I Heat up, I can’t Cool Down

Another week has sped past us already. Time is really flying right now. It’s hard to believe that October is right around the corner. Besides the president’s tweets, the big news this week was the heat. After enjoying some cooler days with the air turned off and the house opened up, we’ve had to close it up and try to keep cool again. I think we set a couple records or at least came close as we were in the 90s all week long. But all the heat and humidity didn’t stop us from getting outside this week. Luke had another big football game as his season winds down. Abby had soccer and dance nearly every day this week as well as her normal extracurricular activities and was even in her first wedding this weekend. Matt stayed up at school all week to focus on his studies (he’s really doing well) and Ms. Jessi. Ann continued to struggle with headaches and knees again this week. I had a busy week at work and got in 12 miles of walking. And we had several milestones reached this week, including our own anniversary. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school on Monday morning. Matt had to be up early to teach class at an elementary school in Indy. Abby had soccer practice after school then dance with Kuyhlia at Dixon. Luke sat out of gym as well as football practice due to his nads hurting again. He felt good enough afterward to attend the high volleyball game with his buddies that evening to support Ms. Jenna and the girls. I walked 3+ miles after work on a muggy day then went to bed early. As promised last week, here are previews of Abby’s senior pictures. We can’t wait to see the finished products!

assp17.51 assp17.01 assp17.02 assp17.03 assp17.04 assp17.05 assp17.06 assp17.07 assp17.08 assp17.09 assp17.10 assp17.11 assp17.12 assp17.13 assp17.14 assp17.15 assp17.16 assp17.17 assp17.18 assp17.19 assp17.20 assp17.21 assp17.22 assp17.23 assp17.24 assp17.25 assp17.26 assp17.27 assp17.28 assp17.29 assp17.30 assp17.31 assp17.32 assp17.33 assp17.34 assp17.35 assp17.36 assp17.37 assp17.38 assp17.39 assp17.40 assp17.41 assp17.42 assp17.43 assp17.44 assp17.45 assp17.46 assp17.47 assp17.48 assp17.49 assp17.50 assp17.51 assp17.52 assp17.53 assp17.54 assp17.55 assp17.56 assp17.57 assp17.58 assp17.59 assp17.60 assp17.61 assp17.62 assp17.63 assp17.64 assp17.65 assp17.66 assp17.67 assp17.68 assp17.69 assp17.70 assp17.71 assp17.72 assp17.73 assp17.74 assp17.75 assp17.76 assp17.77 assp17.78 assp17.79 assp17.80 assp17.81 assp17.82 assp17.83 assp17.84 assp17.85 assp17.86 assp17.87 assp17.88 assp17.89 assp17.90 assp17.91 assp17.92 assp17.93 assp17.94 assp17.95 assp17.96 assp17.97 assp17.98 assp17.99 assp17.100 assp17.101 assp17.102 assp17.103

It stormed early on Tuesday but cleared up nicely and I managed to walk a couple miles before Ann & I left Columbus to attend Luke’s final home football game vs. Sunman-Dearborn (East Central). Abby had soccer practice then she & Trevin joined Ann, Mom, Sandy, Pixie and Jamie to form a little Luke Scheu fan squad / cheer block. They hooped and hollered at him all game! Bryan & I were up high to tape & offer feedback to Coach Harris again. Bryan & I were never able to defeat his alma mater during our coaching tenure with this group of boys. It was a close game all the way to the final minute. We were down 0-6 at halftime despite fumbling the ball three times. The boys tied it in the 3rd quarter only to give up another score to go down again as the fourth quarter began. It was a demoralizing drive that wore down the boys. Then on the ensuing kickoff, Luke took a short kick, broke two tackles and ran away from the defense for a touchdown!! It was a huge score and a giant shift in momentum. That score tied the game again and the PAT was no good. The Trojans tried to pass on three straight plays on their next drive and ran only 30 seconds off the clock before the defense forced them to punt. We were real surprised they got away from their running game, which was doing well. On the second play of the Pirates drive, Corbin threw a 70-yard TD pass to Ehan and then threw to him again for the PAT to take an eight-point lead. On the next play from scrimmage, Oakley intercepted a pass and that was the end – quite a thrilling victory, 20-12. Their record is now 6-2 on the year. Luke’s stats: 6 total points; 6 rushes for 29 yards, a fumble and a pancake on offense. He had 8 tackles on defense. For special teams, he had 4 kickoffs of 28, 38, 37 & 38 yards and of course his big kickoff return of 65-yard TD. He had a total of 94 yards for the game. We took everyone out for dinner at ElRep to celebrate. We came home and I uploaded the video footage to Hudl while processing the night’s events with Coach Harris. It sucks to know that next week is their final football game of the year. It’s in Batesville and the last time we played there, Luke nearly started a riot. But that’s a story for another day. Abby & Trevin came back to the house and quickly retreated to the family room to do homework…only to promptly fell fast asleep.

lfec17.00 lfec17.01 lfec17.02 lfec17.03 lfec17.04 lfec17.05 lfec17.06 lfec17.07 lfec17.08 lfec17.09 lfec17.10 lfec17.11 lfec17.12 lfec17.13 lfec17.14 lfec17.15 lfec17.16 lfec17.17 lfec17.18 lfec17.19 lfec17.20 lfec17.21 lfec17.22 lfec17.23 lfec17.24 lfec17.25 lfec17.26 lfec17.27 lfec17.28 lfec17.29 lfec17.30 lfec17.31 lfec17.32 lfec17.33 lfec17.34 lfec17.35 lfec17.36 lfec17.37 lfec17.39 lfec17.40 lfec17.41 lfec17.42 lfec17.43 lfec17.44 lfec17.45 lfec17.46 lfec17.47 lfec17.48 lfec17.49 lfec17.50 lfec17.51 lfec17.52 lfec17.53 lfec17.54 lfec17.55 lfec17.56 lfec17.57 lfec17.58 lfec17.59 lfec17.60 lfec17.61 lfec17.62 lfec17.63 lfec17.64 lfec17.65 lfec17.66 lfec17.67 lfec17.68 lfec17.69 lfec17.70 lfec17.71 lfec17.72 lfec17.73 lfec17.74 lfec17.75 lfec17.76 lfec17.77 lfec17.78 lfec17.79 lfec17.80 lfec17.81 lfec17.82 lfec17.83 lfec17.84 lfec17.85 lfec17.86 lfec17.87 lfec17.88 lfec17.89 lfec17.90 lfec17.91 lfec17.92 lfec17.93 lfec17.94 lfec17.95 lfec17.96 lfec17.97 lfec17.98 lfec17.99 lfec17.100 lfec17.101 lfec17.102 lfec17.103

Abby had to go in to school early on Wednesday for Calculus class, had soccer practice after school then went to the dance studio for her jazz and tap competition classes. Ann had a long day at work then wound down with a girls’ night out dinner and then headed over to DDS to get her Dance Mom thing on. I walked about three miles after work then edited pictures all night. Luke had football practice then nursed his aching bod, alternating ice and heat on his back and took it easy the rest of the evening. We enjoyed the latest AHS episode that night. As promised last week, here are pictures from Abby’s birthday last week.

abdd17.01 abdd17.02 abdd17.03 abdd17.04 abdd17.05 abdd17.06 abdd17.07 abdd17.08 abdd17.09 abdd17.10 abdd17.11 abdd17.12 abdd17.13 abdd17.14 abdd17.15 abdd17.16 abdd17.17 abdd17.18 abdd17.19 abdd17.20 abdd17.21 abdd17.22 abdd17.23 abdd17.24 abdd17.25 abdd17.26 abdd17.27 abdd17.28 abdd17.29 abdd17.30 abdd17.31

Thursday was Dee & Jamie’s 6th anniversary. Abby had Pirateers practice before school then a soccer game vs. Franklin County that evening. Luke had the night off from football because team is pretty banged up right now. Ann & I both had very fast, very busy days. I didn’t have time to even walk before we left work early to head to Brookville and watch Bu & the Lady Pirates. It was blazing hot out in the sun that afternoon. They had to give the girls a couple water breaks due to the intense heat on the field. And what a nice little field it was, tucked away by the woods at the backside of the school grounds. Abby again started at midfield. She came out with good energy but had to come out early due to an injury. She collected herself and was very aggressive on the field. In fact, all the girls looked better that night but were still missing key members of their squad, including their starting goalie. Abby was pretty fired up after the game, saying the fans were shouting racist comments at our minority players. She also said a few of their girls dirty players, putting elbows in her back and talking shit to her. They fought hard but still ended up with the short end of the stick as they lost 1-5. We signed her out and stopped at LaRosa’s for dinner on the way home then called it an early evening.

asfc17.01 asfc17.02 asfc17.03 asfc17.04 asfc17.05 asfc17.06 asfc17.07 asfc17.08 asfc17.09 asfc17.10 asfc17.11 asfc17.12 asfc17.13 asfc17.14 asfc17.15 asfc17.16 asfc17.17 asfc17.18 asfc17.19 asfc17.20 asfc17.21 asfc17.22 asfc17.23 asfc17.24 asfc17.25 asfc17.26 asfc17.27 asfc17.28 asfc17.29 asfc17.30 asfc17.31 asfc17.32 asfc17.33 asfc17.34 asfc17.35 asfc17.36 asfc17.37 asfc17.38 asfc17.39 asfc17.40 asfc17.41 asfc17.42 asfc17.43 asfc17.44 asfc17.45 asfc17.46 asfc17.47 asfc17.48 asfc17.49 asfc17.50 asfc17.51 asfc17.53 asfc17.54 asfc17.55 asfc17.56 asfc17.57 asfc17.58 asfc17.59 asfc17.60 asfc17.61 asfc17.62 asfc17.63 asfc17.64 asfc17.65 asfc17.66 asfc17.67 asfc17.68 asfc17.69 asfc17.70 asfc17.71 asfc17.72 asfc17.73 asfc17.74 asfc17.75 asfc17.76 asfc17.77 asfc17.78 asfc17.79 asfc17.80 asfc17.81 asfc17.82

Friday was Aunt Sharon’s birthday. I was up early – before 3 am – to go into work to perform some annual requirements, including a 12-hour generator test, an emergency battery test and a 3rd shift fire drill. It was a hot & humid day that was obviously very long and extremely busy. It wore my butt out. I did walk 3.5 miles after work to help wind down. Abby had soccer practice then Ann took her to North Vernon for Kuyhlia’s rehearsal dinner and the girls all spent the night out at the event center where the wedding will be held. Luke had a pizza party at football practice for beating EC then had Luke H over to spend the night. The boys ended up out in the woods with a bunch of other neighborhood kids, including Drew – who was staying at another boy’s house out here. Later that night, Ms. Jenna and her friend came over to hang out with the Lukes on the back porch. Ann made cheeseburgers, homemade dill dip and corn on the cob for dinner that night and I died on the couch, exhausted from my day. I tried to watch the season premiere of Channel Zero, but didn’t make more than 5 minutes before I was snoring… As promised, here’s pictures of Abby’s 18th birthday party from last weekend.

abdp17.01 abdp17.02 abdp17.03 abdp17.04 abdp17.05 abdp17.06 abdp17.07 abdp17.08 abdp17.09 abdp17.10 abdp17.11 abdp17.12 abdp17.13 abdp17.14 abdp17.15 abdp17.16 abdp17.17 abdp17.18 abdp17.19 abdp17.20 abdp17.21 abdp17.22 abdp17.23 abdp17.24 abdp17.25 abdp17.26 abdp17.27 abdp17.28 abdp17.29 abdp17.30 abdp17.31 abdp17.32 abdp17.33 abdp17.34 abdp17.35 abdp17.36 abdp17.37 abdp17.38 abdp17.39 abdp17.40 abdp17.41 abdp17.42 abdp17.43 abdp17.44 abdp17.45 abdp17.46 abdp17.47 abdp17.48 abdp17.49 abdp17.50 abdp17.51 abdp17.52 abdp17.53 abdp17.54 abdp17.55 abdp17.56 abdp17.57 abdp17.58 abdp17.59 abdp17.60 abdp17.61 abdp17.62 abdp17.63 abdp17.64 abdp17.65 abdp17.66 abdp17.67 abdp17.68 abdp17.69

It was Ann & I’s 22nd anniversary on Saturday. I love you, Annie! 😊 It was also Dad Scheu’s 70th birthday and Keith’s 51st birthday. We had to miss Dad’s bday party, unfortunately. Abby missed her Pirateers practice and a soccer game due to being with Kuyhlia and the bridesmaids down in North Vernon, prepping for the wedding. Ann & I watched the series finale of The Sinner. It was a good little miniseries. Luke H went home and then Luke & I mowed/trimmed the yard, went to Taco Bell for lunch and then he drove Betty White from his buddy Shack’s house down Park Rd and around the neighborhood for a little while before we had to come in and get ready for the wedding. Abby was a beautiful bridesmaid in Kuyhlia’s wedding, which was rustic but still classy. We loved the setting – it was a one-stop shop. They had the rehearsal out there, the kids all stayed the night out there, they got ready out there, had the wedding there, had pictures there and the reception. After the wedding, we had a couple hours of cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while we chatted and sought shade to escape the unseasonal heat. They had ice cold Stella on tap that went down smooth while we hung out with Jenna’s mom and her fiancée, Jimmy. In fact, we sat with them at dinner and spend most of the evening with them. For dinner, they had pulled pork, lamb chops, a couple different potatoes, veggies and three different cakes! It was really good. The DJ was good at his job as they ran through all the usual wedding stuff. The kids had fun dancing and Bu and Kuyhlia were lovely, as were all the girls. Trevin got dropped off out there after work. He rode home with us then stayed the night. He and Luke were surrounded with girls all night (poor guys, right?!). Luke rode home with Ms. Jenna’s and her family. He watched a movie at her house then walked home later that night. Here are random pictures from this week. We’ll have pictures and video from Kuyhlia & Vital wedding in next week’s blog entry.

sis17.09.82a sis17.09.83a sis17.09.84a sis17.09.85a sis17.09.86a sis17.09.87a sis17.09.88a sis17.09.89a sis17.09.90a sis17.09.91a sis17.09.92a sis17.09.93a sis17.09.94a sis17.09.95a sis17.09.96a sis17.09.97a sis17.09.98a sis17.09.99a sis17.09.100a sis17.09.101a sis17.09.102a sis17.09.103a sis17.09.104aa sis17.09.104a sis17.09.105a sis17.09.106a sis17.09.107a sis17.09.108a sis17.09.109a sis17.09.110a sis17.09.111a sis17.09.112a sis17.09.113a sis17.09.114a sis17.09.115a sis17.09.116a

We finally enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. I ran to the store to get food and Ann made a big breakfast for all of us. Afterwards we got started on our weekly household chores and Bu ran Trevin home so he could go to work. I watched the replay of the Purdue / Michigan game. WOW – terrible officiating and awful interpretation of that new targeting rule – I understand the theory behind the spirit of this rule. They want to clean up the sport and stop the head-hunting, which I can agree with; there’s no need to permanently injure someone in a game, especially on purpose. So, if someone is running down the field and a defender comes over and purposely spears or clotheslines a player in an attempt to cause harm, I can agree that there’s a better way. …But when a defender is coming full speed and a receiver suddenly drops to his knees during a full sprint, how in the hell is the defender supposed to not only anticipate this action but then try to adjust his angle when he’s already committed to stopping the receiver / pass? That is not in the spirit of this rule…and obviously the refs making these types of calls have never played the sport and think that the player is a robot or a character in a video game, because it’s just not physically possible when someone is going full speed. The blame doesn’t lie with the defender in this situation, but rather the offensive coordinator for calling a play that sends the receiver across the field and into the teeth of the defense – that’s where they need to address this issue…at the coaching level – those who are calling that type of play. That’s why this was never an issue much in the past, because the coaches designing the plays knew better than to put their player in that position. But I digress…I just hate what they’re trying to do to this wonderful sport…what’s next, are they gonna make them wear skirts? The referees had way too much influence on the outcome of that game and I was disgusted to the point that I had to turn it off. Just how many flags were there in that damn game anyway? The NFL had some good games that ultimately had poor officiating calls that decided games as well. It’s epidemic! Luke & Bu went out shopping for a while and then Luke went back to bed for the most of day before getting up and burning quesadillas on the stove and nearly started a fire. Meanwhile, Abby had to go in to work at Wings & Rings that afternoon and stayed until late then went over and helped Trevin with is math homework. We enjoyed watching the Colts finally win. Then we skimmed the NASCAR races and watched Fear the Walking Dead and Talking Dead to wind down the week before we turn around and do it all over again tomorrow. We did record the premiere of the new Star Trek series, so I can’t wait to see that next week. We have a ton of social media pictures to share this week.

smp17.09.144a smp17.09.145a smp17.09.146a smp17.09.147a smp17.09.148a smp17.09.149a smp17.09.150a smp17.09.151a smp17.09.152a smp17.09.153a smp17.09.154a smp17.09.155a smp17.09.156a smp17.09.157a smp17.09.158a smp17.09.159a smp17.09.160a smp17.09.161a smp17.09.162a smp17.09.163a smp17.09.164a smp17.09.165a smp17.09.166a smp17.09.167a smp17.09.168a smp17.09.169a smp17.09.170a smp17.09.171a smp17.09.172a smp17.09.173a smp17.09.174a smp17.09.175a smp17.09.176a smp17.09.177a smp17.09.178a smp17.09.179a smp17.09.180a smp17.09.181a smp17.09.182a smp17.09.183a smp17.09.184a smp17.09.185a smp17.09.186a smp17.09.187a smp17.09.188a smp17.09.189a smp17.09.190a smp17.09.191a smp17.09.192a smp17.09.193a smp17.09.194a smp17.09.195a smp17.09.196a smp17.09.197a smp17.09.198a smp17.09.199a smp17.09.200a smp17.09.201a smp17.09.202a smp17.09.203a smp17.09.204a smp17.09.205a smp17.09.206a smp17.09.207a smp17.09.208a smp17.09.209a smp17.09.210a smp17.09.211a smp17.09.212a smp17.09.213a smp17.09.214a smp17.09.215a smp17.09.216a smp17.09.217a smp17.09.218a smp17.09.219a smp17.09.220a smp17.09.221a smp17.09.222a smp17.09.223a smp17.09.224a smp17.09.225a smp17.09.226a smp17.09.227a

Next up is our Waybac segment, which includes our next collection of photo albums of our young family around the turn of the century as well as some goodies from Gma & Gigi. We lead off this week with a baby picture of Gigi, back in July 1957; then Gigi again, this time in the 1970s; followed by a collection of 80’s Gigi pix: Smurfs for her bday; the Biddinger grandchildren, Sandy’s friends – riding a go-kart and then hanging out at Mo & Poppy’s house (I think); next we fast-forward to August 2001 where the kids and I are horsing around in the new Ryle home; then some quality time with Mom & Dad B, up on Pine Lake in LaPorte in August 2001; Matt’s bday party at the Parkside Bowling Lanes in March 2002; then back at the Ryle home for Matt opening bday presents in March 2002; Matt & Abby playing around the house around Bu’s bday in September 2002; and then Matt playing soccer at Washington Field in September 2002.

Waybac.1957.07.sbbp01 Waybac.1970s.asp01 Waybac.1980s.07.ssbd01 Waybac.1980s.bgcpo1 Waybac.1980s.gcfn04 Waybac.1980s.saf01 Waybac.2001.08.paord01 Waybac.2001.08.paord02 Waybac.2001.08.paord03 Waybac.2001.08.paord04 Waybac.2001.08.plbr01 Waybac.2001.08.plbr02 Waybac.2001.08.plbr03 Waybac.2001.08.plbr04 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba06 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba07 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba08 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba09 Waybac.2002.03.mop01 Waybac.2002.03.mop02 Waybac.2002.03.mop03 Waybac.2002.03.mop04 Waybac.2002.09.mapt01 Waybac.2002.09.mapt02 Waybac.2002.09.mapt03 Waybac.2002.09.mapt04 Waybac.2002.09.mswf06 Waybac.2002.09.mswf07 Waybac.2002.09.mswf08 Waybac.2002.09.mswf09

Next up is our video section which includes eight new family home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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