You Gotta Keep on Runnin’…

It’s hard to believe, but this is our 400th blog entry this week. We began this venture long ago as a way for Mom to keep up with us since I’m so terrible about calling and keeping in touch. That seems like such a long time ago…I never imagined it would still be going at this point. It’s a labor of love. We enjoyed a very fast week, here at the Scheu abode. Matt prepped for finals week at U Indy. Abby kept busy as always, running with her friends and staying involved in multiple activities both in and out of school. Luke stayed busy with two sports and finally got a chance to show his stuff in a couple track meets this week. Ann made some progress with her health as did I. It continued to rain way too much this week, causing more local flooding. When it wasn’t raining though, the weather was pretty nice actually. We love having the house open. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
Ann got to sleep in on Monday morning while the rest of us had to get up and go back to work/school. She continued to recover well and is looking good. She has been able to get up and out of the house more, which is a great sign. I had a cardiologist appointment. Not sure what is causing the pain so we did a blood work up and scheduled some treadmill work for later in the week that will hopefully show something. Abby went to the varsity softball game to support Britney after school. Luke finally had his first track meet of the year, after all his weeks of work. They faced Shelbyville, who had a good team. I believe the Pirates won and Luke participated in 4 events. His results: high jump: 2nd place (JV) with new PB at 4’ 6”; 100 m dash: 1st place (JV); then 4 x 100: 3rd place (varsity); and then 200 m dash: 5th place (varsity). Great job, kiddo!! Then Ann went with Bu to DDS for jazz class where they did pictures.

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I had my blood drawn before work on Tuesday and then left early to run Annie up to the endocrinologist in Indy where she received good news. Then we met up with Matt for an early dinner at Five Guys – I hear there’s one coming soon to Columbus! Luke had track practice after school. Abby went to Britney’s softball game again but both were cut short by several rounds of t-storms and Luke’s baseball practice got cancelled. Unfortunately we were out of town still and Bryan got stuck at work and neither had the ability to tell the parents that practice was cancelled…despite the storms. I guess a few of them showed up and were angry because of the lack of communication. We need a team mom badly….where’s Coach Mary when you need her??
Wednesday was rainy again. Ann continued to get stronger and is getting around better, despite her torn meniscus. Abby worked at Dixon after school. Luke had track practice and then he and & I had baseball practice with the team in the rain over at North Park. That field has no brick dust, just dirt…meaning it was really muddy. We were all filthy afterwards! Bryan couldn’t make it so I ran practice. It was a fun one…what else can you do in the mud? We were missing 4 or 5 kids again…we really need a team mom. We ran Drew home after practice then picked up some new game pants at Hibbett’s and grabbed takeout and came home to clean up and relax. Ann & Shawna had an After-Prom meeting then went shopping for goodies and presents for the big event – which is coming up next weekend!
It was a stormy Thursday morning. Ann returned to work for the first time and probably did a little too much. She was awfully tired when she got home. She saw Dr Guse about her knee to confirm what we already knew – she needs surgery again. I returned to the cardiologist for a stress test. Initial readings were all good but I’ll know more next week. Luke had his second track meet that evening. They faced their archrivals, Batesville – and blew them out of the water. Luke competed in three events this time: 100 yd dash: 1st place (JV with new PB of 13.8 sec); 200 yd dash: 3rd place (JV); and high jump: did not place. He & I grabbed drive thru & came home to relax afterwards. Meanwhile Abby & Ann went to a Pirateers meeting, dinner & then on to tap class at Dixon Dance. Later, Abby took Molly for a ride to go pick-up Cody so they could do Homework Club (after going to see Britney’s new puppy!) until late. Here are some of the random sights from the past week or so…

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Friday was absolutely gorgeous day. Ann worked a half day and came home to rest. I had a long day, as most of them are at the end and start of each month. I got on the People Trail afterwards. Luke had track practice, which was pretty cool since it was only for the athletes who had made the annual Greensburg Invitational the next day. Even though it is for an alternative, it is still quite an honor and we are very proud of him. Abby wet out with friends after school, of course. Ann went out with Shawna to spend the night scrapbooking at Mrs. B’s. Later, Luke & I went out to El Chile Poblano for dinner. We hadn’t been in there for quite some time. It wasn’t really that good and I’m not sure when we’ll go back. Later, Britney spent came home with Bu and ended up spending the night with her.
We were up early on a rainy Saturday. I was running Luke to the Greensburg Invitational when we got the news that it had been cancelled due to the rain. So we turned around, went home and got changed and then went to baseball practice with Bryan Y& Drew. We were the only ones there at first but a couple more showed up but not enough to actually do much. So we called it after a half hour. Luke & I ran one of the boys home and then ran some errands and grabbed breakfast. We eventually made it out to the high school and met up with Abby, Emma and the Student Council who were conducting a fundraiser with the local Ford dealership. For every test drive, the school gets $20. Luke was thrilled that we test drove the new Mustang! We passed Ann as she was on her way to Mrs. B’s to meet up with Shawna to do some more scrapbooking. Afterwards, Abby went out with Megan and friends to see their South Decatur buddies “walk in” to their prom. Later, she had girlfriends over for pizzas then went out cruising. Megan & her friend ended up spending the night.
It rained again overnight but we woke up to beautiful blue skies. Megan & her friend went home early. We got up and did our weekly household chores. It dried up nicely, allowing Luke & I to get out and do yard work. We hadn’t mowed in a couple week, so it really needed it. It had been even longer since we ran the trimmer. We even trimmed the tree in the backyard. Bu had Britney over for the day. Luke & I checked the fluids on the vehicles and took naps during the wild NASCAR races in Talladega. Ann cooked out burgers on the grill for dinner and we relaxed and watched movies until bedtime as another set of storms moved through the area… We have a ton of social media pictures to share this week: Abby and friends; silly ones of Matt, Ann & I; a bunch more of Bu & her buddies; Baili and prom date; three generations of Bryan girls; Nate; the Drakes; the Guards; the Drews; an oldie of the Myers’; Aunt Sharon’s fam; Bu’s teacher during her Colts cheerleaders tryout; Ace put out a new album this week; Pat in Jamaica; and Abby at Chitaqua with the voice actor that did Beast in the Disney movie.

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Next is our Waybac section. We are winding down our pictures from our early photo albums from our young family in the mid-nineties. I would say we have another month or six weeks of them and I’ll have to scan in our next six photo albums Ann put together. In addition, we have more pix we salvaged from Mom & Dee’s moves earlier this spring. We lead off this week in the early nineties with Dee in a glamour shot, a couple at WTRE, the Lego one may be from a WTRE trip to TN?; Melvin the cool cat and Mom O – dates vary, but I would guess all are from ’90-’95, respectfully; then we move on to May ’96 for the Olympic torch relay (world wide!) coming through Columbus and then in Rossville we have Dad’s new Chevy truck and Bayliner boat in front and then behind the Dream House; then we head to December ’96 for Christmastime in Columbus; we also see Gigi, Memaw & Matt in his first 4th of July parade in ’97; next we head to our Main St home in G’burg to find the family gathered for Christmas in December ’97 and a belly shot of Matt & Brayton; then we head back up to Rossville and out to Aunt Marilou & Uncle Kenny’s house for a fish fry and then up to LP on Pine Lake, all in June ’98; then we head to downtown G’burg in December ’98 for a carriage ride with our Frosty, Grinch & Cat in the Hat (I think Mom, Gigi & Dee or Chad?); next we see several pix of Gracie, circa 2000-2001; then some egg people that I think Abby did for Memaw in approx 2002; then Gracie in December 2003; Easter at Mom & Sandy’s in April ’04; and then Gracie at the Y and with Dee in Disney, circa 2004-2006.

Waybac.1990.dgs1 Waybac.1993.wtre Waybac.1993.wtre1 Waybac.1993.wtre3 Waybac.1995.mm1 Waybac.1995.mm2 Waybac.1996.05.cot1 Waybac.1996.05.cot2 Waybac.1996.05.dtab1 Waybac.1996.05.dtab2 Waybac.1996.12.mfcc1 Waybac.1996.12.mfcc2 Waybac.1996.12.mfcc3 Waybac.1996.12.mfcc4 Waybac.1997.07.mfp1 Waybac.1997.07.mfp2 Waybac.1997.07.mfp3 Waybac.1997.07.mfp4 Waybac.1997.07.mfp5 Waybac.1997.12.oc1 Waybac.1997.12.oc2 Waybac.1997.12.oc3 Waybac.1998.06.rff1 Waybac.1998.06.rff2 Waybac.1998.06.rff3 Waybac.1998.06.rff4 Waybac.1998.12.csr1 Waybac.1998.12.csr2 Waybac.1998.12.csr3 Waybac.1998.12.csr4 Waybac.2000.gnn1 Waybac.2000.gnn2 Waybac.2001.gnn3 Waybac.2001.gnn4 Waybac.2002.aep1 Waybac.2002.aep2 Waybac.2003.gcp1 Waybac.2003.gcp2 Waybac.2004.04.eig1 Waybac.2004.04.eig2 Waybac.2004.gd1 Waybac.2004.gd2 Waybac.2006.gdwdw1

And finally we have our video segment. This week, we have three new family home movies as well as a few from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Momma…
Later, Scheu

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