(At) an Island in the Sun…

We enjoyed another fast week in the hot, summer sun. Matt & Abby worked and had summer school. Luke had a baseball game that of course got cancelled (his fourth of the year) but he did have a couple football practices as he preps for his 8th grade year. The kids spent a lot of time in swimming pools this week and we finally made it back to King’s Island for the first time in several years. Ann’s knees were back to giving her fits but at least the headaches subsided. I walked 12 miles after work through the week and about 12 more this weekend. And it was a tough week that made us think of both Mom and our Dads. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
Monday would’ve been Mom’s 68th birthday. It was an obvious day of reflection for Rob, Dad & I. That showed during a Facebook conversation that afternoon. It made me ponder at how empty this time of year felt anymore and it wasn’t until that conversation that I finally understood why. For about a decade or so, this time of year was the time when we saw so much of Mom – it would start with Mother’s Day and then go through Week 19 which would lead in to her anniversary and then culminate with her birthday. It was the time of year to celebrate her and why now this time of year feels so hollow anymore. Matt worked a double shift at Aspen Place that really whipped his ass. Abby returned to summer school for her Government class. Luke got to see Gma who took him to get his hair cut and went birthday shopping. Later he ended up spending the night at Tyler’s house and going swimming. I walked a grueling three miles after work on 95° day. I was so sweaty on our ride home…but man did that A/C in Abe Lincoln feel nice…
Matt drove up to Muncie for summer school on Tuesday. Abby had a long day as she also had school that morning and then had to work all night. Luke had football practice that evening. I walked another three miles after work – this time in a light rain. Despite the precipitation, I recorded some of my best time due to lots of thunder/lightning, which obviously gave me extra motivation!
Abby had school again on Wednesday. She had fun with her friends afterwards and then went to Dixon Dance for technique class later. Matt worked as a cook at Aspen. Our dogs got out of the back yard when today’s storm knocked over a part of the fence. I want to give a big shout out to Alex for helping bring them back! Luke has a bad habit of using that section of fence as a “door.” Well that ended today. I got the fence back up temporarily, but it looks like it broke off or something. I’ll have to look at it closer. Luke went to Oakley’s house to spend the night. I walked three miles after work with Justin, who finally came back to work after a long vacation. It was super humid at the start of our walk but a nice breeze blew in some clouds and it wasn’t too bad by the end of our walk. Ann made tortellini and sausage in a delicious sundried tomato sauce that was out of this world for dinner that night! Yum! Here are random pictures from this week.

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Matt was up early with us on Thursday to commute up to Muncie for summer school that morning. He ended up going out swimming with buddies that afternoon. Abby also had school then went swimming with her girls. It was just a good day for swimming due to the heat. It was one of those rare weeks where we really missed our swimming pool. Luke was scheduled to play baseball in Brookville, to face FC Dairy Cottage. Early in the day, however; we got the message that it had been cancelled. Their field is in a valley and our guess was that it was likely a wading pool down there due to all the rain last night. Although we were bummed, we ended up going out for dinner and a drink at El Reparo. Because baseball was cancelled, Luke was able to attend football practice at the junior high school. And I want to wish Brother Drake a very, very Happy Five – Oh! Happy birthday, old man! LOL
Friday was another busy day for Abby…too busy to clean up her room, obviously. She had school then friends time and then had to work until very late. Matt worked as cook again then went over to Andy’s house for the evening. I took day off but was still involved with work as the city of Columbus had a boil-water alert which caused us to kick-in our emergency plan. Kudos to our team who saw things go off without a hitch. Luke & I mowed & trimmed on a very hot morning. We made a run for the border for lunch, which has become a weekly tradition for us. Afterward we went HW hunting and then Luke practiced driving the truck at North Decatur for about a half hour until she started to overheat. It was very hot that afternoon and Betty White was very vocal about being done! Later, Lukey rode his bike to Tyler’s house to go swimming until dark. Ann made homemade Stromboli-like sandwiches for dinner and we watched a couple movies until we fell asleep in the air conditioning…God bless the man who invented A/C! We have a ton of social media pictures to share this week.

smp17.06.146 smp17.06.147 smp17.06.148 smp17.06.149 smp17.06.150 smp17.06.151 smp17.06.152 smp17.06.153 smp17.06.154 smp17.06.155 smp17.06.156 smp17.06.157 smp17.06.158 smp17.06.159 smp17.06.160 smp17.06.161 smp17.06.162 smp17.06.163 smp17.06.164 smp17.06.165 smp17.06.166 smp17.06.167 smp17.06.168 smp17.06.169 smp17.06.170 smp17.06.171 smp17.06.172 smp17.06.173 smp17.06.174 smp17.06.175 smp17.06.176 smp17.06.177 smp17.06.178 smp17.06.179 smp17.06.180 smp17.06.181 smp17.06.182 smp17.06.183 smp17.06.184 smp17.06.185 smp17.06.186 smp17.06.187 smp17.06.188 smp17.06.189 smp17.06.190 smp17.06.191 smp17.06.192 smp17.06.193 smp17.06.194 smp17.06.195 smp17.06.196 smp17.06.197 smp17.06.198 smp17.06.199 smp17.06.200 smp17.06.201 smp17.06.202 smp17.06.203 smp17.06.204 smp17.06.205 smp17.06.206 smp17.06.207 smp17.06.208

On Saturday morning, the kids & I were up early to drive over to Kings Island. Ann stayed behind due to her knees so it was just the kids and I. Abby brought Trevin with her. We followed Jamie & Dee over to Mason, OH. They brought Gracie and her BF, Gavin, who was very nice. While Dee & Jamie went shopping and watched shows, the kids and I hit the coasters. The lines were much shorted than the last time were here; our longest wait by far was about 45 minutes and that was only because the damn ride broke down just as were getting ready to board it! Our first coaster, as has been tradition, was the Racer. What a classic wooden roller coaster. It is still fast and it beats the hell out of you. Next we did the bumper cars (a perennial favorite) and then Matt & I grabbed a cold Bud Lite draft. It was his first adult beverage at KI. We quickly downed it and headed on to our next ride – the Vortex. We continued to go from coaster to coaster the rest of the afternoon: Adventure Express, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Banshee, Diamondback, Firehawk, Mystic Timbers (the new wooden coaster this year – very cool and really fast!), the Bat (formerly Top Gun), and of course The Beast (still our favorite!). We also enjoyed a grilled cheese donut at some point…I know it sounds nasty, but it was amazing! We had the free refill bracelets, which we took full advantage of. Later, we had dinner over at Picnic Grove where they had fried chicken, pulled pork, mac & cheese and lots of other food that really hit the spot after a long day. Although there were a few rides we didn’t get to, we hit all the big ones. Eventually, I think we’d like to go to their water park as well but today we were pretty tired hot and sore. We did run over to the basketball challenge, where Luke again won a free basketball. We ended our day back at International Street to watch the fountains, meet the Peanuts characters, shop at the Sweet Spot and ended our day at Graeter’s with a big waffle cone of Buckeye Blast! It is truly the best ice cream in the region. The kids all fell asleep on the way back home, which made it quite peaceful. At least this time, Luke didn’t have to pee in his cup halfway through the tripl. We were hoping to drop Paul & Dayla’s house for Drake’s 50th birthday party on our way home, but with all the kids asleep and me on my way, I thought it best to just head on home. We hope to catch up with the Drake family soon. The boys all showered once we got home. I didn’t last long afterwards so I took some Advil and went to bed…

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We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning…except Matt, who had to get up at 6 and go in to work the early shift. Abby was next, who went straight from bed to her car, practically. Ann made Luke & I my favorite breakfast – biscuits and gravy – that really hit the spot. We took it easy all day, watching racing and Sci-Fi shows all day. It was Father’s Day, so I called both of mine to wish them well and say hi. I got a new laptop for FD. My old Pavilion has served me very well through the last decade or so. I have created each of our 458 blog entries (this one, #459, will likely be its last). All of our 1153 videos on You Tube were created with it. It hosts our Serviio movie/picture/music server. It will take several days to move everything over and to make sure I have all the proper programs and shortcuts set up the way I like it. I am very particular with how my computers are set up. I don’t do change very well, but I am actually excited about this one since several pieces of hardware either no longer work or malfunction frequently. I haven’t been able to shut my laptop off since last year. Ann made some quick wraps with her homemade adobo sauce for lunch. We had a nice, quiet afternoon and even snuck in a nap. Ann made my favorite for dinner – lasagna! It was delicious as always and I look forward to eating it for the next few days – there’s so much left! For dessert she made chocolate silk pie that was out of this world. We chilled the rest of the night. Ann made Moscow Mules and we enjoyed a little porch time, watching it rain before coming in and watching movies until we fell asleep.
Next is our Waybac section which still has several more pictures of our time in the Main St home at the turn of the century. I have enough pictures to get through about another month before I’ll have to scan our next batch of pictures. This batch is all about Abby but also features some great pictures of Mom. We lead off this week with Abby joining our family and meeting everyone for the first time – from her birth in Columbus to her coming home in Greensburg – in September 1999; then going to Buck Creek for the first time in November 1999; and then to Lafayette for the first time in December 1999; next is Abby’s first Christmas at our home in December 1999; and then a butt-load of pictures of Abby’s first trip to Florida in May 2000.

Waybac.1999.09.madma01 Waybac.1999.09.madma02 Waybac.1999.09.madma03 Waybac.1999.09.madma04 Waybac.1999.09.padma01 Waybac.1999.09.padma02 Waybac.1999.09.padma03 Waybac.1999.09.padma04 Waybac.1999.11.dabma01 Waybac.1999.11.dabma02 Waybac.1999.11.dabma03 Waybac.1999.12.afcola01 Waybac.1999.12.afcola02 Waybac.1999.12.afcola03 Waybac.1999.12.afcola04 Waybac.1999.12.afcoms01a Waybac.1999.12.afcoms02a Waybac.1999.12.afcoms03a Waybac.1999.12.afcoms04a Waybac.1999.12.afcoms05 Waybac.1999.12.afcoms06 Waybac.1999.12.afcoms07 Waybac.1999.12.afcoms08 Waybac.2000.05.afttsp01 Waybac.2000.05.afttsp02 Waybac.2000.05.afttps03 Waybac.2000.05.afttps04 Waybac.2000.05.afttps05 Waybac.2000.05.afttps06 Waybac.2000.05.afttps07 Waybac.2000.05.afttps08 Waybac.2000.05.afttps09 Waybac.2000.05.afttps10 Waybac.2000.05.afttps11 Waybac.2000.05.afttps12 Waybac.2000.05.afttps13 Waybac.2000.05.afttps14 Waybac.2000.05.afttps15 Waybac.2000.05.afttps16 Waybac.2000.05.afttps17 Waybac.2000.05.afttps18 Waybac.2000.05.afttps19 Waybac.2000.05.afttps20 Waybac.2000.05.afttps21 Waybac.2000.05.afttps22 Waybac.2000.05.afttps23 Waybac.2000.05.afttps24

Next up is our video section which includes one new family home movie this week along with several others from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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