There’s a Rainbow, see it Shimmer when the Summer Falls

Another relaxing summer week has sped past us. Matt moved ever closer to his move-in day at U of Indy. Abby continued to practice her Pirateers and enjoy her summer vacation. Luke had baseball, football and basketball practice. Luke & Abby both had friends over, the fair wound down and with the weather cooperating, it was an all-around awesome summer week.
On Monday, we finally got a little rain as it popped in and out all day. Matt, Ann & I headed back to work. I had cardiac therapy again. Drew went home after spending the night. Luke & Abby worked out most of the day, getting outside in between the showers. We were very saddened to hear that Mom & Sandy’s old dog, Charlie, passed away. He had been sick recently. I’ll have to see if I can dig up a picture of Charlie and Minnie with Matt out in the front yard. They were all three such small pups back then… Bu had Megan and Kenzie over to spend the night and after the last of the storms blew through, they ended up out at the fair for a few hours, of course. Ann made tacos for dinner that evening and we watched the MLB Home Run Derby until we fell asleep on the couch. The Reds’ Todd Frazier finished 2nd!
It was much cooler on Tuesday. Abby went to Pirateers practice then went with Ann to take Megan home. Luke & I fixed Matt’s bike, cleaned out the shed and did some minor repairs to it. Ann made chili that night for dinner. Kenzie spent the night with Abby again and that night was the All-Star game. The girls kicked Luke & I out of the living room during Rizzoli & Isles, so we moved to the bedroom. Unfortunately we fell asleep before it was over – dammit! As it turned out, the AL won again and will have home field advantage in the Series this year. Derek Jeter stole the show in his final appearance during his farewell season.
Kenzie went home on Wednesday as Luke mowed half of the backyard for me. Maryann still won’t let us mow at her house yet. I had cardiac rehab. Blues great, Johnny Winter died today. Bu & Luke continued to exercise and enjoy a gorgeous summer day that was perfect in the low 70s with no humidity. Abby again went to the fair with her friends. This was the final night for the event. Luke had basketball practice and then came home where Bryan brought over Drew & Chip to practice a couple plays in the back lot. We may have lost our driving range and baseball diamond to development back there, but we still have our football field…

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Thursday marked the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatle’s first feature film – A Hard Day’s Night. They released an upgraded version of the movie in theaters as well as on DVD/Blue Ray. Luke had baseball practice during the day. Thanks to Mom for taking him out there as well as taking Abby to Pirateers practice. I worked on Shawna’s laptop that evening but unfortunately it not only had a power supply issue but also a hard drive issue and I as unable to pull off the pictures for her.
I headed back to complete my 2nd week of cardiac therapy at CRH. I have already made progress in all areas – weights, treadmill and bike – as I continue to try and push myself. The exercise has never really been the problem. It has always been my insatiable appetite. That part of me still struggles daily. Philip got out old mower up and running, so I picked it up from his house after work. I swapped mowers with him as I dropped off our Snapper for him to fix the self-propelled portion of the device. Luke was thrilled to see the old mower back and used it as soon as I got home to mow the front. It worked great and now we are excited at the prospect of us both being able to get out in the lawn together. Ann went late-night scrapbooking at Mrs. B’s with Shawna. Matt went over to Colton’s house. Matt, Abby & I watched movies and fell asleep on the couches. Abby and Ann sent me some various pictures and we have a ton of new social media pics this week: Abby & Grace from the last decade; then a current one of Bu & Megan; Bu and her junior high friends; Gigi with Ms Decatur Co; Abby, me & Ms Decatur Co at the Skeeter McGee concert; Lindsay & Olga; Barney; Gigi with her staff and Debbie Knox of channel 8 news (Indy evening co-anchor); Nate, Steph and girls; Abby with Kara in the fair parade; a few of Grace, Cathy, more Skeeter pictures w/ Bryan; more Bryan – this time with Rick & Lynn with the Jimmy Johns crew; Frazier with Jeter and other all-star pictures; more of Bu in the fair parade; Ben getting a face lift on campus at ol’ FC; Grace and the Nocturnals at their annual festival they host in VT; more of the upcoming Hot Wheels / Star Wars crossover line; a really cool picture of James by one of my favorite photographers – Ross Halfin; the old folks tour continues as KISS and Def Leppard came to town this week; next is the hottest photo in social media this week with Sir Paul; then a pic that really sums it up for me, a picture of the late, great Johnny Winter and James Garner and finally the Beatles from ’64 – fifty years ago during the filming of A Hard Day’s Night.

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We were up early the next day for Luke’s baseball tourney – called the Greensburg Summer Slam. They had eleven U-10 division entries this year. Saturday was of course, pool play so we needed wins and lots of runs w/o giving up many ourselves. Up first, we faced the Lawrenceburg Tigers; Luke played 1st base, had a lot of trouble with 3 errors (or at least mental errors) – which may be the first 3 errors of the year for him; batted 4th in the lineup, going 0-1 with a line drive out to centerfield off a tomahawk-chop swing that would’ve been ball four but instead was just inches from being an extra base hit! He also had a walk, got to 3rd on subsequent walks and stole home to tie the game! Another run scored behind him to take the lead and we barely held on to win, 6-5. It was ugly, but it was a victory. It rained a little during that game and we were glad we brought the gazebo. The 2nd game saw more of the same, defensively. This time it was against the Fishers Amvets (?). This wasn’t an all-star team; this was a travel team…even though this is supposed to be an all-star tourney. Thankfully, it wasn’t Luke that struggled with the glove this time. He played much better at 1st base. He again batted clean-up. He was 1-2 with the first strike out in a very long time. Somehow he still managed to get an RBI out of it as the defense over-threw the ball. He also had a 2-RBI single. He stole a base and got left on-base twice. I do apologize for the language in the video; it was one of those days…heck, it was one of those weekends (yes, that is foreshadowing).  So after getting our clocks cleaned, 11-4, we ended the day 1 & 1, which meant we had an early game on Sunday. We came back home and Ann went scrapbooking. Matt ran to Subway for lunch for us. After watching a movie, we went back out to the ball diamonds to watch the Drakes in action. Paul pitched on a Columbus U-8 team that had Conner at 1st base and Cayden at 2nd. They played Batesville – the same team they had played for early in the year but moved to Columbus when the relationship went sour. We watched from the outfield of diamond 5, out in the pine trees. It was considerably hot compared to our early game. The bugs returned to town, as they had during this tourney last year. Poor Paul took a line drive right in the groin. It knocked him down for about 5 minutes, when he was finally able to continue. Thankfully he was OK, but he was sore even the next day. It was great to see Dayla and her parents as well as Ms. Patsy – Paul’s mother, who was still up able to get around with the help of a walker. She was still very sweet and had very nice things to say to Abby & Luke. Paul’s sister was helping Patsy. We hadn’t seen them since Dick’s passing a few years back. We enjoyed corn-on-the-cob as well as got Luke a t-shirt before we headed back to the house. We watched several movies, took naps on the couches and I told the kids who James Garner was, as he had sadly passed away that day.

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It was another early day on Sunday. First up, we faced the Greensburg U-9 all-stars. Luke got his first action at pitching on the all-star team. He also got his first start as an all-star! He did great, throwing 4 innings of shutout baseball. He had 9 strikeouts and 4 walks, as well as a nice play to throw a runner out at the plate and another to tag a runner trying to score on a past ball. He also fielded a ball back up the middle that knocked his glove off but he kept his focus and made the throw to 1st base for the out! He batted 4th in the batting order…going 0-1. He again got a base-on-balls with an RBI and hustled all the way to 2nd base when they threw the ball home. Then on the next play, he jumped over the shortstop that was fielding the ball in the baseline and kept running all the way around, scoring a run! He also had an RBI groundout a couple innings later. He sat out the final inning on the way to a 6-0 shutout. We had some time off so we grabbed lunch at Frisch’s Big Boy. After which, we faced our nemesis – the Batesville Bats. Again, our defense let us down. To complicate issues, we did not bat every well as a team. However, Luke batted in the cleanup position again. He went 1-2, hitting the longest ball we’d seen this weekend – all the way out to us, sitting behind the left field fence. He got a double out of it but was left on-base. That was the story of the ballgame, as we left 8 runners stranded on base. Coupled with the team’s 5 errors and a few wild pitches/past balls and you have a recipe for disaster. We had our chances but in the end, we lost 1-5 to end their day. Meanwhile, the Drakes were playing on the field behind us. They won their first two games but lost in the semifinals to Batesville. We came home and the girls went to the store while Luke went out and played ball with the neighborhood boys in the front yard and in the street before having Oakley over for awhile and then he later went over to Alex’s house to stay the night. And Ann cooked out on the grill to put a perfect cap on a great week, here in south central Indiana…

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Next up is our Waybac section, which includes more of our final batch from Mom’s pictures. After this, I will dig in to my scrapbook box that I finally found that will hopefully have hundreds of treasures and then we’ll have to start scanning our photo books that we have the closet. That should last us a couple years and then we will have to revisit mom’s 5 boxes of family pictures that have served us so well these past several years. This week we start off in Temple City in 1979 – first a picture of the head coach from my baseball team at Shakey’s pizza after our last game (I think we only won one game the whole year). I led the league in home runs and played 1st base on the all-star team that year – my first year playing organized baseball. I remember Mom made me go to tryouts and I almost didn’t go because I was so scared in July; Mom’s “weed” that turned out to be a poinsettia (we gave her so much shit about that); and finally Mom on Christmas morning in her new nightgown; then on to 1980: Kathy Spoor’s high school graduation in June in Lafayette with Emily, Uncle Keith, Aunt Sharon, Great Grandpa Morgan and of course Kathy – among others, but that’s all I can recognize; then we fast forward to December in LaPorte on Kenwood in our living room with Rob and then at the mall with Santa (I can see Aladdin’s Castle – an arcade where we used to blow all our money on Friday nights) and of course my best buddy, Zeke; then on to 1981 with Grandpaw & Robby taking a walk across the street from The Elmwood Ave home in Lafayette at Market Square and also Aunt Midge with High and finally Dad B’s next door neighbors (I believe) all in August; then 1982 in Lafayette at Grandmaw & Grandpaw’s house in June with Mark & Gary Crum, Grandpaw, Dad B and I; in 1983: Great Grandpa Morgan’s 81st birthday in January with his children – Grandmaw Connie, Aunt Norma & Uncle Keith; and then sadly only one year later with full onset of Alzheimer’s disease at his 82nd birthday – what a difference a year makes…very sad; then in April in LaPorte for Easter with our young family and mom’s parents (not sure who took this picture); then in December for Rob & Peanut waiting up for Santa to arrive; next we move on to June of 1991 for Paul & I’s college graduation at FC; then September of 1995 at Ann & I’s wedding reception in Columbus with my two best buddies- Paul & Mark; then on to 2003: in January in Treasure Island with Mom & Matt; at the YMCA in Greensburg in January we see Matt playing basketball; later during Week 19 in Treasure Island with have the Yokums at the Pebble; then on to Rossville in December for the Bryan family Christmas we have Dan, Nate & Steph w/ Heyleigh; Rob, his girlfriend and her daughter; Katie & Jake; Vird & Deena Marie and Mom at the center of it all; an finally Abby in Columbus for Cookies with Santa in 2004.

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Next up is our video section which includes two new family videos and several from around the internet this week:

And that does it for this installment of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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