Hey You! Out there in the Cold…

The weather turned much cooler as this week progressed, which fit in well since this week was all about football. Between youth, high school, college and NFL I’ll bet we watched a couple dozen games this week. Is this the greatest time of year or what?! Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog. We got to enjoy a new dance by Abby & the Pirateers. Luke had a pair of ball games. And Ann continued to heal her newly-repaired knee.
Monday was by far the warmest day of the week. It was possibly the last remnant of summer. Hopefully it was the last day we need to have the air on in the house at least. Ann returned to work that morning. Abby had Pirateers practice after school and later jazz class at Dixon Studio. Luke had football practice. We actually suited up nine boys and had eleven at the practice that night! That’s the first time in about two months. We might actually have enough boys to play this week. We were enthralled with the “blood moon” that evening. It was a complete lunar eclipse and the last one like this until 2033, if I understand correctly. Luke & I stayed up late and set up a couple of chairs in the backyard to watch it unfold. We were treated to a clear night and it did not disappoint. The Daily Show finally returned to the airwaves that night as the show took its next step, welcoming Trevor Noah to the show. Sure, it’s not the same without Jon but I want him to succeed.
On Tuesday morning, we couldn’t find Lola. I remembered calling for the dogs late last night and recall Molly coming in, but just figured Lola must be with Abby since she doesn’t stay outside alone. But sure enough, when I let Molly out, Lola came running in. I’ll be she won’t ignore me the next time I call for her to come in! It ended up raining all day as a new cold front moved through the area and would end up staying with us the rest of the week. Luke’s football practice was cancelled. We beat the kids up pretty good the night before and even Luke was still sore. Besides it was cold, rainy and nasty so it was all good. Soup Night was also cancelled as Ms. Ann continued to nurse her knee back to health. It was really sore that night after two days back on the job. Abby had Pirateers practice until late so it just wasn’t meant to be this week. We have some new social media pictures to share this week: Abby solo and with friends; Cowboys defensive studs; NASCAR’s new Iron Man; a few Sunday panels of C&H; Kathy and fam at WDW; Peanuts reminding us that it’s that time again!; a real Hot Wheels; Luke and friends; more Bu; Lynz & Jack; Angie & daughter; Bender brew; and Abby & the Pirateers braving the elements.

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We were up early on Wednesday as Bu had Pirateers practice before school. We left work early to get Luke to his football game that evening. He and the sixth grade Pirates played Coach Messer’s alma mater, East Central. It was the makeup game that was cancelled due to lightning a few weeks back and was our third and final home game of the year. The boys didn’t bother to show up that night. Granted, this is the best damn team in the league and has been undefeated for three or four years now, but several of our guys didn’t even try. …And by the end of the 1st quarter, we found ourselves down 28 points and with the mercy rule in effect. In a rare but classy move, their coach pulled their starters and played the 2nd and eventually even 3rd string players. By halftime we were down 0-34. After a pep talk at halftime, the boys finally showed some signs of life. The defense didn’t give up any second-half points and we eventually scored a touchdown. We should’ve had an extra point, but the referees blew the call. In our league, all PATs are dead. The defense cannot move, cannot jump and cannot rush. Well they did and the referees allowed it despite my pleas. We pulled out a rulebook and showed them and they basically said oh well. Granted, it had no impact on the outcome of the game, but still we want to teach the boys all aspects of the game. Anyhow, the game ended with another notch in the loss category, 6-34. As for Luke, he had 2 kickoffs, ran the ball 5 times for 18 yards and played center / long-snapper with no fumbled exchanges nor bad long-snaps. Defensively, he played outside linebacker with 6 tackles, 3 fumble recoveries and even ran a kickoff back for 20 yards. We had eleven 6th graders and six 5th graders – it was great…I just wish we had a better showing. Ann, Abby & Britney came out to support us on a very cool evening – thanks girls! We rushed home to warm up and make dinner.

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Luke was back at North Park again on Thursday night for football practice. It was a cold but good practice as we meshed with the fifth graders to give us a total of 18 kids. We were able to do a lot of things we hadn’t done all year and even ran late. Abby had tap class at Dixon. Ann drove home for the first time and did OK. Noah brought Abby home and the kids sat in the living room and chatted with the old folks for a while.
Abby had Optimist Club before school on Friday morning. It was a cold day with sustained winds of 20 mph. This was the remnants from the hurricane in the Atlantic and with it came a constant drizzle that started just as we left for the varsity game that evening. We dressed warm for the occasion…well at least Ann did: she had on four layers and then a coat and blanket (I wore shorts and a sweatshirt LOL). Abby and the Pirateers performed before the game and at halftime in the rain. It was very cold and damp – just miserable weather. The temperatures would’ve been just fine but the sideways rain made it impossible to enjoy the game vs. the rival Batesville Bulldogs, who were ranked in the top ten coming in to the game. Early on it was all Batesville but the Pirates defense in the second half was strong and didn’t give up any points. The offense finally began to click in the 4th quarter and they were in it until the final play of the game when a pass in to the endzone (which would’ve won the game), was knocked down and they lost 9-14. We met up with Noah at BWR for dinner before we came home and got out of our wet clothes and warmed up on the couches.

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We enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning. It was a lazy morning and early afternoon. Purdue opened its Big Ten season vs. #2 Michigan State and very nearly pulled off an upset! What is up with their new uniforms and helmets? Last week they had new home jerseys/helmets and this week they have new road gear. Eventually we got going and headed over to Batesville for Luke’s football game on another cold and dreary afternoon. Thanks to Matt who gave me play-by-play texts of the Purdue game! We again had a few kids not show up and only with the help of younger players in lower leagues were we even able to field a team. We had eleven most of the game but did have an injury when Grayson got one of his migraine headaches and had to leave the game for most of the fourth quarter which meant we played 10 on 11 – hard to win like that… With the aid of two 5th graders and one 4th grader we somehow patched together a team only seconds before kickoff, but this is really getting old man. Still, despite all the long odds, the boys played their hearts out and made a game of it. The young Pirates made their hometown proud, which is more than I can say for a couple of the Batesville boys, parents, coaches and even a couple of the referees. In a highly competitive portion of the game, two coaches were thrown out of the game and later two referees were also excused from the field as well. That left one ref for the entire second half. Remarkably, he did very well. We were down 0-12 at halftime, having given up two long runs but otherwise played very well. Luke knocked their quarterback out of the game with the hardest hit of the entire season! Our defense was even better in the second half. In the only score of the second half, the offense turned the ball over on our own 5 yard line. The defense stopped them on two downs but then one of the fathers on the sideline directed his child (my nearside CB) to blitz, leaving his man exposed and of course they threw it to him and he made a very easy catch to go up 18. That’s why parents shouldn’t coach from the sidelines. From there, the defense shut them out. In fact, Coach Messer and I joked that the defense had more positive yards than the offense at one point! Our offense struggled all day but finally found a spark in the 4th quarter with a steady dose of Luke. He had more touches in the final 8 minutes than he did the entire rest of the game. It was the only time that we actually achieved a few first downs and consistently moved the ball. Luke again played several positions this game and was a leader on the both sides of the ball, directing the younger players on what their roles were on many offensive plays and being my captain and go-to guy on defense. He was one of the captains for the flip. He kicked off to start the game and sent it all the way down to the 20 yard line. He also played tight end, full back, halfback, center and long snapper on the offense. On defense he played inside and outside linebacker, defensive end and safety. He ran the ball 7 times for 23 yards. He also caught 2 passes for 18 yards. And he even had two pass attempts – one was incomplete to Drew and he was sacked in the other attempt. On the other side of the ball he had 10 tackles, 4 assists and an interception. We had three turnovers on defense, with which I was pleased. Ann and Abby endured the weather again to support the team (thanks gals). Thanks also to all the fifth grade parents that endured nearly five hours of the inclement weather to help us out. We couldn’t have played without them and are very appreciative. I wish we could’ve had a better outcome for them. Although the defense didn’t surrender another score, the offense couldn’t find paydirt either and we lost again, this time 0-18. Who knows, maybe we found something there to build on in that fourth quarter. We have one more game this year and then the tourney starts. We stopped at Steak & Shake afterwards for dinner. When we got home, Luke showered and went on to bed. I wasn’t far behind him; we were both exhausted. Abby went out to Miles’ 16th birthday party at the Messers’ house and was there for most of the night. Thanks to Bryan for bringing her home late.

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We slept in again on Sunday before slowly getting to our weekly household chores that we didn’t get done until dark. Football started early today with a game in London at 930 and the games continued until almost midnight. What an awesome day of football! The Colts won in OT and Peyton’s Ponies won an exciting game as well. The Cowboys are on the late game tonight as I write this…since they aren’t at home, they might actually win! Ann made sloppy joes for lunch and Noah joined us for a sit down meal. The kids watched movies in the family room while the old folks napped during football. Later, Bu went to Noah’s house for the rest of the day. Luke went for a bike ride and ended up playing outside with the neighborhood kids. He came home in time to attend basketball practice at the junior high school.
Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature our first six photo albums of our young family in the nineties. We lead off this week with our sweet baby in March of 1996 as he came home for the first time outside the womb; then Halloween at Gma’s house in Greensburg in 1996 with Melvin, Mommy and Memaw; then an interesting time – all three of Matt’s homes: Columbus, with Gma in her home and then with Daddy in the new house – all in April ’97; later Memaw’s birthday at our Main St home and Matt’s first haircut with Aunt Dee – all in November ’97; Matt all dressed up for Easter ’98; and finally a visit to Mamaw & Papaw’s house in Rossville – they would’ve just recently moved in to the new house here – Matt flying a kite with Uncle Rob & Katie and playing Frisbee with Uncle Virden in October 1998.

Waybac.1996.03.mch111 Waybac.1996.03.mch112 Waybac.1996.03.mch113 Waybac.1996.03.mch114 Waybac.1996.10.mfh115 Waybac.1996.10.mfh16 Waybac.1996.10.mfh17 Waybac.1996.10.mfh18 Waybac.1997.04.met1 Waybac.1997.04.met2 Waybac.1997.04.met3 Waybac.1997.04.met4 Waybac.1997.11.mab1 Waybac.1997.11.mab2 Waybac.1997.11.mab3 Waybac.1997.11.mab4 Waybac.1998.04.mte11 Waybac.1998.04.mte12 Waybac.1998.04.mte13 Waybac.1998.04.mte14 Waybac.1998.10.rfk1 Waybac.1998.10.rfk2 Waybac.1998.10.rfk3 Waybac.1998.10.rfk4

We have another entry for our Shit that Luke Says segment. During dinner on Friday night, we were discussing Kentucky for some reason and I mentioned Daniel Boone. Luke pipes up and asks if he was real and I said of course he was real. He quips, “Then how did he use his magic?” We all giggled, shook our heads in disbelief and asked what magic he was talking about. He replied, “You know, like his magic carpet!” :0) OMG; we love this kid!

Our final section is our videos. We have four new family movies and a few from around the internet this week.

Well that does it for this week’s Scheu Family Blog episode. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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