…Spread the Word around…the Boys are Back!

Another week has come and gone since we touched base last time. It was another busy one, which has again become the norm around here. Monday saw a cold start to the week. It was a long day at work for me. Abby & Ann ended up taking the day off to stay in bed due to sheer exhaustion. They were able to make it to jazz class later that night. Luke & I enjoyed some Baseball Stars before hopping on the treadmill and then catching up on some Ancient Aliens on the DVR.
Tuesday was another cool day. Abby had a Student Council meeting. The kids all had the night off, even though I had Luke at the ball diamonds. Not sure why we didn’t have practice but instead we came home and practiced pitching. Ann went scrapbooking and later came home for popcorn night.
Luke did have baseball practice on Wednesday night. I fertilized the yards but I’m afraid I’m fighting a losing battle with that backyard. The back vacant lot is FULL of dandelions and they are all blowing right in to our yard. Abby was still not feeling well. It as American Idol night and the gal that was voted off played a song with a drum line that featured a woman from Greensburg! Earlier in the day, Jeff Gordon was named as the driver of the Indy 500 pace car – how cool would that be?
Luke was back at baseball practice on Thursday night. Abby had tap class as well. It stormed pretty good in the late afternoon that may have washed out my fertilizer. I really hope not because the lawn really needs help. There was only a 40% chance of rain but we got hammered and even saw hail. That night’s The Daily Show was Sam Bee’s final episode. I am still sad that Jon is leaving; it has become such a staple in my life. Sam is one of my favorite comediennes; I can’t wait to see what she does next. Luke brought home his spring school pictures. This is the last year for him to have spring pix. We thought they were great, though he could’ve worn nicer clothes.

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Friday was “move-out” day for Matt. I took the day off and headed up to the U Indy campus. The boys had been up pretty late the night before and were still sleeping when I arrived. They gave some lame excuse about the alarm not going off, but I wasn’t buying it. :0) We got things packed up quickly and everything fit easily in to the van. We stopped at Five Guys Burgers & Fries for lunch and came home. After we got him settled back in, I went out and mowed the lawn on a gorgeous afternoon. You should’ve seen Lola when she first saw Matthew! He had to go outside for fear she would wet herself she was so excited! I added some cool stamps to my collection this week. Later, Matt took a nap and the rest of us headed up to Mooresville for this weekend’s baseball tourney. We faced the Indy Black Sox. We hung with this team until the last inning when we gave up 6 runs and ended up losing 1-10. Luke played 1st base and made a great play on a grounder to his right that he back-handed on a short-hop and got the out. Later, though, he had an error on a pop-up with some nasty backspin where he didn’t use two hands and it spun out of his glove. He went 1-2 at the plate, popping up to the pitcher with 2 out and 2 on in the 1st inning. He made up for it in the 4th inning with a line-drive single to center with 2 out. He stole 2nd and scored on Drew’s double for the only run of the game. It was after 10 when we finally got out of there. We stopped at O’Charley’s to eat dinner and then headed home where Matt had all his buddies over for the big NFL draft. We caught them outside as they were just leaving. It was really cool to see them all together again. I think this is going to be a great summer…

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Saturday was a beautiful day. Luke & I ran errands, including an oil change in the van, washing the car and mowing the rest of the lawn. Abby had dance revue practice. Ann & Amy went out to WTRE’s spring fling event at the fairgrounds. We took Luke & Drew back to their baseball tourney in Mooresville – this time to face the Indy Astros. Luke pitched 4 innings and was up 2-0 with a 1-hitter after 3. We were surprised when he came out for the 4th inning where he gave up 3 runs in the 4th inning and we were down 2-4 when he left the game. He got the loss as we went on to lose 2-14 after 5 innings. He was 0-0 at the plate with a pair of walks. He had 3 stolen bases and scored 1 run. As for his pitching, he gave up 6 hits and 2 walks in his 4 innings. Next we had a long break before we found out if we played later that night or came back in the morning. As it turned out we played that night but had over 3 hours to waste. So we took Luke, Drew & Abby to Culvers for an early dinner and then stopped at Menards where we picked up a couple replacement bag-chairs. We took naps at the ball diamonds waiting for the game to start while the boys went to the batting cages. At twilight we finally played the Indy Vipers. Luke played 1st base for the first three innings and then right field the final two. He recorded 2 putouts – 1 assisted & 1 unassisted. At the plate, he was 1-1 with a double and a walk. He had 2 stolen bases and 2 runs scored. We were winning going in to the bottom of the last inning and gave up 4 runs, losing a heartbreaker 8 – 9. During the day, I saw where Jeff won the pole at Talladega! There were two big events that day. Although we missed the Kentucky Derby (American Pharaoh won), we did get back just in time to catch Fight Night @ the Messers – and what a great fight it was! Mayweather ended up winning by unanimous decision over Pacquiao. Get this – Mayweather made over $100K per second! Can you imagine? I hope there’s a rematch. After a quick cocktail, a few snacks and a stogie with Bryan; we called it a night. It was really late when we got to bed and were all out like lights.

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Because we lost last night, we ended up having Sunday off. It was so nice to sleep in and we all took advantage of it. It was midmorning before we started to stir. It was another lovely, sunny day. We did our weekly chores and everyone took a nap at some point. Luke went to Alex’s house to play in the afternoon. And we close with the very sad news that Barb’s mom, Dottie, passed away a couple days ago. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few times and she was always so sweet to me. One year, she even invited me to her Christmas Day festivities. She was a special lady that lived a wonderfully long life, passing away at 94 years old. Our hearts and prayers are with Barb and her family. Then to make it an even sadder day, it was also the one-year anniversary of Uncle Dan’s passing…we love you Aunt Sharon. We have several social media pictures to share this week: Abby at dance competition and then prom/after-prom; Barney and his family; Lynz & Jack on the water; Conner with doggie; Kimmy; Wendy and Bethany; more Bu & Dakota; Pr. Panoz’s class at Riley; Jeff w/ pace car; Cathy keeping warm; Abby and dance friends; three lovely ladies; Ann & Shawna at AP; Matt with buddies and with me; Calvin & Hobbes panel; Grace Potter will not have Scott playing guitar for some reason; Cowboys draft picks; Abbs; Luke with his buddy Dakota; Megan and sis; and the KY Derby was run this weekend at Churchill Downs.

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Next up is our Waybac section, which again features several items from my scrapbook box. We are starting to run low on these items. Next, I will be going through all of our photo albums from 1996 – 2002. There are about 20 large books with hundreds of photos in each, so that will last us a couple years to be sure. Anyhow, we lead-off this week with some old Scheu family photos from 1952 – September with Sally, John & Tom; then in November ’52 with Sue, Chuck & Tom; my lovely wife in ’72; a few crops of my Oakland yearbook in ’76; several crops of a page of my Riley elementary yearbook in ’80-81; Boston Jr Hi wrestling article in February ’83; Jr high yearbook page in fall of ’83; a couple BJHS freshman football articles in October ’83; Boston sports award in ’83; JV football article in October ’84; Dawnan & I at a formal in ‘84/’85; LPHS wrestling article in early ’86; Ace Frehley concert article in March ’86; more football articles in October ’86; my helmet stickers in ’86 after my senior year; all-area football article in November ’86; FC announcement in fall of ’87; and the FC soccer team, circa ’88.

Waybac.1952.09.tsj1 Waybac.1952.09.tsj2 Waybac.1952.11.sct1 Waybac.1952.11.sct2 Waybac.1952.11.sct3 Waybac.1952.11.sct4 Waybac.1972.acp1 Waybac.1976.09.toesp1 Waybac.1976.09.toesp2 Waybac.1976.09.toesp3 Waybac.1980-81.rrst1 Waybac.1980-81.rrst2 Waybac.1980-81.rrst3 Waybac.1980-81.rrst4 Waybac.1980-81.rrst5 Waybac.1980-81.rrst6 Waybac.1980-81.rrst7 Waybac.1980-81.rrst8 Waybac.1980-81.rrst9 Waybac.1980-81.rrst10 Waybac.1983.02.tbjhw1 Waybac.1983.09.tbjhsp1 Waybac.1983.09.tbjhsp2 Waybac.1983.10.lpff5 Waybac.1983.10.lpfna1 Waybac.1983.10.lpfna2 Waybac.1983.bjhsaa3 Waybac.1984.10.lpjvf1 Waybac.1984.tdsf1 Waybac.1984.tdsf2 Waybac.1986.01.lpwh1 Waybac.1986.01.lpwh2 Waybac.1986.01.lpwh3 Waybac.1986.01.lpwh4 Waybac.1986.03.30.aflpc2 Waybac.1986.10.lpvf1 Waybac.1986.10.lpvf2 Waybac.1986.11.fhs1 Waybac.1986.11.fhs2 Waybac.1986.11.fhs3 Waybac.1986.11.lpfaat5 Waybac.1986.11.lpfaat6 Waybac.1986.11.lpfaat7 Waybac.1987.10.05.tkdr1 Waybac.1987.10.05.tkdr2 Waybac.1988.fcst1

For our Shit that Luke Says feature; we were having a nice family dinner on Sunday. Ann grilled steaks out on the grill, baked some potatoes and boiled ears of corn. Man, it was delicious! Anyhow, Luke got some corn stuck in his teeth and tried to use his knife to get it out. Ann stopped him and explained why we don’t do things like that and Luke asks if his tongue would grow back if he cut it out. Of course we said no and he says, “Oh that must only be for starfish.” Being a smart-ass, Abby quipped, “Starfish don’t have tongues!”

Next up is our video section which features three new family movies and several from around the ‘net this week.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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