That’s when I Need my Father’s Eyes…

We enjoyed another great week, here at the Scheu abode. The weather was awesome. Luke was involved in three sports again, Abby focused on dance, Matt worked and went to school, Ann continued to adjust to life, post-thyroid and prepared for yet another surgery and I continued to battle the bulge. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
Abby was up early and out the door before even Ann & I could leave for work on Monday. She and her Pirateers teammates were putting on the annual Pirateer clinic / camp this week for the younger girls in the community. She was so excited that she forgot a few things and dear ol’ Dad had to run her things out to her before we left for Columbus. Luke had basketball camp that afternoon where he and his team ended up travelling to East Central for three AAU games. They won all 3 games. Luke had 10 points and pulled down several rebounds on the day. Matt’s school was cancelled, so he enjoyed a rare day off. Luke broke his iPhone on the bus ride home from EC. I walked the track out at the high school that we used for the Color Run 5K last weekend. It was hot and humid but I managed a really good time, completing the circuit in under 45 minutes. Mom O called me and said she wanted me to come in from the heat. She had been listening on her scanner and heard someone needed an ambulance out in the heat and thought it might have been me! :0) I reminded her that I do this every day after work (or try to anyhow). I got Luke set up on my old Droid X but I couldn’t believe how small and slow that thing was. He wasn’t complaining though; he had only had his phone back 24 hours when he broke it (he had been grounded from it for two months due to his behavior). Later, Luke went out to the ball diamonds with Drew and Bryan. Abby had her BFFs over for dinner – the old gang was back together – Abby, Megan, Britney & Brooke. Ann made cheeseburgers on the grill along with a wonderful mac & cheese dish…yum!
On Tuesday, Abby was in to school early again for Pirateers camp. Luke had basketball camp again. He came home with some nasty blisters on his toes – not sure what the heck he did to earn those, but they were really sore and beet red. It stormed most of the day. I did get out on the People Trail after work but ended up cutting it off after 30 minutes due to being absolutely soaked! Luke’s baseball game was rained out, though we were very disappointed that we received no notification of it from the league. Ann & I drove past the field on our way from home and saw it was deserted so I texted all the parents to let them know we were going to cancel it even if the league wouldn’t tell us. By the time we cancelled baseball, it was too late for us to get Luke to football practice. Matt worked at the old folks’ home. Ann “made??? a quick & easy dinner (frozen pizzas) and Megan spent the night. Here are various pictures of our recent adventures, mostly from my walks this week.

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After all the rain yesterday, Wednesday was really hot and humid. Abby was up and out early again for Pirateers camp. Mom O again picked up Lukey for basketball camp – thanks again, Memaw – really appreciate it!! Matt had school cancelled again. Ann saw Jami for her haircut. I walked home from Ann’s work in downtown G’burg via the railroad tracks that run from her office to just behind our subdivision. It was an interesting walk that I would do again…although I have to admit, my legs and back were pretty sore afterwards. Not sure how much was due to playing basketball with Justin at work while taking pictures for our new website or just the awkwardness of walking on loose rocks and tracks. I cut back through a field and came in to our neighborhood from the woods. It stormed again that night, which cooled things back off for us. Megan spent the night again and we set up a different phone for Lucas since we couldn’t get the Droid to charge. The HTC we got going for him will work for now but we ended up letting him pick out a new phone for his birthday. He ended up selecting the iPhone 6s and is thrilled…but he is already driving us crazy wondering when it will arrive.
Thursday was a cooler day. Abby had Pirateers and Luke had basketball. It was the final day of basketball camp for him. I walked the PT after work but had to stop due to my back hurting again. Luke & I met up with Drew & Bryan at diamond 2 for one of our final league baseball games. We faced the Pirates – possibly for the final time this year – and got off to a slow start. We were down 0-2 early. Luke grounded out to the pitcher but got to pinch run for our catcher with two outs. He stole 3 bases and scored without a pitch even being thrown! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that done before. He has a really good feel for the game right now, playing at a very high level. He got hit by a pitch in his 2nd at-bat, stole 2nd and scored another run on a base hit. In his final at-bat he lined an outside pitch to right field. Taking those pitches the opposite way was something we had talked about before the game due to the umpire. The last time we had this ump, we did not adjust well to his strike zone and lost our only game of the year so far. He hit it to the fence and legged it out for a triple! So he ended up 1-2 on the day with 4 stolen bases and 2 runs scored. He played at 1st base and shortstop, getting an assisted putout on a throw down to 2nd base during a steal attempt that he tagged out. We came from behind and won easily, 11-2. Drew got pulled up to play on the Babe Ruth team again with Coach Nobbe’s son. By the time we left the ball diamonds, it was too late for Luke to go to football practice that night. Matt worked at Aspen Place again that evening. Abby went out with Megan and friends until late.
Ann had Friday off to go with Abby to the final day of Pirateers camp to judge the young dancers. The camp / clinic was a success, judging from all the girls that attended. Luke enjoyed a rare day off (and had way too much energy as a result – he really needs a daily outlet, much like I did at his age). Matt went to school then went out with his buddies. Abby went out with her friends all day and all night, spending the night at Megan’s house in Raglafart. I walked for about an hour after work but needed to stop about every 5 minutes to stretch out my back. That night, Luke, Ann & I enjoyed takeout from Koch’s and watched a couple movies on the big screen.

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Saturday was gorgeous. Luke & I mowed the lawn, did a little HW hunting and grabbed lunch at Steak ‘n Shake in Batesville. Abby was gone all day and most of the night with her girl friends, creating lots of fun memories. Luke moved the cars out of the driveway himself so he could play basketball. Later he had Alex over to play Xbox before Ann & I took him out to Pizza King for dinner. He & I played a few games of PIG, where Dad dominated. Later, he moved all the cars back and drove the truck around the neighborhood. We passed Abby on the road as she came home momentarily and was right back out – this time with her guy friends. Ann was pretty sore today due to not being able to take her daily ibuprofen as she preps for next week’s knee surgery.
Sunday was Father’s Day. I talked to my two dads and opened up my presents – my favorite was my new laptop cooler, but I also got a neat beer bottle cooler and several awesome Hot Wheels. We enjoyed sleeping in until midmorning. Ann made a delicious lasagna dish and a huge pan of fried ice cream – wow!! We did our weekly household chores, took naps, and watched sports and movies all day in the A/C. Later, Ann made cheesy popcorn and Megan came over to spend the night with Abby. Now THAT’S a perfect Father’s Day. :0) It was a very relaxing day and an awesome way to cap off the final full week of spring. I only hope our summer is as good as our spring has been… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week: Abby and her friends had lots of adventures this week; Ann & her protégé; more Bu & friends; Gigi after the 5K; Kathy & son; Wendy & hubby celebrated their anniversary this week; Brent & his bride did as well; Aunt Sharon; Paul celebrated another trip around the sun; more Drakes; Jake & Brody; Nat’s daughter; a cool new set of Hot Wheels – Beatles’ Yellow Submarine!!; more Hot Wheels; some fun memes; new t-shirt ideas for Ann; and Kuyhlia’s first Colts Cheerleader poster.

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Next up is our Waybac section. We have more of the pics from our first six photo albums as well as several goodies from Mom & Dee’s recent moves. We lead off this week with an old picture of Ann’s Grandpa Morrison, circa early ‘60s – possibly with a neighbor (will have to check with Mom O on the date and ID); the previous owner of the station in ‘93 before Gigi bought it; Matt & Brayton in Columbus in June ’96; Matt & I in June ’96 in Columbus; Mom & Dad with Matt in Columbus in December ’96; Matt in Columbus in January & February ’97; Mom & Dad’s visit to Greensburg in July ’97; Matt with Granny Scheu & PJ at Dad & Barb’s cabin in Lafayette in July ’97; Mom, Gigi, Dee, Chad, Ann, Matt & I at the Indy Zoo in July ’97; Matt with Allen (Biggest Loser fame) in Columbus in June ’98; Mom, Gigi, Ann, Matt & I at Keith & Rosie’s house in East Aurora in July ’98; Dee, Grace & Mom O in October & December ’00; Matt, Abby, Gracie & Megan in 2002; our sweet babies when they were still babies…and still sweet in September & December 2003; Gma & Gigi in Greensburg with Megan, Grace, Minnie & Charlie in April ’04; and Gracie in ’06.

Waybac.1960s.agm1 Waybac.1960s.agm2 Waybac.1993.wtre52 Waybac.1996.06.mab1 Waybac.1996.06.mab2 Waybac.1996.06.mab3 Waybac.1996.06.mab4 Waybac.1996.06.msic1 Waybac.1996.06.msic2 Waybac.1996.06.msic3 Waybac.1996.06.msic4 Waybac.1996.12.mfcc21 Waybac.1996.12.mfcc22 Waybac.1996.12.mfcc23 Waybac.1996.12.mfcc24 Waybac.1997.01.mny1 Waybac.1997.01.mny2 Waybac.1997.01.mny3 Waybac.1997.01.mny4 Waybac.1997.02.mwic01 Waybac.1997.02.mwic02 Waybac.1997.02.mwic03 Waybac.1997.02.mwic04 Waybac.1997.07.mdgv01 Waybac.1997.07.mdgv02 Waybac.1997.07.mdgv03 Waybac.1997.07.mdgv04 Waybac.1997.07.mglv1 Waybac.1997.07.mglv2 Waybac.1997.07.mglv3 Waybac.1997.07.mglv4 Waybac.1997.07.miz1 Waybac.1997.07.miz2 Waybac.1997.07.miz3 Waybac.1997.07.miz4 Waybac.1997.07.miz5 Waybac.1998.06.mvaf11 Waybac.1998.06.mvaf12 Waybac.1998.07.eafoj0 Waybac.1998.07.eafoj1 Waybac.1998.07.eafoj2 Waybac.1998.07.eafoj3 Waybac.1998.07.eafoj4 Waybac.1998.07.eafoj5 Waybac.2000.10.gfc0 Waybac.2000.12.gfc1 Waybac.2000.12.gfc2 Waybac.2000.12.gfc3 Waybac.2000.gfc4 Waybac.2002.12.scc1 Waybac.2002.gpc11 Waybac.2002.gpc12 Waybac.2002.gpc13 Waybac.2002.mpc1 Waybac.2003.09.bsc1 Waybac.2003.12.scc1 Waybac.2004.04.eots1 Waybac.2004.04.eots2 Waybac.2004.04.eots3 Waybac.2004.04.eots4 Waybac.2006.ggc1

We finally have an entry for our Shit that Luke Says…not that we couldn’t have one weekly, but I always forget to write it down. This week, I emailed it to myself so I wouldn’t forget. As we were setting at Steak ‘n Shake, laughing and talking; we got on the topic of phones and we started to compare my GN3 to his new iPhone 6s and he quipped that his phone was, “faster than the sound of light!??? I laughed and said that he shouldn’t talk about things he doesn’t understand and he said that he knew his phone was better because, “iPhone is richer than Samsung!??? LOL…what does that even mean?!…

And finally, we have our video segment which features one new family movie this week and several from around the internet.

And that does it for this entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks as always for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. Happy Father’s Day to all those dads out there… We miss ya Mom…
Later, Scheu

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