It’s a low, low Road you’ve gotta Roll Down Before you Find your Way…

It was another week of rest at home for me as I continued to mend. This time off has given me ample time to reflect on things and to get my shit together. Although, I must admit that I could get used to the fact that Matt is working more hours than I am! We stayed busy at ball diamonds with baseball (either planned or actual games) every night this week. Luke played a ton of great baseball. I was very impressed with his play. He is in the running for MVP of the league. He and Drew have really come on strong this week. Abby continued to do Pirateers and has developed a nasty little bruise on her knee because of the nature of the dance. She always goes all out; I have to hand it to her. She won’t wear knee pads for practice for whatever reason (hard head?). Ann helped us all to try and adjust to our new diet with some awesome meals. And we realized that this week was the last time our family will celebrate an 11th birthday in our house…until we have grandkids!
Matt & Ann returned to work on Monday while Luke, Bu & I vegged on the couches most of the day. We enjoyed comfort shows – this time Star Trek seasons 1 & 2 (1966-67) on Netflix and lengthy naps. We were scheduled to have Luke’s first tourney game that evening, but it was postponed to Tuesday night for some unknown reason. Luke went to Drew’s house to practice pitching and spend the night at Bryan & Angie’s house.

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Tuesday was Luke’s 11th birthday. Matt & Ann went to U of Indy all day for Matt to do some testing. They ended up having nasty weather and had to seek shelter when a tornado came near. Thankfully they were safe. Abby went to Pirateers practice with Memaw. Luke & I went to DCMH to get a sleep study device for myself. Ann made Luke his special dinner…and he wanted…Toquitos. Not something tasty and homemade…but something frozen in a box from Wal-Mart. Stilly boy…but that is what he wanted and so he had it. We had more thunderstorms in our area and it again delayed our opening tourney game until Wednesday. So we will try it again tomorrow night. We sang the Birthday Song to him again and had some birthday pie and then he opened his presents. He was thrilled to get his Air Hogs glider and RC truck. He played with them nearly non-stop the rest of the week. Meanwhile I had the sleep study for me over night. I slept awful – I had 80 apneas!

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We had scattered thunderstorms on Wednesday. Matt & Ann back to work while Luke, Bu & I went to Memaw’s house for his birthday lunch of cheeseburgers & fries. Luke had Alex over to play most of the afternoon. I worked from home all day and was exhausted by the end of the day. They enjoyed his RC car and rode bikes. We finally had Luke’s 1st tourney game – vs. the Giants. Despite the rain, the boys played very well. Luke batted 3rd and went 3-3 with a pair of doubles & a triple. He had 2 RBIs, a stolen base & scored a run. He also pitched 3 innings. He recorded 5 strikeouts and had a nice assist on a groundball to his left. He played an outstanding game and we held on to win, 5-4. That night, Luke & Matt had fun playing with the glider in the back lot until twilight.

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On Thursday, I finished up my work from home. In this way, I won’t be quite so far behind when I return on Monday. I had an appointment with my cardiologist and he too echoed how unnaturally lucky I was to have my heart muscle in such good condition considering how long it went without blood flow and oxygen. He said I still had one artery partially clogged but that it indicated no treatment. It was up to me to keep in clear with my diet, exercise and lifestyle decisions. I was released to return to work but does want me to have a few sessions of cardiac rehab before I get back on my treadmill. Abby had Pirateers practice and Luke had his 2nd round tourney game. This time, we faced the Reds. Luke again batted 3rd in the lineup and went 3-3 from the plate. This time, he had 3 singles, 3 RBI and scored a run. He also pitched 2 innings with 4 strikeouts and a very nice tag play at 3rd. The boys had another fine outing and won in 4 innings, 12-2. I brought Luke & Drew home in the truck but not before stopping at the Sweet Shoppe for a couple bowls of ice cream and an iced tea. The boys played at our house for about an hour before Bryan took Drew home. We will now play for the championship of the tourney on Friday night and in a strange turn of events, play for the league championship on Monday!

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Matt & Abby went to work while the rest of us slept in. Luke and Drew went out to the park and then on to the movies all afternoon while Abby & I vegged in front of the TV’s – me watching Star Trek and Abby watching Bones. Luke had his championship tourney game that night, vs. the Rangers. This is the same team that tied us for the league championship and the team we’ll play on Monday night to decide the league title. It was very hot but a great night to play for a championship. Drew struggled at the start of the game, walking two before hitting four straight batters. Luke let two runners score, but stopped the bleeding and held them to 3 runs in the 1st inning. Luke gave up another 3 in the 2nd inning and they had us down 6-0 going to the 3rd inning. We rallied to put 7 on the scoreboard and take the lead, 7-6. We held them in the bottom and put yet another 7 runs on them in the 4th inning! Drew allowed 2 runs to score in the top of the 5th, but it was not enough and we held on to win, 14-8 and capture the tourney championship! Luke again batted 3rd and reached base in each of his 3 at-bats. He led off with a double and stole a base. In his 2nd at-bat he walked and received an RBI for his trouble. And in his final at-bat, he had a huge bases-loaded triple and that sealed the win and knocked in the game-winning run. As I said, he also pitched. He came in to relieve Drew in the first inning and struck out the side in between giving up a couple runs. He recorded one more strikeout in the 2nd inning and two more in the 3rd to finish with 6 strikeouts on the day. His totals were MVP-caliber: He was 9-9 in the tourney total with 9 RBIs and 15 strikeouts in 7 innings of relief pitching. Drew had similarly stellar numbers and we couldn’t have won it without the play of those two, for sure. To be sure, this was a team victory though. The tourney had highlights for each of our 10 players. Everyone contributed with either a hit, a defensive play or even a walk and a scored run. The kids really gelled at the right time of the year. Now if we can just repeat our performance on Monday, the year will be complete! To celebrate, I again took the boys next door to the Sweet Shoppe for ice cream while I was stuck with another iced tea. This new diet sucks. Drew came home again with us but this time he stayed the night. He will go with us to Rushville in the morning for our all-star tourney in Rushville. Ann ordered pizzas and we watched James Bond movies until they fell asleep…

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We were up early on Saturday. Matt had to work at Mesco while Ann, Abby & I took Luke & Drew up to Rushville for the Clark Memorial Baseball Tournament. We played at 8 am and although we came out flat and got down early, we chipped away and eventually came away with a come-from-behind victory over Bartholomew County, 7-6. We had to overcome 2 homeruns (over the fence) by their stud and actually hit one of our own (Oakley). It was the first 3 we had seen all year. As for Luke, he played 1st base the whole game and batted 4th. He was 2-3 with a pair of singles and a sky-high pop up to 3rd base (he later said he was trying to pull it out of the park). He recorded 6 putouts at 1st with a pair of nice plays – one a great stretch on a high throw and one a nice scoop to get a speedy runner. The boys were so excited after the win. It was fun to watch. Then it was time to hang out. We had a 5 hour wait until our 2pm game. It went from cool for our first game to a few hours of rain and then the sun came out and made it hot and humid. Our opponent did not show up for the 2nd game, so we played the Columbus team. We jumped on them early and our defense and pitching dominated. We ended up having the game called due to time after 3 innings. We had a 5-0 lead with 1 out, the bases loaded, and our best hitter at the plate…and they stopped the game. As it turned out, that would leave us 3 points short of the #1 seed (which just happened to be the Rushville A squad…hmmmm…a little home cookin’?…to be sure it was). Anyhow, the boys looked very sharp. Luke again batted clean-up and played 1st base. He was 2-2 with a single and double that he hit off the fence (with a little lift, it would’ve gone out – it was absolutely crushed!). He only had a few chances at 1st base, but still recorded 2 putouts and the boys advanced to Sunday as the #2 seed. We came home and Ann & I napped in between getting a few weekly chores done around the house. Luke & Bu went over to Terry & Christy’s house for a big party. It was Alex’s 11th birthday party but also Mallory’s graduation party. Matt was gone to Colton’s grad party when we got home. He got in at a decent time and rested up in hopes of going to King’s Island in the morning.

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On Sunday, we were up and out the door to head back to the Jammin’ Jamboree in Rushville I’ve seen it called two different names this weekend – funny how it changed, but somehow still consistent with the way the whole weekend played out there (a little crooked). We played all day long, winning all three games – despite the rules changing each game. The umpire crew was, unfortunately, very inconsistent with their rules. We defeated the Greensburg Titans (9-4), Shelbyville Sliders (10-9) and finally the host Rushville A squad in the finale (13-1) to win the tourney title!! I will have a complete recap of the game along with pictures and videos next week. Luke played awesome – several of the boys played awesome – but it was Luke who got the game winning RBI’s in all three games! I wish I had the energy to process all the new pictures and videos, but it was a long, hot, humid day and we are all tired. We got home at 10 pm and frankly it’s time to relax for a couple hours, get some sleep and get ready for work in the morning – and one more championship game tomorrow night!

Next up is our Waybac section and we lead off with Mom & Grandmaw at St. Boniface in June of ’57; then my two great grandmothers: Mary Brown and Elsie Virden in the early 1960s; Thanksgiving in Lafayette with Mom, Dad, Grandmaw & Grandpaw with the Olds Ninety-Eight in 1978; Rob in December of ’79 out in Temple City; Mom, Rob, Katie & I in Kokomo in January 1980; Mom, Rob & Grandpaw in May of 1980 on Kenwood St in LaPorte; Aunt Kathy’s high school graduation in May of ’80; Dad in Lafayette with Schnapps, Robby & Grandpaw in June of ‘82; Rob & Dad in Lake Schaeffer at Big Chief Lodge docks in August of ’82; Rob on Rockwood in LP all dressed up for Trick-or-Treating in ’82; then Rob & Mom with Tweetle-Dee & Teetle-Dum at Disney and then with Shamu at Sea World (I think?) – both in Orlando in April of ’86; Rob at a Christmas presentation at Riley Elementary in December ’89; Austin at Mom & Dad’s 2nd house in Rossville at Halloween in 2002; a snowy Christmas Eve in Greensburg in 2002 w/ Santa, Matt & Bu; Luke enjoying the Dixon Dance Revue in May of ’04; and finally Nathan, and family at his swearing-in ceremony in June of 2004.

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For our Shit that Luke says segment, I have a conversation that recently resonated within our walls. Ann: “Matt, did you pick up your paycheck from Ponderosa yet?” Matt: “No, payday is on Wednesday.” Ann: “You do know that you can pick up your check at any time after each payday, right?” Matt: “No! I thought I could only pick up my checks on Wednesdays!”

Next up is our video section, which features several new family videos and a few from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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