My Precious Sense of Honor…

Things picked up this week, to say the least. Matt & Luke finished up their elementary wrestling season. Abby finished her volleyball season. Matt had his wrestling awards banquet. The kids did ISTEP testing and prepped for what was left of her Spring Break. It was our first full week of daylight savings time and we were all tired the entire week…the weather FINALLY turned a corner…but the big news of the week? Hands down; it was Abby’s induction in to the National Jr. Honor Society!!
Going back to last Sunday, Abby played in her season-ending tournament at the junior high school. After receiving a bye in the 1st round, they faced the purple St Mary’s team and promptly put them out of the tourney in two straight sets in the semifinals. In the finals, they faced what was essentially the entire North Decatur varsity volleyball team. We still aren’t sure their team was actually legal to compete in our “church” league, but nobody bothered to check either, so it is what it is. They are made up of senior starters so at least they won’t be here next year. It will be our league to take. But this year they beat us in two straight sets though we did give them a run for their money. Abby played well right off the bat today. I don’t know if it was because of actually getting rest but she hadn’t done anything in a few days and looked great today. However, she was still officially “restricted” from athletics, so anything she gave us in the tourney was a plus – much less her playing at the level she did that day. Her serving was spot-on; she was aggressive at the net and was even sliding on the floor, digging out balls. We are very proud of her ability to play with the older girls and to continue to improve on her skills. Later that night, we headed back to the high school for Matt’s final varsity wrestling awards banquet. Matt, of course, did not win any awards other than a letter, which was very classy on the part of the coaching staff. We are still sick to our stomachs that his senior year of wrestling turned out the way it did this year. I know Ann & I will miss this group of boys and their parents. We’ve grown up together and are closer to these parents than we are to most of Abby & Luke’s friends/teammates’ parents. Who knows, maybe that will change as we enter high school with Bu next year?

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Ann & I rode in together on Monday. I had my blood drawn for labs and then got a haircut at Jami’s later in the day. Luke and Matt faced the blue team at their final regular-season dual meet of the year. Luke faced his good buddy, Alex. It was a close match and Luke was down by 1 going in to the final period. However, in lieu of starting him down and letting him try to tie it up, the coaching staff decided to start them neutral and eventually he got taken down and lost by 3. It was a good match by two buddies. Wait until you see the first 5 seconds of the match. We laughed so hard!!! 😉 Ann and Bu had to run off to dance practice. That evening we had leftover spa-sagna (one of Ann’s new concoctions, which is a cross between two of our faves – spaghetti and lasagna!) again, which fed us for several meals.

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I had to have my blood redrawn due to CRH screw-up, but it was an otherwise good day. We were supposed to get up to 3-4” of snow…then only 1/2” and then eventually we got only flurries – and I was just fine with that! Matt & Luke had their final elementary wrestling practice that night. Meanwhile, it was a special evening for our family. Our little Bu was inducted in to the National Junior Honor Society! Way to go, Bu!!! Joining Ann & I for Abby’s big night was Grandmaw and Gigi. We are so proud of her accomplishments with her academics. However, there was a dark cloud over this otherwise celebratory evening as Abby and her classmates learned they had lost another student from their class. It was another boy death by gun shot. In this situation, his little brother accidentally shot him with his father’s gun. The kids were obviously pretty upset. It is her 2nd classmate to pass away in this manner in the last couple weeks. Afterwards, we took Brittany and Abby out to El Reparo for dinner and met up with Emma and her family. We also spent the night with Gigi’s niece, Ally, her husband, their daughter and Ally’s son, Cayden – who also was initiated in to the NJHS. Ally’s mom was in attendance as well, but her father, Kenny (Gigi’s brother) passed away months ago from cancer. He would’ve been so proud of those two…as would Mom. She was always very proud of Abby and they shared a special bond. I wish they had spent more time together, but I know Mom would’ve been in tears.

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Abby went to softball practice on Wednesday night, but was unable to do anything but run. She then went with Ann & Shawna to the high school for an After Prom meeting. Sadly, they again had a very poor turnout for the meeting. We had cheesy popcorn for dinner that night – one of our favorites!
Luke & Matt had their year-end city wrestling tourney on Thursday night. Luke had a bye in the first round. He scored a victory via pin in the 2nd round! He again had a bye in the 3rd round and then faced his good buddy Alex in the finals again. Luke was lost as his coaches never really worked him during the match to help him recognize opportunities. Luke fought off his back in the 3rd period to avoid the pin but still lost by 9 points to take 2nd place. Abby and Ann rushed off to dance again so Matt ran to Taco Bell for the boys’ dinner that night.

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On Friday, it was warmer, getting all the way up to the 60s! The boys had their elementary wrestling awards banquet. Luke received his 2nd place medal. Ann and Abby were late getting there so Matt took pictures for me…in hindsight, that wasn’t the best choice. We really didn’t get a good picture. Hopefully a better one will show up later. We passed on the pizza party afterwards and returned to El Reparo for dinner that night. I talked to Rob for a couple hours that afternoon and hope that things get better for him. Saturday was gorgeous. We opened up the house and turned off the heat for the first time in a very long time. Matt packed for his big Western Caribbean cruise with his buddies and fellow senior football teammates Andy, Bryce and Colton. Grandpa is going to try and meet him at Tampa, just minutes down the road from Dad, Rob & Sharon. Abby went with Megan and Kenzie to a wedding and a grand ball afterwards and the girls will spend the night with Megan. For Matt’s final dinner before his trip, Ann made him chicken fettuccini Alfredo – yum!! Luke played outside all day. He went to Alex’s house, took the dogs for a walk, rode a couple different bikes around the neighborhood, played basketball with me for an hour or so and just ran around the yard and neighborhood as much as he could, enjoying another day in the 60s! The men’s basketball team won both their regional games today and will advance to semi-state again next week!!

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Matt was up early on Sunday morning and out the door to get on the road with his buddies on their way to Florida. We did our weekly chores around the house. The doctor released Abby from her restrictions due to mono, but she missed softball practice and didn’t get home until later that evening. Luke had baseball practice and had Drew over for a few hours afterwards. Ann brought Bu home and made tacos for dinner. We relaxed on the couches and watched NASCAR in Bristol and the UFC 171 replay (loved the Hendrix/Lawless fight!). We have loads of social media pictures this week, including Abby at the NJHS, the Cowboys released my favorite player and their all-time sack leader – Demarcus Ware; my favorite super model, Marissa Miller at her SI photo shoot; Wayne’s new trophy; the new Jimi stamp; Wayne & Shannon again; Matt and Luke’s elementary wrestling meets (the 1st two – the last two should be posted this next week); Luke’s selfie; Caleb Johnson of AI; the new Phi Delt campaign; the basketball team own Sectionals last week

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Next up is our final group of photos from Mom’s pictures. It has taken me a few years to feature them all, but this will be the final batch of the best of the best. The good news is that these represent only about 1/3 to ¼ of the total collection, so there will be plenty for the next couple decades. However, we will be moving on to a new collection next week – pictures from a specific year that are much newer. Following this next batch, I will be digging in to my scrapbook box that I recently re-discovered in our garage. This is box one of two. I still have not come across the 2nd box yet, but there are lots of classic pictures and news articles in that box. But enough of things to come; let’s enjoy this final round of Mom’s family photos… We start off in 1934 with a classic one of Grandpaw Brown in the St. Boniface school band; several of Grandpaw & Grandmaw Brown in June of 1946 in my old stomping grounds – Lafayette’s Columbian Park; then Mom’s Christmas tree in 1957; then a couple pictures of Mom & cousins visiting their Grandma & Grandpa Morgan’s farm in July of 1958; Grandpaw holding the flag in a parade in downtown Lafayette in the early 60s; Rob with Grandpaw looking on in August of 1982 (I can still hear him asking Robby if he needed a “booger hook!”) at the Big Chief Lodge on Lake Schaeffer in Monticello, IN – next door to Indiana Beach – what a great summer…then a few months later on Christmas Eve in LaPorte with Santa’s visit and featuring Grandmaw, Mom and I telling Santa our wishes in December of 1982 on Rockwood St; Zeke the next morning, enjoying his new mouse; Austin in about 1995; Matt, Abby & Gracie in Grandma & Gigi’s kitchen – circa July 2002; Little Lukey’s first Christmas in 2003; and finally Christmas Eve in 2006 with Chad & Grace and Ann & Luke.

Waybac.1934.35.rlb.sbb1 Waybac.1934.35.rlb.ssb2 Waybac.1934.35.rlb.ssb3 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb22 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb23 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb24 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb25 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb26 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb27 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb28 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb29 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb30 Waybac.1946.06.cmrb31 Waybac.1957.12.ctil1 Waybac.1957.12.ctil2 Waybac.1958.07.somf1 Waybac.1958.07.somf2 Waybac.1958.07.somf3 Waybac.1958.07.somf4 Waybac.1960s.rbp1 Waybac.1960s.rbp2 Waybac.1982.08.bfv.bcl.ib.mi.ls1 Waybac.1982.12.24.ceilp10 Waybac.1982.12.24.ceilp11 Waybac.1982.12.24.ceilp12 Waybac.1982.12.zpwm Waybac.1995.ab2 Waybac.2002.07.fojgh1 Waybac.2003.12.cdig66 Waybac.2006.12.24.ceig33 Waybac.2006.12.ceig34

Next up is our video section, including seven new family videos and several from around the internet…

And that does it for this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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