You better Learn to Dance in the Rain

It was a short week due to the holiday but that just meant we had to work that much harder to make up that day all week. Why is it that when you have Monday off that you end up with what seems like a whole week of Mondays??? The week started off hot but we had a couple of cold fronts come through and cooled us down towards the end of the week and we got to open up the house all weekend. We finally got to watch some football and dance. And we did a little makeover to a certain room in the house. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog. After a nice, relaxing day on Monday (Labor Day), we were right back in to the swing of things this week.
Abby was up and in to school early on Tuesday morning for Student Council. After a full day of honors classes, she worked with her friend Kirsten to bring her up to speed on Pirateers and then had a full Pirateers practice for a total of about four hours. Luke finally saw some football action that night – his first in nearly a week. The boys were a little sloppy but we had fun so it was a good one. In the middle of the night, Bu crawled in to bed with Ann – the first time she’s done that in a long, long time. We knew then that something was wrong and sure enough, she said she didn’t feel well but fell back asleep with her mommy.
She toughed it out the next morning and made it Pirateers practice early on Wednesday. Turns out, she hadn’t eaten since some time on Labor Day – no wonder she didn’t feel well. She only made it through about half the day and came home sick. She did eat a little and napped. Afterwards she got to feeling much better and had Noah over for a couple hours and dinner that night. We got some rain but not nearly what we were hoping for, since we hadn’t had a good rain in a few weeks. The dog groomer finally came over and did the dogs for the first time in about six months. The girls look much better now; we really need to get better at keeping them trimmed-up. Luke & I played basketball out front for about an hour until I pulled up lame with a pulled achilles tendon. It got worse and worse that night…damn I’m old. Luke was excited to pull the car out for the first time. He did a great job though I’m not sure we’re ready for our baby to be driving. Abby got her school pictures and we have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Abby and friends; Shawna scrapping with Ann; Haley & Ryan; Katie & Reese; Tom in Victory Circle at the NHRA Nationals; Bryan & Angie with Ally & Shawn; Jay Bruce reached 100 hits; the Indy Indians won their pennant; Grace sang the National Anthem at the NFL game in Boston on Thursday night; PDT hallowed grounds; words of wisdom; some of Luke’s favorite things; Luke and his classmates; congrats to Bailey for earning 1st runner-up at the Miss Tree City pageant; the Guard kids; our beloved Twin Towers (pre 9/11); The Simpsons’ new season will be here soon; Tammie; the kids ready for school; and the Pirateers performing in the rain.

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I could barely get out of bed on Thursday morning. My achilles tendon hurt so bad, I think I nearly cried. It was another warm day but it gradually began cooling as the day wore on. Luke had football practice where we had a pretty poor turnout. However we did get a new player that was with us three years ago and recently moved back to town. It was a breath of fresh air for the team and gave them a little hope for the coming games, which will be very tough. Still we only had seven kids. Abby had tap practice at Dixon and we had a coaches meeting at the Messers. Coach Nobbe was supposed to attend but never made it due to it being his birthday – the big five-oh! We enjoyed watching the NFL kickoff game and a few spirits. We discussed all things football although we did not come up with a very good defensive scheme to stop Connersville this weekend – a team that destroyed us last year in the opening game.
It rained all day and night on Friday as a huge cold front moved through the area. It was of course the anniversary of the terrorist attacks back in 2001 that took down the Twin Towers, damaged the Pentagon and four planes of people. There were lots of tributes on social media and it took me right back to that place all those years ago. I still remember where I was when I heard the news and who I was with. It still brings tears to my eyes to see that coverage and still boils my blood to think there is still so much evil in our world. I took my boys at work to lunch as thanks for all their hard work these past few weeks around the facility. Ann got her hair done with Jami. Luke had Grayson come home with him to spend the night. The boys, Ann & I went early to the game so I could meet up with Bryan to do stats for the varsity again. Meanwhile, Abby danced before the game and at halftime in the rain. The Pirates faced Lawrenceburg on the cold, wet night. Bryan & I did stats from the booth in the 1st half and then moved outdoors for the 2nd half. The Pirates have lost to Lawrenceburg by a point or two in like five straight years, I think. They lost a couple close ones when Matt was playing and I know for a fact that the last two years, the Pirates lost by a single point. This game was back and forth and they had an amazing running game. However it was Greensburg that prevailed on this night. Afterwards we took our entourage – including Noah – out to Wings & Rings for dinner and drinks…well for the old folks anyhow…and later tried the Not Your Father’s Rootbeer at home.

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We slept in a little on Saturday morning. Luke & Gray played outside before going to North Park to watch the younger boys play. Noah came over and took Abby out for the day. That allowed Ann to redecorate Bu’s room for her birthday present. I had the darnedest time with installing her new light and ended up having to call my friend Philip in to finish the job. I felt awful and I think I may have lost my Man Card with that fail. Unfortunately that put Ann way behind and we ended up having to work deep in to the night to complete the project. But we eventually did and when Noah brought her home, she loved it. Meanwhile, Luke played a football game against Connersville. They killed us last year, so we had revenge on our minds. However, things quickly turned sour when one of our best players was diagnosed with mono and was unavailable. To make matters worse, another one of our best players decided to play a baseball game – so all of our game planning during practice was thrown out the window in the final hour before the game started. Things just went from bad to worse after that. Our new player was a no call/no show. Another player said he quit but somehow someone talked him in to coming to the game. We ended up fielding 9 players by game time, so we were either going to play 7-on-7 (and forfeit the game) or see if we could get a few 5th graders to come up and play with us. As it turned out, three little guys were able to stay and we went for the full squad. As it turned out, it made no difference. They still dominated us. We looked confused for much of the game due to not having a pair of playmakers in essential roles. Once you start moving people around from where they’re comfortable and start plugging in players that don’t know your schemes, you are in trouble. We gave up a TD on the opening kickoff and lost a pair of onside kicks. We finally put Luke & Drew up and they each recovered an onside kick. We fought back and scored on our first drive. Luke caught a big pass and ran another couple for total of about 40 yards. Grayson ran in it from there to pull us within two but Luke was stopped on the PAT and we remained down two. That was the closest we would get as they ran the ensuing kickoff for about 60 yards and although we made it tough on them, they eventually scored but Alex made a big tackle to keep the score close. From there we ineffective on offense and our defense suddenly forgot how to tackle. We were down 14 at the half and felt confident we could rebound. However, the kids got tired and sore as in any game and as the second half wore on, a few began quitting. Once that began, we were done. To their credit, they played well. One boy was especially elusive and was the difference in the game, scoring 4 of their 5 TDs and running for well over 200 yards on us. It was our worst showing on the defensive side. The boys couldn’t tackle and without the tackling, we gave up 36 points – the most ever for my defense. I was very disappointed in the effort of some of the boys. Others played their hearts out, which is why Bryan and I are even trying this season. Today was especially trying. The loss really stung. As for stats, Luke played fullback, tight end, center, long-snapper, middle linebacker, outside linebacker, defensive end, kicker and up-back. Luke had a pair of catches for about 35 yards and just missed a couple of others which were out of his reach. He ran the ball 8 times for about 25 yards total. He had 11 tackles and captained the defense. Drew threw the ball well, Grayson made some big plays, Julian ran the ball well and we gang-tackled well. But the missed open-field tackles have to improve if we have any chance of winning again. The Boilers won their first game of the year and now sit at 1-1. Ann & I were both exhausted that night and had no trouble falling asleep. As we laid in bed, I asked her if she thought Abby liked her birthday present and she said that Abby told her that it didn’t look like an 11-year old lived in her room anymore so she thinks she did. That echoed the same sentiment I had told Ann earlier – I was a little sad. When we woke up this morning, we still had our little girl living in our house but when we went to bed, there was a young lady living in her room….

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We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. Ann made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Noah and Megan came over and spent the day with Abby. Luke mowed the backyard and played with Oakley around the neighborhood before going to basketball practice in the early evening. We did our weekly household chores and Ann cooked burgers on the grill for an early dinner while we watched football on opening weekend. The Colts lost but Peyton’s Ponies won. And in a thriller, the Cowboys won in dramatic fashion with only 7 seconds left to play on Sunday night. it was the latest come from behind win in franchise history. I watched the new Walking Dead spinoff to cap off one of the longest shortened weeks in recent memory.
Next up is our Waybac section which features our first six photo albums of our young family, including a new one of Mom. We lead off this week with Ann “nesting” as we finish up the nursery in Columbus in February/March of ’96; then on to Grandparents Day in August of ’96 in our little townhouse with Mom, Uncle Rob and Mom & Sandy joining little Matthew; then on March of ’97 for a happy little boy exploring our living room in Columbus; next we have a fun summer day at the park in July ’97 – love that Hot Wheels shirt as well as the Jeff Gordon Brickyard shirt!; Matt in Mom’s rocking chair that she passed on to me and then all three of our kids used and then Matt running his Hot Wheels down the track; Matt trying on Mom & Dad’s stuff and then helping Mom to cook dinner – all in our first home in Greensburg back in January of ’98; and end in Indy at the old Market Square Arena in July of ’98 to watch the Barnum & Bailey circus.

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And our final segment is our videos from this week which features two new home movies and several from around the internet.

And that does it for this installment of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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