On and On…He just keeps on Trying (Out)

It is nearing my favorite time of year again. The weather is beginning to cool. The annual meteor showers have returned. The sound of locusts and cicadas permeate the night air. And football season has returned! Hello again and welcome to another edition of the Scheu Family Blog.
Monday was a long day of work and school for everybody. It was hot and humid all day. Abby had Pirateers practice. Luke & I met up with Bryan & Drew at North Park for football practice. Just as we completed warm-ups we had to hop in the vehicles to avoid the nasty little thunderstorm that rolled in. At first it cooled things down but afterwards it was even more humid. It was a good practice with all twelve of our boys but we are nowhere near being ready. Our boys are in for a rude awakening and must get better quickly. We almost need to consider bringing up a few of the 5th graders – that’s how desperate we’ve become. Ann made spaghetti for dinner and Matt went out with his buddies while Abby & I worked on her Algebra 2 homework.
It was another fast day on Tuesday. Abby was in to school early for Student Council. It was cooler that evening. We had fewer kids at football practice that night. Luke and the sixth graders scrimmaged the fifth graders but we had to use a couple of their boys just to field a team that night. During the practice, I learned that Luke had made the Greensburg Titans U12 travel baseball team!
Abby returned to Pirateers practice on Wednesday evening. I met up with Bryan, Luke & Drew in Columbus as the boys had yet another travel baseball tryout. This time it was for the Columbus Storm. Coach Kelley was very impressive and Luke would do good to have him teach him the game. His friend Grayson was also there trying out, so it was less intimidating than it already was for him. Unfortunately nerves seemed to get the best of him and Drew and neither really played their best ball. Afterwards we talked with the boys over dinner at Chipotle. It was a great learning experience for both of them. The Perseid meteor shower was especially good this year and that night was the peak time to watch them with an estimated 100 per hour after midnight. I got up at 3 with the dogs and might have seen a couple, but I can’t be sure…it was three in the morning after all! So I went to bed and promised myself that I’d watch them next year.

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Ann & I drove separate on Thursday so she could attend her dentist appointment where she got and excellent checkup. Abby returned to Pirateers practice that evening. Luke and I had football practice over at North Park. With Coach Nobbe unable to attend, Bryan & I focused on fitness and discipline – two things lacking in many of the boys. Even if we don’t have the talent to standup to some of these East Central teams, at least we can be well-coached and look like a real team. We had a good practice and the boys had a good balance of running/agility training and blocking/tackling. We stressed how easy this game is – the team who does the best job of blocking and tackling will always win. The NFL finally returned that evening. Although I could not see any games on the TV, I was able to watch a couple on my phone via the NFL network. I fell asleep watching my Cowboys – the game didn’t get over until something like 1 am…way too late for this old man on a work night.
Thankfully Friday sped by us. It was another gorgeous day. Grace Potter’s new LP came out today and I quickly snatched it up and listened to it all day at work – probably why the day went by so quickly. The style of music isn’t really my cup of tea as she really stretched out in to the pop realm. It reminded me of her first solo LP, but after several listens they are a good selection of songs that are very well done. I definitely like some better than others, but I love the artist and am glad I picked it up. The last few days have been much cooler – especially at night, getting down into the upper 50s / lower 60s. Abby had Megan over and they went to ElRep for dinner before heading over to the football game to watch Noah and the varsity team square off against the always well-coached Indian Creek team (the school that Megan now attends). Although Luke & I did not attend, we understand that the defense looked really good and the offense was impressive as well. I learned that Bryan & I will be keeping stats for the varsity team again this year, which should be fun! We always have a good time. Hopefully we will do a better job than we did last year. Ann picked up our season passes that night, though she and I didn’t use them. She ended up at Mrs. B’s with Shawna doing some scrapbooking until late night. Meanwhile, Matt got off of work and came home to take a long nap while Luke & I mowed the front and back yards. We knocked it out pretty quickly and then grabbed Taco Bell takeout and flopped on the couch to watch a couple movies on the big screen. We received a very nice email from Coach Kelley, regarding Luke’s tryout for the Strike travel baseball team. As anticipated, although he did good…it wasn’t his best performance and he came up a little short. He said that Luke was close but felt he needed to work on a couple things in the offseason to improve for next year. He recommended a trainer over the winter to help him to correct a couple of his mechanics such as his throwing motion and his batting swing. We couldn’t agree more and thanked him for his candor and feedback as well as the opportunity and his time. Who knows; maybe our paths will cross again… The girls returned after the game and shortly Noah followed to enjoy one of Bu’s guilty pleasures – watching Tim Burton’s “Mars Attacks” movie from 1996. It is really bad…so bad in fact that it is funny. It put me to sleep and I was in and out on the couch. In fact, I’ve been much more tired this week because my c-pap malfunctioned late last weekend. I have tried to make it work, but it just won’t go. I ordered that stuff on Monday, but it never arrived this week unfortunately. I really miss it – nearly as much as Ann misses it! – I find myself nodding off at work and on the ride home…things I haven’t had an issue with in a year. It truly is amazing how much better I sleep with that damn machine. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Abby & Pirateers; Aunt June with Lindsay; Bailey at the State Fair; Tammy; Katie’s kiddos; this week marked the one-year anniversary of Robin Williams’ passing; speaking of passing, Frank Gifford passed away this week; a few pix of the old Columbian Park from my childhood; Cowboy’s defensive end Charles Haley is going in to the Hall; our lovely Bu and then her cousin Grace; a nice write-up in the paper of Coach Cochran; Potter’s new LP and Grace on tour; this week’s Perseid meteor showers; Lynz in Maui; Matt & Colton golfing; and yet another stopped train in downtown G’burg.

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We were up early on Saturday to head up to Lafayette and meet up with Rob & Sharon. Luke & I got ready early and ran a few errands before our trip, getting gas & air in the car, getting the oil changed as well as the car washed before our trip. On our way back to pick up the girls, we got stuck in the middle of town waiting for a damn train to move. It was stopped dead on the tracks – something that has been occurring more and more as of late. We eventually had to find an alternate route around it so we weren’t late. Unfortunately this wasn’t a social visit with Rob but rather a memorial service for Sharon’s brother, Dave. It was a small gathering but tastefully done – complete with a military service that was touching. Rob stood up and said some words that made me proud. Aunt Sharon, Nathan, Kate & Jake and their kids made it up. Sharon’s boys, Brandon & Brett and their families were also able to make the trip as well as our friends Courtney, Cassie & Amber along with Sharon’s other brother and their extended family. Afterwards We all met up at the American Legion on the west side for a nice lunch and we got to catch up with friends and family that we don’t see nearly enough. We had a nice visit and then headed home. We ended up going through my old neighborhood and saw our old house, the old BK Rootbeer Stand building, the old Arth’s drugstore building, Dad’s old Parkside building, Columbian Park, Oakland elementary, the Frozen Custard and it brought back so many old memories…and yet so many things have changed. The girls wanted to do a little shopping before we left town so we dropped them off at the mall and Luke & I went to Toys R US to do some Hot Wheel hunting and ended up at the Custard for some soft serve and a fruit drink – yum! Whereas the ride up was a little tricky (they have I65 shut down in Lebanon and all traffic routed on to US52 due to the condemned bridge over the Wildcat and then to complicate matters, Sagamore Parkway is all torn up as well – altogether it added about an extra half hour to our trip), the ride back was much smoother. We came back in to town to see if Matt wanted to join us for dinner but he was out golfing with Colton so we brought home a burger for him from Lincoln Street Grill. It was just OK but the service was very good. I could’ve done without the sticky table and the water-spotted silverware though. We received an unfortunate text from Coach Robbins that evening, stating he wasn’t able to field enough players for the Titan’s travel baseball team and as of today there will be no U12 team. So now we’re not sure what we are going to do about baseball next year. Thankfully we have football, basketball, wrestling and track seasons to get through before we have to think about dealing with baseball again.
Sunday is supposed to be our day of rest and it is something that we value but this week it was anything but restful. Luke & I did our weekly household chores and tossed the football out in the front yard in the early morning. Matt & Ann went out back-to-school shopping all day up in Greenwood and Columbus. Abby went to lunch with Megan on her birthday, worked on her homework for a couple hours afterwards and then went out with Noah for the evening. Matt went out to the movies to see ‘Straight outta Compton’ with his buddies. Meanwhile Luke & I met up with Bryan & Drew in the afternoon and headed up to Rushville for the annual football jamboree where the kids scrimmaged Rushville and did their weigh-ins. Luke easily made it under the 150# threshold to run the ball at 112. We struggled on offense by fumbling four times. Luke had one. We did manage to score twice (Grayson then Corbin). Luke ran the ball 4 times for about 20 yards. Defensively we ran a basic 5-2 and did not make any adjustments. I wanted the boys to just put in repetitions. So it wasn’t surprising that we gave up three scores. We definitely learned a lot from this outing. Luke did well on defense, being in on six tackles but needs to be a little more aggressive. We hustled good on defense and swarmed the ball. We do need to work on breaking down and making the tackle. The offensive line did pretty good, opening holes and getting in the d-line’s faces. Now the backs just need to hit those holes! Afterwards we had a coaches meeting at Messer’s Bar while everything was still fresh in our minds. We made some adjustments on defense and we’ll try some new things to tweak our D. Bryan has set up another opportunity for the boys to tryout for another U12 travel baseball team out of Columbus, now that the future of the Titans team is up in the air. He said he’d forward the information next week when he knew more. We got home and Luke changed in to his basketball stuff and we headed over to the junior high for basketball practice. It was the first one of the new year and they had a good turnout, Luke said. By the time he got home, he was wiped out. He was excited and happy to start up basketball again. It was more of an open gym, but all but one boy was there according to Luke. Ann made popcorn. We were sad to see it was the end of another tub of Fireworks popcorn and so we’ll have to order some more this coming week. We watched the NASCAR races and the Colts game, which we DVR’ed from earlier and chilled-out in the air conditioning before falling asleep on the couches.

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Next up is our Waybac segment, which features our young family just starting out…including a few more of Mom. We lead off this week in Columbus to witness the birth of our first child in March of 1996; then our first Grandparent’s day in Columbus in September of ’96. Next we find Matt at his first birthday party in Columbus in March of 1997. Then Matt discovering his new world in Greensburg in October, 1997; Matt going out to play in the snow for the first time and marching with Grandmaw Bryan to Barney tunes in January 1998. And finally we have Matt attending his first circus in Indy and the second Grandparent’s Day in Greensburg in August and September, 1998.

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Our final section is our video segment, which features one new family movie and a few from around the internet this week.

Well; that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks again for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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  • Anonymous

    Hey brother it was so great to see you and everyone on Saturday. Sure miss the old days when it was so much easier for all of us to see one another. It meant so much to me to have everyone with me Saturday. The circumstances were not the best but I know Sharon and I loved seeing everyone. We did the custard thing too on our way out of town too. Love you guys!
    Uncle Robby

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