I don’t Care that I got to Start Again

Now this is more like it…what a beautiful week we’ve enjoyed here in southcentral Indiana. This is why I love October more than any other month, hands down. You have great weather, football, family gatherings and the start of the holiday season. Luke & Abby returned to school after a week off for Fall Break. Luke started basketball season. Abby worked and danced all week. Matt enjoyed a couple days off for his Fall Break and then came home to work all weekend. Ann spent some quality time with her friends and I topped the 18-mile mark this week. Hello and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
Monday morning came all too early as it was back to work and school. It was the kids’ first day back after a long week off. Conversely, it was Matt’s first day of Fall Break. He didn’t get the whole week off; just two days. Luke had basketball tryouts / open gym after school. Ann & I both had a fast day for a Monday. I walked 3+ miles afterward on a cool afternoon. Ann cooked spaghetti and meatballs for dinner when we got home. Abby taught at the dance studio then had dance practice but Kuyhlia couldn’t make it due to her still being on her honeymoon in Aruba. We watched the Season 4 (and final) premiere of Star Wars Rebels then the Colts played on MNF. They lost again.
Abby was in early for Student Council on Tuesday. Luke again had basketball tryouts / open gym. Matt enjoyed his last day of Fall Break. Ann had meetings at work until late. It was a busy day for me before I walked 3+ miles on a gorgeous day. I met up with Luke at the Fall Sports Banquet where he received his certificate, pin and letter. We ran Drew’s awards out to him then ran through BK drive through for Luke before coming home and watching our DVR’ed shows until we fell asleep. We liked that new Seal Team show with Booth from Bones; glad to see he got a new gig. Abby worked at Wings & Rings until late.

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Wednesday was another gorgeous day. Ann had a long day of trainings, but it was a fast day for me. I got out and walked another 3+ miles on a warmer afternoon. Matt was back at it at U Indy. However, he had the week off from teaching as they begin to transition to 2nd grade math next week from 2nd grade English, which he had been teaching. Luke had basketball practice / tryouts. Abby worked at Dixon then Ann met up with her at the studio to get her dance mom thang on as Bu attended her tap and jazz dance practices.
It was a beautiful Thursday. Luke had basketball practice / tryouts again. Ann had yet more meetings. I survived another long day then walked 3+ miles again after work. Ann & Bu picked out senior pictures at home that night – it was hard to narrow it down! We watched DVR’ed shows that night: American Horror Story, Channel Zero, Will & Grace and Designated Survivor. We also flipped over to watch the 4th quarter of the TNF game. What a wild finish to the Oakland / KC game – WOW!
Friday was another amazing day. Abby was in early for Junior Optimist Club. Matt had the day off. Luke made the basketball team but must wait until Monday to see which level. Abby worked at BWR until late. Luke had Grayson over to stay the night. They went out to play in the woods and hang out with the neighborhood boys. Ann went scrapbooking in Burney all night with Shawna and friends. I walked 4.5 miles after yet another long day at work. I took the boys out to ElRep for dinner and a couple cocktails. When we got back, the boys played out in the neighborhood for a couple hours until well after dark. Here are this week’s random photos from recent adventures.

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Abby was up early for a hair appointment with Jami on Saturday morning. She came home just long enough to change and went to work a double shift at BWR. Matt came home just briefly early that morning to change and drop off his stuff before going in to work at Aspen Place. Luke & Grayson slept in then played around the neighborhood before moving the vehicles to play basketball. I got up and paid bills all morning (fun!) and then checked fluids in all our vehicles. Gray went home and then Luke & I ran through our normal weekend routine: mowed the lawn, went to lunch at the Bell, ran some errands, went HW hunting and then practiced driving Betty White. We did a Chinese fire drill at the 4-way stop near the police station and he drove us home then took us around the neighborhood. I sat down to watch the Purdue game and Ann came home and we took naps while watching the game. They lost by 2. Matt came home from work, took a nap and then did homework for a few hours while catching up with Ann & I. Luke went to the woods to work on his fort for several hours. Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner and Abby got off from work early, picked up Mary and came home to watch movies on the big screen with us. We enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy 2, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and the original It.
We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning…except Matt, who was up early to work at Aspen again. Abby got up and went to work at Wings & Rings. Ann went to brunch with Natalie. Luke & I did our weekly household chores and cooked burgers on the grill. We watched War for the Planet of the Apes and briefly watched some of the Colts game, but it was ugly, so we watched some Red Zone as the early games ended. That’s always fun to watch those seven or eight games all coming to an end simultaneously. Matt came home to watch the 1st quarter of the Cowboys game with us and Memaw & Gigi came over to visit for a while. Matt headed back up to school after Mom & Sandy left. Ann made dinner which was an original dish of cheesy pasta with bacon that filled the house with a mouthwatering aroma. We watched the rest of the Cowboys game vs the 49ers, but it was a blow-out (which is fine; I don’t like the Niners) that saw Dez Bryant tie the great Bob Hayes for most receiving TDs in team history. Their record is now 3-3 on the year. The World Series is now set; it will be the Dodgers vs. the Astros…which sounds weird to a guy my age. The Astros were always a National League team, so I’m still trying to wrap my head around this. Actually, I was hoping for a classic match-up of LA & NY, but this one promises to be pretty good. We skimmed through the NASCAR races in Kansas. We wrapped up the evening watching Wonder Woman, SNF and the Season 8 premier (and 100th episode) of The Walking Dead. Later, when Bu got home, she opened a letter from Franklin College and it was an acceptance letter! Way to go, Bu!! Ann went to bed and Abs & I watched the Simpson’s annual Tree House of Horror (now up to XXVIII!). We have lots of social media pictures to share with you this week.

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Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature our young family in our next three photo albums during the turn of the century. We lead off with a couple pictures of Mom O’s yearbook from 1954; then we go to Matt’s third birthday party in March 1999; then Matt & I on the Avalanche at the county fair, Matt with Ryan and the neighborhood kids out in the Ryle Addition and Matt with his t-ball trophy at the YMCA – all in September 2001; next is Abby’s second birthday party in September 2001; Matt playing soccer at the Y in September 2001; Matt’s sixth birthday in March 2002; then we head down to FLA for a family vacation in Treasure Island – this is during the sunset cruise on the pirate ship…that was a lot of fun…in March 2002; then Abby’s third birthday party in September 2002; and Matt’s basketball game at the Y in December 2002.

Waybac.1954.gbyb11 Waybac.1954.gbyb12 Waybac.1999.03.mbdp33 Waybac.1999.03.mbdp34 Waybac.1999.03.mbdp35a Waybac.1999.03.mbdp36b Waybac.2001.07.dcf33 Waybac.2001.07.dcf34 Waybac.2001.07.gfd2 Waybac.2001.07.mtbt01 Waybac.2001.09.abdp33 Waybac.2001.09.abdp34 Waybac.2001.09.abdp35 Waybac.2001.09.abdp36 Waybac.2001.09.mys33 Waybac.2001.09.mys34 Waybac.2001.09.mys35 Waybac.2001.09.mys36 Waybac.2002.03.mbdp33 Waybac.2002.03.mbdp34 Waybac.2002.03.mbdp35 Waybac.2002.03.mbdp36 Waybac.2002.05.sspc01 Waybac.2002.05.sspc02 Waybac.2002.09.abdp33 Waybac.2002.09.abdp34 Waybac.2002.09.abdp35 Waybac.2002.09.abdp36 Waybac.2002.09.abdp37 Waybac.2002.09.abdp38 Waybac.2002.09.abdp39 Waybac.2002.09.abdp40 Waybac.2002.12.mybb33 Waybac.2002.12.mybb34 Waybac.2002.12.mybb35 Waybac.2002.12.mybb36

We wrap up with our video section which includes two new home movies as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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