One Last Shot ‘fore we Quit it…One More for the Road…

Welcome back to another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. We’ve had a very strange week. It was the first full week of 2014 – a number we are still having trouble remembering to write on our paperwork. We’ve had record-setting and dangerous weather. We’ve had a very special moment for Matthew and got back in to the swing of things. As far as New Year’s resolutions go, Abby’s is to eat vegetarian; mine is to lose 25 lbs, Matt’s is to fully rehab his knee, Ann doesn’t believe in resolutions and Luke’s is to purchase a new scope for his Nerf gun…I don’t think he fully grasps the idea of a resolution quite yet…
Monday was supposed to be the kids’ first day back to school. However, there was an odd storm that hit the area. It was called a polar vortex, which caused the air at the North Pole move south in to North America. We had dangerously cold temps that day, which ranged from -4º to -10º with wind chills approaching -40º. Ann & I braved the weather (which included snow and ice to go along with the low temps) and headed in to work. It took us over an hour to drive in to Columbus. It was actually colder in Columbus or Greensburg than it was in Greenland and the North Pole. And get this; there was a town in Minnesota that was actually colder than some places on Mars! School was obviously cancelled and there was a travel advisory out, so the kids’ sports were all cancelled as well. Hats off to my crew at work as we cleared the snow and ice in that weather. It was damn cold out there! That evening was the BCS championship. It was the last one as they will move to a 4-team playoff system next year. Florida State came from behind to beat Auburn. The whole town was shut down that day and the next – it was a little creepy. The grocery store was out of milk; people totally panicked. Indy got a foot of snow and 4” of ice. We got about half that amount, I would say. But it totally shut down Indy – at work, we had issues with the food service delivery, the USPS delivery, our floor mat and uniform service, our linen service and anyone else based out of Indy. They were not able to get the trucks out of the lots until late Wednesday or early Thursday.
Tuesday was still bitterly cold with it hovering at about the -7 mark all day with wind chills around -25º. The kids were off school and sports again because of it. It still took Ann & I an hour to get to and from work. With us having an all-wheel drive car and new tires, it makes the drive so much easier…in fact we passed a couple cars on the country roads.
I received a call at about 3 am on Wednesday morning because we had a frozen sprinkler head that began leaking. So I went in to shut down the system and worked for about 15 hours – what a long day! The truck did a great job on those sloppy roads. I drove it in to allow Matt to drive the van to Columbus for his haircut that night. Ann made cheeseburgers for dinner and I crashed hard on the couch. The kids were off again and on each others’ nerves…badly.

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I woke up on Thursday morning in a panic. I couldn’t find my glasses anywhere. I looked in the sheets, under the bed, behind the night stand – and I couldn’t find them anywhere. Finally, I looked over at Ann and noticed I could make out physical features from across the room…and that’s when it hit me – I had slept in my contacts! I spent at least 5 minutes looking of for the damn things!! I can’t remember the last time I did that…I must’ve been really tired. The kids finally went back to school, though they still had a two-hour delay. The kids needed to get back to school due to going stir crazy from being inside around each other for three weeks. Luke had basketball, Abby had dance and Matt had wrestling. It was Jimmy Page’s 70th birthday! And we continued to receive yet more snow and ice over night and in to the morning.
The snow didn’t last long as it warmed up and we started getting rain. We ended up with over a half inch, I’d say. It caused the snow to melt down as well and the combined effect was some low-level flooding. Matt went out with his friends while Abby went to the varsity basketball game in Shelbyville. The #1 Pirates continued their undefeated season and look to be poised for another run at the state title. Luke had Drew over to spend the night. Ann ordered Koch’s for dinner and we had a quiet night. We have lots of new social media pictures including: Abby’s selphie; Abby with her friend; the kids before and after; Jake & Katie’s kids; Haley & Parker; snow pix from Keith & Rosie and then Cathy & Tom and finally WJAA (my favorite radio station out of Seymour); Grace on the cover of Mark; the lovely Stevie Nicks on my favorite TV show, American Horror Story; my original football coach and the reason I chose FC when I was 18 – Red Faught; a poster for an amazing cover band; and some awesome pictures of my friend Stephanie from work who finally had her baby after carrying it for what seemed like 2 years (not to her, but to the rest of us…JK!).

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It rained all day on Saturday and I saw many swollen creeks and rivers during the day. Matt was up early on Saturday morning to go with the team down to the Brown County Invitational. He called Ann a little while later when he learned some big news. The coaching staff did a very classy thing – they worked it out with an opposing team’s coach to get Matt a forfeit match! It counts as a win for him and he later joked that he had an undefeated senior season!  I quickly got dressed and made the hour or so trek over to the tourney to see him get his hand raised. It was well worth it, as it is likely the final match of his high school career. I set up my rig and got some good video and pictures simultaneously. In another show of respect and class, Matt was also a captain for the dual meet. After the crowd roared and his teammates and coaches gave him his kudos, I went down and congratulated him and he had that same smile that he has had since he was little – he was genuinely excited and it was great to finally see that one more time – I know it meant the world to him and it meant to much to Ann & I as well. Thank you to the coaching staff that allowed for this to occur. As I walked away, I started to cry as it donned on me that I may have just seen him in has final wrestling match – ever. My how time has flown with Matt… But he went out like he came in…for those that don’t know the story, Matt got hurt in his very first period of his very first match…and now he finishes while being injured as well. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I wonder what his weight class was back then? :0) Ann had to work at her new office, uptown, and was so upset that she couldn’t make the trip with me. Luke had basketball practice at the junior high school. Abby volunteered in the concession stand with her fellow Student Council members at the high school during an archery tourney. Matt drove his wrestling buddies over to Columbus for dinner at Golden Corral. I picked up Luke from practice and we went to KFC for lunch. Ann took Abby and her IT guy out to Wings & Rings for lunch. When I got home, I did some weekly chores around the house before we went over to Bewley’s Bar with the Messers to watch the Colts playoff game vs. the Patriots. It was a decent game but the Colts were never really in it, losing by three scores. We had a good time though with lots of munchies, many good spirits and very good friends! Luke stayed the night at Drew’s house and Matt stayed out with Andy & Jake.

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We were up fairly early and back at it on Sunday morning again. Abby had volleyball in St. Leon at St. Joe church. Ann went with her and got a few pictures and video so I didn’t feel too left out. The girls beat All Saints from Dover in the 1st game and then beat another Greensburg St. Mary’s team in the 2nd half of the doubleheader, so her team is 2-0 now! Meanwhile, Matt went with Luke & I to Connersville to play Union Co and Connersville White; the Pirates won both games but both were very, very close – 25-18 and 26-23, respectively. Unfortunately, Luke played all of 20 seconds in the first game and none in the 2nd game…not sure what to think about that but I was very angry afterwards and couldn’t even talk to the coaches before I left. I can tell you that I missed Abby’s volleyball games, took away 7 hours of family time, spent money and gas, missed a Purdue basketball game and a NFL playoff game to drive our vehicle an hour each way and watch Luke watch his teammates. Definitely not worth it…and if it happens again, it will have to be the last. Our time is more valuable than that…but hey, we won right… We did get back in time to grab Taco Bell and run home to watch the Broncos move on to the AFC Championship. With the Cowboys, Bears, Colts and now Drew Brees out of the playoffs, it’s all about Payton’s Ponies. It continued to rain most of the morning, but it was warmer and sunny for the ride home – and the forecast was for the next two days to hit the 40s!! We’ll take it!

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Next up is our Waybac section. Leading off, we have Ann’s grandparents on the Morrison-side, circa mid-1950s; then we have Mom out in her front yard and then at the Twin Lakes with Grandmaw & Grandpaw Brown & Uncle Ralph & Aunt Norma in 1953; then Ralph with Aunt Midge in November of ’58; Mom and her ice skates and Christmas tree in ’58; Grandpaw in the newspaper after his promotion to Assistant Police Chief in April of 1963!; then a great old photo of our growing family that has four generations: Great Grandpa Morgan, Grandmaw Brown, Dad B, Great Grandma Morgan, me, Rob and Grandpaw Brown (Mom took the picture); then Grandpaw with friends at his 40th anniversary party in August of ’86; Christmas Day in LaPorte 1986; Dad on the Pine Lake dock after he sold his boat in June of 1997; the kids (Matt, Abby & Grace) at our 4th of July party in 2003; and finally Abby at a cheer leading function at the varsity high school game in September of 2007.

Waybac.1950s.gmgpm1 Waybac.1953.sil1 Waybac.1953.sil2 Waybac.1953.sil3 Waybac.1953.sil4 Waybac.1958.11.rnm1 Waybac.1958.12.cil1 Waybac.1958.12.cil2 Waybac.1963.04.30.gin5 Waybac.1963.04.30.gin6 Waybac.1963.04.30.gin7 Waybac.1963.04.30.gin8 Waybac.1982.07.18.vtl18 Waybac.1986.08.gmgpfa21 Waybac.1986.12.25.ceilp4 Waybac.1997.06.dwmb3 Waybac.2003.07.fojig10 Waybac.2007.09.acahsg5

Next up is our video section, including one new family video and several from around the internet this week.

And that wraps up this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom…
Later, Scheu

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