Eighteen and I Like It

It was a long and exhausting week, here at the Scheu abode. Luke had another big game for the junior high football team, achieving a couple firsts in his career. Abby played three soccer games, including the final home game of her career. We got to see Matt a couple times this week and even got to meet Ms. Jessi. We had our share of drama between the car and our kids – including a health scare. Abby achieved a big milestone as she survived another trip around the sun. As of this writing, Dad B and Rob & Sharon did not have power restored at their homes in FLA yet. Luke was back to a two-sport athlete this week. Abby was insanely busy this week – busier than even her normal breakneck pace. I missed my goal exercise goal of fifteen miles by about two miles. Late in the week, there were about a hundred more senior pictures posted of Abby on Facebook by the photographer. I’ll have those as well as pictures and videos of Sunday’s events next time. As it is, we have well over 500 new photos to share in this entry. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

It was back to work and school. I am happy to report that Rob & Sharon made it safely through Irma. They lost some fencing, some limbs and their electricity. Luke had football practice after school. Abby had soccer practice then worked at the dance studio. She came home to grab something to eat then went back to Dixon for dance class with Kuyhlia. I walked 4.5 miles after a fast day at work. Ann had another long day, full of yet more meetings about the new computer system conversion. She later worked on Abby’s senior board for soccer and we watched last night’s Fear the Walking Dead and we also watched the latest version of The Sinner, which has been surprisingly good. Here are some random pictures from this week’s adventures.

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Abby had Student Council before school on Tuesday. Ann & I had fast days at work then I walked 3+ miles as the rain stopped just as I headed out. The wind really picked up and stayed with us all night. We left early to put up the senior banners at the soccer fields, which finally came in. It’s pretty sad that we only got to display them for two games. The Lady Pirates faced East Central, which is always a tough game in any sport. Abby got the start at midfield then moved to defense. She hasn’t played that position in ten years, but Mike had to try something as the Lady Trojans had us down a goal in less than a minute and down two within two minutes. They had a 7-point lead at the half and eventually won by 9 after calling off the dogs in the 2nd half. I left just before the half to go set up out at North Decatur to tape Luke’s football game. Bryan joined me up on top of the press box on a very blustery night. Ann came to the game after soccer ended. Luke had a great game as the Pirates dominated the game from the kickoff and won easily 38-0. Luke was again a quad captain, representing the team at the coin toss. He played seven positions that night – fullback, guard, outside linebacker, middle linebacker, defensive end, kickoff return and kicker. Luke’s stats: he was responsible for 12 points total. He had no rushes for the first this year. Other firsts included his first pass, which was not only completed, but was also his first TD toss – a 35 yard bullet. He also caught his first touchdown pass of the year. It was a screen pass that he busted open for 57 yards for a total of 92 yards from scrimmage. On the other side of the ball, he had 11 tackles, including a pair for loss. He had a nice hit on the QB from the defensive end position, bringing back pleasant of memories of #32 back in the day! On special teams, he had 7 kickoffs: 40, 40, 55, 25, 30, 35 & 55. The last one would’ve gone through the endzone if hadn’t have been knocked down by the receiver. After the game we ran Black Betty into Acra’s for new headlight. Later, Trevin & Brittney came over to study with Bu while I uploaded the video to Hudl for the coaches and players.

lfnd17.00 lfnd17.00a lfnd17.01 lfnd17.02 lfnd17.03 lfnd17.04 lfnd17.05 lfnd17.06 lfnd17.07 lfnd17.08 lfnd17.09 lfnd17.10 lfnd17.11 lfnd17.12 lfnd17.13 lfnd17.14 lfnd17.15 lfnd17.16 lfnd17.17 lfnd17.18 lfnd17.19 lfnd17.20 lfnd17.21 lfnd17.22 lfnd17.23 lfnd17.24 lfnd17.25 lfnd17.26 lfnd17.27 lfnd17.28 lfnd17.29 lfnd17.30 lfnd17.31 lfnd17.32 lfnd17.33 lfnd17.34 lfnd17.35 lfnd17.36 lfnd17.37 lfnd17.38 lfnd17.39 lfnd17.40 lfnd17.41 lfnd17.42

It rained all day on Wednesday. Abby headed in to class early again – this time to get some extra help in Calculus. Ann worked at both offices. It was a long day for me then I managed to get in a couple miles of walking between the raindrops. Luke had football practice then went over to Jenna’s house (after a shower, thankfully!). Abby went to soccer practice after school then attended her two dance classes (tap and jazz) at DDS. We picked up the Pacifica at Acra’s, but the headlight wasn’t fixed due to them wanting $900 for a new one. Turns out we have some sort of HID bulb which is really expensive and it needed a ballast which they couldn’t get so they had to replace the entire assembly. We passed on that, but to make matters worse, they ripped the exhaust off again. As with last time, they denied any wrongdoing and we got stuck fixing it one more time…but we decided this was the last time. We are officially done with them until they make some changes in the service department, sadly. We’ve been loyal customers for nearly twenty years, but enough is enough.

asec17.01 asec17.02 asec17.03 asec17.04 asec17.05 asec17.06 asec17.07 asec17.08 asec17.09 asec17.10 asec17.11 asec17.12 asec17.13 asec17.14 asec17.15 asec17.16 asec17.17 asec17.18 asec17.19 asec17.20 asec17.21 asec17.22 asec17.23 asec17.24 asec17.25 asec17.26 asec17.27 asec17.28 asec17.29 asec17.30 asec17.31 asec17.32 asec17.33 asec17.34 asec17.35 asec17.36

Thursday was the 5th anniversary of Mom’s burial. Bu was in early to school again – this time for Pirateers practice before school. Luke had football practice that afternoon. I didn’t have time to walk that evening due to leaving early to go set up for Senior Night. We put the banners up for the 2nd time as well as senior picture boards which were all really cool. Abby’s soccer game was against Shelbyville that evening. Julia rode with Ann & I to the game where we were joined by Mom, Sandy & Pixie (in her stroller), Megan, Britney & Allen and Luke & Sam walked over from practice as well. At the last minute, Matt & Jessi joined us – getting there just as we were being introduced on the field. Abs and the varsity Lady Pirates played well and the game was close through the first half but they pulled away midway through the 2nd half and beat us 0-5. Senior Night was far more emotional with Bu and the eight other seniors than I remember Matt being at football and wrestling. Thanks to Gigi for all the great pictures (and Julia for manning the video camera while we were on the field!). After the game, we took everyone out for dinner at ElRep where I celebrated Abby’s birthday with a couple margaritas! We did end up singing to her, which she loved. Matt and Jessi came home for a little while then headed back up to Indy.

assn17.01 assn17.02 assn17.03 assn17.04 assn17.05 assn17.06 assn17.07 assn17.08 assn17.09 assn17.10 assn17.11 assn17.12 assn17.13 assn17.14 assn17.15 assn17.16 assn17.17 assn17.18 assn17.19 assn17.20 assn17.21 assn17.22 assn17.23 assn17.24 assn17.25 assn17.26 assn17.27 assn17.28 assn17.29 assn17.30 assn17.31 assn17.32 assn17.33 assn17.34 assn17.35 assn17.36 assn17.37 assn17.38 assn17.39 assn17.40 assn17.41 assn17.42 assn17.43 assn17.44 assn17.45 assn17.46 assn17.47 assn17.48 assn17.49 assn17.50 assn17.51 assn17.52 assn17.53 assn17.54 assn17.55 assn17.56 assn17.57 assn17.58 assn17.59 assn17.60 assn17.61 assn17.62 assn17.63 assn17.64 assn17.65 assn17.66 assn17.67 assn17.68 assn17.69 assn17.70 assn17.71 assn17.72 assn17.73 assn17.74 assn17.75 assn17.76 assn17.77 assn17.78 assn17.79 assn17.80 assn17.81 assn17.82 assn17.83 assn17.84 assn17.85 assn17.86 assn17.87 assn17.88 assn17.89 assn17.90 assn17.91 assn17.92 assn17.93 assn17.94 assn17.95 assn17.96 assn17.97 assn17.98 assn17.99 assn17.100 assn17.101 assn17.102 assn17.103 assn17.104 assn17.105 assn17.106 assn17.107 assn17.108 assn17.109 assn17.110 assn17.111 assn17.112 assn17.113 assn17.114 assn17.115 assn17.116 assn17.117 assn17.118 assn17.119 assn17.120 assn17.121 assn17.122 assn17.123 assn17.124 assn17.125 assn17.126 assn17.127 assn17.128 assn17.129 assn17.130 assn17.131 assn17.132 assn17.133 assn17.134 assn17.135 assn17.136 assn17.137 assn17.138 assn17.139 assn17.140 assn17.141 assn17.142 assn17.143 assn17.144 assn17.145 assn17.146 assn17.147 assn17.148 assn17.149 assn17.150 assn17.151 assn17.152 assn17.153 assn17.154 assn17.155 assn17.156 assn17.157 assn17.158 assn17.159 assn17.160 assn17.161 assn17.162 assn17.163

Friday was a very long day. We had old Black Betty back in the shop to get her muffler fixed at Exhaust Systems Plus (we really like these guys), out by the library. Abs was again in early – this time for National Honor Society and Jr Optimist Club meetings before school. Luke had football practice. I left work early to pick up Black Betty. They had the exhaust system fixed and put the light back together that the dealership had left undone. They have some options for us, but we chose to just use our brights for the few times we drive after dark for now. Afterwards I went out and watched football practice for a while then dropped Lukey off at home and went out to walk in the park, ball diamonds and fairgrounds. Abby left soccer practice early so she and Trevin could drive up to the Luke Bryant concert at Deer Creek. She drove the whole way up and back and did great! They loved the show but got back super late. She missed her first Pirateers performance that night…and she even choreographed the dance that night! I have included it below, as the dance is a good one. During my walk, the fairgrounds had three things going on, including the annual Tower Tree Truck Festival where they had some pretty cool machines. It was also opening night of the Tree City Fall Festival, up on the square. The Van Dells were the featured performers…not to be confused with Martha & the Vandellas, which I mistakenly thought would be here. After my walk, Ann & I took Luke & Jenna out to dinner at Wings & Rings. Randall was our server and it was good to catch up with him for a little while, before it got busy out there. Jenna came over afterward and stayed for a couple hours. Later that evening, Luke had severe pain in his groin that seemed to get worse and worse. We ended up taking him over to the ER in Columbus. They ran a few testes but never found anything wrong. He was better by the time we got him home – at 3 am and got to bed at 4. We have a slew of social media pictures to share this week again.

smp17.09.144 smp17.09.145 smp17.09.146 smp17.09.147 smp17.09.148 smp17.09.149 smp17.09.150 smp17.09.151 smp17.09.152 smp17.09.153 smp17.09.154 smp17.09.155 smp17.09.156 smp17.09.157 smp17.09.158 smp17.09.159 smp17.09.160 smp17.09.161 smp17.09.162 smp17.09.163 smp17.09.164 smp17.09.165 smp17.09.166 smp17.09.167 smp17.09.168 smp17.09.169 smp17.09.170 smp17.09.171 smp17.09.172 smp17.09.173 smp17.09.174 smp17.09.175 smp17.09.176 smp17.09.177 smp17.09.178 smp17.09.179 smp17.09.180 smp17.09.181 smp17.09.182 smp17.09.183 smp17.09.184 smp17.09.185 smp17.09.186 smp17.09.187 smp17.09.188 smp17.09.189 smp17.09.190 smp17.09.191 smp17.09.192 smp17.09.193 smp17.09.194 smp17.09.195 smp17.09.196 smp17.09.197 smp17.09.198 smp17.09.199 smp17.09.200 smp17.09.201 smp17.09.202 smp17.09.203 smp17.09.204 smp17.09.205 smp17.09.206 smp17.09.207 smp17.09.208 smp17.09.209 smp17.09.210 smp17.09.211 smp17.09.212 smp17.09.213 smp17.09.214 smp17.09.215 smp17.09.216 smp17.09.217 smp17.09.218 smp17.09.219 smp17.09.220 smp17.09.221 smp17.09.222 smp17.09.223 smp17.09.224 smp17.09.225 smp17.09.226 smp17.09.227 smp17.09.228 smp17.09.229 smp17.09.230 smp17.09.231 smp17.09.232 smp17.09.233 smp17.09.234 smp17.09.235 smp17.09.236 smp17.09.237 smp17.09.238 smp17.09.239 smp17.09.240 smp17.09.241

As has been the norm for this week, Abby was up early and out the door on Saturday morning. This time it was to be on the square at 6 am to work the Kiwanis tent. As part of the Jr. Optimist Club, she cooked pancakes and sausage for festival goers breakfast. She was supposed to be in the WTRE Fall Festival parade but once she got done uptown, she headed to the high school to catch the bus to Rushville for soccer. Ann & I managed to get a couple winks in before popping up to get ready and head to Rushville. We let Lukey sleep in after his ordeal last night. The rivalry game is called the “Battle of the Ball” game and has a cool little trophy and everything. They have a nice setup over there but someone really should’ve cleaned the stands as it was covered in bird guano – gross! The girls came out strong again in this game. The girls had several shots on goal and actually got a couple to go in! Abby took a couple shots but the goalie stopped them. They went up 2-0 by halftime and held on to win by the same score to retain the trophy. It was their 2nd win of the year and their record is now 2-10. It was Abby’s 18th birthday! We took her out to lunch after the game to Historic Park Restaurant, there in Rushville. Trevor took her out to a movie that afternoon. Ann came home and got in a nap. Luke & I mowed then made a run for the border and went out HW hunting. We made it to our normal haunts plus went to the Fall Festival and out to the fairgrounds. However, in both areas we found that most booths were closing. Ann cooked dinner for Bu – she wanted NY Strip steaks on the grill, baked potatoes and roasted broccoli – delicious! Matt had come home that morning and then went to work. We waited for him to get home before we ate. It was nice to have the whole family together again for dinner. Trevin also joined us. After dinner she opened her presents from us and was very happy to get an Apple watch and clothes. Then we had dessert and sang to her. Ann made homemade apple pie and a s’mores cookie bar thing that were both amazing. The kids hooked up their iPhones to my big stereo in the den and jammed out while playing Mario Kart for a couple hours before Matt and Ann went to bed while Bu & Trevin fell asleep while watching TV with me on the big screen. Trevin ended up staying the night and Luke felt much better by the time he turned in for the night.

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We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. Matt was up early and went in to work at Aspen Place. We got up and started in on our weekly household chores. Ann made breakfast – biscuits & gravy – yum! Ms. Mary delivered Abby’s cake – she really outdid herself; it was not only a pretty cake, but tasted delicious as always. That afternoon we had Abby’s 18th birthday party with friends and family. We waited for Matt to get home before we started. This year we had the five of us plus Gma & Gigi; Phyllis & Dick; Dee, Jamie & Grace and Trevin. We sang an awful rendition of the Birthday Day Song, had cake & ice cream and opened presents. The boys watched the Colts game and Red Zone on the big screen while the girls chatted in the kitchen. The Colts ended up losing in OT. Abby & Trevin had to go in to work at Wings & Rings. Matt headed back up to school so he could teach in the morning. Luke went to basketball practice at the junior high, where he got a black eye. Ann read the paper while I watched the Cowboys, who played horribly and had terrible officiating (how many penalty flags did that crew throw anyhow??). After the game, I skimmed through the NASCAR races this weekend. Later, we wrapped up our exhausting week with a quiet evening in the A/C, watching Fear the Walking Dead and Talking Dead. It was a relaxing way to wrap up a long week…

Next up is our Waybac section which includes some great pictures of our young family around the turn of the century as well as a few goodies from Gma & Gigi. We lead off this week with a batch of pictures from negatives culled from Gigi that show the Greensburg 4th of July parade in the 1980s; then Ally in about 1993 and Mom & Sandy with Matt & Gizmo in about 1997, I think; next we move to 2001, in May I believe for a few photo from Matt’s camera during our visit to the Indy Zoo; then Matt & Abby in the Main St home in June 2001; Mom, Dee and the girls prepping for the 4th of July parade in July 2001; Matt playing basketball at the YMCA in December 2001; Matt’s Christmas presentation at Washington school in December 2001; then up to Lafayette for the Scheu family Christmas at the Parkside Deli in December 2001; next it’s up to Rossville for to visit Mom & Dad in May 2002; then up to LaPorte for Megan’s baptism in May 2002; next we head uptown for the Greensburg 4th of July parade in 2002; and finally Matt getting his picture taken uptown at Kevin’s studio in about 2003-ish.

Waybac.1980s.gfojp22 Waybac.1980s.gfojp23 Waybac.1980s.gfojp24 Waybac.1980s.gfojp25 Waybac.1980s.gfojp26 Waybac.1993.asp Waybac.1997.ggmg1 Waybac.2001.05.mcaz01 Waybac.2001.05.mcaz02 Waybac.2001.05.mcaz03 Waybac.2001.05.mcaz04 Waybac.2001.06.ma ms33 Waybac.2001.06.mams34 Waybac.2001.06.mams35 Waybac.2001.06.mams36 Waybac.2001.12.mbbay01 Waybac.2001.12.mbbay02 Waybac.2001.12.mcp11 Waybac.2001.12.mcp12 Waybac.2001.12.sfcpsd22 Waybac.2001.12.sfcpsd23 Waybac.2001.12.sfcpsd24 Waybac.2001.12.sfcpsd25 Waybac.2002.05.mavtr01 Waybac.2002.05.mavtr02 Waybac.2002.05.mblp22 Waybac.2002.05.mblp23 Waybac.2002.07.gfojp22 Waybac.2002.07.gfojp23 Waybac.2002.07.gfojp24 Waybac.2002.07.gfojp25 Waybac.2002.07.gfojp26 Waybac.2003.mpp

We have an entry for our Shit that Luke Says column. We were in Columbus on Friday night, sitting in the ER and the sonographer was doing the ultrasound and he says, “I don’t have a baby in my balls, so why are you using a baby machine?” She laughed and said, “We use it to see inside the body, like to see if a baby is breathing.” He looks at her and straight-faced quipped, “Are my balls breathing?” LOL

We wrap up this entry with our video section which includes thirteen new home movies as well as several from around the internet.

And that puts the kibosh on another entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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