Sitting (on the Porch) to Watch the Fireworks Display

We had a great week, celebrating the birth of our nation this week. We got to spend a lot of time with the family, which is what we enjoy the most. Matt picked up the pace this week, starting a second summer school class so now he has a pair of day classes in Muncie as well as two evening classes in Indy…and when not at school, he’s working at Aspen as a cook. He burned his arm pretty good and must keep it bandaged with Silvadene on it. Abby continued to split her time between school, dance, work and friends. Luke enjoyed Moratorium Week and spent his time working out with his weights. Ann got some understanding of her knee issues and I walked about 10 miles after work. The kids got their pyro fix, really enjoying blowing stuff up. And we are really loving the two new channels Comcast added this summer – the classic sci-fi channel called Comet (111) and the classic TV series channel called Me TV (510)!
On Monday, Matt had to get up and work early while the rest of us slept in. He got home, showered and headed up to U Indy to start his 2nd summer school class and ended up staying up at school at his apartment and going out with his friends to their favorite bar. Meanwhile, Abby, Luke & I did some last-minute fireworks hunting – we ended up with some more rockets as well as a couple cakes (finales) – .38 Special and Rain Maker. We also picked up a bunch of supplies for our cookout. Luke & I set up the backyard for our annual display while Ann cooked a ton of food – burgers, dogs, pasta salad…while Amy & Baili brought over buffalo chicken dip and Mom & Gigi brought olive dip. Dee & Jamie also came over and we played cornhole while Luke got us started on a few fireworks. I went undefeated at 5-0 after we picked up some new bags for our game at Picker’s Paradise. With the new house behind us, we couldn’t see much of the fireworks at the fairgrounds. But from what we could see, it wasn’t much to talk about – I know they are expensive but truly they were lame and the shortest we’ve seen in years. I almost think the fireworks that we and our neighbors shot off were about as nice… It kind of makes us wish we had gone to Columbus for their fireworks – especially since Ann had some VIP seats for the event. Abby’s friends Julia & Mary joined us for a while. Even though Matt wasn’t there, we had the most fun we’ve had in years…poor Lola will surely be sore tomorrow! She had a ball. Ms. Molly did well but she was glad when all the excitement was over. We ended the night with the cake called .38 Special, then calmed things down with bomb pops, Roman candles and giant colored sparklers (Morning Glorys). Our new favorite crackers: Crazy Kings were pretty damn loud…but Rise in the East was the loudest I’ve heard since Dad’s quarter sticks of dynamite back in the 80’s…they were so loud you could feel the sound waves go through your body and not only shook the house but the whole neighborhood! It truly sounded like a bomb going off. We also wanted to try the new Angry Elf crackers but we’ll have to wait for next year. Here are some various pictures from our adventures this week.

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We were up early on Tuesday for the annual 4th of July parade downtown. Abby was in the parade again this year as part of Pirateers, who danced with the Decatur County band (it Drew & Hannah). It is quite possibly our last parade in a few years since it is likely the last one to feature one of our children. The next time we have someone in the parade will likely be a grandchild…what a horrifying thought! It was shorter than normal this year and seemed a little unorganized – compared to years past. Matt was running late from being at school overnight and overslept, missing the parade altogether. Everyone else met up at Amy’s house and we walked to our usual spot on the corner…well sort of, since some assholes parked 3 cars on the parade route, blocking the view for everyone in the area. We went with the flow and simply moved our chairs in to the street so we could see. Unfortunately, the vehicles made it more difficult for the band & Pirateers to follow their blocking. The girls looked great and the band sounded really good. Afterwards we all met up at Mom & Sandy’s house for our traditional big lunch. This year it was Mom & Sandy, Ann & I with the kids and Trevin; Dee & Jamie with Grace and Phyllis & Dick. We had sandwiches, Ann’s jalapeno dip, Amy’s buffalo dip some other type of dip, Mom’s olive dip and homemade mac & cheese; Mom’s homemade coleslaw and deviled eggs, Jamie’s baked beans, a ton of different chips and crackers, strawberry shortcake, dirt pudding and sugar crème pie – yum! We watched the annual hot dog eating contest from Coney Island and visited for a while then we came home and took naps while watching movies. Later, Trevin came over and the kids played Mario Kart. That night, once Matt came home and after a brief shower, we played a little corn hole, drank a few Moscow Mules on the patio and shot off the rest of our fireworks, including a very cool cake called Rain Maker.

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Abby returned to summer school on Wednesday morning then worked at Wings & Rings. Matt went to work early then had summer night school at U Indy. He ended up staying the night at his apartment on campus that night. Luke went back to Kings Island. This time it was with Phyllis & Dick’s grandson Luke and his buddies. I returned to work while Ann took the day off. She took Abby & Trevin to Columbus to shop and enjoyed a quiet afternoon of naps. Luke spent the night at the Hellmich’s. I walked 3 miles after work with Justin and crashed out early that night.
On Thursday, Abby had school then went out with Trevin for most of the rest of the day. Matt had school in Muncie then stayed at his U Indy apartment that night. Luke got back from Hellmich’s and had the night off from football practice due to moratorium week. Ann enjoyed another day off and went to see Dr. Guse about her knees. He said it is most likely that she has torn her meniscus again. There really is no other reason why they are constantly sore. She refuses to have replacement since that is what old people do…and she’s not old! Justin and I walked about three miles after work and Ann made some great homemade mac & cheese, sloppy joe and corn for dinner. I enjoyed leftovers from that huge meal through the weekend.
Poor Bu got up early for school then went in to work and didn’t get home until late. She did get some good news though – she aced her final and is now finished for the summer with school! Way to go, Bu!! She ended up staying over at Julia’s house, in one of the neighborhoods behind us. Matt worked as a cook at Aspen that day then went out with his buddies until late. Luke & Ann enjoyed the day off. I walked three miles after work with Justin before a big storm rolled through and cooled things down a little for the weekend. That evening, Keith, Rosie & Megan came home for the weekend and stayed with Gma & Gigi.

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Matt had to work the early shift again on Saturday. Abby got back from Julia’s and went shopping with Ann. Unfortunately, they had to cut it short when Abby was called in early to BWR to work a double shift. I got up and ran a couple errands then Luke & I did our weekend routine. We mowed and trimmed the yard, made a run for the border for lunch, did some HW hunting around town and then practiced driving Betty White around the neighborhood for about 20 minutes. A young couple down the street were teaching their son to ride his bike without training wheels. I couldn’t help but notice the parallels as I recalled Ann & I teaching Lukey to ride his Mongoose without training wheels about a decade ago and now here I was teaching him how to drive the truck. I suddenly felt old again. After a nap or two; Ann, Luke & I went over to Mom & Sandy’s for dinner with Keith, Rosie & Megan as well as Dee, Jamie & Grace. We ordered Pizza King and visited for a few hours. It was nice to spend time with them. Up in LaPorte, my 30th Class Reunion took place. I loved seeing all the pictures – some new, some old. I’ll have to try and make it up there one of these days to see some old friends…
We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday. We eventually got up and did our weekly household chores. Matt & Abby both had to go in to work about mid-morning while Luke enjoyed rearranging his room yet again. That afternoon, we went back to Mom & Sandy’s house for Grace’s 17th birthday party and to visit some more with Keith & Rosie and Dee & Jamie. We sang a death march version of the Bday song, ate some cake & ice cream and watched her open her presents. We visited for a few hours and Abby eventually joined us. We came back home later in the evening and Ann made a yummy stoplight dinner. Poor Lola was limping around in pain, paying the price for all that puppy-ish behavior from earlier in the week. She can barely sit down, much less jump up on the furniture. Matt went to Gma’s house to visit after work and Luke went to spend the night at Tyler’s house. We spent the remainder of the evening flopped on the couch, watching our DVR’ed sci-fi shows (including the season finale of Fear the Walking Dead) and racing…relaxing for a few hours before we start it all over again tomorrow.
Next up is our Waybac section which continues to wind down with several more from our second set of six photo albums of our young family during the turn of the century over at the Main St home. We lead off with a slew of pix of little Abby meeting family and friends in Columbus and then coming home to the Main St home in September 1999; Tammie and kids in Mom & Dad’s home in Rossville in October 1999; Thanksgiving weekend at the Main St home in November 1999; another surgery in Columbus for Ann in May 2000; Abby & Emma’s Dedication in Greensburg in May 2000; and finally we have more pix of our Florida vacation in Orlando and Treasure Island in May 2000.

Waybac.1999.09.ammsh44 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh45 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh46 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh47 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh48 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh49 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh50 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh51 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh52 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh53 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh54 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh55 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh56 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh57 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh58 Waybac.1999.09.ammsh59 Waybac.1999.09.amtf44 Waybac.1999.09.amtf45 Waybac.1999.09.amtf46 Waybac.1999.09.amtf47 Waybac.1999.10.tlahh1 Waybac.1999.11.aft44 Waybac.1999.11.aft45 Waybac.1999.11.aft46 Waybac.1999.11.aft57 Waybac.1999.11.aft58 Waybac.1999.11.aft59 Waybac.1999.11.aft60 Waybac.1999.11.aft61 Waybac.1999.11.aft62 Waybac.1999.11.aft63 Waybac.1999.11.aft64 Waybac.1999.11.aft65 Waybac.1999.11.aft66 Waybac.2000.05.aas1 Waybac.2000.05.adbc44 Waybac.2000.05.adbc46 Waybac.2000.05.adbc47 Waybac.2000.05.adbc48 Waybac.2000.05.adbc49 Waybac.2000.05.dtd44 Waybac.2000.05.dtd45 Waybac.2000.05.dtd46 Waybac.2000.05.dtd47 Waybac.2000.05.tipc1

We wrap up this week with our video segment, which features three new home movies this week as well as a few from around the internet.

And that puts the kibosh on this entry of the Scheu Family Blog. We want to thank you as always for keeping up with us this time out and hope to catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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