It won’t Stop Raining and there ain’t no Explaining…

The trees, shrubs and flowers are now in full bloom – including those darn dandelions in our yard. They are really bad this year, thanks to the vacant field in the back lot that gets worse and worse each year. It was a cold, damp, tiring week that was filled with baseball, dancing and partying.
Monday was markedly colder, starting off with temps in the 60s that fell all day long – as did the rain. Abby was ill and stayed in bed all day. By the time we got home, she was feeling better that evening and was able to go tan and then on to jazz dance with Ann. Luke & I played Baseball Stars and then I got on treadmill while Luke did his reading on his tablet. As Letterman winds down his tenure (about 3 weeks left), that night we learned that Jon Stewart’s last Daily Show will be 8/6.
It finally stopped raining on Tuesday but wind advisories kept the temps in the 50s. Abby & Ann went to Shelbyville to get her prom dress steamed while Luke had baseball practice and I got on the treadmill. Afterwards we practiced pitching in the backyard where he threw 60 pitches.
Wednesday was a cold Earth Day…burrr. Luke had a chilly baseball practice. Abby drove us around as we ran errands. Ann & Shawna held their final After-Prom meeting and Bu & I played Baseball Stars. It was American Idol night and Ann’s favorite again moved on (he will probably win).
It was so cold on Thursday that there was a frost advisory. Ann took Abby to get her nails done then on to tap class. Luke had a rare night off. As I again got my butt on the treadmill, Luke did her reading on his Kindle Fire. Abby excited to watch the new Bones when she got home. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Abby; Barney & Leila; Conner; Katie & Reese; Aunt Judy; Missy & Mindy; Matt’s friend Dylan was in a semi-pro wrestling show at the Armory but we missed it due to Prom; Matt’s friend Ryan was named to the Indiana All-Star basketball team (never did hear how he finished in the Mr. Basketball voting); Simpsons; more of the Star Wars Hot Wheels line; FC; Jeff at Bristol; blooming trees at work; Abby & Dakota pre-Prom pix; Luke @ Taco Bell; & Matt and college buddies.

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We started out Friday with a freeze warning and it never really got very warm all day, though we did finally see the sun. Ann, Shawna and their crew continued setting up the Fieldhouse for After-Prom while Luke & I travelled to North Vernon with the Messers for a baseball tourney. We played the Indiana Strike and actually hung with them most of the game. We had one bad inning that really did us in where they scored like five runs. We ended up losing 2-6. Luke batted 5th again and again struck out each time (twice). He again played both 1st base and then left field. Abby went out to dinner with Dakota, as is the custom these days, as it was the night before Prom. He kept it surprise and ended up out at Ruby Tuesday’s – one of Bu’s favorites (so he scored bonus points!). We were all in bed as early as we could since we knew the weekend was going to be a really long one… lmbp1 lmbp2 lmbp3 apd15.1 apd15.2 apd15.3 apd15.4 apd15.5 apd15.6 apd15.7 apd15.8 apd15.9

Saturday was indeed a big day for everyone. The girls were out the door early as Abs got her hair & makeup done. Her stylist was amazing and Abby looked amazing. Even the gal that did it was impressed and put Abby on her personal Facebook page. Meanwhile, Luke & I worked in Mom & Sandy’s lawn and then came home to take care of our yards as well. We really had to hustle as the skies were looking rather threatening. We finished just before it started to rain. With the rain came the news that our tourney game in North Vernon vs. the Flyers Baseball Club had been cancelled. So we did our weekly household chores and waited on the girls. By the time Ann was done with her, Abby was absolutely gorgeous. She made me cry when I learned that she wore one of Mom’s bracelets. She would’ve been so proud. She was always going on about how stunning Abby was and how lovely she would become…and today it came true. She is always pretty but today it was something really special. We went to Bryan & Angie’s house for pictures. It was so nice of them to allow us to impose on them to use their home for our background. We said goodbye to them and headed to Ann’s local office downtown for a few more pictures. She has a really cool old brick wall that looks like it is from the 1800s. Both sets of pictures came out really cool. No time to rest; we immediately went on to the elementary school to watch walk-ins – a local “Red Carpet” event that saw a couple hundred brave souls endure the bitterly cold winds just to see all the kids dressed-up and enter the annual prom event. We swore Abby & Dakota were the last ones to arrive – we were frozen to the bone by the time they pulled up in a nice 2007 Mustang. In fact, we saw some really nice vehicles that evening – from supped up trucks, to classic muscle cars, to new sports cars and even a semi and old farm truck! After the kids went inside, we went to the Fieldhouse to see Ann’s After-Prom set-up during the annual Open House. Her team did not disappoint; this year’s theme is Neon Nights and there were black-lit games and all kinds of cool stuff for the kids to do. Luke played on the inflatable toys and then we went to Taco Bell for dinner. After we dropped off dinner for Ann, we headed home and took it easy by watching a couple movies and staying up a little late. Later, Abby came home to change before heading out with Dakota to meet up with Ann at the After-Prom event and Luke & I went to bed.

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Ann & Bu got home after 4 am and got about an hour’s rest before getting right back up to get ready for dance competition. I got up with them and did the monthly PM to our vehicles. Dakota came over and joined the girls on their trip up to Indy for the ShowStopper dance competition. This was the first dance I had ever missed of Abby’s and just felt awful about it all day. Ann kept me informed, texting me updates. Bu had a great day, winning four medals and four trophies! You should see the huge trophy she brought home!! Her jazz team earned a 1st place gold in their category and 3rd place overall! Her tap class was even better with a platinum 1st place in their category and then 1st place overall, qualifying them for Nationals!! Way to go Bu and ladies!! We are so proud of her and her teams – especially the tap troupe with all they’ve been through this year. I can’t wait to see the video, which will be shipped to us in a week or so. I hated to miss it but we felt it was best if one was with Bu and one with Luke. They went out to eat in Greenwood at Louie’s with Megan, who also joined the group to root on Abby. Ann said she and the girls were exceptional today… Meanwhile, Luke & I went back to North Vernon for this week’s baseball tourney. We did not make up our rained-out game and were given a blind draw. As it turned out, we drew the Powerhouse team which had slaughtered us in our first tourney this year. This time we were actually in the game. We had good pitching, fair defense but poor hitting and we lost yet again, 0-9. Luke again batted 5th and only had 1 at-bat, which was yet another strike-out. He again played 1st base and left field. He did well at 1st but saw no action in left. We followed Bryan & Drew to Wendy’s for a quick lunch before heading back home. We stopped at the YMCA to get Luke an hour’s worth of batting practice. He hit 300 pitches and was pretty worn-out afterwards. We probably need to hit the cages again later this week. The girls got home in the late afternoon and we all took naps before having a late dinner. We got to bed at a decent hour, thankful we had enjoyed yet another exciting and really special week here at the Scheu abode.

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Next up is our Waybac section. We lead off this week with some classic pictures, circa 1973: Dad & Granny at the Highland home in Lafayette around Christmas, Billy’s Confirmation at St. Mary’s in the spring; and one of my favorite pictures – Granny, Aunt June, Aunt Mary (?) and myself in the Highland home while Mom was cleaning Granny’s house as a side job; then my perfect attendance award in May ’78; Ann’s 9-year-old, 2nd grade school picture in September ’79; my crossing guard certificate in June ’81; Ann’s final Dixon Dance picture – circa ’82; a couple of my junior high track newspaper articles in April ’83; freshman track newspaper article in April ’84; defensive line pic my junior year in October ’85; football article in November ’85; more football in the paper in October ’86; All-Area award in November ’86; our buddy Ryan in the college yearbook in about ’88; Ann & Stacy – circa ’89; the Phi Delt group picture in the fall of 1990; and Gigi with Melvin at Ann’s Main St home in about ’92.

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For our Shit that Luke Says segment, we submit Luke helping me to pin up the cloth ceiling in the Grand Caravan, which had fallen late last summer and sagged low. With a few well-placed pins, we were able to put it back in to place. However, Luke found one spot needed an extra thumb tack and says, “Dad, I need another tic-tac for the backseat.” So I asked if the seat had bad breath, but he didn’t understand. Only after Abby & I busted out laughing did he finally realize what he had said and even chuckled himself.

Next up is our video section which includes two new family movies and several from around the internet this week.

That does it for this week’s chapter of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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