Strange Days have found Us

It was a strange week, here at the Scheu abode. The kids had 3 days off school and then returned for the first time in a couple weeks. Ann had the whole week off. It was supposedly spring, but winter refused to go away. Abby passed another milestone. The kids got to see a bunch of dead people and sea creatures. Matt made a surprise visit and got his body and car repaired. And somehow the state of Indiana seemed to take a major step backwards in terms of rational thinking this week with the passing of Senate Bill 101. It made national news. Although I haven’t had a chance to read this legislation yet, if it does what mnay say it does, it’s hard to imagine something like this can still exist in our society today. I was embarrassed for our state when we even showed up on SNL Weekend Update. And now many entities have threatened to pull events and their corporate business from Indiana…and who can blame them? If this bill really does open the door for businesses to legally discriminate against people then I take real issue with it…but I digress…
We started off the week with a cold, gloomy Monday. Ann took the week off to be with the kids for their final week of Spring Break. It was a wet day as well, which was a precursor to the week’s weather. She took the kids to just outside Cincinnati to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky. They spent the better part of the day and saw lots of really cool stuff. They ate lunch on the Ohio River before heading home. I hopped on the treadmill and then Abby & I played old-school Mario Bros on the Nintendo. Later, Ann & Bu went tanning and then on to jazz class. Luke had Grayson over to the stay the night and the boys made a huge fort to sleep in out in the family room.

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The kids and Ann were off again on Tuesday. Ann took Luke, Bu, Gray and Megan out to Parkside Lanes for some bowling and then went out to eat at El Reparo. Abby took her driving test again at the BMV and this time she nailed it and is now officially driving! Way to go, Bu!! Ryan Welage, our old neighbor out here in Ryle, won the online portion of the Mr. Basketball competition! Now he needs to win the coaches/reporters votes – good luck, Ryan! And it was announced the Black Sabbath were officially retiring (not sure about Ozzy’s solo career) and they have announced the final dates of their current tour, due to Tony being sick with cancer. And the estate of Jimi Hendrix released some new tunes from the vaults. This time it is from his early years – before the Experience – with Curtis Knight. I look forward to hearing this new stuff.
Wednesday was the kids’ final day off for their extended Spring Break. Originally the kids were to have the full week off but lost the final two days because of all the extra snow days this winter. Ann took the kids to the Cincinnati Museum to see the Mummies of the World exhibit. The kids thought it was pretty cool and Luke brought home his own sarcophagus and couldn’t wait to tell me all about his day! Abby got to drive home from Batesville. That night, Ann went with Shawna to their After-Prom meeting and then went tanning with Abby. Meanwhile, I took Luke to baseball practice and then walked on the treadmill for the 3rd straight evening.

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Thursday was another rainy day. I think it has rained every day this week so far. By the time I drove home, there were huge puddles everywhere and some low-level flooding again. Ann spent her day with Shawna at the scrapbook store. She and Bu went tanning again that evening and then went on to Dixon for tap class. I did my work on the treadmill and Abby was involved in a cool video project at school. It is now up on YouTube and is called Greensburg High School Lip Dub. She is in it four different times and the kids all said they had a great time working on it. It is pretty cool and I wish we had done something like this when I was in school. The girls wouldn’t let me watch too much basketball since Bones made its return that night and there was no way we were going to watch anything else on the TV.
Friday was cold and I had frost on the windshield of the truck. I don’t think it got out of the 30s today and even snowed on my way home from work. Abby had Jr Optimist club as well as Ping Pong club. It was Ann’s final day off and she again spent it with Shawna at Mrs. B’s scrapbooking and later After-Prom shopping. Luke had Drew spend the night that evening. Abby & I played some old-school Nintendo again with Mario Bros and Baseball Stars. We’ve really gotten a lot of enjoyment out of those simple games. We had Papa Johns for dinner and the boys slept on the recliners in the family room. I think even Abby slept out there with them. Rob and Sharon really want us to come down for Week 19 and we would love it but I don’t think it will be possible this year. I can’t wait to join them on the Frisbee golf course! This week they saw a gator at one of the holes. And Rob & Dad are doing an upgrade to the Down Yonder home that is looking really nice. We have many social media pictures this week to share: Luke with Lola, Mustangs, shades and another Luke; Abby & the Pirateers; Wendy & daughter; Jeff with AI kids in California; Sabbath is hanging it up; Welage could be Mr. Basketball; Matt out with Ann; yours truly after putting too much of my new hot sauce on my food; Barney & Steph going hot air ballooning; Nathan & girls; Barney’s oldest boy Nick turned 21 this week; Paul’s kids down in FLA for Spring Break; Jason Jones had is last show on the Daily Show this week; Pat & fiancé in FLA; classic 70’s icons – Zep & SNL; one man I would love to meet one day – Larry Wood (HW designer); Abby & the entire student body after the video shoot this week; and Jeff on the “Paperclip” this weekend.

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Ann met Matt in Columbus early on Saturday morning for a doctor appointment and then had breakfast. He had planned to return to school but his car (which had trouble starting in Indy this morning) was making weird noises when he tried to leave town. So he came home and picked up our battery charger to take to school and I made an appointment to get it in to Acra’s to look at his remote starter which seems to be trying to start the car and in-turn is draining the battery. Ann went scrapbooking shortly after coming home. But when she tried to leave, Matt’s car again would not start. So we took it to Auto Zone to have the battery checked. It instantly indicated that it was dead. So we got it replaced with a new one that has a 5 year guarantee and it seemed to cure the issues it was showing earlier. Matt went home and went to bed while Luke, Bu and I went to Mancino’s for lunch after we found Koch’s closed. Abby & I played Baseball Stars and Megan came over to spend the day. Drew went home around noon and Luke went to Oakley’s house. Ann came home and promptly took a nap with me on the couches. I was awakened to the sound of six kids running in and out of the house playing Nerf guns and later basketball, despite the chilly temperatures (it got up to maybe 40 today?). Matt woke up and we watched Wisconsin punch their ticket to the Final Four in Indy next week. He left after the game and made it back safely. Abby promptly went to sleep and Ann, Luke & I watched the big Notre Dame / Kentucky game, which was a thriller. In the end the Wildcats raised their record to 38-0 and are also headed to Indy.
We slept in on Sunday morning before getting up and doing our weekly household chores. Outside of Luke playing at Alex’s house and having baseball practice in the late afternoon, we took it pretty easy the rest of day and kept warm while flopping on the couches to watch TV, play Nintendo and take naps. Later, Abby went out to dinner with Megan and Brook at El Reparo and promptly came home and fell back asleep. Luke & I watched the Big Dance action and NASCAR where Jeff almost won but had a speeding penalty in the final pit stop that cost him a chance at victory. Michigan St and Duke will be heading to Indy next weekend as well. We wound down the week by catching the season finale of The Walking Dead.

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Now we move on to our Waybac section, which still features my childhood scrapbook. We lead off this week with some old pictures from a photo book Dad Scheu gave me: Dad & Uncle Chuck on Chuck’s First Communion in May, 1953; Dad S‘s kindergarten graduation day in May 1955 (both at the Highland home); and Dad’s school picture, circa 1955 from St. Mary’s; then my First Communion, circa 1975 also at St. Mary’s; my Oakland yearbook in 1977; Ann’s Dixon Dance Revue program and picture in June 1978; me playing baseball in Rosemead, CA in summer of ’79; a large picture of our choral festival, circa 1981; our freshman football team in the paper again in September 1983; track & wrestling ribbons in ’84; Coach Strieter in the paper in November ’85; more football in the LP paper in October & November ’86; me and girlfriend at prom in May 1987; Rob in the paper (even though they really messed up his name) for Pop Warner in September 1987; Mike & Laura’s wedding announcement in April 1988; Grandmaw Brown’s funeral keepsake in September 1988; and Paul’s first marriage announcement, circa fall ’94.

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Next up is our video section which includes one new family movie and several from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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