If I had some more Time to Spend then I guess I’d be with you my Friend

It was another busy week for us as we creep towards the end of the year. Matt finished his 1st semester of his sophomore year and came home for the holidays. It’s great to have him home because it makes the family feel whole again. Abby enjoyed a flurry of finals and had a big week of dance. Luke seemed to have more free time this week but still had basketball practices and played in his final games of 2015. Ann finally had surgery on her ailing knee and worked on mending it all week. And I continued to exercise when I could find time but also ate like a king at all the great Christmas parties this week. Overall it was a stressful week but at least we got spend some time as a family this weekend. It was cold at times but overall warmer this week. In fact, I think it was Tuesday when we had near-record temperatures. It’s beginning to feel a little more like Christmas…except no snow. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
We started off warm on Monday with temps up in the 60s but it rained most of the day. Ann worked late to try and get as much done before her big day. I got back on the treadmill but had to stop early to go and get Abby who was having some issues at Pirateers practice. There were some tears that night but my hope is that in the end perhaps some good will come of all tonight’s drama eventually. Later, Ann & Abby went to jazz class at Dixon.
Tuesday was much cooler – in the 40s. I took the day off to be with Ann as she went in for surgery on her other knee. It has not been a good year to be a joint on her body. Dr. Guse again took good care of her and got her all repaired. She did great and has gotten along much better this week than the previous knee repair. We actually got home before the kids that afternoon. Britney came home with Abby and they made homemade pizzas that evening. Cody ended up coming over a little later and joined us for dinner and Homework Club…though I’m not exactly sure how much studying got done.
It was a cool, humid and rainy day on Wednesday. I stayed home to help Ann get through her day and get adjusted to recovery mode (she is NOT a good patient). Luke cleaned up the house and played outside for a little while after school. Memaw came over for a while and sewed Luke’s giant bear. Abby went to Pirateers practice and then worked at Dixon Dance Studio until late. We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Abby was in the school newsletter this week – working the clean-up crew on Hwy 3 earlier this year; Abby and her Pirateer friends; John & June and family; Wendy & fam; congrats to Darby for finishing her 1st year of nursing school; Amy & Bailey; MLB officially denied Pete Rose’s request to be reinstated but did say that it should be separate from Hall of Fame consideration; The Boilers are off to a great start but did lose their first game (to Butler) this year; a new life-size hot Wheel car; Ann’s favorite position this week; silly Bu pix; Tammie & friend; Camille; thanks to Rob & Sharon for the nice gift pack; Bob of Bob & Tom said good-bye this week; Stinkbug & Stickbug with their ugly sweaters; Matt’s new digs; Luke’s GF; David and family; more silly Bu; my 20 year award; Star Wars was all the rave this week; congrats to Matt’s old teammate Ryan Martin who was named the Division III Defensive Player of the Year; Al & Frankie’s totally tubular days; R&R HoF newest members; Calvin & Hobbes panels and the Reds traded their all-star (and this year’s Home Run Derby champ) for three prospects.

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Thursday saw my return to work while Ann stayed on the couch to nurse her knee back to health. Naturally, she wouldn’t stay off of it and toughed it out. Ann made a huge batch of olive dip for me to take in to work for our annual Christmas party. I was recognized for my 20 year anniversary and got a nice card and gift card. Luke had basketball practice at the junior high. I went over to get him early and had enough time to get my exercising in by walking around the school grounds despite it being chilly – in the lower 30s with a good breeze. But once I got going, it was really no big deal. Besides it was a great way for me to walk off my food-coma from my party – I was so full that night I didn’t even eat dinner! Abby went out with her friends and then on to tap class at Dixon before coming home. She had Megan over to stay the night and help with late-night studying, finally getting to bed in the wee hours of Friday morning. Matt surprised us by coming home early (all his buddies at school left early too) though I didn’t even see him that night because he went out for dinner and who knows what else with his friends. He is trying to get hooked up with Bryan to get a job for this month while he is at home. Earlier in the day, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame announced the 2016 inductees and it is an awesome class! Four of the five are some of my favorites and three of those four are featured heavily on my iPod that I listen to at work. First and foremost is Deep Purple – it’s hard to believe they’re not already in after 50 years. For my money, they were part of the big three that had a huge influence on my life – Zep, Sab & Purple. Then there’s Chicago – an amazing band that had probably the most underrated guitarist ever – Terry Kath. Next is the great Steve Miller who has been highly underrated for years. One listen to his Greatest Hits album and you will realize that every song is a staple on FM radio. Cheap Trick is one of those bands that sneaks up on you. You know a few of their songs but then when you listen to the albums you realize that they should’ve been a lot bigger than they were. What a great class – it could only have been better if Yes had finally made it in with them. And it was also Bob Kevoian of the Bob & Tom Show’s last day after 32 years on air. Indianapolis radio will never be the same.
Friday was a very busy day for me at work but I managed to get away for a little while with a couple of the guys to attend the annual DLI Christmas party. They have the biggest steaks and the tastiest white fish. This year was no disappointment – I left there in yet another food coma. I was so full. I took home a small tray of fish to bring home but accidentally left it in my fridge over the weekend. Man, my office is gonna smell awful when I get back in on Monday. It was the kids’ last day of school for the calendar year and the end of the 1st semester. Abby had four finals and isn’t sure how good she did. She sure didn’t sleep much last night. Abby and the Pirateers performed their annual Christmas dance at the boys’ basketball game that night. They also did a pregame routine. It was good but will make a lot more sense when the cheerleaders join them since the dance is blocked with them in it. Also before the game, Phyllis & Dick’s oldest son was elected in to the GCHS Hall of Fame – what an amazing honor! Their granddaughter Emma accompanied him on the court. Matt came to the game to support his sister and then went out with the boys until late. Mom & Sandy also came and Gigi got some great photos – thanks! We tried to talk them in to joining us for dinner but it was Ann & I with the other two kids at BWR that evening.

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We were up and going early on Saturday morning to do our weekly household chores. Luke had basketball practice at the Fieldhouse. We got dressed up a little and headed up to Hollyhock Hill for dinner with Dad & Barb. It was a wonderful, 4-course dinner. Their chicken is amazing. It was great to see Dad & Barb. They both looked good and it was fun catching up with them. We see them far too infrequently. I wished we lived closer to them. We at for a couple hours and then said our goodbyes. We headed back to town and had tickets to go see the new Star Wars movie that night! The Force Awakens was very well written and had great acting. A big thank you goes out to JJ Abrams for using far less of the CGI in this film. I won’t give away any spoilers here but let’s just say that do kill off one of the main characters – my favorite, so I was pretty bummed about that…
We got to sleep in on Sunday morning. Ann didn’t sleep well because of the knee but allowed me to sleep in – thanks honey. She woke me up to go help our neighbor to get up from the floor. He had fallen and was having difficulty getting back up to his feet. We got him going and visited / laughed for a few minutes. We had a nice, quiet morning before cleaning up and getting back on the road. This was the day of the big annual Scheu family Christmas party up in Lafayette, but sadly we missed it this year. Instead we headed up to Knightstown for Luke’s basketball games. This week, the 6th grade team faced off against Tri and then the host Knightstown team. In the opener, the Pirates jumped out to a big lead and were up by 20 before we knew it. At halftime, the Greensburg defense had only given up 2 points. It was more of the same in the 2nd half and was a complete blowout, winning 42-6. Luke did not score but focused on setting screens, passing and getting rebounds. In the second game, it was a little more competitive at the beginning, but the Pirates again began to pull away by halftime. Luke scored a couple buckets to have 4 points on the day. He again set some good screens and worked hard down low to get rebounds. He ended up with 12 rebounds on the day. He had a pair of assists, three forced turnovers and turned the ball over twice. He also had four fouls on the day. It was never close in the second half and they won easily 48-22. Matt ended up staying home today, getting caught up on his sleep. Abby went out with Noah to a Christmas party in the morning and had plans to go to the Star Wars movie again that evening but ended up going out with Noah again. Ann “made” Papa John’s pizza for dinner that night. Because we got back from basketball so late, I did not have a chance to do pictures and video. I will have those in next week’s blog entry… And Matt was featured heavily in the U Indy social media sites this week as he and his roommates were the first ones to sign a lease for the brand new apartments opening next year on campus. They are really, really nice and he is super stoked about it.

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Next up is our Waybac feature which not only features our young family just starting out but a few new pictures of Mom as well. We lead off with Matt’s birth in Columbus, March ’96; then on to Grandparent’s Day in Columbus, August ’96; then Matt’s 1st bday party in March ’97 in Columbus; then a day in the park with Matt in Greensburg, October ’97; followed by some indoor fun when it was really cold outside at our 1st G’burg home in February ’98 with Gigi teaching Matt to shoot baskets; and finally Grandparent’s Day in at the same house in August, 1998.

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Next is our video segment which features two new family videos and a few from around the internet.

And here are a couple links to rock & roll holiday playlists I came across this week:

And here are a couple links to rock & roll holiday playlists I came across this week:

That does it for this installment of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up again with you next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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