A Sweet Surprise…it’s a Trick or Treat

We had a long week – unusual for us at this time of year. The week started off warm (in the upper 80s) but finished much cooler (30s overnight). Many trees have lost all their leaves. The fields are now mostly empty. MLB ended, NBA just started up, NASCAR is into their playoffs, college basketball kicked off, and football is everywhere. Matt stayed up at school all week. Abby continued to get healthy (concussion-wise, but she battled some sort of bug that kept her coughing all week), getting back in to the swing of things by spending time dancing, getting back to work, really focusing on her studies and splitting time hanging out with her friends and boyfriend. She also received another honor this week. Luke worked hard all week on basketball and we spent a little time working on football stuff, which will continue all off-season as he would like to maybe try a new position next year. Ann’s knees did better this week and I continued to diet and exercise…well most of the time anyhow. :0) Hello again and welcome to the latest entry of the Scheu Family Blog.
Monday morning was a beautiful day for heading back to work and school. We said goodbye to Matt, who got up and went over to have breakfast with Gma before heading up to school. Abby & Ann were supposed to leave early to come back to town for a funeral but had to change plans at the last minute. Luke had basketball practice after school. I walked about 3 miles after work on a very warm day. Abby had Randall over to spend the evening with us. Ann & I met up at the Jr. High for a basketball parents meeting to meet the coach and get some general information for the year, including expenses. Ann & Heather are organizing meals for away games while I am committed to taping all the games for the coaches and uploading them to Hudl again. We got home to a busy neighborhood as it was Halloween…but none of our kids went trick-or-treating this year. We did have a couple hundred little goblins come pandering for candy, which seemed like a little more than last year. It was a perfect night for it – in the low 60s. Just as Matt & I have done for years and years, Luke & I kept the tradition of playing football in front yard. We’ve done that for as long as I can remember. Luke had Alex over for a while and he and the neighborhood boys ran around till dark. The Bears won on MNF while Randall & Bu worked on a psychology project till late.
Tuesday was an amazing day in the 80s. Abby was in early for Student Council then worked at BWR after school, missing her awards banquet for soccer. We were very proud to learn that she had been named to the All Academic Team! Way to go, Bu!! Luke had basketball after school. I walked 3 miles after work where I was actually hot and sweaty. Ann went out with Shawna to BWR to harass Abby and talk about starting up a scrapbook store after Mrs. B’s closes… And we were up late again to watch game 6 of the World Series in Cleveland where the Cubbies forced a game 7 with a big win! Luke’s school pictures finally came in today and they turned out really well. And as promised, we have pictures from last weekend where I endured the death march version of the birthday song.

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Wednesday was another gorgeous day in the mid-80s. I again walked 3 miles after work. Luke again played basketball after school and felt really good about his chances of possibly doing some starting this year. Abby had Mary over for dinner as Ann cooked a big pot of yummy chicken corn chowder! Later, all the girls went to Dixon for jazz class while Luke & I watched game 7 of the WS (only the 38th game 7 in history!). It was one of the most amazing baseball games I’ve ever seen in my life. It truly that had it all – a leadoff homerun, more homers, stolen bases, errors, brilliant defense, sac flies, sac bunt w/ two strikes, close plays, extra innings and even a rain delay! In the end, the Cubs won 8-7 and finally snapped the curse after 108 years. Mom and Grandpaw are somewhere celebrating, I just know it!
Luke had basketball practice after school on Thursday again. Bu finally had a Pirateers practice before heading on to tap class where Ann joined her. I walked again and got in a 5K for the first time this week. It was a cooler evening (it rained earlier) and felt much more like fall finally.
I enjoyed the day off on Friday and got a lot done around the house. I won a really cool Alice Cooper “Billion Dollar Babies” colored-vinyl LP. I was bummed to find that my turntable was missing the stylus. The more I thought about it, I think it broke the last time I tried to use it and must’ve removed it to get it replaced and never did take care of it. I contacted someone online that pointed me in the right direction, so I’ll have to order that piece. I did find an old turntable while moving Gigi this weekend, which I brought home. So I’ll have to see if I can get that hooked up because I’d love to listen to my new record. Thanks to Redbeard and the good folks at “In the Studio” for the contest. This was my 3rd LP that I’ve won from them in the last year. I always loved listening to this radio program on Sunday evenings as a kid and still listen to it today – although now it is over the internet each week. Luke had basketball practice after school. Abby got in a fender bender after school in the parking lot. Chase (Pat & Shawna’s son) accidentally took off when one of her friends had the rear passenger door open and must’ve been up against his truck. The door got bent backwards and wouldn’t shut. They eventually got it latched and brought it back to us after calling us in a huff. I couldn’t understand her because she had lost her voice yesterday. I had to bang her door back in to shape with my rubber mallet so that she could open her passenger-side rear door without having to open the front door. The boys felt awful about the accident, but it was really no one’s fault. It has a big dent and a couple of weird-looking spots on the edges of the doors, but Tonya is no worse for the wear. In the end, it is still a high schooler’s car! Bu had Brittany over and later took Cody and a few friends and drove to the football sectional final in Lawrenceburg where the Pirates unfortunately ended their season. My LaPorte Slicers also ended their season when Penn beat them at Kiwanis Field. I had no idea they had been moved up to 6A. Ann & I took Luke to ElRep for dinner and a drink. Afterward, we relaxed on the couch and watched a few DVR’ed shows before I fell asleep and went to bed early. I’m so old… Abby and Randall kept Ann up to about 3 am that night…so I’m sorta glad I went to bed. She loves it! Here are some random pictures from this week.

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Luke & I were up early on Saturday morning to change the oil in Black Betty. Afterwards we fired up Betty White, who I had on the battery charger overnight. We met up with Mom, Sandy, Dee & Jamie over at the Main St. house to help move all the stuff out of the basement and in to storage or over to the new house. Gigi ran Luke to basketball practice about mid-morning then I picked him up at noon. I made seven trips altogether in the old Chevy, which did great today. Abby worked at BWR till about mid-afternoon. Ann went out shopping all day with Amy. We finally got everything done about the time Abby got off work. We got cleaned up, waited for Bu to get home from work and then we all met up for dinner at ElRep. Mom didn’t feel well (I know it’s hard to believe that she overdid it today!), so she stayed home but Gigi came out with us and Jamie/Dee. Abby drove home because I had a couple margaritas and she went out with Randall while Luke & I set up a stereo in his bedroom. We found some great pictures during the move and I can’t wait to share them on the blog. We left the big chalkboard in the basement that we installed years ago. I believe I brought that home from work back in the 90’s when we upgraded to white boards out at the center. It still had some old writing on it from the kids when they were little. I wish we had a place for it, but it is 8’ x 4’. We also saw Dean’s trumpet and an old paper with Sandy on the cover, among several other goodies. Look for those pictures in the coming weeks. Later, Luke & I made a DQ run for a nightcap.
We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning before getting up to do our weekly household chores. Abby and Ann went up to Lafayette for Lindsay’s baby shower at the Lafayette Country Club. Most of the Scheu gals were there: Vicki, Blancha, Kelsey, Cathy, Barb, (Ann, Bu), Sally, June, Kimmy, Lindsay (of course), Steph and Haley, among others. Luke & I worked on Black Betty’s coolant system, raked all the leaves in the front (we got 5 big bags-worth), threw a little football and grabbed lunch at Jimmy John’s before settling in and watching NFL on Red Zone the rest of the day. Both the Cowboys and Colts won today! Randall came over to have dinner with us. Ann made cheesy chicken casserole, rolls and a big salad. Afterward we relaxed and watched a couple shows on the big screen and then watched the Broncos and Raiders on SNF. After adjusting the clocks last night to “fall back,” nightfall came on early tonight, which was weird. It was great spending the day with Luke today and a relaxing way to end a long week. We have a ton of social media pictures to share.

smp16.11.01 smp16.11.02 smp16.11.03 smp16.11.04 smp16.11.05 smp16.11.06 smp16.11.07 smp16.11.08 smp16.11.09 smp16.11.10 smp16.11.11 smp16.11.12 smp16.11.13 smp16.11.14 smp16.11.15 smp16.11.16 smp16.11.17 smp16.11.18 smp16.11.19 smp16.11.20 smp16.11.21 smp16.11.22 smp16.11.23 smp16.11.24 smp16.11.25 smp16.11.26 smp16.11.27 smp16.11.28 smp16.11.29 smp16.11.30 smp16.11.31 smp16.11.32 smp16.11.33 smp16.11.35 smp16.11.36 smp16.11.37 smp16.11.38 smp16.11.39 smp16.11.40 smp16.11.41 smp16.11.42 smp16.11.43 smp16.11.44 smp16.11.45 smp16.11.46 smp16.11.47 smp16.11.48 smp16.11.49 smp16.11.50 smp16.11.51 smp16.11.52 smp16.11.53 smp16.11.54 smp16.11.55 smp16.11.56 smp16.11.57 smp16.11.58 smp16.11.59 smp16.11.60 smp16.11.61 smp16.11.62 smp16.11.63 smp16.11.64 smp16.11.65 smp16.11.66 smp16.11.67 smp16.11.68 smp16.11.69 smp16.11.70

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature our 2nd six photo albums of our young family – focusing on our lives in the Main St. home…including some great photos of Mom. We lead off with a classic of Ann & her college roommate, Stacy in 1988 at FC; then up to Indy to the Brickyard 400 where we sat behind the Lowe’s pit in August, 1997; then Christmas morning on Main St in December, 1998 (one of the best ones ever!); then down to Treasure Island at the Sand Pebble for Week 19 fun in May, 1999; Matt’s 4th bday party on Main St in March, 2000; Mom’s bday party(?) on Main St. in June, 2000; Matt at the Y for t-ball in June, 2000; Abby’s first bday party on Main St in September, 2000; Matt’s school picture in September, 2000 (I think); Abby and Matt on Main St in Mom’s rocking chair in November, 2000; Moe at the house on the hill in Rossville in November, 2000; our Main St home all lit up on a snowy evening in December, 2000; and Bu with Ann at Cookies with Santa in Columbus in December, 2000.

Waybac.1988.as.fcddd Waybac.1997.08.byf11 Waybac.1997.08.byf12 Waybac.1997.08.byf13 Waybac.1998.12.msc1 Waybac.1998.12.msc2 Waybac.1998.12.msc3 Waybac.1998.12.msc4 Waybac.1998.12.msc5 Waybac.1998.12.msc6 Waybac.1998.12.msc7 Waybac.1998.12.msc8 Waybac.1998.12.msc9 Waybac.1999.05.wnp1 Waybac.1999.05.wnp2 Waybac.1999.05.wnp3 Waybac.1999.05.wnp4 Waybac.1999.05.wnp5 Waybac.1999.05.wnp6 Waybac.1999.05.wnp7 Waybac.1999.05.wnp8 Waybac.1999.05.wnp9 Waybac.1999.05.wnp10 Waybac.1999.05.wnp11 Waybac.1999.05.wnp12 Waybac.1999.05.wnp13 Waybac.1999.05.wnp14 Waybac.1999.05.wnp15 Waybac.2000.03.m4bdp1 Waybac.2000.03.m4bdp2 Waybac.2000.03.m4bdp3 Waybac.2000.03.m4bdp4 Waybac.2000.06bdpp1 Waybac.2000.06.bdpp2 Waybac.2000.06.bdpp3 Waybac.2000.06.bdpp4 Waybac.2000.09.aop1 Waybac.2000.09.aop2 Waybac.2000.09.aop3 Waybac.2000.09.aop4 Waybac.2000.09.mksp1 Waybac.2000.11.marc1 Waybac.2000.11.marc2 Waybac.2000.11.mdr1 Waybac.2000.11.mdr2 Waybac.2000.11.mdr3 Waybac.2000.11.mdr4 Waybac.2000.12.cdoms1 Waybac.2000.12.cdoms2 Waybac.2000.12.cdoms3 Waybac.2000.12.cdoms4 Waybac.2000.12.cws1

And we end with the video section which includes one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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