And Realize you’re Living in the Golden Years

We finally began to see the light at the end of our winter tunnel this week. And as much as we complain about it, we also realize this is our last year to go through all this together as a family…at least in its current configuration. Ann & I have known for years that these are the good old times. These are the times that we’ll talk about when we are old farts. And that’s why we’ve always tried to be so active with the kiddos because we know we’ll never get these years back again. Although we still saw plenty of precipitation again this week, we finally experienced some spring-like weather for once! Other big news of the week included the high school wrestling season wrapping up and we entered the final month of our other winter sports as well – both elementary wrestling and CYO volleyball. Spring sport pre-seasons began or continued as Abby started early workouts for track and continued with softball practices. Luke continued with baseball practice and Matt continued to rehab his knee through physical therapy with the school’s trainer each day. Matt has also expressed interest in trying out for the baseball team. If we can just get the doc to release him, we’ll be all set!
We had a warmer start to the week on Monday but still had some black ice early in the morning, which prompted a two-hour delay for school to start off the week. We still had the precipitation but this time it was rain at least. Granted, it rained all afternoon and evening and even saw some flooding…but at least we didn’t have to shovel any rain! Matt had wrestling practice and physical therapy with the trainer as well as elementary wrestling with Luke and his team. Abby had dance and I was back on the treadmill.
Abby was in early for Student Council on Tuesday. Matt had physical therapy and wrestling practice. Abby had softball practice at the YMCA. Luke & Matt’s elementary wrestling meet was postponed but they still had practice that night. Abby helped this morning by pulling the van out of the driveway this morning…it won’t be long before we’ll be out practicing driving! Congratulations to my Uncle John who was honored by being initiated into the Legion of the Broncho at Lafayette Jeff…what an honor! We also have several social media pictures to share this week, including Abby in pre-school with her friend Kyle; Kimmy & Chuck; Nick & Connor; and Lila (Barney’s granddaughter); Tammy’s daughter Bethany, a few of our good friends – the Messer’s; my old friend Mark Kosior and his son at the Purdue/IU game last week; more pictures of the Beatles’ 50th salute; Grace and Matt (did they get married in Hawaii??); some cool Hot Wheels stuff; a couple Calvin & Hobbes panels; our lovely little Bu – solo and w/ Mama; Robby at Disney World, riding the Rockin’ Rollercoaster; Transformation Tuesday – with it getting warmer, it was time to lose the beard; Barn w/ Lila; Chris’ oldest son Conner; Nate & Steph’s girls; the Noble’s; Connor again; Barney’s grandson; Mark in Russia; some great artwork by Watterson; a classic sign I had to share; some KISS paraphernalia to commemorate the 40th anniversary of their debut album (OMG, I am old!); and Abby with her friend, Harry Potter – I wonder where his glasses are…

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Matt had physical therapy and wrestling on Wednesday afternoon before coming home and sleeping on the couch all night and didn’t move until morning. Luke went with his best buddy Drew and Angie to workout at the YMCA. Abby went to the junior high school wrestling meet with her buddy Brittany before the dynamic duo went over to the high school to catch Senior Night for the varsity basketball team in their final regular season home game of their amazing high school career. It was much warmer today as we enjoyed temps in the 40s!
With the snow nearly gone and the flooding getting worse from it, the last thing we needed to see was rain all day…but that is exactly what we got. We even saw some severe weather later in the evening as the weather sirens went off for the first time this year. The temps were eventually in the 60s, which allowed me to wear shorts to work that day. Both Ann & I had very long days. Matt had physical therapy and wrestling before taking Luke to elementary wrestling and coaching his team. Abby had dance class that night, but thankfully we all made it home by about 930 that night, just as a nasty thunderstorm roared across the area. Thankfully, the tornadic activity missed us but the wind was still ferocious. The Daytona Twin-125 Duals were on earlier so I later watched them off the DVR.
Luke & Bu returned to school on Friday morning before Ann & I took Matt to tour his 2nd of 4 perspective colleges. This time, we headed north to Anderson University. It was a nice school. Matt’s old friend Darby has already committed to this school. They have a very nice workout room and football field – so nice, in fact, that the Indy Colts use this facility during their summer workout mini camps! They don’t have fraternities here, which was a let down and they don’t have a wrestling team, but they do have a good little football program. There were a lot of pluses and minuses, so he’ll have to think long and hard after we get done touring schools. It’s not an easy decision. We went out to eat at Olive Garden for lunch afterwards. After we all took naps back home, Matt went out with his buddies to Columbus for dinner at Golden Corral. Ann went scrapbooking with Shawna until late. Luke had Drew over to spend the night and Abby had Megan over to stay as well. The kids all got along very well and played outdoors after we got Pizza King for dinner. They played flashlight tag for well over an hour outside that night as I enjoyed the peace and got to watch NASCAR on the DVR from Daytona.

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Matt was up early and out the door on Saturday morning to attend the state wrestling tourney in Indy with a few of his teammates. Everyone else slept in. Ann made cupcakes for the kids and a ton of dishes. Drew headed home after breakfast. I took the girls to the store to get items for lunch. Ann had to work from home but the girls stepped up and made lunch for everyone! We had dirty rice, pasta salad and chocolate pudding! Ann later went scrapbooking with Shawna again. The kids played outdoors again and enjoyed the warmer weather in the 50s by riding bikes, taking walks, walking the dogs, playing basketball and running around the neighborhood. Meanwhile, I got more peace indoors, watching more NASCAR from Daytona. The girls ended up going to the movies and Megan stayed the night again. Matt got home at some point later that night.
Everyone got to sleep in on Sunday morning. Just as all the snow had melted this week and especially any remnants yesterday, it started snowing again that morning. Luke had baseball practice at Bryan’s new building and Abby had volleyball games at Enochsburg. The dusting covered everything with a lovely sheen of white for a couple hours – before the wind blew it all off again. Matt picked up Luke for us so we could stay with Bu and the girls. The Oreos (as they lovingly call themselves), looked sloppy out of the gait, going down by 8 points in the first game before roaring back to life and winning 21-13, followed by a 21-16 win and a 21-6 win to beat the St. Mary’s purple team in three straight. Next up, they faced the host Enochsburg team – likely the best team in our league, full of varsity volleyball players (6 of them?), which actually violates the rules set up by the league. Anyhow, they dominated us and swept us in all three sets, nearly shutting us out in the 2nd game. Abby was again slow to start but by the 3rd game was in her element. She made some nice plays at the net and did a great job with her serves. Afterwards, we ran by Wal-Mart and then met Matt at El Reparo for dinner. Luke went with Alex and family to the movies to see the Lego Movie again. We came home and watched TV, including The Walking Dead and the 6 ½ hour-rain-delayed Daytona 500, which had been red flagged for tornadoes and all the rain down there. By the time I watched the end of the race, it was nearly 1 am with Dale Jr winning and Jeff bringing the #24 home in third place – great way to start the season!

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Now we step into our Waybac machine and start off around 1940 with Grandpaw Brown (Bob) and his buddy (cousin perhaps?); then we have three great photos of his family, including his mom and dad (Elmer & Mary) and his little sister (Aunt Marilou) in about 1948; then on to 1957 for several articles that featured Grandpaw Brown in the Lafayette Journal & Courier newspaper; then on to July/August of 1958 where we have photos of Mom’s Easter baskets (I take it this film was a few months old!); Aunt Midge & her 1st husband, Grandpaw, Mom, her friend, her dog Rusty (what a great dog house!!) and Grandpaw’s new car; then we leave Lafayette and head up to LaPorte where we first see Robby & I during our first Christmas back in Indiana in 1980, over on Kenwood St; then a year later on Rockwood St in ’81; then a couple of great, late-life photos of my ancestors: Great Grandma Brown in her kitchen in Rossville and Great Grandpa Morgan in Bob/Connie’s kitchen in Lafayette – both in January of 1982 and only two days apart; then a photo of the snow at the Elmwood Ave home in late January 1982; then another photo of Tammy & Brett’s wedding in June of 1988; Matt, Bu & I in our backyard at our annual 4th of July party in 2003; Abby in our living room in September, 2003; and finally Dad & his good buddy Bob modeling some lovely new beachwear during Week 19 at the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island in May of 2007.

Waybac.1940.rlbwf1 Waybac.1948.emmlb1 Waybac.1948.emmlb2 Waybac.1948.emmlb3 Waybac.1957.04.20.gin1 Waybac.1957.04.20.gin2 Waybac.1957.04.25.gin1 Waybac.1957.05.25.gin1a Waybac.1957.06.10.gin1 Waybac.1957.06.26.gin1a Waybac.1957.07.03.gin1 Waybac.1957.09.14.gin1a Waybac.1957.09.14.gin2a Waybac.1957.09.16.gin1a Waybac.1958.08.mfp33 Waybac.1958.08.mfp34 Waybac.1958.08.mfp35 Waybac.1958.08.mfp36 Waybac.1958.08.mfp37 Waybac.1958.08.mfp38 Waybac.1958.08.mfp39 Waybac.1958.08.mfp43 Waybac.1958.08.mfp44 Waybac.1958.08.mfp40 Waybac.1958.08.mfp41 Waybac.1958.08.mfp42 Waybac.1958.08.mfp45 Waybac.1958.08.mfp46 Waybac.1980.12.bfcoks20 Waybac.1981.12.25.cilp33 Waybac.1982.01.04.mbirh1 Waybac.1982.01.06.rm80yo1 Waybac.1982.01.mlhoes1 Waybac.1988.06.18.tabbw5 Waybac.2003.07.04.fojp.mta1 Waybac.2003.09.abdmp1 Waybac.2007.05.21.wn57

Next up is our video section, which includes two new family videos and several from around the internet…

OK: well, that does it for yet another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma.
Later, Scheu

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