I Hope You had the Time of Your Life…

Welcome to our first triple-dip of the Scheu Family Blog. A lot has happened since we touched base last. The Pacers were eliminated from the playoffs, we heard and later saw Jim Neighbors sing “Back Home Again, in Indiana” for the final time at the Indy 500. We saw lots of relatives and friends. We saw lots of sports and did a little travelling. The weather went from early Spring to mid-Summer. The kids finished up school and looked forward to a fun summer vacation. We said goodbye to three beloved celebrities. And Matt reached a huge milestone. We have a lot to get to, so let’s get going…
Two Mondays ago, we kicked off the week great with some awesome weather. It was sweatshirt and shorts weather – my favorite!! Abby and Ann had dance and then it was off to the ball diamonds for Luke’s game before going tanning afterwards. Matt went out with his buddies. Luke & I played the Rays on diamond 2. Luke played 1st base and also pitched a pair of innings. He gave up 2 unearned runs while striking out 5. He batted leadoff and reached base 2 of 3 times with a walk, strikeout and a double. He had 2 RBI’s and scored a run as we won 6-2 to go 4-0 on the year. The Reds also won a big game late that night – finally winning in the 15th inning, but overall they continue to play .500 ball….
Abby was in early for Student Council on Tuesday morning. Ann continued getting Matt’s scrapbook ready for his big party and I continued to work on the slideshow. Abby got flowers from Aunt Dee that evening – recognizing her graduation from Jr. High. She also brought home her track awards. Congrats to Bu for earning the Mental Attitude award on the jumping team!

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The only thing we were looking forward on Wednesday was baseball. We left work early to make it to the diamonds by 5. We were warmed up and ready to take the field when the umps called the game. There were some nasty clouds to the north but the wind was blowing north. No rain had fallen, but the cancelled all the games. We were pretty pissed, but didn’t argue. We were hoping we could wait at least a half hour to see if it was actually going to rain or not. We no sooner got home about 20 minutes later and an absolute monsoon was unleashed! Bryan & I kept texting back and forth that night, saying things like “it’ll blow over” and “just a little rain cloud.” It was a good move; one of the few the league has made in the past several years.
Abby had her final dance practice of the year at Dixon on Thursday night. Ann & I continued to work on pictures for Matt’s party and had a quiet evening in the A/C. Matt had us put in the air conditioner out in the playroom. Why is it that the old man is still carrying that damn heavy piece of metal around the house?? Abby brought home her dance pictures, which were very good as always. We took Abby out to eat at El Reparo for getting such an excellent score on her ISTEPS and Algebra placement test. Plus we celebrated her making the Pirateers dance team for the high school. Only two kids her age are on the team. The rest are upperclassmen. It was a double margarita kind of night…

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Luke & I were up early to meet with Gma and continue our look for Matt’s graduation present. Luke had an all-star baseball tourney on Saturday in Batesville. The first day was play-in and the second day was the tourney. First up, we played Dillsboro. We won via 10-run-rule, 13-3. Luke batted 5th and went 3-3 with an RBI, a run scored and a pair of outstanding plays at 1st base! We had a 3 hour delay where Luke went with Drew & Angie out to her Mom & Dad’s house where they did some fishing and other farm-related stuff. I took a nap. We played the Batesville Bats travel team in the 2nd game. Luke again played 1st base and did an outstanding job with no errors again, fielding a pop fly in foul territory and a couple grounders along with several putouts. He again batted 5th but this time he was only 1-2 with a single, a called-looking strikeout and a walk. They would end up losing in the final inning, 7-8.

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Luke went home with the Messers since I had to miss the final pair of innings of the game to get back to town for the annual Dixon Dance Revue. Abby was in 4 numbers this year – the opener, her award-winning competition dances and the finale. She looked lovely and danced brilliantly as always (videos are below). However, this year she was not named as a “Miss Personality” finalist for some reason – much less win the big title (which we all felt she deserved, of course – but we may be a little biased!). :0) We were still very proud of her and to celebrate, she chose Wings and Rings for dinner. For some strange reason, after enduring the entire show, Matt did not come out with us, but ran off with his buddies. Still, I think it was cool that he was there to support his baby sister. He’s such a good boy…

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We were up early again on Sunday. It was Memorial Day. We missed the baseball tourney in Batesville. Instead, we headed up to Fishers to attend a Scheu Family party at Chuck & Cindy’s lovely home. They had it all done up again, as usual. Dad & Barb came down. Vicky, Daniel & Seth also made it. Kimmy and her little ones were there. Chris, Trish and their boys also came. There were several from Cindy’s side that I didn’t know as well. It was just as well that we skipped the tourney. It was single elimination and we got hammered by the Bats, 16-0! We listened to the race and watched a few live blurbs via the internet but otherwise looked forward to the tape-delayed broadcast later that evening. So as is tradition, we listened to it on the radio and let our imaginations create visions of the race in our heads. We played outside in the warm sunshine and talked with family while enjoying the Scheu party favorite – the spicy Bloody Mary. It was extra special with the bottle that Dad brought of Fuzzy Zoeller’s new Indy 500 vodka! We ate like kings and enjoyed hanging out with that side of the family for a few hours. After the race, we headed back to Greensburg to drop off Abby & Ann, who were both looking forward to long naps in the A/C. Matt was off to a party out in the sticks – a spend-the-night party that ended sourly for him. 8-( Next time, I’ll bet he eats dinner… Meanwhile, Luke & I headed back to Batesville, but this time we were there to visit our dear friends, Paul & Dayla and their boys. We had a small, quiet party. The boys went swimming, Dayla went to bed and Paul & I stayed up until nearly sunrise talking about life, drinking Sailor and catching up on our busy lives. It was great to spend such a lengthy, intimate time with him.
Luke & I woke up early last Monday morning and said goodbye to Paul and grabbed some breakfast before coming home. We did our weekly household chores and took naps the rest of the day. Late that night, Ann took Abby to school for her to catch a chartered bus along with 90 of her classmates, who were off to Washington DC!

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Tuesday was a long day. It sure felt like a Monday to me and I know Ann felt the same. The kids really had Spring Fever badly that day – none wanted to get up and we were all a little late that morning. Luke’s baseball practice was cancelled and it stormed all evening. Abby remained in Washington DC and was enjoying 8-hour walking tours in 85 degree heat and humidity!
Ann & I continued to draw closer to completing our photo tasks on Wednesday night, working several hours at home on compiling pictures of Matt’s life. Abby called us really late that evening, to check in since they aren’t allowed to have their cell phones while on their field trip. She said she is taking lots of pictures. I can’t wait to see them all! We’ll have those for you next time. But we do have a couple off social media and a new truck art from Luke.

awdc14.0 awdc14.0a awdc14.1 awdc14.2 awdc14.3 awdc14.4 awdc14.5 awdc14.6 lap14.06.01

Thursday was another warm day. We waited anxiously for the bus to get home from Washington DC. We got caught up on several of our DVR’ed shows as the bus didn’t show up until almost 1 am on Friday morning! As you can imagine, Abby was grumpy due to lack of sleep. I must admit, Luke was lost without Abby around. After only a couple hours of sleep, we were right back up and at ‘em on Friday morning. Luke had baseball that evening vs the Rockies. Luke was 0-2 at the plate with a strikeout and a groundout to first (pitiful night at bat). He hit lead-off and played first base. He also pitched two innings. He gave up a couple runs on walks and errors while striking out 5. They again played us tough but we managed to squeak out a victory and held on for the win, despite a last inning rally, 6-5 to extend our record to 5-0. Ann and Abby were supposed to go to Crawfordsville for Darby’s grad party but the A/C in the car died and Ann wasn’t feeling very well (her eyes were really giving her trouble). We were thrilled to have her and Abby stick around for the game and afterwards we wound up at Pizza King with the Messer’s for some excellent food and really cold beer. Luke enjoyed some of my simpler passions – that of a cheap wooden air plane (I was infatuated with them at his age) and washed the Stingray and polished the chrome on it. I used to love washing my bike and using all of Dad’s cleaners for things like the spokes, tires, seat, chrome, reflectors, etc….it did my heart good to him enjoying these simple pleasures as I once did.

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We were back up and at the ball diamonds on Saturday for a make up game vs. the Reds. It was never even close as Luke & Drew combined for another no-hitter and we won by 10 run rule again, 11-1 in 4 innings. Luke was 1-1 with a single, stolen base, walk, was hit by pitch and scored 3 runs. He also pitched 3 innings and got the win with 5 more strikeouts. He was throwing some heat out there. He is now 3-0 on the year and the boys are 6-0. Luke, Drew & I left there, grabbed Abby and headed up to Indy to Bluff Park on the south side near the U of Indy campus for the UFO Start of Summer Tourney. First up, we played Rushville. This is a team we beat earlier in the year. Today, though, we lost 6-5. Abby saw little action, pinch running for pitcher and then played in the outfield for 2/3 of an inning. She did not bat. We had a layoff and then played the host Indy Renegades. Abby got some playing time but only had 1 at-bat and played in right field. She struck out looking and we lost 10-4. In our final game, we played the Indy’s Most Wanted team. She again pinch ran for the pitcher. She did score a run and played an inning in right field. She did not bat in this game and we lost again, 8-3. We got done and grabbed dinner at Steak n Shake before dropping off Abby at home and the boys and I headed out to Bryan’s house for a coaches meeting. We had some Sailor and a stick around the bonfire with some friends. We didn’t stay long and were home shortly after midnight…
On Sunday, we were up very early and at the ball diamonds for an 8 am game in Indy. This time we played the Delta Eagles and got shellacked. Abby didn’t play at all and we lost 15-0. We had a long talk with Abby. It seems we have become sponsors. We have ringers coming in to “help” the team and that means that girls that paid to play are now riding the bench and others that didn’t pay squat are playing for free. I cannot continue to support a team that we are paying to play on and only end up watching other people’s kids play. I don’t want to spend every weekend for the rest of the summer travelling to watch Abby sit on the bench. When we were approached, we were told there would be 9 or10 kids on the team. This weekend we had 14. We came home and did our weekly chores around the house, watched all the races on TV and even caught a couple movies and a basketball game. And we were saddened by the news that Alice from the Brady Bunch had passed away.

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This Monday was the last day of school for all the kids (though Matt hasn’t gone in a couple days and only went today for awards). It was awards day for all the kids. First up was Abby. I met Gma & Gigi at the junior high. She got a thank you note and a framed poster from Community Action Coalition. She also got the Presidential Award and special recognition for Student Council and office helper. Next, Gma, Gigi and I joined Ann at the high school as the seniors had their processional as they entered the auditorium. Matt earned one monetary award from the class of 1961. He did not earn any other awards. Ann stayed there and the rest of us went on to the elementary school for Luke. He won the A/B honor roll award and Reader award. I went on to work and Ann took the day off. It was a hot one but the humidity made it unbearable. Ann was thankful we got her A/C unit in the bedroom last night! I completed Matt’s slideshow and ended up with over 8,000 photos!

aad14.1 gad14.1 gad14.2 gad14.3 gad14.4 gad14.5 gad14.6 gad14.7 gad14.8 gad14.9 gad14.10 gad14.11 gad14.12 gad14.13 gad14.14 gad14.15 gad14.16 gad14.17 gad14.18 gad14.19 gad14.20 gad14.21 gad14.22 gad14.23 gad14.24 gad14.25 gad14.26 gad14.27 gad14.28 gad14.29 gad14.30 gad14.31 gad14.32 gad14.33 gad14.34 gad14.35

It was a quiet morning on Tuesday as everyone slept in while I drug my sorry butt to work. The kids began their summer vacation and Ann worked on Matt’s scrapbook. The kids did a decent job of starting to clean up the house. They still have a long way to go yet. It rained last night and looked like it would rain several times today but never did. Abby had Pirateers and Matt started his job at Ponderosa. Luke had buddies over after cleaning and then went scrapbooking with Ann at Mrs. B’s. Ann picked up Abby from Pirateers and Kama came to spend the night. Megan also joined them for most of the night. It rained over night and into the morning.
It really stormed Wednesday morning but dried up by mid-morning…which is why I was so shocked that they again cancelled our baseball games that evening. We never even saw one raindrop! Wouldn’t you know, it was again against the Giants. So halfway through the season, we beat each team once except for the Giants – which has been rained out twice now. The 2nd big name passed away as we learned that the skipper – Don Zimmer – died. He managed – among other teams –
We were up early on Thursday. The humidity had finally gone away and it was in the 50s so we opened up the house and enjoyed it. Luke & I and got the oil changed in the van and SUV. We also charged the battery on the truck, picked up Dad in Kokomo, got the 2nd mower running (then found the carburetor leaks fuel), fixed the basketball goal (then ran over it and broke it again) – it’ll never hold water again, so we’ll have to fill it with sand now… We went out to eat at Wings & Rings with Dad and came back and watched TV and caught up with each other. Matt finally had a night off (in fact, he’s off until next week now thankfully) and went out with his friends. I think he is starting to get a little anxious as he didn’t sleep at all that night.
On Friday, we got our keg ordered through the Beverage House and tightened up a few loose ends. We watched several movies and kept cool in the A/C before heading back to the ball diamonds where Luke’s Marlins faced the Royals for the 2nd time. Drew had hurt his neck earlier and so Luke was called upon to make his first start of his young career. He struggled but got the job done with 4 strikeouts in 2 innings and picked up the win, giving up 1 run. Offensively he batted 3rd and went 1-2 with a walk, a pop up and double, scoring two runs. We easily won, 14-5. Luke stayed with Drew at the diamonds while Ann, Dad, Abby & I went to El Reparo where we had a pitcher of top-shelf margaritas with our dinner. Bryan came over and watched a movie with us, but I kept falling asleep (how rude!). 

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Saturday was a big day for our little household. Matthew’s high school graduation ceremony was held at the high school gymnasium. He and 125 of his closest friends said goodbye to childhood and hello to adult living as the class of 2014 left GCHS for the last time. It was a nice ceremony that was shorter than I expected. Afterwards, we got lots of pictures with family and friends and then on to breakfast at Frisch’s Big Boy. We had plans to go out to a few graduation parties, but instead decided to nap on the couches and watch movies before going to New Point and setting up for Matt’s grad party.

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Sunday was the crowning achievement of our past 18 years. It was time to kick back and have some fun. We headed up to New Point for Matt’s graduation party. Marty had made cupcakes. We had Allen Smith (Biggest Loser)’s Mom & Dad cater the party. We had a nacho bar as well as a potato bar. Ann had a long table set up with four special scrapbooks of Matt: one of his life, one for football, one for wrestling and a fourth one I can’t remember. We had his senior banners hung on the wall as well as my slideshow set up in the corner. We had cornhole and basketball for the kids and ice tea and a keg of beer for the adults. We had a very nice turnout. Laura & Pace Stoewer made it all the way from LaPorte. Dad, Sharon, Vird & Belinda and Katie & Jake and kids all made it. Dad & Barb, Chuck, Cindy & Kathy and Kimmy & her boys came as well. Maryann, Sandy, Dee & Jamie and Keith, Rosie & Megan all came of course. We also saw Bryan & Angie with their 2 little ones, Phyllis & Dick, Danny & Curtis, Shawna & Ted, Amy, the Fishers (old neighbors), Coach Cochran & his family, Coach Corn, Joel Chase & his family, Jake Kelso & his family, Colton Black & his family, Mike & Natalie Smith with their 2 little ones, some girls he’s friends with (sorry, I don’t know their names) and probably a few others I can’t remember… Dad went back with Aunt Sharon and will stay with her a week or so before heading back down south. He has met someone, but so far he says it isn’t serious – although they have several plans to travel over the next year or so! After the party, Bryan helped us clean up and bring everything back to the house. We got everything put away and had time to play a few games of cornhole and tried to finish off the keg. Although we didn’t achieve our goal that night, we did the following night…and brought the perfect end to a hell of a three week stretch. Mom sure would’ve been proud of her “little buddy.” And late that night, we were sad to hear that a brilliant British comedian, Rik Mayall (Rick of The Young Ones) had passed away overnight on Sunday/Monday…Mom always said they go in threes.

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Next up is our Waybac section. We lead off this week with a couple of sweet pictures of my cousin, Emily from May of ’77; then the Browns’ house on Elmwood Ave in August of ’79; Dad and his “new” car in October of ’79; our first visit back to Lafayette at Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s house in January ’80; Rob & I back again in April of ’80; Rob on Kenwood St in July of ’80; Rob back in Lafayette and some sort of concert in August ’80; Rob & I celebrating a birthday in October ’81; Sharon & Katie with baby Justin in October ’82; the “old” version of the Rockwood St. with original paint, front screen porch, trees and Grandmaw & Grandpaw (all of which would be gone over the next decade) in ’82; Rob & Peanuts in June of ’83; a tipsy Grandmaw in LaPorte in July of ’84; Rob & Peanuts in December of ’84; a Morgan family reunion in August ’85; Rob & Tom’s birthday cake in October ’85; Rob with new sled & bear at Christmas ’86; Rob fishing and then hanging out in a bean bag chair in ’87; Grandmaw’s funeral in September ’88; Mom, Dad & Rob visiting us on Main St with Matt in ’97; Abby & Grace on Main St. in September ’02; Rob, Gigi, Danny & Curtis on Main St. in December ’02; Matt as a catcher in ’02; Matt shooting a basket on the YMCA in ’02; Matt riding his bike in all his safety gear after his training wheels came off in ’02; Ann, Matt & Abby at the circus in ’02; Abby, Matt & Grace in September ’03; baby Luke in September ’03; Abby on bad ass bike on Christmas ’04; Rob on Cap’n Ron and then a lonely lighthouse on Lake Michigan in ’05.

Waybac.1977.05.evv1 Waybac.1977.05.evv2 Waybac.1979.08.ggbh3 Waybac.1979.08.ggbh4 Waybac.1979.10.dnc5 Waybac.1980.01.rfc8 Waybac.1980.01.rfc9 Waybac.1980.04.06.fvh8 Waybac.1980.07.rok2 Waybac.1980.08.gmgph1 Waybac.1980.08.ucp Waybac.1981.10.24.trb1 Waybac.1981.10.24.trb2 Waybac.1982.10.jpb3 Waybac.1982.10.jpb4 Waybac.1982.gmgpb1 Waybac.1982.gmgpb2 Waybac.1983.06.drp2 Waybac.1984.07.gpbb1 Waybac.1984.07.gpbb2 Waybac.1984.12.rwp2 Waybac.1985.08.11.mfr.mh1 Waybac.1985.10.trbd1 Waybac.1986.12.cilp8 Waybac.1986.12.cilp9 Waybac.1987.ff4 Waybac.1987.ff5 Waybac.1988.09.cjmf3 Waybac.1988.09.cjmf4 Waybac.1997.mdrv1 Waybac.2002.09.fojgh2 Waybac.2002.12.cig5 Waybac.2002.mbc1 Waybac.2002.mby1 Waybac.2002.mrb1 Waybac.2002.mrbc1 Waybac.2003.09.las2 Waybac.2003.09.las3 Waybac.2004.12.cig Waybac.2005.bilm4 Waybac.2005.bilm5

And finally, we have our video section, which includes 8 new family videos and a couple from around the internet…

Well that does it for this mega-sized edition of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thank you for keeping up with us this time out. We’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. Boy, Mom sure missed out on a big three weeks of lives – we sure miss ya, babe…
Later, Scheu

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