Don’t Sit Down, it’s Time to Dig Another One

Things began to pick up a bit around here this week, but it was still a case of the quiet before the storm. We enjoyed having a little extra time to do other things – Luke still had basketball every day, but he was also able to spend some time with his buddies in the neighborhood. Abby still did something dance-related every day but also had time for another college visit. Ann still focused her time and energies on transitioning her office to a new EMR but found time to do some scrapbooking as well. Despite the freezing temps, I got in another 18 miles of walking (surpassing my goal of 15 again this week!) with thanks to my no-shave November beard keeping me warm. Beside all the walking, I had time to get several things done around the house that had been lingering for weeks. We missed Matt this week as he stayed up at school to focus on his studies and teaching. He concluded his 2nd grade tour and will begin teaching 3rd graders next week. The leaves were really flying this week as we had several days that were well below freezing overnight. The two maples in the front yard are completely bare now and the tulip in the back is beginning to shed its foliage now as well. This is such a great time of year with all the holidays, football and the cooler temps – it is by far my favorite time of the year. And we were thrilled to hear that Ms. Phyllis came home this week. We look forward to seeing her real soon! Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.
After storming all night and continuing to fall on us during our commute in to work, there was flooding all over the area. In fact, it was so bad that the kids had a two-hour delay for school because of it. Luke had basketball practice after school then stayed-out till dark with his buddies in the neighborhood. Abby missed Pirateers practice in order to work at Dixon Dance Studio where she stayed afterward for her own dance class with Ms. Kuyhlia. She & Mary came back to the house and ordered pizza afterward. Ann worked late again, continuing to iron-out bugs in her new computer system. I had a fast day then walked 3+ miles on a chilly, overcast afternoon. We enjoyed a quiet night of keeping warm with the dogs while watching our DVR’ed shows on the big screen. We were excited to get the mail that evening as Abby received acceptance letters from both U-Indy and IUPUC. Way to go, Bu! As promised, here are pictures from last weekend at Dena-Marie & Zach’s wedding.

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Abby was up at the butt-crack of dawn for Pirateers practice then stayed at school for Student Council. I took Luke to school so Ann could go fix all the world’s problems at work again. It was another long one for her, whereas my day flew by and then I walked 4+ miles – watching the sun set as I exercised and drove home in the dark. Luke had a good basketball practice then went to his buddy’s house for a couple hours. Abs worked at Wings & Rings until late. And we heard that MLB all-star pitcher Ron Halladay passed away in a plane crash today.
We had a cool start to our Wednesday morning. Abby got up super early to do homework. Luke again had basketball after school. He’s tired of beating up his teammates and is ready for gameplay. That night he again ran around the neighborhood with his buddies. Abby had tap and jazz classes that night at DDS. Ann endured yet another long day, adjusting her new EMR then got her Dance Mom thang on at Dixon. I had a typically busy day then walked 3+ miles before heading home. Abby got her yearbook last week. Here are pictures of her from it as well as her in a recent newspaper article.

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Thursday started out with a cold, foggy, frosty morning. Ann finally had a better day then made it even better by going out to dinner with Amy. I had a fast day then stayed late for another sunset walk of 5 miles on a gorgeous evening. It was in the low 50s – the warmest night this week – and was perfect for a long walk. Luke had basketball practice then ran around the neighborhood until dark. Abs enjoyed a rare night off…and promptly spent it with Trevin. I’m not even sure what the hell time she finally got home after falling asleep over there again. And we were saddened to hear of the passing of John “Higgins” Hillerman (of The Betty White Show & Magnum PI fame). Here are some random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Abby was up and out the door early on Friday morning for National Honor Society. I ran Luke to school on a cold morning in the low 20s. The girls and I got ready and headed down to the Ohio River to the campus of Hanover College for Abby’s next college visit. I think I’ve been there before to visit the Phi Delt house, but I didn’t really remember it. It is a very small, lovely campus – it had a cozy feeling to it. Abby said she liked it…but then again, she’s liked all the campuses so far…so it’ll be a tough decision for her. I think we still want to visit a few more campuses – maybe up to IUPUI or U Indy or even down to IU. We had a cold walking tour then met with an admissions counselor where we learned that Abby had been accepted to the school… way to go, Bu! They offered her a substantial merit scholarship. We left campus and stopped in Madison at Tapatio’s for lunch, which was just so-so to be honest. Meanwhile, Luke had basketball practice where he got his new shoes and had a chance to start breaking them before next week. The girls took a nap then Bu went to work at BWR while Ann went scrapbooking at Hauser with Shawna and friends. I went for a quick, brisk walk then Luke & I got takeout from Koch’s. He ran around with his buddies again until well after dark, which allowed me to have a turn to nap while I edited pictures from today. Abby went to Trevor’s after work and Luke played on his Xbox until late and fell asleep out in the family room.

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Saturday was Veteran’s Day. Abby was up early again for Pirateers practice. Ann was also up and out the door early to scrapbook at Hauser again with Shawna. Luke had basketball practice – his last before his season kicks-off next week. When Bu came home, she & I binge-watched this season of the Simpsons then Luke & I got started on our outside chores. We raked the neighbor’s yard (which contained our leaves) then mowed and trimmed the yard one final time this season. We then winterized the yard tools and put them away until next year. We pulled up the mums, got the A/C units into storage, started the truck for the last time this season and disconnected the battery for the winter and did a few other odd chores that we’d been putting off. Eventually we made a run for the border for lunch and went HW hunting around town. Afterward, Luke enjoyed driving Barney around Decatur county roads for about a half hour before we finally headed home. That evening, Bu & Ann took Kirsten & Mary up to Indy to watch their dance teacher perform in some fancy production and go out to eat. Meanwhile Luke ran around the neighborhood then had a friend over to play X-box in the family room while I took a nap and got caught up on some DVR’ed shows. I finally watched the UFC 217 event from last weekend and wow – I really enjoyed the three amazing title fights which had three stoppages with three new champions! I ended the night watching the Purdue / Northwestern football game, which was another loss for the Boilers. We have several social media pictures to share this week.

smp17.11.45 smp17.11.46 smp17.11.47 smp17.11.48 smp17.11.49 smp17.11.50 smp17.11.51 smp17.11.52 smp17.11.53 smp17.11.54 smp17.11.55 smp17.11.56 smp17.11.57 smp17.11.58 smp17.11.59 smp17.11.60 smp17.11.61 smp17.11.62 smp17.11.63 smp17.11.64 smp17.11.65 smp17.11.66 smp17.11.67 smp17.11.68 smp17.11.69 smp17.11.70 smp17.11.71 smp17.11.72 smp17.11.73 smp17.11.74 smp17.11.75 smp17.11.76 smp17.11.77 smp17.11.78

We all enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday. It was the 4th straight rainy, overcast Sunday. Days like these are only good for staying in and doing stuff around the house…like watching football! We eventually got around to our weekly household chores. Abby worked at Buffalo Wings & Rings. Ann went to hang out with Amy all day and get her craft groove on. Luke played on his Xbox in the family room most of the day. That meant it was a nice, quiet afternoon of sports on the big screen. I tried to set up the 8th grade basketball Hudl webpage to be ready for the start of the season next week, but no one could get me access to it. Hopefully, we can get that straightened-out so we can have the videos available for the players and coaches this year. The Colts played a good game against a tough Steelers team but came up a little short again. The Cowboys really missed their best players in each segment of the game – Elliott on offense, Lee on defense and Bailey on special teams – and looked awful against the defending NFC champion Falcons. I turned off the Dallas game and watched the recorded NASCAR races at Phoenix – congrats to Matt Kenseth on winning the cup race…crazy to think he doesn’t have a ride for next year yet. Sucks that the 24 didn’t quite make it to the finals next week but it was sweet to see the 11 be put in to the wall by Elliott! Then we put on the Purdue basketball game and they looked great…though they played a school that I didn’t even know had a ball team! Predictably, they won huge – 111-42. We watched a little bit of the Sunday Night game until the Walking Dead came on and we wound down our evening by TWD and then Talking Dead. It was the perfect way to end another fast week.
Next up is our Waybac segment, which features our young family as we transitioned into our new home in Ryle and a few we procured from Mom & Sandy during their recent move. We lead off this week with a nicely-done presentation of Keith’s high school graduation in June 1984; then a birthday sign in the front yard of WTRE for Gigi, circa mid-90s; then up to LaPorte to Ma & Pa Stoewer’s house out on Johnson Rd in August 2001; Matt & Abby playing around their new home in July 2001; Matt’s first day of school at Washington in September 2001; Christmas in Ryle in December 2001; Matt’s birthday party with friends at the Parkside Lanes in March 2002; then his other bday party – this time with family – back at our home in March 2002; Matt at soccer camp on the Washington fields in August 2002; Abby’s Scooby bday cake in September 2002; Matt & Abby at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus at new Fieldhouse in Indy in September 2002; and finally we end up back out at a soccer game – this time it is Matt’s game on Washington Field in September 2002.

Waybac.1984.06.kogp02 Waybac.1990s.sbbds1 Waybac.2001.08.srp01 Waybac.2001.08.srp02 Waybac.2001.08.srp03 Waybac.2001.08.srp04 Waybac.2001.09.aaor01 Waybac.2001.09.aaor02 Waybac.2001.09.aaor03 Waybac.2001.09.aaor04 Waybac.2001.09.mfdos01 Waybac.2001.09.mfdos02 Waybac.2001.09.mfdos03 Waybac.2001.09.mfdsos04 Waybac.2001.12.cord33 Waybac.2001.12.cord34 Waybac.2001.12.cord35 Waybac.2001.12.cord36 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba38 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba39 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba40 Waybac.2002.03.mbdpba41 Waybac.2002.03.mbdprd13 Waybac.2002.03.mbdprd14 Waybac.2002.03.mbdprd15 Waybac.2002.03.mbdprd16 Waybac.2002.08.mscwf21 Waybac.2002.08.mscwf26 Waybac.2002.08.mscwf27 Waybac.2002.08.mscwf28 Waybac.2002.09.abdcsd01 Waybac.2002.09.mac01 Waybac.2002.09.mac02 Waybac.2002.09.mac03 Waybac.2002.09.mswf13 Waybac.2002.09.mswf14 Waybac.2002.09.mswf15 Waybac.2002.09.mswf16

We wrap up this week’s entry with our video section, which has one new family movie from this week as well as several from around the internet.

Thank You 9 – Tony Romo Tribute At AT&T Stadium

And that does for this episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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