All Control is in the Hands of Those Who Know

This week seemed to last forever…likely because it started off so fast. …Either that we maybe we just have seasonal affective disorder – we barely saw the sun at all this week. We went up to Aunt Dorothy’s visitation and caught up with family we hadn’t seen in quite some time. We finally got to see Dad & Barb. I’m not really sure if I saw them at all in 2016? Matt started his 2nd semester of his junior year at the University of Indianapolis this week. Abby was busy as ever with school, work and dance. Luke finally got back to playing basketball this week and had a wail of a game. Ann & I had a typical week of aches, pains and exercise. But the big news of the week was not that of the passing of wrestling legend “Superfly” Snuka, but rather the inauguration of the 45th president – Mr. Donald Trump. It should be interesting to see what he can be accomplished with him having the House and the Senate… Hello and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
It was a warmer Monday but overcast and rainy all evening. The kids were off for MLK Day. Matt enjoyed the final day of his winter break up at school. Ann & I went back to work but we left early to drive up to Lafayette for Aunt Dot’s visitation. We think this was the same place as Uncle Hank’s visitation years ago, just down the street from St. Mary’s. She looked great and it was so nice to see our Brown-side of the family. We’ve grown so far apart compared to when we were little – the twins and I were like brother and sisters. Uncle Timmie still lives in the same house and looks exactly like he did back in the 80s – how does he not change?? All the girls were there – Mindi & Brian; Missy & Jimmy; Kathy & Brian with Jake; Trudi & Homie; Debbie and her son Matt and his family; and Peggy – and I’m not sure if she was there with anyone, its all such a blur. Time absolutely flew while we were there. They had a nice turnout during the short time we were there. It was great to quickly catch up with the girls and would love to go have dinner with them to really do it right – especially the twins. Before we knew it we were off again and headed out to Battleground to a little greasy spoon called TC’s to meet up with Dad & Barb. I hadn’t been there before but the food was really good – Dad & I had the catfish while Ann had the pork chops and the birthday girl – Barb – had filet that looked really good. We enjoyed visiting with them for a couple hours then had to force ourselves to get going. We drove home on the shitty I-65 (been a while since I’d driven on it and it is really dilapidated) in the pouring rain – it was pretty intense in a few spots but we made it home safely. Randall was over when we got back and we sat and talked with the kids until bedtime. Here are some random pictures from this week: Aunt Dorothy’s visitation cards; Luke in the paper & the certificate for Honor Roll; some great memories that Missy & Mindi dug up – a Kiss drawing I did for Missy, circa ‘77, the three monkeys in the pool, circa ’76 – it looks like it was taken before the deck was built, I think and another great memory from June of 1978 – says we watched Jaws 2 and ate at Ponderosa – that would’ve been right before we moved to California; we went through five-points, which is an intersection we went through daily back in the day – including the BK Rootbeer Stand and the fire station where our neighbor Doc Linville was stationed; TC’s with Dad & Barb out in Battleground; some exercise stats; after last week’s wind storm, we had to have one of our oldest and tallest trees taken out before it fell on the building – it looks really weird without it on the properly; and Abby surprised me this week with tickets to a concert this summer – Foreigner, Cheap Trick & Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelin Experience – how cool is that? Thanks Bu!!

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Abby & Luke went back to school on Tuesday. I walked 2 miles after work before picking up Ann and driving to Waldron to watch Luke & the 7th grade basketball team square off with the Mohawks in one of the oldest gyms around – it is really cool. I remember Abby playing here in 7th grade – no other gym like it in the state. Waldron only had 5 boys on the team…and only 12 in their class. Makes you wonder how much longer the school will even be around. They hung with us through the first half with the Pirates holding only a basket lead. In the 2nd half, the boys gradually pulled away and really distanced themselves as the game went on. By the time the game ended, they only had 3 on the court (due to 2 fouling out) and the Pirates won again, 44-33 to raise their record to 16-1 on the year! Luke started at center and had a big game. Luke’s stats: a career-high 7 points on 2/6 shooting from the field & 3/4 shooting from the stripe. He added 10 rebounds along with an assist, a tip-out and a steal. Meanwhile Abby worked at Buffalo Wings & Rings after school and we all met up at home to watch the new Bones episode that night.

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Wednesday was a noticeably cooler day. Abby went to school early for extra help with her trig homework then worked at the dance studio after school and eventually went with Ann to jazz class at Dixon later that evening. Luke had basketball practice after school then had Drew over to do homework. They ended up at the YMCA to play basketball for a couple hours. I walked another two miles after work. Ann went out to dinner with her scrapbooking friends which meant I had a few nice, quite hours with the dogs where we were able to watch the Purdue game from last night in peace. :0)
We enjoyed a warmer start to Thursday and actually saw temps in the 50s. It was still overcast but the rain held off until after dark. Luke had basketball after school then stayed to watch the girls’ basketball games. Abby drove over to Columbus and Ann met her at Dr. Fangman’s office. The girls ran some errands and eventually ended up at DDS again for tap class. I walked three miles after work and then enjoyed a little peace for about an hour at home. That night we got caught up on DVR’ed shows while it rained all night. Luke made the paper for basketball – congrats, little buddy!
It was still raining on Friday morning on our way in to work. We watched the temperatures soar in to the 60s after the rain stopped. With all the precipitation we had this week, we saw some low-level flooding. It was Inauguration Day for President Trump and it was all the talk at the facility today. There were protests and some clashes with police. Luke had basketball practice after school then stayed the night at Tyler’s house. Abby worked at BWR after school. Ann went to a scrapbooking event at the Country Club so I ended up with another nice, quiet evening with the dogs, watching a couple movies and enjoying the peace. Although I’m not sure I’m quite ready to have an empty nest, I must admit it was kind of a nice break. Luke made the paper again – this time for earning his way on to the Honor Roll – good job, buddy! We have lots of new social media pictures to share this week: Abby & friends; Barney on vaca; Haley & Walt; Seth & Hannah in Hawaii; Missy & Jimmy oldie; Aunt Sharon (Morgan) had a bday this week; my old Oakland elementary school; Jake; more Aunt Sharon & grandkids; more Scheu family; Dana in DC; Anita & the new VP; Bu; the Ringling Bros & B&B circus is closing for good this year; Cowboys are one & done again; pro wrestler Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka passed away; Calvin & Hobbes Sunday panel; some classic Star Wars memorabilia is at auction this week, following the death of Carrie Fisher; some Hot Wheels stuff, one more Abs and then some scenes from Friday’s Inauguration Day festivities, including a new sign in Columbus.

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Saturday was a very nice, warm day in the 60s again. …And we finally saw the sun for the first time this week! Abby got up early and was out the door to work out at the YMCA with Mary before heading in to work at Wings & Rings. Luke didn’t come home and instead went to watch Tyler’s tourney all day. Congrats to the 7th grade B-team for winning their tourney! Matt came home for a few minutes that morning then headed out to work at Aspen Place. Ann was up early and back out at the country club for more scrapping fun with Shawna. Abby had her Pirateers buddies over after work and then she drove them over to South Decatur to watch the basketball game and their dancers that evening. I picked up Luke & we grabbed some groceries for Ann to make cheeseburgers for dinner…yum!
Sunday was more of the same, taking it easy on an overcast day. We enjoyed sleeping in that morning. The first thing we saw on the news was that there was a gun fired in Matt’s apartment complex and there was a bullet hole near the elevator. The investigation is ongoing but we’re glad he was here with us last night. Later, Abby and then Matt headed in to work. We eventually got moving and did our weekly household chores all day. Ann made cheesy popcorn as we watched the NFC championship game. We were hoping for a good game but didn’t get it as Green Bay never showed up and Atlanta easily won in the final game at the Georgia Dome and are now headed to the Super Bowl. Later, the girls went shopping and Ann made some amazing homemade calzones for dinner as we watched the AFC championship game. Even though I hate to say it, we were rooting for Pittsburg…no way we could ever cheer for a New England win! After Matt got off work, the kids went out to the YMCA to work out and I ended up going to bed early.
Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature our next six photo albums, which coincides with our time in our Main St home. We lead off with Matt showing off his Hot Wheels in our living room on Main St in October 1997; Christmas on Main St in December 1998; Matt’s birthday party on Main St in March 1999; up in Rossville after the Morgan family reunion in August 1999; Abby’s birth in Columbus in September 1999; Easter morning on Main St in April 2000; Abby enjoying a cookie in the Main St dining room in May 2000; Matt & Abby riding their train in the Main St living room in May 2000; Matt & I on a father / son canoe trip in Bloomington in August 2000; Christmas with the Stoewers on Main St in December 2000; up to Lafayette for the Scheu family Christmas at Dad & Barb’s cabin and also at John & June’s house; on to Matt’s bday party in March 2001 at our Main St home; and finally Easter morning on Main St in April 2001.

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And finally we have our video segment. This week we have three new home movies as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. We thank you for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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