Though it Couldn’t have been the Heat of the Day

We enjoyed a lovely summer week since we touched base last. This is how the kids’ summer vacation is supposed to be! Abby did a lot with dance and with her friends. Luke and I kept his baseball skills sharp as he had a week off from travel ball. Matt continued to work for Bryan’s tent company. Ann still had her Pacifica in the shop and continued to drive the Jeep. I had a good week of cardio exercises. And Dad B worked hard at the rehab facility as he recovered from his knee surgery.
The kids were up early with us on Monday morning as they went to Gma’s house for the morning. Abby had Pirateers dance camp with the band early on and Luke got to hang out in his “man cave.” After lunch, the kids came back to the house and Luke had Oakley over to play in the afternoon. I was surprised to see Matt & Bu playing Guitar Hero on the Wii for the first time in a few years. They played for hours after dinner, laughing and carrying on.
Tuesday would’ve been Mom & Dad’s 37th wedding anniversary. I spoke to Dad who said that rehab was kicking his butt right now. Abby again had Pirateers camp at the high school. Luke had fun at Memaw’s house in the morning then came home with Bu after lunch. Alex came over to play that afternoon and the boys got in a little trouble. Ann & I had to so me of that darn parenting stuff (and did a pretty good job of it too, I think) with him that evening. He & I mowed and trimmed the front yard then practiced his pitching where he threw 60 pitches. Abby & I had fun on the Wii playing Guitar Hero and Baseball Stars before I got kicked out of the family room so she could watch Pretty Little Liars. Matt worked hard all day and then went out with his buddies to watch LeBron James in the NBA Finals.

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Abby was back at Pirateers dance camp on Wednesday, which sent Luke to Gma’s house for the day. Abby went to the city pool after camp to hang out with her teammates all afternoon. She was pretty sunburned that evening. Luke & I mowed & trimmed the back yard and then did some cross-training in lieu of doing grounders as we had planned. Instead, we got out the football and played catch and then had him run some pass routes for a while. Later, Abby was able to overcome her sunburn and went out on a fishing date with her friend Noah while Luke & I watched movies in the family room.
It was more of the same for the kids on Thursday with Abby headed to Pirateers and Luke headed to Memaw & Gigi’s house. Abby ended up going out to a friend’s house to go swimming all afternoon. Luke & I picked up Drew and went to the YMCA. The boys hit the batting cages while I hit their outdoor walking trail. Although it was humid that evening, I enjoyed being outside on the walking trail because it led to areas of the property that I had never seen. For instance, I didn’t realize they had a bridge. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if it was a mile in length. I think it was closer to .7 or .8. I got around it twice before the boys ran out of tokens and we called it a night. Meanwhile the girls went shopping and then we watched the Bones season finale on TV. We have several social media pictures to share this week: Abby and friends; Abby working with Sandy as the Dam Duck; Rob & Sharon; Ms. Lola; Megan’s hand incident; Grace Potter back on the road (and opening a few dates for the Stones!!); Ross-Aide stadium; Triple-Crown winner American Pharaoh; another new Zep pic surfaced; Metallica @ the X Games; Calvin & Hobbes panels; Dad & Charlie; Lynz at Columbian Park; Missy & Mindy; classic shots of my childhood Lafayette watering holes: Columbian Park, Edgelia pool and Lake Freeman beach; Megan at a concert; Lindsay & Kimmy on a double-date; Gigi at the 5K Color Run this weekend; and Bu & I running errands.

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Friday was a long day at work. I found it difficult to focus on my work because it would’ve been Mom’s 66th birthday. Matt had the day off to go to the doctor. Ann scrapbooked at Mrs. B’s all afternoon and night. Abby had her final day of camp with the Pirateers. She ran errands with me and enjoyed driving the truck. Luke & Drew went out to a party for their baseball teammate at the Baptist Youth Camp that was truly out in BFE. In fact it was only about a mile away from where Chad & Dee had their first house. They had fun swimming but had to come in when it started storming and played basketball and ate pizza. Meanwhile, Bu & I met up with Matt for dinner at El Reparo. I picked up the boys from their party and Drew spent the night with us as severe weather sped through the area all night. Matt had his buddies over and Abby went out on a double date cruise with her friend Noah before they came home and hung out with the boys in the family room. We had a full house there for a while. Ann spoke with Acra’s to see what the status of the Pacifica was and they said they’d already burned through 3 compressors and now was on their 4th. In fact, they may have the car until sometime in July so it looks like we will be driving the Jeep for a little while…
It was a hot and humid Saturday. It was nice to have the day off and we took full advantage by finally getting to some of our spring/summer projects – we painted the front porch bench, the back porch chairs, the light pole & mailbox. We worked on the mower and a few other odd jobs we’d been putting off. After four trips to Topps hardware, we finally called it a day. All the kids were great helpers so Ann & I treated them to ice cream at Dairy Point. That night, Matt went out to graduation parties while the rest of us cooled down while watching movies and had popcorn for dinner. Ann made a huge batch of homemade salsa that I am really looking forward to tomorrow.

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We finally got a chance to sleep in on Sunday. Matt spent the night at his friend’s house. Luke made a fort in the family room. We slowly got up and did our weekly household chores. Ann cooked a big lunch with fresh salmon on the grill, baked potatoes & corn on the cob – yum! Next came an afternoon of naptime. It was a rainy day of racing on TV with NASCAR’s Michigan race having four red flags. Indy car raced in and out of the rain in Toronto where local girl, Sarah Fisher’s team came in first and second place. Abby went out with Noah again and spent the day with him. Ann cooked burgers on the grill for dinner that was amazing…as was her salsa! And the boys spent the night in the family room switching between watching LeBron James in the NBA Finals and Joey Votto & the Reds vs. Cubs on Sunday Night Baseball.

Next is our Waybac section which features the last of the photos and memorabilia from my childhood scrapbook that Mom had saved for me. So next week I’ll get a chance to break out all the photo albums that Ann put together from our early days. I’m excited to see all of pix of young Matthew and Abby. Not sure if there will be a few of Luke or not, we’ll see – should be fun! So we lead off this time with some school pictures: Dad Scheu’s senior picture, circa ’67; Missy in about ’73; Barney, Ms. Crowell, Dave Linville all from ’74; my best bud Mark Crum, my 1st GF, Risa Campbell, neighborhood friends Jill Lewis & Jamie Staggs and my cousin Stephen all from ’76; Oakland school award in ’77; my good friend Jerry Campbell, Mark and Missy & Mindy from ’77; the final days of the old Oakland Elementary school in ’78; a Star Wars ad in the LA Times in ’78; Crum in ’78; James Madison elementary school award in ’80; a photo montage of all these school pix; track awards from ’83 – ’84; Ann, circa ‘84/’85; Dawnan & I in ’84-ish; my junior year pic (I think) in ’85; LP football roster in ’85; my old buddy Mike’s senior picture in ’86; another couple LPHS football articles in ’86; LPHS winter sports banquet; the KDR page from the FC yearbook in ’87; and then a couple years later we have the Tri Delt page in ’89.

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Our final section has this week’s videos. We only have one short family movie from projects day. The others are some of my faves I found around the internet this week…

And that does it for this week’s installment of the Scheu Family Blog. As always, thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, birthday gal…
Later, Scheu

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