‘Neath the Cover of October Skies

We enjoyed another gorgeous fall week in south central Indiana. Luke enjoyed a rare week off (mostly) from sports. Abby continues to transition and develop her dance skills. Matt enjoyed a couple days off for his Fall Break. Ann continued to try and mend her ailing knee. And I finally stepped up my exercise routine. Grandpaw’s Cubbies exited the playoffs after being swept by the Mets, who will now face the Royals in the World Series next week. All in all it was an unusually quieter week for us. Hello again; and welcome to latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.
The kids returned to school after being off for a couple weeks. It was a little slow going in the morning – a trend we saw play out all week. After school, Abby taught at Dixon Dance Studio for a couple hours before her own jazz class. Her teacher is having some injury issues and Abby is stepping up to help out. It is the next logical step for her in her dance development and her parents are very proud of her. Luke & I walked in the neighborhood on a beautiful evening as the sun went down.
Abby was in to school early on Tuesday for Student Council. It was Soup Night again that evening but there was no Homework Club. Ann made a big bowl of chili that really hit the spot. Britney was sick but Noah came over. The kids played video games and chatted with the parents. Abby joined me in the neighborhood that evening for a walk. We have some miscellaneous pictures to share this week: fall break fun, Lukes’ football pictures and Luke’s school pictures (finally).

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Wednesday was “Back to the Future Day” (it was this date in the second movie that they visited and Marty brought back the sports almanac). Abby again taught at Dixon and really enjoyed herself. She has really found her calling. After work, I walked to Ann’s office then later took a short solo jaunt around the neighborhood. Luke played out in the neighborhood and visited Anna. Ann made a huge dish of baked ziti for dinner. Luke, Ann & I watched the first BTTF movie to commemorate the day. Luke had never seen it and it was fun to watch it with him. It is one of my favorite Spielberg movies. Luke was up late due to forgetting about his homework…but promised he would get up on time in the morning.
Luke struggled to get up and going as you might have guessed on Thursday morning. The weather was perfect. We won’t have many more days like that one. It got up to the low 80s ever so briefly and cooled to the 50s overnight. I walked to Ann’s office again after work. I’ll have to remember to bring my headphones next week. That area has built up so much through the years. I wouldn’t have been able to do that when I first started out there. But now it has sidewalks all the way there, save for about a hundred feet out by my facility. Luke attended the 6th grade dance after school. He said he had fun with his buddies. Abby had Pirateers before heading out to tap class at Dixon. Kama came home with Bu in between dance activities to work on a school project. It was a little warm in the house and we actually had the air on for a couple hours that evening. Noah came over to hang out for a while with Bu again later that night. I had to force Abby to go to bed as she had again fallen asleep doing her homework – the third time this week. We have a ton of new social media pictures to share this week: Abby and her friends; Senior Night moments; Abby and Pirateers; Luke getting prepped for his final youth football game and being silly; lots of girl cousins: Lynz, Kimmy, Kathy, Mindy, Missy, & Tammie; Allen & Frankie; Cubbies had a good run this year; lovely Ms. Darby had a birthday this week; FC’s mall in the fall; Back to the Future day came and went; Calvin & Hobbes; new Hot Wheels; my good buddy Mark & eldest daughter after LP volleyball won sectionals; and an old Halloween “candy/toy” I used to get when I was a kid in the 70’s.

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It was Abby’s turn to be late on Friday – the price of burning the candle at both ends. I think Luke may have even had a tardy. Thankfully the day passed quickly for all of us, as it normally does on weekend eve. Noah and the senior varsity Pirates played in their final home game of their careers. …And boy did they go out with a bang at Shriver Field! They faced Indianapolis Marshall in the first sectional game. They scored within the first minute of the game and never looked back. They were up by six TDs at half and rested the starters in the second half. They went on to win the game easily, 47-8. The younger boys got a ton of experience – something that Matt and his classmates never got and ultimately hurt them down the road. It was a big win for the Pirates and the 2nd in a row in dominating fashion. Next, the Pirates travel south to the Ohio River to face Lawrenceburg. The last 4 games with them has been decided by one point, so it should be excited. Bryan & I had planned to do stats at the game but an hour before kickoff we were notified that we weren’t needed. It was nice to sit and watch the game with Ann. I actually got to take the pictures but I need to use the big flash in those conditions because they are awfully dark. We all met up with Noah after the game at Buffalo Wings & Rings one final time this football season.
Saturday was a busy day. Abby worked a coat drive at the high school and then spent the day with Noah. Ann went scrapbooking all day with Shawna at Mrs. B’s. Maryann & Sandy went to Cincy to visit Dee & Jamie for the weekend. Luke & I worked in the yard: raking, mowing, trimming, blowing. We ran some errands, went out for lunch and watched the rest of the BTTF trilogy. We got done outside just ahead of the rain. Apparently this is precipitation blown in by some hurricane down in Mexico. It rained all afternoon and evening – ruining our plans to go to the haunted woods. Bu & Noah came home and hung out for a while, playing video games in the family room. After he left, Abby had Cody over to play Mario on the Wii while Ann & I finally got caught up on our DVR’ed shows.

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We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. It was noticeably cooler. With the house opened up, it felt amazing inside. We did our weekly household chores. The girls went shopping. Ann made a big pot of potato soup. Noah came over and spent most of the day with Abby. The kids continued to play Mario in the playroom, meaning I got to watch the football games in peace. I streamed the early game. It was the first time the NFL broadcasted a game solely over the internet. It was played in London. I had a little trouble from time to time but overall thought it went pretty good. The game was a good one as well. The Colts played the Saints for the first time since they played each other in the Super Bowl. They made it close in the 2nd half but it was too little too late and they lost again. It was good to see Mathis in the starting lineup finally. The Cowboys played in the national afternoon game. They started their third different guy this year at QB. Obviously when you do that, you know your season is pretty much a bust. The running game looked good but the passing game continued to struggle. The secondary gave up a few plays but over the defense looked pretty good but they still lost again. Luke had basketball practice and I attended a parents meeting as we gear up for the next season. Later, we watched the annual Simpsons Halloween special (and a perennial favorite in our house), Tree-house of Horror XXVI. It had some great moments but overall felt incomplete. Overall it was a relaxing day and the perfect way to end a relaxing week.
Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature both our first six photo albums of our young family and also several previously-unpublished photos of Mom. We lead off this week in Columbus when we first met Matthew in March 1996 with Grandpa Bryan and Mommy; then our little crawler in Rossville at Grandma & Grandpa’s Dream House when Matt first met Joe in September, 1996; Next we go back to Columbus for Matt’s first birthday in March 1997 with Grandma & Gigi and Grandma & Grandpa Bryan; then our first family pumpkin patch excursion in October, 1997; next on to Greensburg for Matt’s 2nd birthday party in March, 1998 with all the grandparents in attendance – in fact this is when we had big parties…I see Grandma & Gigi, Mom & Dad B, Dad & Barb S, Chad & Dee, Mo & Poppy, and even Mike & Nat. And then finally we head back to Greensburg – out at the county fair in July, 1998.

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For our Shit that Luke Says, we have one of the all-time greats I think! So we’re sitting at the dinner table and Ann mentioned that Grandma & Gigi had gone to visit Aunt Dee & Uncle Jamie. Luke looks up from his plate and innocently asks, “If you guys die will Aunt Dee be my Fairy God Parent?”
And finally we have this week’s videos. We didn’t have enough clips to create any new home movies to share this week but we have a few from around the internet.

And that does it for this edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thank for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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