And All the Promises of Springtime…

Welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog. It was Spring Break for Abby & Luke. The weather cooperated nicely for them. Abby had the week off from dance. Luke had a couple baseball practices but otherwise enjoyed riding bikes, playing in the yard and seeing his friends. The dogs finally got some much-needed attention. I talked to Dad B and Rob for the first time in a while. And Spring officially sprung this week!
Monday was an amazing day that soared all the way to the mid-seventies. The kids loved it because they had the day off; in fact they have nearly two weeks off for Spring Break. It turns out they’ll lose their final couple days due to the extra snow days. Abby had Kama spend the night on Sunday and she ended up staying with Bu most of the day. The kids loved getting outdoors for some serious play time for the first time in a few months. Luke went fishing with Alex & Terry. He didn’t cant anything but Al got one! Bu & Ann went tanning. Matt started in on the final half of the final semester of his freshman semester at U Indy. I got my ever-widening mid-section back on the treadmill. Ann fired up the grill and cooked burgers on the back porch for the first time in far too long. Abby & I played old school Mario Kart for a couple hours since she had no jazz class with school being out. We came across several pictures of Matt & Luke from the elementary wrestling Facebook page. A few of these may have been featured here previously, but the majority of pictures are new to the site.

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Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day. The dogs enjoyed a spa day with our groomer. They look so much better with their new haircuts. They also got their nails done and even bathed! The poor things often get overlooked and forgotten, but they had really gotten shaggy in recent weeks and it was definitely time for action. Luke had Oakley over to play most of the day and evening. Bassist extraordinaire Andy Fraser – best known as a founding member of Free and the author that penned the classic All Right Now – died of complications from cancer and HIV.
The kids enjoyed sleeping in on Wednesday while Ann & I had long days at work. Luke had baseball practice but was really unmotivated. He wants to spend more time with his buddies and less time in organized sports. I can understand that since he has been non-stop with his sports now for several years, going from football or soccer to basketball to wrestling to baseball and then back around again.
Megan’s 13th birthday was Thursday. We can’t wait to see the new teenager around Easter-time! It rained most of the day today. Abby’s tap class was cancelled due to school being out. The Big Dance was in full swing. There were so many upsets and close games that it lived up to the moniker of March Madness. Purdue’s game was no exception. They played a very game U Cincy team that went back and forth. It looked like the Boilers had the game locked up but ended up with some bad calls, turnovers and missed free throws that first allowed Cincy to tie the game after the buzzer (yes!) to force OT and then to do it again 5 minutes later and ended up losing by a single point. It was a very disappointing loss for the young men from West Lafayette. They are truly one year away from being special. If all their boys come back and they have as good a freshman class as is being hyped, it will be a fun time to be a Boiler fan next year. With NASCAR being on its west coast swing, Jeff Gordon and his wife visited the set of American Idol, where the judges used their one save of the season.

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Friday was the first official day of Spring! It was a nice, sunny day again. Luke, Bu & I played basketball outside until Luke kicked the ball and shattered the truck’s windshield wiper. Luke had Alex over and Bu & I went to get a replacement wiper and ended up grabbing Pizza Hut takeout. Alex stayed the night and the boys were loud and wild until midnight when we made them settle down. There was another rock & roll death this week as AJ Pero – Twisted Sister’s drummer – passed away from a heart attack.
Saturday was Matt’s actual 19th birthday. I called him early and sang to his voicemail to wish him a good day. I took it easy and watched a marathon of Ancient Aliens! Ann took Abby to the BMV to get her Lerner’s Permit; only to have her somehow fail the written test. We’re still not sure how in the world that happened but she will double her efforts and retake it next week. I’m sure she won’t let that happen twice. Luke & Alex played in and around the house, riding bikes in the neighborhood and playing Nerf guns, when I’m sure she’ll kick its ass. It warmed up beautifully today and the kids & I took advantage of it by working out in the yard. We did a little of our spring prep and got all the sticks and trash out of the yard. It is just starting to turn green again. To say thanks, I treated them to Dairy Point fries and ice cream. Afterwards we went to Topps, Rural King and Wal-Mart in search of dog tags and a pooper scooper. At Topps we got our pooper scooper. At Wal-Mart we got our dog tags, where we bumped in to Gracie and a friend. She was in town for the weekend. But it was Rural King where we spent most of our time, despite not buying a single thing. The kids went crazy over the baby chicks, ducks and turkeys that they always carry at this time of year. Luke had to hold one of each of the birds. The turkeys were really brave. I have to admit they were awfully cute and they nearly had me talked in to getting a baby duck. But it wouldn’t be fair to our dogs if we had a duck around…and besides we have nowhere for it to live. Granted, the kids wanted to release it in the park when it got older, but still we’d have to raise it for several months. I finally got out of there – sans baby duckies. We chilled most of the rest of the day, watching March Madness. Abby had Kama over for the afternoon and she ended up staying the night. Meanwhile Ann and Amy went to Cincy to the area’s largest supermarket called Jungle Jim’s. This place is freaking huge. They have two entire AISLES of hot sauces…in alphabetical order!! Ann texted me and said she was, “In cheese heaven!” I wonder if they have any Hot Wheels?! 😉 She got all of us goodies, including a couple pounds of cheese, the hottest chips I’ve ever eaten, some really hot mustard and 3 bottles of the hottest hot sauces I’ve ever seen – can’t wait to try them out!!
We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday. We did our weekly household chores in the morning and took it easy the rest of the day, looking forward to watching the Big Dance, NASCAR, Ancient Aliens and all our Sunday night favorites like The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Walking Dead, etc. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: yours truly; Rosie & Megan; Barney, Kimmy, Steph, Jack & Lynz; Reese; Kathy, Mindy & Missy in FLA; more Jeff tributes; a new book of Zep pictures is out; Calvin & Hobbes Sunday panel; South Park / Walking Dead crossover; the Immortal Six of ΦΔΘ; Matt & college buddies; Rob and grandson on the Gulf beach; Aunt Judy; tribute to Sam Simon; new Rush vinyl releases; Andy Fraser’s death; old Beatles pic; St Patty cars; my lovely Bu; Rob at home; Megan the new teeny-bopper; Reese’s bday with her bubby; Emily; and oldie from Haley & Nick from about 1990/91; Jeff on AI; AJ Pero’s death; SPRING!; Jimi has a new record coming out next week; Demarco said good-bye to Dallas; Brody started baseball already; there is a new Led Zeppelin “movie” coming out in 10 days – a 1 day only showing but the closest theater to us is up in Indy on a Monday night…not looking likely; Matt’s 19th bday; Lynz & Jack at J&J’s in FLA; and Beth & Maddie in MX.

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Now we move on to our Waybac segment which still features many items from my scrapbook as well as some other goodies I found lying around. We lead off this week with Grandpaw Brown’s K of C Fourth Degree program from April ’64; then Keith with Ann’s Aunt Dutch & Uncle Stanley in ’67; then some of my favorite memories from our Lafayette days: opening presents on my bday with Aunt Lou looking on in October ’75; my new 1975 Schwinn Sting-Ray that I had for many years – it went with me to Cali and then to LaPorte…not sure when we got rid of it; Christmas a couple months later – I see Grandmaw Brown and Aunt Lou with my 1st turntable – I wore that thing out – and the Cincy Zoo trip – all in 1975; Ann, Dee and their cousins in about ’77 or ’78; Ann dancing picture – circa May 1980; Ann with her dog in about ’82/’83; a couple Boston Bruin awards in ’83 and ’84; high school football in yearbook from October ’85; Ann with friend on her front porch in about ’85; another football article in ’85; football playoff roster – dress team from the locker room for our final HS game in October ’86 – some great saying from Coach O’Neil; my LP commencement program from June ’87; Ann band pic in the 4th of July parade, circa July ’86/’87; Ann freshman school picture at FC in September ’88; Mike & Laura in the early ‘90s; Dee & Chad in ’98; Abby’s baby pics from the hospital in September ’99 – both solo & with proud momma and poppa; Matt & Bu in December ’99; Doc & Bev Linville in about 2000; and Tammy, Brett, Austin & Lela in December 2K.

Waybac.1964.04.18.rlb.koc4dk1 Waybac.1967.aunt dutch.uncle.stanley.keith Waybac.1975.10.tbd3 Waybac.1975.10.tbd4 Waybac.1975.10.tbd5 Waybac.1975.10.tbd6 Waybac.1975.12.tcl1 Waybac.1975.12.tcl2 Waybac.1975.12.tcl3 Waybac.1975.czv4 Waybac.1978.adtc1 Waybac.1980.adpdds2 Waybac.1982.awm1 Waybac.1983.bba1 Waybac.1984.bba2 Waybac.1985.10.lpfy1 Waybac.1985.10.lpfy2 Waybac.1985.10.lpfy3 Waybac.1985.10.lpfy4 Waybac.1985.10.lpfy5 Waybac.1985.10.lpfy6 Waybac.1985.awfop1 Waybac.1985.lphsfsna1 Waybac.1986.10.lpfdt1 Waybac.1986.10.lpfdt2 Waybac.1986.10.lpfdt3 Waybac.1986.10.lpfdt4 Waybac.1987.06.07.tcp2 Waybac.1987.07.04.abfojp1 Waybac.1988.09.afcsp1 Waybac.1988.09.afcyp2 Waybac.1988.09.afcyp3 Waybac.1992.mls1 Waybac.1998.cdcp1 Waybac.1999.09.16.ahp1 Waybac.1999.09.16.taa.iagp1 Waybac.1999.12.macp2 Waybac.2000.bdl1 Waybac.2000.bfcp1

Next up is our video section which includes one new family movie and several from around the internet this week.

Well that does it for yet another edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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