. Gracie is now with her dad. Chad moved back to Indiana recently, so she’s not far away. We had a great cheesecake after dinner. We took naps afterwards and watched the Boilers get beat again on the gridiron and the Nationwide series wound down with Austin winning by a mere 3 points. We got caught up on our DVR’ed shows and took more naps. It was a gloomy day that saw intermediate drizzle all day.
We finally had a chance to sleep in on Sunday morning…and most of us got up early anyway! Luke’s basketball games vs. New Castle and Connersville Red were both cancelled today due to the threat of severe weather. They didn’t want hundreds of families in the schools when these fronts hit Greensburg. So instead we stayed inside most of the day (Luke & I did get out for a while to play football, dig up the mums and clean-out a portion of the garage so he can practice his dribbling), take naps and watch football/racing as we waited for the severe weather/tornados to roll in to our area…just like we did a couple years ago when we got hit by three straight twisters back-to-back-to-back…so wish us luck!

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Next up is our video section, which includes two new family videos and several from around the internet this week.

And finally, we have our Waybac section. Leading off this time we have my beautiful mother, Sandy, as a newborn in June of ’49 with her mom and two others (I wonder if it is Norma & Ralph?); then an old slide of Dad Owens which I think shows a major flood of the Ohio River in southern Indiana somewhere; then Grandpaw Brown in the Lafayette police station in the ‘50s; then Grandpaw in the Journal & Courier newspaper in June, July, October and December of 1956; then Uncle Keith & Aunt Sharon’s wedding in March of ’57; then what I believe is Mom’s First Communion at St. Boniface with pictures of Grandmaw (Connie) and her sister Aunt Norma; as well as Great Grandma & Grandpa Morgan and then Mom and a couple friends in May of 1957; then several of Mom with her Mom & Dad and their friends (including Aunt Midge) at the summer cottage in June of ’59; another old slide from Dad O of a Greensburg parade in 1959; my cousin Nathan in about late ‘77/early ’78; Rob & I on Easter morning at Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s house in Lafayette in April of ’82; a great family picture out in front of the Brown’s house on Elmwood in July of ’82 with Great Grandpa Morgan, Dad Bryan, Grandmaw Brown, Great Grandma Morgan, me, Rob and Grandpaw Brown; and then inside at the dinner table with Rob, Dad B, Mom B, Great Grandpa & Great Grandma and Grandpaw B on the same day; then the Morgan’s again a couple days later – still in July of 1982; Grandmaw Brown with her friends (Lou and another lady) at Clearwater Beach in September of 1982; Katie and a date (Mike?) at the winter prom in Kokomo in December of ’95; Mom, Dad and Ann with Pace Stoewer at Matt’s 7th birthday; Matt at Grandpa & Grandma’s house in Rossville in December of 2003; Abby’s 5th birthday at home in September of 2004; and finally Christmas Day at our house in Greensburg in December, 2006.

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And that wraps up this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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