It’s getting Very Near the End

It was another one of those transition weeks, weather-wise. Whereas the flora is still brown and lifeless, we did see signs of fauna finally begin to emerge – our first signs that spring is coming: geese in the sky, dead (& stinky) skunks along the roadside and bunnies returning to our backyard to drive Lola & Molly crazy and in-turn, keeping us up at all hours of the night to be let out. We really need a doggy door… Luke continued to focus on weight training for football this week. Abby enjoyed her penultimate dance performance with her Pirateers and had fun at her final Winter Formal dance. Matt stayed up at school all week to focus on studies. Ann fought her knees every day this week. I continued on my keto diet and walked over 17 miles – despite the weather – and surpassed my goal for the second week in a row with 17+ miles logged. Dad B is much better, spending the week with Ms. Lynn in Hilton Head. Gigi felt much better this week, as did Gma. Ms Phyllis had a rough start to the week but is thankfully back at home now – we just need for her to focus on doing what she can each day;

We had another cold start to the week on Monday. Thankfully, Ann & I both had fast days at work. I walked a 5K afterwards. Luke went to football practice at the Fieldhouse to lift weights with Coach Moore then went back to the junior high to watch the girls’ basketball game with his buddies. Abs had Pirateers practice after school then went on to the Dixon Dance Studio to teach a class then try on outfits with Ms. Kuyhlia. Ann joined Bu at DDS then picked up Luke at the junior high while I continued working on setting up my new phone.

Abs went in to school late on Tuesday as she attended job shadowing at Dr. Stradley’s office. Luke missed football work outs due to not feeling well (wussy). I walked another 5K after work. Ann & I to left work and went to the high school for Abby’s final full Pirateers performance. I say full, because she was first did pregame with the cheerleaders, then held Old Glory as they Pirateers presented the nation’s colors for the singing of the National Anthem, and then they performed their halftime routine. Abby & the Pirateers danced to Back in Funk – the routine for which she choreographed (and I edited the music) last week. Memaw & Gigi joined us while Luke stayed home to rest. The girls looked really good – we’re sure going to miss watching Bu dance at halftime of games. We took her out to BWR for dinner to celebrate her special night. When we got home, Ann & I watched the Olympics while Bu went to Trevin’s house until late.

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Wednesday was Valentine’s Day. Abby had Big Brothers / Big Sisters during school then then got her nails done (a lovely gold shade) afterward. That evening she went Dixon for jazz and tap classes. Luke enjoyed the night off and ran around the neighborhood for a few hours after school. I walked another 5K after work. Ann made taco salad for dinner and we watched more of the Olympic games. I was up late again, working on my new phone. I am really loving this new Note 8 device. Bu went over to do homework at Trevin’s house afterward until late.

Abby went to Trevin’s sectional swim meet after school on Thursday. Luke returned to football after receiving flak from Ann & I about Tuesday’s effort. I walked 3+ miles on a warm, wet, muggy weather. It rained the first half of my walk, but I actually saw the sun for a few minutes towards the end. I couldn’t decide if I was soaked from the precipitation or my perspiration due to being so darn humid. Ann had meetings until late then she worked on After Prom stuff and Abby’s Senior Night board. It was yet another night of the Olympics (none of our other shows are even on this week!) after watching Purdue drop their 3rd straight game. They just didn’t show up. There’s no reason this Wisconsin team should’ve beaten them. Coach Painter may have to stick his shoe in their asses, I’m afraid. It just goes to show how hard it is to win on the road in the Big Ten. It stormed hard that night, causing some low-level flooding in the area. And Gigi was on the front page of the paper that night! Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Friday was a very fast day but turned MUCH colder. It dropped 40 degrees between my walks. It was in the mid-sixties while raining yesterday but as I set off on my trek after work that day, it was only 25° and we never saw the sun. I walked 3+ miles in the cold, blustery air that was right at the threshold of my cutoff for being too cold. Abby had Kuyhlia over to do her makeup as she prepped for the annual Winter Formal dance. Trevin was late due to attending his team dinner (night before sectional finals). He and his relay team qualified for the finals and a chance to qualify for state! We had pictures at our house with those two and Abs’ friend Julia (the self-proclaimed 3rd wheel for the night 😊). Luke had Oakley over to stay the night. They went to the YMCA to play basketball with some of their buddies. After we did pictures, the kids went to Mom & Sandy’s for more pictures before heading on to the dance. Meanwhile Ann & I picked up the boys and went out to dinner at ElRep. We ran into Trevor & Jamie while we were out there. Trevor said Phyllis had a rough week and it was still a day-to-day battle for her. We know how tough she is and what a fighter she can be; so, we know we’ll see her again real soon. Bu had to help clean-up after the dance as part of Student Council then the kids came over to our house and got changed before heading back out until late. The boys spent the night out in the family room, playing video games until the wee hours of the morning.

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We woke up to a cold house on Saturday morning. It snowed most of the day, eventually turning in to rain and melting all our accumulation. Bu went to watch Trevin & the Pirates in the swimming sectional finals over in Columbus. Ann & I napped while watched the taped MMA fights & NASCAR races in Daytona (what a great finish to the Xfinity race!) on TV while huddling under blankets with the dogs, trying to keep warm. Later, we turned on WTRE’s website and watched the Lady Pirates win semi-state vs. Danville to punch their ticket to the state finals vs. Northwestern next week! They held an impromptu pep rally upon the girls’ return to town. Gigi stopped by to see us and brought pictures from last night and we talked and laughed so hard. We love that lady so much!

We enjoyed sleeping on Sunday morning. It was a bright, sunny day as we got up and got to our weekly household chores. Ann went out to breakfast with Shawna and then they ran to Brown County to hit scrapbook stores. Abby worked a double shift at Wings & Rings. Luke ran around the neighborhood with his buddies most of the day, between naps and showers. That meant I watched most of the Daytona 500 in peace! There were lots of great storylines to this year’s race. Chevy has a new Camaro model and all the cars have a new rear end that has caused the cars to be very loose in the corners. Dale Jr was the Grand Marshall and the guy that replaced him was on the pole. Peyton Manning drove the pace car. It was Danica’s last race of her NASCAR career. There were a couple big wrecks and lots of young guys and drivers in new rides, including the return of the #24 Axalta (Dupont) for the first time since Jeff drove it. It was a long race; including pre-race, it was on today for about 8 hours altogether. It was the 20th anniversary of Dale Sr’s Daytona 500 win…and it was only fitting that on the last lap, the #3, Austin Dillon, put the lead car into the wall and went on to win the 60th running of the Great American Race. Ann made dinner that was keto-friendly for me and yet yummy enough for the rest of the family (those two aren’t always congruent!). After that, we rooted on the Boilers to their first win in a couple weeks – snapping their 3-game losing streak. They did it without their star player, Vince Edwards, who sprained his ankle yesterday in practice. Hopefully, he won’t be out long… We ended the week watching more of the Olympics and taking it easy, resting up for Abby’s big night tomorrow night…which will probably be an emotional night for everyone… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

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Next up is our Waybac section which continues to include our young family at the turn of the century. We lead off this week with a couple of our favorites – the kids soaking in the sun at the Sand Pebble – first Abs in the flower patch and then Matt & Bu on the patio, overlooking the Gulf from room 405 – that was a wonderful vacation in May 2000; then a couple more classics of our little Bu – first with Mommy and then with Bubby – both in December 2000; then a batch from July 2001 – Matt & I riding the Himalaya at the county fair, Fourth of July fireworks in our backyard, Matt showing off his trophy at the Y and Matt with Ryan and buddies when the GFD truck visited Ryle; Matt in his kindergarten class at Washington for their Halloween party in December 2001; Christmas Eve at Memaw & Gigi’s house (I see Mom in a couple pix) in December 2001; then more of Megan’s baptism in LaPorte in May 2002; then back down to Treasure Island for another vacation with Mom & Dad – and this was one of the highlights – a sunset cruise on the Gulf on the Pirate Ship…including Ann as a bad pirate (there’s video of this somewhere!) in May 2002; then back to the ‘Burg for the Fair Parade, including Baili & Rob riding horses and Matt & I on a t-ball float with Bu looking on – all in July 2002; Matt at soccer camp with some European kids facilitating the camp at Washington Field in August 2002; and finally we have a few more pictures of Abby’s 3rd birthday party with friends and family at our home (including another one with Mom) in September 2002.

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And we wrap up today’s entry with our video section. This week includes one new family movie from this week as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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