Twenty Years Now…Where’d They Go?

Lots of changes in the air this week… Ann & I struggled with adjusting to the time change. The grass continued to green and began growing. The trees and flowers began to bloom. With all the rain over the past week, we saw lots of areal flooding. The temperatures dipped while we welcomed the first day of spring. The kids enjoyed the week off for Spring Break. We loved having the family all together again – it felt very comforting. We enjoyed seeing all the pictures of our friends and family on the beach while we enjoyed…dental and automotive repairs…man; that doesn’t seem right…
Kama spent the night on Sunday night and they fell asleep on the couches in the living room with the TV blaring – which is how we found them Monday morning. We left a list of chores for the kids since they were off for their first week of Spring Break. Matt & Abby were both still sore so they didn’t have much to do. We teased poor little Bu that she looked like a cute chipmunk with her swollen cheeks. She felt pretty awful at first but felt better by the time we got home from work. It was Pi day (3/14) and we celebrated with a Pizza King pie for dinner. It rained most of the day but I walked the People Trail when it was just a sprinkle. Matt cleaned out Bebe and we ran her to Acra’s for some frontend work and a couple new tires. Happy birthday! Abby didn’t have dance due to school being out so she ended up going out with Cody to get ice in Tonya.
The kids got to sleep in as Ann & I got up for work on Tuesday. We drove through some dense fog that morning but it turned into an awesome day in the 80s!! What a perfect day for a walk on the PT. Wow! Abby went out with her buddy Molly all evening, including taking our dog Molly out to Rural King…which she apparently loved.
Wednesday was another gorgeous day. I walked after work again. Bebe got her front end repaired. Abby went out running around in Tonya most of the day. Luke spent the night at Oakley’s house. Ann made cheeseburgers for dinner. Later, Bu did not have to work due to DDS being closed this week so she had Kama, Molly & Cody over to hang out and Kama spent the night again.

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It was cooler on Thursday but it was a pretty day. The kids enjoyed another day off. Ann & I took the day off to head up to Indy for Ann’s doctor appointment and some shopping therapy afterward. Bebe was back in the shop – this time to have a window repaired. Ann won’t know the results of her appointment for a couple weeks. We hit the mall and Jared after having a nice lunch at Shallo’s…complete with some green beer (mine was called Zombie Dust) for St. Patrick’s Day. We used to go there frequently when we were just dating. Love those homemade chips and dip! We met up with Matt & Abby in Shelbyville in the late afternoon, where they had follow up appointments at the oral surgeon. I was able to get my daily walk in while they were being seen. Later, Matt & I watched the #13-ranked Boilers blow another sizeable lead late in the game and ended up losing in a thrilling double-overtime ball game that broke our hearts. The #12-seeded Little Rock Trojans brought about a disappointing end to the #5 Purdue team. The same thing plagued the boys this game that has killed them all season – 18 turnovers, missed free throws down the stretch and an sub-par effort from Hammonds (coupled with not enough Haas)…sprinkled with some coaching mistakes and they lost by two points. Abby went out with her friends for the evening. Luke had his date postponed. He was hoping to take a girl he likes out to the movies, but it didn’t work out. Matt & I watched the rest of the March Madness games without our favorite team in it, but it’s not the same knowing they had a slight chance to go all the way – thankfully our brackets didn’t have any money riding on them! We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week – so many in fact that we put several back for next week: Abby and her poor chubby cheeks this week; Bu w/ Jaden & Kama as well as a few solos; my new Facebook picture; Jack & Lynz; Kathy in Orlando; a few memes; some cool Purdue pictures; David at the Butler game; Uncle Steve & Aunt Brenda with Wendy and her fam; Katie and Reese; more Kathy & the Mouse; Seth & Hannah in the Rockies; the Drake boys in Alabama; our good friends Courtney & Cassie’s wedding pix; Peyton’s number will be retired by the Colts and they are going to erect a statue of him outside; a couple cool vehicles for Abby’s sake; Bu back on the market again; and my cousins playing dress-up.

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Abby had a tough Friday. Her teeth finally started to give her some relief but her heart was again the part that was hurting. She and Ann had gone Prom dress shopping; sure glad they didn’t buy one. We have some great kids, you know? Mom picked up a U-Haul to get started moving to her new house. I was supposed to help them do that on Saturday but Mom was gung-ho and her grandchildren we all too happy to help her. So while I worked and then exercised in Columbus, the kids moved Mom to her new house. By the time I got home and got Betty White up and running (first time since the fall), they were done with the bulk of work. We helped Dee & Jamie move some stuff out of their storage locker. Matt got Bebe back and she looked and drove like the day we got her. He was thrilled to have his own wheels again. We had dinner and cocktails afterwards at ElRep. And Abby went out until late with friends.
We were up early again on Saturday to continue moving Mom to the new house. We worked through a little rain and then returned the moving van. Matt got Bebe’s oil changed and by the time he came over to help, we were just wrapping up. During the move, we found a couple boxes of pictures. I spent the afternoon scanning in about 500 new photos that will eventually find their way to our Waybac segment. We made it official – Bryan & I will coach a team in the local league this year summer as we signed up Luke & Drew for baseball at the Amory. Later we met up again for dinner at the old house. We had had pizza and cocktails while watching the IU / Kentucky basketball game. It did not disappoint as the game was close right up to the end when the Hoosiers pulled away. We came back and did some work on Barney before it got dark and cold. We had to close up the house and I think Ann sneaked the t-stat back up as the temps dipped to near-freezing levels.
The first day of spring was the chilliest of the week for us. Sunday was very cool and there was a chance of a rain/snow mix – thankfully it never did. It was our day to get the weekly household chores done. Mary Ewing brought over a delicious cake for Matt’s birthday party. After lunch, we had Mom & Sandy, Phyllis & Dick and Dee & Jamie over to celebrate Matt’s 20th birthday! Two decades of that little twerp – can you believe it?? We sang the death-march version of the Birthday Song to him and had cake and ice cream before the men retreated to the living room to watch the Notre Dame game while the girls chatted in the kitchen. Afterwards we nodded off a few times while watching more March Madness. Ann made seafood alfredo for Matt’s birthday dinner. Abby picked up Britney and the girls gave the dogs a bath before heading out to go hang with their friends. Matt opened his gifts and then headed back up to school. It was a great week that everyone enjoyed…despite the all the challenges. It will only be one short week before we see Matthew again for Easter, so our separation anxiety wasn’t too bad this time…

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Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to feature pictures from our first six photo albums from our young family in the nineties. We lead off this week in May ’96 where we have Dad’s truck and boat – Cap’n Ron (his first Bayliner) in Rossville as well as a late baby shower at the Dream House in Rossville with Aunt Sharon (Morgan); then we head to John & June’s old house on Lingle Ave for Christmas in December ’96 with Granny, Matt, Vicky & her boys, Barney and one his boys and Conner & Daniel; next we head out to the fairgrounds in July ’97 for Matt with Ann, Gigi & Dee at the baby contest; then to Christmas at our new house on Main St (we’ve spent a lot of time there this weekend) for what appears to be shortly after Christmas in December ’97; Ann & Matt playing at the city pool in Greensburg (before the remodeling project) and later up in LaPorte on Pink Lake where Matt & I are tubing – all in June ’98; and we wrap up in Indy at Vicky & Faddi’s house for the Scheu Family Christmas in December ’98.

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Next up is our video segment which includes one new family movie and a few flicks from around the internet this week.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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