My Hair’s turning White…My Collar’s still Blue…

Another fast week has sped past us. It was a week of new beginnings. The kids started back to school. Abby and Luke both participated in their teams’ Blue & White scrimmage games (the final precursor to the regular season). We finally got a break in the weather and were able to open up the house for couple days. Matt spent equal time at home and Indy for work and school. Abby and her soccer team suffered a couple setbacks but are otherwise pretty optimistic about her senior season. Luke and his football squad equally suffered setbacks but are equally optimistic about their season. Ann’s headaches and knees kept her down but she battled through them and stayed busy all week. I met my weekly goal of walking 15 miles this week and my body felt every single mile of it by the weekend. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
It was back to work for Ann & I on Monday morning. Luke came back from Bryan & Angie’s house then went on to football practice (thanks to Gma as always!). Abby took Trevin to the doctor to get his physical then she went on to soccer practice before heading in to school to help facilitate freshman orientation as part of Student Council. Ann had a long day but we left early so she could meet up with Bu for a senior parents meeting to discuss college stuff. Matt worked at Aspen Place then went back to U Indy for night class and just stayed up in his apartment. Justin & I walked 3 miles around the IUPUC campus after work on another blazing day in the 90s.
Tuesday was the first day of August and the final day of the kids’ summer vacation. I think it’s such a shame that the parents continue to vote for this balanced schedule, cutting a full month off the kids’ summer. It really squeezes everything together and the seasons start far too early. Who plays football in July and not October?? We do. Abby had soccer practice but surprisingly no dance practice this week although the football season starts next week! Gma picked up Luke one more time for football and they went out for a little while and Luke ended up getting a haircut. Matt enjoyed the day off, up at UI. Ann had yet another long day at work, which has seemed like par for the course here lately. I walked three miles after work in the rain, which felt great but I was soaked that night! Everyone was happy as Ann made tacos for dinner – it may be the most popular dinner that she makes for us. Here are some random pictures from our adventures this week.

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The first day of school came early on Wednesday. Actually, everyone survived with minimal yelling, which was impressive! Luke’s football practice and Abby’s soccer practices both were shortened that evening due to the thunderstorms that rolled through the area. I walked another 3 miles after work with a gorgeous light show of the storm off to my east. It only sprinkled on me a couple times but it sure did rumble. Matt had night school up at college. Ann’s knees continued to get worse as she worked late again, sitting in too many meetings (at least that’s what she says). The kids and I made taco salad since Ann didn’t get in till late. Abby baked cookies that night and did homework. It was nice having her in the house instead of always running around somewhere or working till late. I ended up falling asleep early as the girls watched that darn show again – Impractical Jokers.
Thursday was the second day of school…and all the nicey-nice had already worn off as the yelling returned to our household. I’m sure the neighbors love it. Abby had soccer practice where her good friend and team captain, Emma (Phyllis & Dick’s granddaughter) hurt her ankle pretty good, turning it on the practice field. She is a leader on the field and so we hope that she’ll be back soon. Abs went out with Trevin (“we both were stinky and gross, so it was ok”) after they both finished with practice. Luke had football practice then fixed my shoes, which have already broken down after only two weeks of walking. I got in another three miles in the 90-degree heat. Ann & I left early so she could attend a soccer parents meeting. Matt came home to work at Aspen then stayed through the weekend. Ann made one of my favorites for dinner – cheesy popcorn. Yum! Matt went out for a five-mile run with Luke trailing him on his bike. What a cool moment for him.
It was a much cooler day on Friday. Matt enjoyed the day off. Abby had soccer practice after school. Luke had football practice where their starting quarterback broke his wrist so now Luke’s friend Drayden will be handed the reigns of the team for a few weeks. It’s a big blow for the team, so we’ll have to see if Coach can get them to rally around this somehow. Ann woke up with a headache and it never went away all day. To top things off, her knees were killing her all day again today. I walked for an hour and had the best time of the week as I met my weekly goal again this week. I noticed that I was able to shave time off my walks each day, going from a pace of about 19 minutes on Monday to about 17 minutes on Friday. Ann & I took the kids out to ElRep for dinner that night. It was so nice to have the family all together again for a couple hours to talk and laugh. We just don’t get enough of that kind of time any longer.

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Luke & I were up early on Saturday morning to mow. We got done just in time to go watch Abby and the Lady Pirates play in the annual Blue / White game. Abby played on both the blue and the white team, as did all the girls, so there was no clear winner. Abby played forward and midfielder and had one shot on goal…but it went just wide-right. Matt joined us briefly then had to run off to work again. Thankfully there were no bad injuries. We ran home to eat a quick bite before taking Luke to Shriver Field, which has been newly upgraded. It now has aluminum stands with hand rails all the way to the top, which is very nice. It even has a ramp, which will help Ann and Maryann this fall. Luke and the 8th grade Pirates were the Blue team, facing the 7th grade White team. Last year they mixed the team, which made for an entertaining game. However, this year the 8th graders needed work with their new QB and the 7th just need a lot of work period. I think the mix helps the 8th graders to pass on knowledge and the 7th graders get to play side-by-side with the older boys. The 8th graders completely dominated the game. They scored 8 or 9 times while the White team didn’t get past the line of scrimmage, I don’t think. Luke played fullback on offense and had a few nice runs and several devastating blocks. He knocked two kids out of the game. He also played outside linebacker on defense but had no tackles, under orders from the staff to not hurt anyone else. They ended up pulling him out of the game after like 5 or 6 plays and he did not return as they cycled in the other players to help evaluate the team. Coach Harris is going to meet with Bryan and I to discuss a few things we saw…well I saw…as Bryan & Angie were at the State Fair with the kids as all three were participating in the band competition. They ended up 9th out of 50, which is awesome! But I taped the game and uploaded it to Hudl so he can watch as well. After the game, Luke & I went to Memaw & Gigi’s house to trim the lawn and get some Gigi’s Gourmet burgers on the grill! Ann went shopping then came over as well. She also made her homemade salsa – thanks to Phyllis & Dick for the tomatoes and peppers! It was delicious. By the time I got done, I was filthy and had to get mine to go so I could go shower. Abby had to work, so I didn’t even see her that night. Ann & I ended up falling asleep early, watching TV and went to bed before she even got home.

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We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. Matt was called in early to Aspen and Abby had to work a double at Wings & Rings. We slowly got up and did our weekly household chores all day while watching our DVR’ed shows, including the two NASCAR road races at The Glenn. Ann made some yummy muffins for breakfast then her outstanding potato soup for dinner. Mom & Sandy came over for a little while to visit. We took it easy the rest of the day, winding down and enjoying a little rest (and maybe even snuck in a quick nap) before we gear up tomorrow and do it all over again.
Next up is our Waybac section which includes our newest batch of photos from our next three photo albums plus some bonus goodies from Gma & Gigi. We lead off this week with more from that 1955 Greensburg yearbook with Dad O in a band picture; then we move forward to circa 1962 with Gigi on some sort of fire tower in Madison, perhaps?; then Kenny’s senior picture from approximately 1968; then a couple of Chris – with Gigi in 1973 and then riding his horse, circa 1976; next we head back to the Main St home for Dean playing Santa for Ally and her cousins with Ms. Ann in the background in about December, 1991; then Matt in Columbus in the fall of 1996; more from Matt’s camera at the Indy Zoo in May 2001; the 4th of July Parade in Greensburg in 2001; a visit up to LP at Mom & Dad Stoewer’s house off Johnson Road in August 2001; our first Christmas in Ryle in December 2001; Matt’s Christmas program at Washington school in December 2001; the Scheu Family Christmas party at Dad’s Parkside Deli in Lafayette in December 2001; then back up to LaPorte again – this time in May 2002 for Megan’s baptism – these are at Rosie’s childhood home over by Boston; next we go swimming in our first pool in July 2001; Matt’s soccer camp at Washington Fields in August 2002; Gracie & Luke’s Easter pictures in 2004 and finally Grace’s first dance picture at Dixon Studios in 2005.

Waybac.1955.gyb01 Waybac.1955.gyb02 Waybac.1955.gyb03 Waybac.1962.soft Waybac.1968.kgfsd Waybac.1973.gwcb Waybac.1976.cboh Waybac.1991.aasins Waybac.1996.mic1 Waybac.2001.05.mciz05 Waybac.2001.05.mciz06 Waybac.2001.05.mciz07 Waybac.2001.07.fojp00 Waybac.2001.07.fojp01 Waybac.2001.07.fojp02 Waybac.2001.07.fojp03 Waybac.2001.08.pash1 Waybac.2001.08.pash2 Waybac.2001.08.pash3 Waybac.2001.08.pash4 Waybac.2001.08.pash5 Waybac.2001.12.cd05 Waybac.2001.12.cd06 Waybac.2001.12.cd07 Waybac.2001.12.cd08 Waybac.2001.12.mafcir1 Waybac.2001.12.mafcir2 Waybac.2001.12.mafcir3 Waybac.2001.12.mafcir4 Waybac.2001.12.mwcp1 Waybac.2001.12.mwcp2 Waybac.2001.12.mwcp3 Waybac.2001.12.sfcpsd05 Waybac.2001.12.sfcpsd06 Waybac.2001.12.sfcpsd07 Waybac.2001.12.sfcpsd08 Waybac.2002.05.mblp05 Waybac.2002.05.mblp06 Waybac.2002.05.mblp07 Waybac.2002.05.mblp08 Waybac.2002.07.fifp01 Waybac.2002.07.fifp02 Waybac.2002.07.fifp03 Waybac.2002.07.fifp04 Waybac.2002.08.msc01 Waybac.2002.08.msc02 Waybac.2002.08.msc03 Waybac.2002.08.msc04 Waybac.2004.giph Waybac.2004.lweb Waybac.2005.gddsp

Next up is our video segment which features four new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s edition of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Momma.
Later, Scheu

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