(He’s) Back…Back in the Saddle Again…

In addition to finally getting a break in the weather with a gradual warming trend, the other big news of the week for us was Abby being seriously sick and Matt getting released to resume his athletic endeavors! So let’s get going…
We started off the week with 4” of snow and a half inch of ice underneath it all. Although it looks much nicer outdoors now – the landscape a clean white shimmer rather than the bland brown of death that always comes about at the end of winter, just before the greens of spring pop out – but I sure do hate clearing it all at home and at work. I spent the better part of the morning outdoors, working in it that day. The kids loved it because they had yet another day off from school. That also meant that Abby didn’t have track, Matt had no therapy with the trainer and Luke/Matt didn’t have elementary wrestling practice. Ann & I made it back and forth with no issues, though we did see a few vehicles in the ditch. Abby spent the night at Emma’s house and will attend the funeral of her schoolmate who was killed by his father in the park late last week. Abby got the lab results back from last week – she has mono and possibly an enlarged spleen. She was officially put on light duty tonight, meaning no sports for a while…so Ann contacted all her coaches to let them know what was going on. We have a few new social media pictures to share this week, including: Matt with his sparring partner, Nathan “Big Daddy”; Aunt Sharon and Katie; Uncle Chuck’s birthday with he and Cindy, Cathy, Sally and Chris & Trish with the boys; Haley & Ryan; Missy & Mindy in Florida; Chris’ boys; Lyndz & Jack; Barney; Jake & Brody; Brayton in a drag competition at school; Wayne, Shannon & Jarrett; a classic of our buddy and Biggest Loser alum, Allen; Abby in class; the world’s most famous picture and then the Simpson-ized version of it; another great Calvin & Hobbes; and an old newspaper clipping of my high school buddies in Pop Warner (I didn’t know about Pop Warner at the time).

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It was back to school for the boys on Tuesday morning. Abby was getting ready at Emma’s house when she started feeling really badly and ended up missing the funeral and spending the day sleeping at Memaw’s house. She couldn’t go to track but Matt was back with the trainer but the boys again missed wrestling practice – this time due to the Sectional basketball game. Abby woke up after several hours of sleeping and was much better. In fact, she went to the basketball game along with the rest of her Student Council, who were raising money for their friend’s funeral. The Pirates easily advanced past South Dearborn, 105-38.
Bu went back to school on Wednesday morning with the boys. She paid the price with a ton of homework that night and ISTEP testing all day today! That evening she softball practice. Although she couldn’t participate, she did get fitted for her new uniform. Matt saw the trainer as he continues to rehab full-tilt on his way back (again). It was American Idol night and I about shit when Caleb sang Rush’s “Working Man!!” It was outstanding and Ricky Minor’s band never sounded so good! I can’t wait until he releases an album…he is that damn good.

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On Thursday, Matt went back to the surgeon in hopes he had done enough in his rehab these 4 months that he could be allowed to resume full contact. It wasn’t long after the appointment began, that I received the text I’d been looking forward to for so many weeks now…Matt was back! He was released from restricted duty and is now allowed to resume full contact sports, etc. He has worked so hard these past months and to think it was the 2nd time in a half a year. Let’s hope he lasts longer this time!! That evening, Matt & Luke faced the Green team. Although they lost the dual meet by 8 points (they’re now 0-2), Luke looked great in his match. He came out and was aggressive, just like we talked about! The shoes really made a huge difference for him. He threw a side headlock right in to a pin, but the referee (Coach Cochran) stopped and said he wasn’t allowed to throw that move in this league – what a bummer! He still worked hard and got the boy on his back but couldn’t get the pin before time elapsed in the 1st period. He started off on the bottom in the 2nd period and quickly got an escape and reversal and soon had the boy on his back again. This time, the bell couldn’t save him and Luke got the pin to run his record to 2-1. Way to go, Lukey!!  Later, I was relieved to see Caleb and Jessica both made it through to the top 11 on AI that night. Abby went on to dance, but took it easy.

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Luke & Bu went to school on Friday morning but Matt went with Ann & I on a road trip up N Hwy 3 to Muncie. The final prospective college for Matt was Ball State University – home of Scheumann Stadium (from Uncle John). It was obviously the largest of schools we visited this winter. The campus is very nice – lots of old buildings and open spaces. However, right off the bat, Matt said he felt out of place. We did not have a 1:1 session with an admissions officer; instead we sat in with a room full of other students and families (about 20), who sat through a presentation for an hour, put on by an upper classman in the marketing department. I think he was a little put off by it all and didn’t like it. It didn’t help that it was 80 degrees in the little classroom. Once the presentation was finished, we took a break before the campus tour began. However, we didn’t stick around for it since Matt said he was uncomfortable and wanted to leave. So we took our own campus tour, checking out the football stadium as well as going through campus a couple times before finally ending up in the village to grab lunch at Scotty’s Brew House. They had some awesome burgers. I almost got the “Shewman” special but couldn’t bring myself to eat peanut butter on my burger. Between my burger and the loaded tater tots, we were all miserable when we left and headed home. We talked during lunch and on our way home. Granted, we are still awaiting financial letters from the schools, but right now Matt is leaning more towards either U of I or FC. That night, Abby went to the Sectionals game where the Pirates smashed Franklin County, 74-29. And Luke spent the night with Alex over at Christy & Terry’s house. Ann has been feeling bad all week, but really started to fade later that night, running a fever and just feeling awful.

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On Saturday, Ann was still feeling bad but was up early with Abby and took her to get her spleen looked at through the ultrasound machine. We won’t know the results for a couple days, unfortunately. Ann was supposed to go out with her friends. Although it sounded like fun, she felt awful and ended up coming home and going straight to bed for about 18 hours. I caught up on our DVR’ed shows, took naps and generally took it easy. It was a nice way to end the week. Bryan and I tried to figure out what we were doing for league baseball this year, since neither of us wants to nor has the time to be the head coach. I still need to get Luke signed up for it as well. Later that evening, we went to the high school to watch the Sectional final as Greensburg faced Batesville for the 3rd time again this season. Matt borrowed some of my old 4th of July clothes as the student section theme was “America.” He sat with his buddies in the student body section, Abby sat with her friends up in the rafters, and Luke & I sat with Paul and his family on the Batesville side. The kids and I waited in line for a half hour to get tickets. It was a packed house. Luke & I waited on the Drakes and then totally lucked in to seats in the 2nd row, directly behind the Pirates’ bench! We had a great view and got some pictures and video that I eventually sent to Gigi for the TRE website. The game was actually a pretty good one. Batesville was a heavy underdog but with two minutes left, found themselves only 4 points down. The Pirates were able to hit free throws down the stretch and held off the Bulldogs to win, 61-55. The kids rushed the floor and celebrated another amazing season with this group of outstanding boys. They got the sectional trophy and cut down the nets. Afterwards we went to Mancino’s for pizza, grinders and a few beverages with the Drakes. We ran ‘Kenzie home and then went on to the Messers and caught up with Bryan & Angie. We stayed there for a couple hours, catching up and laughing over a couple more beverages. We came home and everyone went pretty much straight to bed since we “sprang ahead” and lost an hour…
We slept in on Sunday morning. We did our weekly chores, watched NASCAR, went to Abby missed softball in order to make her volleyball tourney at the junior high, Matt ran Luke to baseball practice, and Matt had his wrestling banquet. But it’s late, so we’ll have pictures and videos next time.

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Next up is our Waybac feature, which includes the 2nd to last batch of Mom’s family pictures. For two years, we have featured photos from the five boxes of old family photos Mom gave me before she passed away. We pulled thousands of photos from those boxes. I only used about half to a third of them, so we might have to revisit them in the near future. In the meantime, I have another box of newer family pictures as well as my scrapbook box that I just found in the garage that I want to go through yet as well. For today, we lead off with the police station’s first dispatch office in the 1950’s; Mom with her puppy Rusty in her back yard in June, 1957; Mom and family and friends at a picnic at the Twin Lakes in Monticello in August of 1957 with her, Aunt Lou, Grandpaw, Aunt Marilou and Great Grandma Brown; then again in October of ’57; Mom and her dad in June and July of 1959 at the summer cabin; then we skip all the way to April of 1981 for Robby when he was 1 ½ years old; Rob & I being pushed down the alley hill in our side yard during our first winter on Rockwood St in LaPorte in January of 1982; then Robby on Christmas Day 1986 in LP; Grandpaw Brown exactly one year later in the same place; Tammy & Brett’s wedding in June of 1988; our annual 4th of July party in our backyard in 2002 with a classic lineup of our Owens family, including Keith & Megan, Dee, Chad & Grace, and Gigi and Abby in our original pool; Mom and her best friends in October 2006; Week 19 in Treasure Island at sunset and Dad receiving some lovely new swimwear while Mom looks on behind the tiki bar at the Sand Pebble in May of 2007; and finally Bu and I with Kevin Burdine at the softball diamonds in September 2007.

Waybac.1950.lpdd Waybac.1957.06.msfp1 Waybac.1957.06.msfp2 Waybac.1957.08.msfp3 Waybac.1957.08.msfp4 Waybac.1957.08.msfp5 Waybac.1957.08.msfp6 Waybac.1957.08.msfp7 Waybac.1957.10.msfp8 Waybac.1959.06.mfp45 Waybac.1959.06.mfp46 Waybac.1959.07.mfp44 Waybac.1981.04.r1.5yo Waybac.1982.01.dprtis1 Waybac.1982.01.dprtis2 Waybac.1986.12.25.cdilp33 Waybac.1987.12.25.cdilp33 Waybac.1988.06.18.tabwd33 Waybac.2002.07.fpip1 Waybac.2006.10.27.hwmaf2 Waybac.2007.05.08.wn56 Waybac.2007.05.14.wn55 Waybac.2007.09.13.

Next up is our video section, which features at least one new family video and a whole bunch from around the internet this week.

Caleb Johnson – Working Man – American Idol 13… by IdolxMuzic

And that does it for this episode of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up to you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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