Scary Monsters, Super Creeps…keep me Running, Running Scared

It was all about getting our Halloween on around the Scheu abode this week. Ann even did some seasonal decorating this year! We watched our perennial favorite movies, the kids got dressed up and we even hit the haunted trail. Matt continued to work hard up at school, Abby focused on dancing, Luke began his basketball season, Ann continued to rehab her knee and I celebrated another trip around the sun. Hello again and welcome back to another installment of the Scheu Family Blog.
Ann began pool physical therapy for her knee on Monday. She was tired but by week’s end, it already began to pay off. Abby had Pirateers practice after school. Luke had basketball practice later that evening. I walked the neighborhood on a gorgeous fall evening. Ann took Bu to her jazz class and Noah brought her home. We enjoyed an incredible full moon that evening. It was big and boy was it bright. Add to it the spooky clouds and it perfectly set the mood for the week. Of course, with the full moon it also affected patients at both Ann and I’s work which made for a long, stressful week full of drama. I finally got a chance to watch the recorded race from Talladega from yesterday. Jeff had the pole – that I knew, but that he ran up front, finished 3rd and moved on to the next round of the Chase was exciting news to me.
Tuesday was Rob’s 36th birthday. We called and sang to him and enjoyed catching up with him. It was supposed to be Soup Night but turned in to popcorn night when we received our next big shipment of Fireworks gourmet popcorn. The Homework Club met with Britney & Bu studying for tomorrow’s PSAT. I hopped on the treadmill because it was raining outside. Ann made chicken & noodles for the whiney kids who don’t appreciate fine corn on the pop. …Damn whiners… It rained all day and night – remnants from a hurricane down in Mexico. The World Series got off to an awesome start with an extra-inning affair. I stayed up until like 1 am, which was the 13th inning and planned to watch the rest in bed. Well of course I fell instantly asleep and the darn game ended in the 14th! Just my luck… The Royals won and at the time of this writing, they were up three games to one.
We had more rain all day on Wednesday but it finally quit by the time we headed home from work. By that time, we had accumulated about two inches in this area. Don’t get me wrong, we needed the rain, but not this much. The guys from work and I went out for lunch at Arni’s. Abby had the PSAT all day at school and then worked at Dixon Dance Studio until late. After work, we celebrated my survival of yet another trip around the sun w/ dinner and song at Mom & Sandy’s. We had cheeseburgers & tater tots with ice cream and Maryann’s homemade cake (her icing is sinful). That big half-century is creeping up closer and closer… The Pacers had their season opener, which they promptly lost. At the time of this writing, they are 0-3 for the season…ouch. Let’s hope they can turn it around quickly.

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Abby & Luke were off for parent-teacher conferences on Thursday. Ann & I planned to leave in mid-afternoon to see all of Luke and Abby’s teachers. However at the last moment, Ann had an issue at her office that prevented us from leaving. I ended up walking to her office after work. It was another gorgeous afternoon for a walk. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do this with the time change and the cooler weather approaching. But that day it was perfect. Abby went over to her friend’s house to work on their Halloween costumes. She and a pair of her friends made their own outfits – going as Rock, Paper & Scissors. How creative! Abby and Ann went out to eat with the other dance mom’s from their tap class and then later back to Dixon for her tap class.
Friday actually went really fast for everybody. That evening, Ann took Abby, Kama and Megan to brave the cold down in Lawrenceburg where the varsity Pirates played in the 2nd round of the Sectionals. Unfortunately they came up a little bit short and lost by 8 to end their season. It was Noah’s final high school football game. He was obviously upset and we had a chance to talk about our shared experience. I told him how I can still remember to this day the final play of my high school career. I can remember where I was, who was with me and exactly what happened. Meanwhile, Luke & I exercised out in the neighborhood. He visited Anna for a while. We ran some errands, grabbed takeout and watched the latest Avengers movie and the Poltergeist remake. Megan stayed the night and the girls were up late in the family room playing Wii and watching movies and where they eventually ended up sleeping. Dee and Grace were down for the weekend and stayed at Gma & Gigi’s house. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Luke and friends; Uncle Bob & Camille; Daniel & Kels; Beth & Drew; Courtney & Cassie; Jeff’s big Pole; Great Pumpkin rose again this year; Luke wants to go to Monster Jam later this year; Abby & I signed up for our next 5K – known as the Turkey Trot due to its proximity with Thanksgiving (Luke will be with us this time but he is signed up for the run whereas Bu & I are doing the walk); Abby and friends; Duke & Anna; more Bu and buds; cousin Angie; Smith jack-o-lanterns; Megan & her gma; the Hellmichs; a PDT gourd; Jack & Lynz; Kimmy; and Megan.

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Luke and I got up and ran errands on Saturday morning. We trimmed at Mom & Sandy’s, did maintenance on the Pacifica and did a little Hot Wheels hunting. We took it easy in the afternoon, napping and watching TV. Throughout the day, we saw bits and pieces of our favorite seasonal movies – the original Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm St. We watched The Great Pumpkin a couple times. Luke got a scary mask but decided not to go out this year. Instead, he chose to hand-out candy and scare the little kids. He really seemed to enjoy it as well. Abby went out with her friends as planned but had to have Ann go pick her up because there weren’t any houses doing candy in the area they were trick-or-treating. I don’t know that there were many out here this year either. Historically this has been an awesome place to be and a very busy neighborhood that usually has about 300 kids. This year, I think we might have had 100. Abby said there weren’t very many houses with lights on either, which is disappointing. Maryann and Deanna came out for a while as Grace and a friend went trick-or-treating out in our neighborhood. After they left, Grayson came over and I took the boys out to Hopeless Hollow to visit the Haunted Trail. We missed it last year and were glad to get back out there. It seemed that the entire cast knew our names but of course with them in costume, we had no idea who any of them were! We were having a great time when Luke called for me to check out Grayson. He was in tears, complaining of a tummy ache. Although he didn’t admit it, Luke & I could tell he was scared. We tried to talk to him for about 10 minutes but he couldn’t come out of it and we ended up having to cut our trip short. It brought us down a little but it was all good. We supported him and left without completing the trail. It was a perfect night for it – not too cool and dry…until we left. As we drove home, it started to rain pretty good so we got out of there just in time as it turned out. We came home and the boys went out to the family room where they planned to sleep but a little while later and out of nowhere, Gray said he was again not feeling well and Ann ended up taking him home. We hope he’s okay. Abby ended up going out on a triple date with her trick-or-treat girlfriends, Noah and their boys while I went to bed.
We loved getting the extra hour of sleep overnight and woke up Sunday morning and turned our clocks back an hour. We got up and did our weekly household chores and Abby slept in. When she finally did get up, she went out with Cody to BK for lunch. Meanwhile Ann made my birthday dinner for lunch with a big dish of lasagna! :0) YUM! Football was again on from 930 in the morning until 1130 at night. Luke had basketball practice and we enjoyed one of the few Sundays we will have off over the next three months. Between the wind and rain overnight, our tress have lost all but a few of their leaves and the lawn needs raked again…oh Lukey…

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Next up is our Waybac section which has yet more of our first six photo albums of our young family in the nineties. We lead off in March of 1996 at our place in Columbus where Matthew got to meet his Grandma & Grandpa Scheu and our good friends Tina & Gino; next we stay in Columbus with Matt playing with his best buddy, Brayton in October 1996; we stay in Columbus for Matt’s first big adventure outdoors in April 1997; then we head to Greensburg where Memaw entered Matt in the Halloween costume contest uptown. He was supposed to be a peapod but I called him the giant booger. Either way, he didn’t care for it much and cried & fussed most of the night in October 1997. Next we head to Matt’s second birthday party at our first home in Greensburg with lots of family and friends: Mommy, Gigi, Mo, Poppy, Memaw, Brayton, and Grandma & Grandpa Bryan in March 1998; and we finish up in October 1998 with Matt at the YMCA getting fingerprinted by the Sheriff’s dept and then at BHC in Columbus for our employee family bonfire in the backyard.

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We have another entry for the Shit that Luke Says segment. We were watching a movie (a remake of the classic “Poltergeist”) on the big screen this week when Luke started groaning, holding his head. He looked at us and said, “I think I’ve got a Portuguese headache.” He was trying to say poltergeist, but we got a big kick out of his take on it. :0)
Our final section is our videos. This week we have one new family clip movie to share along with a few from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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