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We enjoyed a very quick week, here at the Scheu abode. It was a cooler and drier week. Luke had his first football game. Abby and Luke began school. Ann got some relief for her knee. Matt worked at the tent company. And I began a new challenge. Hello again and welcome to another episode of the Scheu Family Blog. We have lots of new pictures to share this week.
Monday started off quickly when I was awakened at 4 am due to the fire alarm going off at work. Thankfully, it was just a leak in the dry sprinkler system so I made my way in early to get things facilitated and by mid-afternoon we were back up and running. It was an adventurous ride in due to the heavy thunderstorms I drove through. It was a sad day for the younger two kids as it was the final day of summer vacation. Luke had football practice that evening and I will head the defense one last year. We actually had 12 guys show up! We’re still not sure if that will be enough to sustain us through the season, but at least it’s more than we finished the season with last year. We considered allowing a group of six boys from Milan join us as they too are having trouble fielding a full team. The boys we do have now are hungry to play, which is something we can’t coach. Ann got all the school supply shopping finished up that evening. We grabbed takeout for dinner since Ann’s knee was again screaming. She again spent the evening staying down and keeping the leg iced and elevated. Abby had Pirateers that night and Dad & Lynn began their long trek north, as they plan to spend the fall in New Jersey.
It was a rough morning for the kids on Tuesday. It was the first day of school for Luke & Bu. Abby, is looking forward to her sophomore year and not being the low man on the totem pole at the high school. And Luke is very excited to begin his 6th grade year – and the first at the junior high school. It’s official – we’re old…we no longer have any children in the elementary school after nearly a decade and a half. Abby went out with her buddy Kama after school. Luke enjoyed his first day of football practice in pads! We had 11 boys that evening but we really need more kids as two more dropped out today. It was popcorn night at the house. Ann makes the best damn popcorn, using only Fireworks corn.

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Wednesday morning was a little smoother for the kids. I took the kids to school as Ann had a doctor appointment for her knee. She got a shot that numbed her knee that gradually did wonders for her. Although she would continue to take it easy and ice it, her gate was noticeably more stable. Abby had Pirateers that evening, where she learned of her new coach. We’re still not sure this is the correct direction for the team, but we’re willing to give her the benefit of the doubt and hope the girls can be happy this year. Ann took Abby with her to a funeral for a friend that evening. Meanwhile, we had a coaches meeting to finalize our offenses and defenses. I met up with Bryan and we drove out to meet with Bob at Stone’s in Milhousen. It was my first time there and I agree that they have good hot wings. They are not the hottest I’ve had but they are quite tasty…especially with a couple of cold pitchers to wash it down! I presented my defenses and we evaluated the kids for each position. Luke will play middle and outside linebacker this year. After a fresh plate and pitcher, we resumed the meeting with Bob’s offense. Luke will play both fullback and center. We actually got a lot done! We decided to place a friendly wager to see who can lose the most weight between now and the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The winner gets a free dinner and gets pick the location. The two losers have to pay for it!
Abby was voted the sophomore class president on Thursday! Luke had football that evening. We finally got to work on defense at practice…for the last five minutes. It rained all day at work and through practice but wouldn’t you know it…the minute we got home it stopped and the sun came out! That made practice pretty chilly that evening and reminded us that although it is hot right now, it is only a matter of time before we are wishing for days like this to return. Ann cooked burgers on the grill and had dinner ready for us when we got home and got cleaned up. It was Jon Stewart’s final episode as host of the Daily Show – one of my favorite shows. It was a sad day, indeed. Now where will I get my news??
Abby had to be to school early on Friday for Junior Optimist club. It was a long day for everyone. Luke and I mowed and trimmed the front yard. That night we were all so exhausted that we did nothing except flop on the couch, watch movies and fall asleep, except Matt who went over to his college roommate Colton’s house for the evening. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Bu & Bailey; Molls; Graeter’s; more of our lovely Abby; Megan; Charlie on his way to NJ; Nate & Steph; Katie & Jake’s kids; Wendy & family; Lynz & Jack having fun; Chris & Trish moved; Daniel & Kels at Seth’s wedding (still waiting for more pix from that event); several oldies of my Lafayette neighborhood; Jeff at the Tricky Triangle; “Rowdy” Roddy Piper passed away recently; Abby & Pirateers friends; Luke during his first year of football with Bryan; Uncle John opening up a new wing at the library; Missy in her new hat; Charlie – weary from the road; Nat’s lovely daughter; the Hellmich’s; sidewalk advertisements of the new Led Zeppelin releases have recently appeared in London; Grace Potter is getting ready to release her new LP; a classic ad from the 70s; Chris’ boys at Seth’s wedding; Lafayette recently had some severe traffic issues when 65 was closed due to a condemned bridge across the Wildcat; Reece go-karting; coaches meeting supplies; and Jon’s farewell.

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We slept in on Saturday. Ann and I ran errands while the kids slept. Luke & I fixed his mower and then rigged Matt’ glove compartment shut. Later, as Ann met up with friends at Mrs. B’s for Shawna’s birthday, Luke & I headed to the annual Blue / White game, where we were scheduled to square-off with the 5th graders. Meanwhile Matt & Abby went to Columbus and got haircuts. The three of them met up with us later at the field. Luke & I picked up Drew and went early to watch some of the younger boys play. The boys and I could see the pirate flags flying at Shriver Field as we rounded the corner at the high school on to Big Blue Ave – a welcomed sign that game day was finally here! We handed out jerseys before warm-ups. Although they didn’t have his signature #63 (Luke still pays homage to big brother Matt, who wore this number), he did find another way to make his bubby proud. At first he was upset but then we discussed having to report to the referee each play that he was an eligible runner and receiver and decided that we could reverse the numbers and he settled on #36. During the scrimmage, each side played 30 minutes of offense and 30 minutes of defense. Bryan was late due to a family wedding. Bob was up first with his offense. As planned, Luke started at fullback and also played center. He carried the ball five times for about 20 yards. He had a fumble and did a nice job of blocking. We were missing one of our backs (and my defensive captain). Still, we managed only one TD against the younger team, which is a little disappointing. Still, this is a very young, inexperienced team so we will take that one score as something to grow on. Next we played defense. I was able to coach on the field for this scrimmage, which helped me to get a good game tape as well as make spot corrections on the field. Luke started at middle linebacker and also played outside linebacker. He was in on about a dozen tackles and had 4 solo stops. He also had two fumble recoveries. We did manage to score on an interception (Corbin, who also scored our offensive TD) and held their offense scoreless. I don’t think they even got a first down. So although we made many mistakes, we did take away some positives as well. We need to improve our tackling but we did a great job of swarming to the ball, which is encouraging. We had a lot of young boys starting on both sides o the ball so we can only get better as the season progresses. Afterwards we went for an early dinner at ElRep before returning home where Luke & I mowed / trimmed the backyard. Once we got cleaned up we headed back to the football field for the varsity scrimmage. Noah started a strong safety for the blue team. Later, Ann made a batch of popcorn and we watched Furious Seven on the big screen. Noah eventually joined us as well – despite being pretty tired and sore. It was a long movie that ended in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
We again slept in on Sunday. Luke had baseball tryouts at the complex for the Titans 12U travel team. He and Drew both did good overall but didn’t really stand out – in fact only a couple of the boys were completely on their game today. We’re still not sure about the direction of the team, but are hopeful that with the addition of a third coach that the team will be better prepared for next summer’s season. I have some pictures but will share them next week. We performed our weekly household chores and watched the NASCAR races. Bu spent the afternoon and evening with Noah. Ann cooked chicken on the grill for dinner and Matt finally used the new trimmers on the bushes out front. All in all it was yet another eventful week here in south-central Indiana…

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Next is our Waybac section which features some great old pictures of our young family as well as several more pictures of Mom. We lead off this week in March of 1996 with Matt’s birth at CRH; next we fast-forward to our first Grandparents’ Day in September ’96 in Columbus; then March of 1997 for Matt’s first birthday in our little townhouse; then some of my favorite pictures of Matt at our first house in Greensburg in October ’97; then Matt going for a ride in Gigi’s new car where he had to “hold his hair on” or wear a hat while riding in the convertible in March ’98; and Matt racing his Hot Wheels and hanging out in his little recliner and table in July of 1998 on Main St.

Waybac.1996.03.mfd1 Waybac.1996.03.mfd2 Waybac.1996.03.mfd3 Waybac.1996.03.mfd4 Waybac.1996.09.fgd1 Waybac.1996.09.fgd2 Waybac.1996.09.fgd3 Waybac.1996.09.fgd4 Waybac.1996.09.fgd5 Waybac.1997.03.mfb11 Waybac.1997.03.mfb12 Waybac.1997.03.mfb13 Waybac.1997.03.mfb14 Waybac.1997.10.mh1 Waybac.1997.10.mh2 Waybac.1997.10.mh3 Waybac.1997.10.mh4 Waybac.1998.03.mhh1 Waybac.1998.03.mhh2 Waybac.1998.03.mhh3 Waybac.1998.03.mhh4 Waybac.1998.03.mhh5 Waybac.1998.03.mhh6 Waybac.1998.07.som1 Waybac.1998.07.som2 Waybac.1998.07.som3 Waybac.1998.07.som4

Next up is our video section which features one new family movie and several from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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