Time Passes much too Quickly…when we’re Together Laughing…

Happy New Year everyone…and welcome to the first edition of the Scheu Family Blog in 2015! Wow – how the past year flew by so quickly!! 2014 was a rough year in many aspects but we also had a lot to be thankful for as well. Still, we hope 2015 is a better year for our troubled world as well as our family and friends. Have you set your resolutions for the year yet? As for us, we enjoyed our final week of Winter Break and doing as little as possible. We can’t believe it’s already over. Why is it that vacations go so darn quickly? We said goodbye to three celebrities this month as well as a couple that hit closer to home. The kids enjoyed having friends over and going over to friends’ homes. After a week off, the kids got back in to their sports and even started in on new ones: Luke is still playing basketball and is getting ready to start up baseball very soon (maybe this coming week?)…and Abby continues with dance, Pirateers and she also started volleyball this week…
Ann & I worked from home on Monday morning. Ann & Bu had their hair done in Columbus while the boys and I watched a couple movies and the next round of bowl games. We picked up the house a little and then shot Luke’s bow & arrow out in the back yard. Later, we played with his remote control helicopter and air plane at the fairgrounds. Abby went to Kama’s house for the night and Ann went scrapbooking at Mrs. B’s with her friends. So the boys and I ordered pizza, played video games, watched a couple movies and checked out another bowl game. Later, Drew came over to spend the night with Luke and Matt went to Colton’s house. Sadly, I found out today via Facebook that two important people from my childhood passed away earlier this month – my high school buddy and D-line teammate, Craig Pritz, passed away in Virginia Beach and my 6th grade teacher, Richard Panos passed away near LaPorte. Mr. Panos was not only a wonderful teacher that was highly intelligent and essential in my development but he was also a gifted artist. I have not been able to find any information on either of their deaths at this time.

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Purdue alum Kyle Orton retired from football on Tuesday morning. Ann again worked from home. The kids and I played Mario Kart on the Wii. Luke & I got lunch at BK. Abby had Kama over to spend the night. Luke went to Drew’s to spend the night. And Ann went out with her buddies for a girls’ night out…with a pickle theme (Ann made a really good pickle soup). So Matt had a bunch of friends over to Mario Kart on the Wii and at one point we had 9 kids hanging out and playing in the family room! I spent the majority of the day scanning in new pictures and items from my scrapbook – I finally got done sometime after 2 but got lots of new goodies – including a handful of caricatures and cartoons that Mr. Panos drew for me and several photos of Craig as well. Matt and the boys went out late and he finally returned in the wee hours of the morning. The girls stayed up late as well – and all the kids slept in till noon the next day. We have a ton of new social media pictures to share with you this week, including Luke basketball pictures as well as volunteering at the K of C’s; Bu & Kama; Aunt Sharon & grandkids; the Timm Christmas; Uncle John and family on his private plane, headed to FLA; John & June and family in FLA home; David & daughter in Denver; Angie & daughter in Charlotte; Bryan & Rick @ Bewley’s Bar; various Xmas stuff; Calvin & Hobbes panels; Cowboys in the playoffs; recent deaths; Dad & Lynn on NYE; Chris & boys at Pacer game; more Smith grandkids; more Calvin; Abby & Brittney; Aunt Shar again; more of Barn and family; Bu & Megan; Aunt Dot’s big day; and more of Uncle John’s jet.

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We had a cold start to New Years Eve on Wednesday. It was in the low teens when I ventured out for my heart doctor appointment. I am happy to say that I received a good checkup but he obviously wants me to lose weight – which is again my resolution this year – I’d like to lose about 25 pounds. I paid almost $2 at the pumps…what’s up with that? I think we were living in Franklin the last time we paid that amount. Luke stayed at Drew’s house for his birthday party. I watched bowl games and movies with Ann. Abby & Kama hung out with Matt and his buddies (Andy, Colton & Devin). The boys went out on the town later as the girls went with Ann & I over to the Messers’ to ring in the new year. We had a blast and stayed up way to late. One of the highlights of the night was an impromptu acoustic set by Skeeter McGhee

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We slept in pretty late on Thursday morning before getting up to watch football, football, football! I think we watched seven games total on New Years Day, including the first ever college football playoff games in the Rose & Cotton Bowls. We went over to Mom & Sandy’s house for a big lunch with Keith, Rosie & Megan – who were in town for a day or so. Gigi’s Gourmet was open for the first time in many months and we pigged out on a ton of food. Later we exchanged presents. The kids opened theirs first and then the adults did our annual white elephant exchange. This year the theme was shiny. I got the coveted #1 position, which meant I got the final pick/steal of the day. I went for the cash – 80 shiny new quarters! :0) We watched a cool video that Keith had of a rocket that he and his company, Moog, helped design parts for…the only problem was that it exploded shortly after liftoff and fell back to the tarmac as a huge fireball. Thankfully, it was an unmanned vessel. We also huddled around the computer monitor to watch this year’s edition of the Owens Grandkids movie (we did the Elf-Yourself videos this year) and got a good laugh. We talked and laughed for a couple hours before heading back home to nap on the couches and watch the big bowl games. Abby went to see Megan at Terry & Christy’s house and came back with some great old videos of them as kids. Matt had the gang over again for Mario Kart, pizza and to watch an outstanding Sugar Bowl football game.

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Ann returned to work on Friday morning. Abby had Pirateers practice that morning. Afterwards, Bu & I went shopping and grabbed lunch at Subway (sorry Bryan). Abby was thrilled to drive the truck home. Ann got off work early and took Luke shopping. It was Aunt Dorothy’s 87th birthday! Abby & Kama held a party for Britney’s birthday at El Reparo with several friends. Afterwards many girls came back to our house to hang out (Kama, Megan, Britney & Brooke). Kama & Britney spent the night. Ann made our annual Rebel Dogs for good luck (although we already had cabbage yesterday in the form of sour krout at Memaw’s house). We had Mom & Sandy over for dinner and cards (we spanked them in Euchre).

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Luke was up early and at basketball early on a rainy Saturday morning. In fact, it rained all day…too bad it wasn’t snow – we could’ve gone sledding for sure! Abby had a Pirateers performance at the girls basketball game in the early afternoon. The girls faced Southwest Shelby which is coached by our good friend Chad Evans. Unfortunately for Chad, they got destroyed but the girls were classy in defeat…which is more than I can say for their crowd! Ann worked again at the coat check on this rainy day as a fund raiser for the Pirateers. We left early and I took Luke/Bu to Taco Bell for lunch while Ann went scrapbooking at Mrs. B’s with Shawna. Matt, Luke & I came home to flop on the couches and watch the NFL playoff games and take naps.

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We got to sleep in on Sunday morning before getting up and performing our weekly chores. We heard the unfortunate news that sportscaster and trendsetter Stewart Scott had succumbed to cancer. In addition, Donna Douglas (Ellie Mae Clampett from the Beverly Hillbillies) passed away over the weekend as well. Matt & I took Luke to his basketball games at South Decatur. First up the boys faced Connersville 2 team. Luke got to play quite a bit, as did all the boys today. Luke was 3 for 6 from the field for 6 points. He had 8 rebounds, 2 fouls and a forced turnover on the way to a blowout – 47-22. We played immediately afterwards against Milan again. Luke and all the boys got lots of playing time on our way to a route, 53-28. However, the victory came with a cost as two of our starters got hurt. Luke again had 6 points on 3 for 8 shooting from the floor. He had 4 rebounds and 3 fouls with a turnover. Meanwhile, Ann took Abby to her opening volleyball games in St. Leon. She is playing on Shawna’s travel team in a church league for St. Mary’s again this year. They have not practiced once this year but somehow they won 3 out of 3 sets against Milhousen. Ann said Abby looked OK but needs to work on her serves. We came home and watched the NFL playoff games. The Colts won their game and face Peyton’s Ponies next week now. The Cowboys had a tough game against the Lions. They started off slow but came on at the end and won by about 10!

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Next up is our Waybac section which features several from our newest batch of scans. We lead off this week with Dad’s senior picture in ’67; Grandpaw Pug’s obit in April ’69; Ann’s dedication program in May ’70; Mary’s senior picture in ’76; one of my Cub Scouts books in October ’76; Ann’s prayer in the newspaper in ’76; Mom, Dad & I at the Indy Zoo and later at the 500 Museum in the summer of ’76; several pictures from my Oakland yearbook of the old school in ’77; I used to have a brick from there but I have no idea of where it got to and I think there’s a commemorative plate somewhere as well; a pair of reading awards in ’77; Rob in Temple City in ’80; my Spelling Bee certificate in March ’81; Ann in the paper for 6th grade choir in December ’81 or ‘82; three drawings/caricatures from Mr. Panos in ‘81/’82 school year; an Boy Scouts article in ’81; 8th grade wresting at Boston in ’82 or ’83; sophomore football roster in ’84; newspaper articles and football roster in ’85; more football articles in ’86 as well as a football locker decorations from coaches, the fall sports banquet, the all-area team, and a roster – all from the senior year; football article where my sack record was broken in ’87; Ann’s Tri Delt announcement in ’88; Phi Delt Appreciation dinner in April ’91; and finally Mom & Dad Stoewer’s 25th wedding anniversary announcement in May ’93.

Waybac.1967.09.tsp1 Waybac.1969.04.09.lpso1 Waybac.1970.05.10.ad1 Waybac.1970.05.10.ad2 Waybac.1976.09.msp1 Waybac.1976.10.wmb1 Waybac.1976.ain1 Waybac.1976.iz1 Waybac.1976.iz2 Waybac.1976.iz3 Waybac.1976.iz4 Waybac.1976.iz5 Waybac.1977.09.oy1 Waybac.1977.09.oy2 Waybac.1977.09.oy3 Waybac.1977.09.oy4 Waybac.1977.09.oy5 Waybac.1977.09.oy6 Waybac.1977.09.oy7 Waybac.1977.09.oy8 Waybac.1977.wmla1 Waybac.1977.wmla2 Waybac.1980.rocc1 Waybac.1981.03.26.tsba1 Waybac.1981.12.ain1 Waybac.1981.rpc1 Waybac.1981.rpc2 Waybac.1981.rpc3 Waybac.1981.tin1 Waybac.1982.twyb1 Waybac.1984.tfr1 Waybac.1985.08.tin1 Waybac.1985.11.09.tin1 Waybac.1985.tfr3 Waybac.1986.09.tin1 Waybac.1986.10.14.tin1 Waybac.1986.10.14.tin2 Waybac.1986.10.23.tin1 Waybac.1986.10.23.tin2 Waybac.1986.10.23.tin3 Waybac.1986.10.tin1 Waybac.1986.10.tpr1 Waybac.1986.11.10.fab1 Waybac.1986.11.10.fab2 Waybac.1986.11.tin1 Waybac.1986.11.tin2 Waybac.1986.tfr1 Waybac.1988.11.23.tin1 Waybac.1988.11.23.tin2 Waybac.1988.ain1 Waybac.1991.04.23.pdtd1 Waybac.1993.05.16.dssa1

Our final section is our video segment, which features five new family videos this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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