When the Snow Falls, to the Ground

I don’t care what that darn rodent said last week; it sure doesn’t feel like an early spring yet! It never got out of the twenties around these parts and we saw the coldest temperatures of the season this week. Matt and Ann continued to heal their aching bodies, Bryan did his best to up my workout regimen, Luke continued to transition his sports seasons, and Abby was again the busiest of us all. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
We started off the week with the flags at half-staff for the passing of former Indiana Edgar Governor Whitcomb at the age of 98. It was a cold, snowy morning and it precipitated all day. It was a long day due to being a bit dehydrated from last night. Ann met up with Matt for dinner after his doctor appointment in Columbus to look at his knee again. Dr Guse said it was still too swollen to do too much but was looking better. He has a brace and crutches and needs to continue using them until he no longer walks with a limp. Abby had Pirateers practice then went on to jazz class at DDS. Meanwhile Luke had basketball practice at the junior high school. Congrats to my little bro! Rob called that night and informed me to that he had achieved his real estate license. If you are looking for property down in the Tampa / St Pete area, let me know and I’ll hook you up with Rob’s info…
It snowed overnight and we woke up Tuesday about an inch of snow. Because it had precipitated all night and the temp dropped so much, it was a slow, icy ride in to work. The kids enjoyed a two-hour delay. Thanks to Mom O for running the kids late for us. We picked up the kids and Britney at Mom & Sandy’s house where Dee had made chili and cookies for the kids. Luke & I went to the Y to workout real quick and then we went on to the high school for a make-up boys’ basketball game. Abby & the Pirateers danced pre-game, presented the colors and then danced at halftime. Mom & Gigi surprised us by sneaking in and sitting behind us…and then called us and gave us a hard time…little stinkers… Thanks again to Gigi for some great photos of Abby dancing at the game. Ann & I have big-time camera envy. I’ve got our rig picked out and in my cart at Amazon, but I just haven’t pulled the trigger. We skipped out at halftime and grabbed drive through on our way home. It continued snowing all day and was still coming down when we went to bed that night… Even before we got the phone call early the next morning, Luke was already forecasting a two-hour delay.

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We woke up to the kids having another 2-hour delay on Wednesday. Abby had Pirateers practice after school and then went to work at Dixon until late. Meanwhile, Luke & I met with Bryan & Drew at New Mesco and had pitching practice.
The kids struggled to get up on Thursday morning. Luke had basketball practice again at the junior high that evening. Abby drove Tonya with Britney & Ann to go clothes shopping after work & school and then the girls went out for dinner before going to Dixon Dance Studio for tap class.
Friday was a cold day. After a long day at work, Ann went scrapbooking with Shawna at Mrs. B’s. Abby went out with Megan & Brit on a triple date. She made a great wingman for her buddies. Luke & I met up with Bryan, Angie & Drew at the YMCA for an hour-long workout. Luke ended up leaving with the Messers to spend the night with Drew which meant I had a nice, quiet evening at home…till the girls came home and dragged me out after midnight to treat them to Wendy’s. The girls ended up staying the night out in the family room, crashing on the recliners. It snowed most of the night but it didn’t stick and fizzled way too early. We were supposed to get a good chunk of precip so we could go sledding this weekend, but we were pretty bummed to see that it stopped far too early… Congrats to Abby for achieving the Straight A Program with the Reds again. We picked out a game in June vs. the Cubbies to attend this summer! We have lots of cool Super Bowl pictures from last weekend to share…but for some reason the ones at the party were all shaky and blurry…

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I was up early on Saturday to write out the bills, finish up taxes and submit Matt’s FAFSA. All you parents of college-aged kids need to make sure you get yours done the next few weeks before the deadline. I picked up Luke and we ran some errands, went HW hunting and did our weekly household chores. Ann & Amy were not able to go with Dee & Jamie to the wine & cheese fest in the Cincy area because it sold out before they got their tickets. So the ladies took Bu & Baili to Indy / Greenwood and went shopping all day. Luke & I watched the big Purdue game. The Boilers were coming off a huge win against a talented Michigan St team last weekend but couldn’t overcome all the bad calls from the referees and lost in the final seconds against an inferior Michigan team. They got homered badly in that game. And what is with Dan Dakich calling all the Purdue games lately? He is so biased against them that it’s obvious. I would love to turn him down and turn on the radio like Grandpaw used to do. I’d much rather hear Larry Clisby. Next up, the Boilers will host one of Greensburg’s own, Bryant McIntosh and the Northwestern Wildcats. We have some new social media pictures to share form this week: several of Abby and her friends, including the Pirateers clinic from last weekend; sadly, Steph’s mother passed away this week…our hearts and thoughts are with her and her family…then our friend Courtney & Cassie; GPN; Boilers big win; the Lady Pirates made it to Regionals…but lost in the 1st round; Stink Bug & Stick Bug; Rob is working at Steinbrenner Field this week; some snowy sites this week; Bu & Brit enjoying chili at Memaw’s; Bu the Wingman; and Gov. Whitcomb.

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We got to sleep in on Sunday morning. It was Valentine’s Day, but we didn’t do anything special. Ann & I had planned to again divide and conquer because the kids had competing events. Luke & I were to be at the junior high school where the 6th grade Pirates basketball team should’ve played in what I believe was their final games of the year. We were to face Columbus and South Ripley. However, due to the threat of the impending snow storm, a couple teams pulled out and then Trevor cancelled the games for the day. Not sure if we will make these games up or if this is it for the little team that could. :0) With the cancellation of Luke’s games, we could all go to support Abby and the Turtles CYO volleyball team. Luke was “sick” so he stayed home. Abby drove us across town at St. Mary’s. Ann helped keep score for Shawna. The girls faced another St Mary team and then Oldenburg. They dominated the 1st game, winning all three sets against a depleted team that only had four players. Afterwards they won 2 of 3 in the second game. Between games, the girls ran to DQ for Blizzards. Afterwards Abby got to drive in the snow and ice. I’d say there was about two inches of snow and she did great. It was only her second time. We dropped off Ann and we went to ElRep for an early dinner. She did great driving home and it really started to pickup. We could only go about 20 mph due to the slick roads. Luke & I took advantage of the snowfall by heading to the snow hill in the early evening and got about an hour of fun in before it got too dark. Alex joined Luke for some inspired sledding. Luke made it to the creek on the final run but thankfully it was frozen! Later that night, Ann & I enjoyed the return of The Walking Dead. Here are some pictures from last weekend’s volleyball games. The Ninja Turtles have a lot of fun playing together. Not sure what they’ll do next year when everyone graduates except Abby & Kiersten?!

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Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature our young family as were just starting out on our own in the nineties. We lead off in July of ’96 in Rob & I checking out our cards in Columbus and then Matt hanging out with Uncle Keith in Greensburg; next we come back to Columbus for a visit with our good friend Chris, who celebrated a birthday this week!; then we head over to Greensburg for Matt hanging out at our home by blowing bubbles with Mommy or taking a bath with Daddy in September ’97; then we have Matt playing with Grandma and Grandpa Bryan in December ’97; next we head out to East Aurora, near Buffalo for their big Independence Day parade – it was cool because of the huge Fisher Price floats (where FP toys are manufactured) in July of ’98; and finally Luke & I hanging out uptown on the Square after the annual costume competition on Halloween night – Matt didn’t win the overall prize but did come away with one of the smaller first- place awards…though he absolutely hated his bumble bee suit!…back in October of 1998.

Waybac.1996.07.sic01 Waybac.1996.07.sic02 Waybac.1996.07.sic03 Waybac.1996.07.sic04 Waybac.1997.02.cvv1 Waybac.1997.02.cvv2 Waybac.1997.02.cvv3 Waybac.1997.02.cvv4 Waybac.1997.09.sig1 Waybac.1997.09.sig2 Waybac.1997.09.sig3 Waybac.1997.09.sig4 Waybac.1997.12.cwmad1 Waybac.1997.12.cwmad2 Waybac.1997.12.cwmad3 Waybac.1997.12.cwmad4 Waybac.1998.07.fojpb1 Waybac.1998.07.fojpb2 Waybac.1998.07.fojpb3 Waybac.1998.07.fojpb4 Waybac.1998.10.mhbb1 Waybac.1998.10.mhbb2 Waybac.1998.10.mhbb3 Waybac.1998.10.mhbb4

Our final section is our videos. We have three new family movies and a few from around the internet to share this week.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks again for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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