…And I can see Daniel Waving Goodbye…

We had another insanely busy week with all three kids in full motion again. Uncle Dan was doing very well at the start of the first week but took a turn for the worst in the 2nd week and eventually passed away. Dad is back home. Abby’s back continues to give her fits and is preventing her from competing the way she wants in various sports. Matt continues to build strength and asked a lovely young lady to Prom and FINALLY made a decision about his college! Luke focused on baseball – both league and all-star. And the weather finally broke, allowing us to mow the yards…now I just need time to fertilize them. Although it rained one day and was cold in the mornings on a couple days, it was an overall perfect spring week. The Reds climbed above .500. The Pacers finally won a couple games to pull even in their playoff series. And Gordon pulled off his 7th Top Ten to remain atop the leader board in the NASCAR championship standings with another 2nd place finish in a wild one at Richmond under the lights on Saturday night…and it was even more stressful at work as a former employee alleged legal misdoings – which were mostly incorrect and full of lies and drug good people through the mud via the online tabloid rag “Columbuzz;” and as promised last week, we have Easter pictures to share from last time…

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On Monday, Abby missed the 1st part of school to attend a doctor appointment for her back. She will need physical therapy due to her back as her scoliosis continues to give her problems as she ages and grows. She had a light track workout and dance but missed softball due to her back and instead did her stretches. Matt continued his strength lifting to build muscle in his leg and knee. Luke played basketball with neighborhood kids out front with the goal pulled to the street while I mowed in the front. I am going to have to speak with our new neighbor as he is cutting the grass far too low…meanwhile; Ann continued painting props for After Prom. And Abby began heat treatments on her lower back. But first – as promised- we lead off with Easter basket pictures and video (see lower in vids section).
Abby missed part of school to attend physical therapy on that back. Abby had a track meet that night but did not compete due to her back. Luke and I had baseball practice with the Marlins league team. Matt enjoyed time out with Andy, who we learned will not be going to Prom this year with all the boys. Matt decided that he would be attending University of Indianapolis this fall! So we have a greyhound!! I hope he decides to do football or wrestling or both.
On Wednesday, Abby began doing her exercises at home for PT and returned to track, but on a very limited basis. Personally, I don’t think all that jumping is doing any wonders for her back. She also had softball later but pulled up lame while running and sat out the rest of the practice with pain in her lower back/hips. Luke & I mowed at Memaw & Gigi’s house and Ann had After Prom, which has consumed many hours of her life the past couple months. This week it only got worse as she and her team finalized the Las Vegas-themed activities and transformed the Fieldhouse into a fun-themed event that all the kids could enjoy.
Abby had a track meet vs. North Decatur on Thursday evening. Again, she did not compete; in fact, I’m not sure if/when she will return to high- and long-jump activities…but there have been rumors of getting her involved in a couple of my old events (though I did long-jump as well) – the 100, 400 as well as the 4×100 and 4×400 relays! I think that would be much gentler on her back that the high jump. Abby and Ann went to dance class for one last time before the final competition of the year. Luke & I had baseball practice then helped load up a box truck full of the completed After Prom props that would be put up the following night. We left there and went next door to the Messer’s, where we had a nightcap outdoors to end a lovely day.
Abby missed track due to softball on Friday night. Then softball was cancelled due to rain earlier in the morning. Ann finalized her After Prom stuff and was out late to get it all accomplished. I mowed the back yard while Abby & Luke picked up sticks and bark in front yard. Dad B headed back down south but will be back to see us soon for Matt’s graduation – which we recently reserved a location, so no cleanup at home afterwards! We have lots of new social media pictures to share with you this week, including: the Hellmich children; Abby & Megan when they were pee-wees at Chrysti’s house; an Abby selfie; more Bu and Megan pix; Keith, Rosie & Megan at Easter; Barney & Chris at a Pacer’s game; Jack & Lyndz in FLA; Barn w/ grand child; Barn’s middle child, Nick; the boys and their toys; Kimmy’s kids with The Bunny; Hayley’s son Parker; the Smith grandchildren; Aunt Karen’s grand daughter (Emily’s girl); my good friend Allen Smith; Patty Mac and his fiancé; Mike Yoakum (week 19 is next week!!); Megan being silly; a cool new Hot Wheels Dead van; Letterman and his successor Colbert; Matt at Prom; more Hellmich children; several of Abby’s Show Stopper dance competition; Katie & Jake with Doctor K and her husband and finally Matt’s date and friends at Prom.

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Saturday was a long day. We started off with Luke & I taking the still sore Abby to softball for the Spring Fling tourney in new Castle. You may remember the girls opened the season last weekend with a record of 2-3-1. Unfortunately they ended the day with 2-6-1 record after dropping all three games. Abby did not play in first two games because of her back – only serving as a pinch runner but was caught stealing once in each game. She sucked it up and started 3rd game. She played in right and leftfield. She struggled as they lost one ball in the sun, had a chance to catch another but pulled up short and then made a throwing error. In her only at-bat, she struck out. We hustled back to town to drop off Luke at the Messers (where he spent the night) and then headed out to the elementary school for Prom. Meanwhile, Ann continued setting up the Fieldhouse for After Prom. Matt borrowed a gold 1984 Corvette from a friend’s father and picked up his date, Libby. They came over to After Prom so Ann could get some pictures as well as stopped by Memaw & Gigi’s house before meeting up with friends at the high school and heading over to Prom. Abby and Emma stood with me to watch the Walk-ins, which is always a big to-do event for the town. There were about 200 to 300 people there that night. Ann met us there as well and we parted ways afterwards – she heading to After Prom to prepare for arrivals and Abby with me to pick up Kama and clean the house. Did I mention that Matt was nominated earlier in the week as a part of the royal court and had an outside chance of being named King? But it was not to be…however his good friend and possible future roommate at U of Indy, Colton, won the honor. Abby and I spent about four hours cleaning up the house and caught a couple hours of sleep before Matt and his buddies came over to our house for breakfast at 4 am when Ann cooked a huge breakfast.

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So after Ann made a huge breakfast for about 8 or 9 kids at the butt-crack of dawn, the kids sat and reflected on their big day. Soon thereafter, the kids left and Matt went to bed…which was our cue to get the ladies up. Abby & Kama somehow slept through all the noise of breakfast and as Matt was finishing his day, theirs was just beginning. We headed up to Beech Grove High School at the butt crack of dawn again for the annual Show Stopper dance competition. Abby competed in the small group, performance level, 14 year old division and did a good job, earning 1st place in both her tap (Heartbreaker) and jazz (Little Party) dance, receiving a Platinum Award for each! However the gals fell a little short in the overall age categories both times with a 3rd place finish. Afterwards we went out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse before heading home. Meanwhile, Luke spent the night with our good friends, the Messers. They were kind enough to not only put up with him but also take him with them to Seymour for an all-star baseball doubleheader. In the first game, he went 0-1 with a walk, a stolen base and scored a run on the way to a 12-6 route while playing 1st base. In the 2nd game, he was back at first base and again went 0-1 with a hit-by-pitch and an RBI groundout as they completed the sweep with a 7-5 victory. Matt had his buddies over to play basketball that evening and watched Luke for us. I was up and down the rest of the night, getting our weekly chores done overnight…

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It rained all day and night on Monday. Abby’s track meet vs. Shelbyville was cancelled, as was her softball practice. She and Ann did go to dance to hear the reviews from the judges from Show Stopper yesterday. Matt had his friends over to play basketball again. Ann took the day off and slept most of the day. Matt did the same, as it was Senior Skip Day. Abby went to the dentist and had no cavities! Luke got straight A’s on his midterms…except for a D in reading! Abby got straight A’s! And as for Matt…well we love Matt…and did receive a letter from the school…
Tuesday had more rain. Abby did very little at track and softball practice was cancelled. Luke’s baseball was moved indoors to Coach Messer’s Randall building where Luke got a bunch of practice at pitching and will likely contribute his pitching skills to the team this year! We got our schedules today and our first game will be this Saturday…we’re not ready.
I talked to Dad on the way in to work today. He said Uncle Dad took a turn for the worse last night. He was sitting in his favorite chair and Aunt Sharon looked over and knew something was wrong. She called 911 right away and took him to the hospital. However, it was too late. He had a major stroke. The doctors said the heart muscle is pretty much shot and the brain went too long without enough oxygen. It doesn’t look good. He said he was trying to figure out a way to get back home again and when to come. Abby had track and then softball practices. Luke and Drew practiced pitching and I mowed at Mom & Sandy’s house and Luke helped me back on our lawn. Ann cooked a great dinner of cheeseburgers, pasta and corn on the co- yum. It was American Idol night and Caleb did not disappoint. After an okay version of an Aerosmith ballad, he closed the show with a raucous version of Whitesnake’s “Still of the Night.”
It was again chilly on Thursday. Abby had her normal busy day. She was excited to be doing her final ISTEP testing of her academic career that day. After school she had a track meet vs. Batesville. She did participate but didn’t place in her events. She then went on to softball practice for a little while before leaving to get to dance at Dixon. Luke & I had a chilly baseball practice. We worked on game situations the whole time. We may have a chance. Bryan and I just want the kids to be competitive and have fun (in other words, not to embarrass themselves). It was find your own night for dinner at home as we cleaned out the fridge…ya know, I think this might be one of my favorite dinners. Matt continued getting ready for U of I while still trying to spend time with his buddies before the inevitable occurs this fall…and Luke brought home his spring school pictures.

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I talked to Dad again on Friday to get an update on Uncle Dan. He had several tests run, but he went too long without enough oxygen during his stroke and so the only thing right now keeping him alive is the machines he’s hooked to. They ran a brain function test but unfortunately it came back blank. He’s gone and so the hard part is telling the doctors to pull the plug and let nature take its course. Aunt Sharon planned to make that tough choice on Saturday, once all of Uncle Dan’s side of the family had a chance to say good-bye. Luke had ISTEP testing at school. Abby had to miss track and I had to leave work early so the four of us could head back up to New Castle for another softball tourney for Bu. Her Xtreme team had two games that frigid night. We set up in the outfield with an umbrella as a wind break and under blankets but it wasn’t enough and before long, I pulled the car around to the outfield and we sat in the car the rest of the evening. It was the May Mayhem tourney and first up, she played the Delta Lady Eagles out of Muncie. It was a very close game that came down to the last inning where they lost, 8-9. Abby did not bat, but did pinch runner for the catcher. She had 5 stolen bases and scored a run. She eventually played right field in the final inning, but did not have a ball hit her way. In the night cap, they faced the Cats (not sure where they were from). It was again a very closely contested ball game. The gals pulled it out and held on to win in the final inning 4-3! Abby walked in her only at-bat of the day. She had a stolen base and played again in right field. The gals finished the day with a 3-7-1 record. We went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant where Luke claimed they “Have the best cheeseburgers!!”
I talked to Rob early on Saturday morning. They were in Kokomo, staying at Sharon & Dan’s house. He wasn’t sure how they’d stick around up north and we both hoped we had a chance to see each other. The girls were up and out the door about mid-morning to head back up to New Castle for more softball. Luke & I hung out for a little in the morning before we kicked off our baseball season, facing the Rockies. Drew did a great job pitching, striking out 9 of the 10 batters he faced. Luke made his pitching debut and also looked impressive, striking out 3 of the 4 batters he faced! It was a very close game and a pitcher’s duel that ended with us victorious via a 3-2 come-from-behind victory! Luke played 1st base when not pitching. He lead off but was 0-2 with two strikeouts and a 1-0 record for the year. We left from there and got some lunch before heading up to New Castle. We had a couple of electrical issues with the van but once we sorted them out, we were back on the road. We got up there just in time to catch Abby’s 2nd game. She went 1-2 in the first game, starting in right field. She also scored a run as the team won their first game! In the 2nd game, she was 0-1 with a strikeout, a walk and their first loss. Rob & Sharon joined us for game 3. Rob & Luke played catch for a good hour and Rob was sore the next day!! We had good talks. The girls lost the third game and that ended their weekend (which we were thankful for!). Abby went 1-2 to end the day 2-5 with a walk and a 1-2 record on the day to bring their overall record to 4-9-1. We left there and stopped in town for dinner at Steak N Shake, per Abby. We came back home and met up with Matt to play some euchre and a couple of night-caps. Ann and Abby went to bed. Matt & I took on Rob & Sharon. They ended up winning 2 of 3, including the final game which ended 10-9 before calling it a night. We totally missed the Kentucky Derby and the Pacers game – but we did see where the Pacers beat Atlanta and finally advanced to the next round!
In the early hours of Sunday morning, Uncle Dan passed away at approximately 2 am. He we taken off of life support yesterday after tests proved there was no brain activity. His family came in to say good-bye. We decided not to come up this time, but to rather remember him the way we saw him a couple weeks ago – kind of like Mom. I’m just glad we had a chance to say good-bye last time and to thank him for his role in my life and all that he did for me and for our family at a young age. He was a good man who was very proud and had a great sense of humor. He and Sharon raised two very successful two children to carry on their legacy. Dad also chose not to come up yet. I guess he will be up this next week and Rob seems to think he will be up here for an extended length of time. We will surely see everyone again this coming week for the visitation and funeral. We got up and went to breakfast buffet at Frisch’s Big Boy before coming home to take some pictures and see off Rob & Sharon. As they left, we followed them out to the ball diamonds to drop Luke off for all-star baseball practice. We came back and got started doing our weekly chores. The kids really helped out a lot today. To reward them, I ran them over to Topps to look at the baby ducks and get ice cream cones. The kids finished up the back yard and we ran over to Topps to look at the chicks and baby ducks as well as get ice cream from Super Twist stand. We watched the Talladega races and although Jeff was wrecked and got his first DNF; he still somehow managed to leave Alabama with the points lead. We’ll have pictures and videos from this weekend featured next week.

Next up is our Waybac section. We lead off with an oldie – in October of 1953 for my Great Grandfather, Elmer J Brown’s funeral; then we fast forward to December of ’78 for Aunt Lou on Christmas Eve in Lafayette and Mom, Dad & I at their 2nd wedding – this time in the Catholic church in Temple City with their besties in Cali – Ed & Sharlet Temme; then a year later in ’79: Mom coming home from the hospital with Robby in October; Rob at 6 days old and Dad and then Mom with Rob at 8 days old in November; Ed & Sharlet again – this time as Rob’s Godparents in December (also with their daughter); and New Years Eve at Aunt Lou’s house with Connie & Bob (Grandmaw & Grandpaw) and Aunt Norma & Uncle Ralph in December; then in 1980: our first visit back to Lafayette with Rob at Aunt Lou’s in April; Dad playing pool with his buddies at his best friend Steve Heier’s house in April, just before we left the western seaboard; our backyard in LaPorte in May, just a few days after we moved in to the big home on Lilly Lake; Rob, Mom, Grandpaw and I celebrating a late Easter in June in Lafayette in June of ’82 (notice this is only a few months removed from Mom’s brain aneurism and that her eye had not yet re-opened); Rob and our newly sided house on Rockwood St in LaPorte on Thanksgiving Day in November of ’84; my Great Grandpa Morgan’s funeral in January 1985; Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s visit to Michigan in May of ’85 with Aunt Brenda (and her dog Brady) and Wendy; Mom & Dad with their new Mercury Grand Marquis in June of ’85 (that house across the street from our home is no longer there – they tore that down years ago. I used to park my ’64 Galaxie 500 in their driveway during the winter months in exchange for us shoveling their snow); then our Disney Spring Break vacation in Florida in April of ’86 – wait till you see the clothes in these pictures (there are a bunch that will be forthcoming in the coming weeks!); then we fast forward to 1998 to our Main St home in Greensburg for a great family photo in front of the Christmas tree in December; then fast forward again to 2003: Dad going parasailing with his buddy from LP during Week 19 in May; the Morgan family reunion with Aunt Karen and then Aunt Norma, Uncle Ralph (in the back) and Uncle Keith in August; Abby’s 4th birthday in September; Abby’s preschool at the YMCA in September; and then a great Owens Grandchildren Photo that we try to get each year – this time with and without Megan in December…

Waybac.1953.10.19.ejbf Waybac.1978.12.24.ce.lah1 Waybac.1978.12.madw1 Waybac.1979.10.29.ramhfh1 Waybac.1979.11.02.r6do1 Waybac.1979.11.r8do3 Waybac.1979.11.r8do4 Waybac.1979.12.16.rebb1 Waybac.1979.12.16.rebb2 Waybac.1979.12.16.rebb3 Waybac.1979.12.31.nye.lah1 Waybac.1980.04.06.fvh1 Waybac.1980.04.06.fvh2 Waybac.1980.04.shv1 Waybac.1980.05.005.gmgpbvlp1 Waybac.1982.06.eil1 Waybac.1982.06.eil2 Waybac.1982.06.eil3 Waybac.1984.11.22.tdilp1 Waybac.1984.11.22.tdilp2 Waybac.1984.11.22.tdilp3 Waybac.1985.01.31.gpm.rgm Waybac.1985.05.vtp1 Waybac.1985.05.vtp2 Waybac.1985.06.madnc.mgm1 Waybac.1986.04.dsb1 Waybac.1986.04.dsb2 Waybac.1986.04.dsb3 Waybac.1986.04.dsb4 Waybac.1998.12.31.sfcp Waybac.2003.05.wn8 Waybac.2003.08.mfr1 Waybac.2003.08.mfr2 Waybac.2003.09.afbp2 Waybac.2003.09.apsy1 Waybac.2003.12.ofc1 Waybac.2003.12.ofc2

Next up is our video section, which includes four new family videos and several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We sure miss you, Momma.
Later, Scheu (aka, the Stinky Carp)

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