Snow in his Eyes, Waitin’ to take You by Surprise

We enjoyed another slower week this time out. It was the first full week of February in south-central Indiana, meaning we spent a lot of time indoors, under blankets because of the cold and snow. Luke went to football practices and spent time with his friends. Abby was her normal, busy self – dividing time between dance, school, extracurricular activities, work and we even got to see Trevin a couple this week. Matt stayed up at school, but at least we did have a confirmed sighting this week. Ann’s knees weren’t any better as she continued to build momentum towards After Prom. I walked 17 miles, finally meeting and exceeding my goal this week as I continued on the Keto diet. I had a couple cheat meals this week, so I’ll have to double my efforts this coming week. As the weather slightly warmed, my times also began to rise as I finally saw a 16-minute mile on Friday – my first of the year. The Olympics started this week in South Korea. We tried to watch the opening ceremony but got bored with it. Phyllis landed back in the hospital with pneumonia and struggling a bit to get back on her feet. Rosie’s Mom had a health scare but is now recovering in rehab. Mom O is doing good and is almost all the way back to her normal, spunky self. And Dad B also sounds like he is recovering nicely as well as he gets ready to head out again with Ms. Lynn. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

We woke up on Monday to about a half inch of snow on the ground and had to shovel a path out to the cars to start them before we headed back to work and school. It was a cold start to the week in the single digits – brr. Luke missed football practice at the Fieldhouse after school. Abby wasn’t feeling well and went to a doctor appointment in Columbus. She started on a round of antibiotics & steroids – God help us – there’s now two of them on ‘roids in the house! After school, Abs went to Pirateers then on to the dance studio to work and have class with Ms. Kuyhlia. Later, she came home with Molie to begin choreographing her Senior Night routine…and sadly, her final performance of her high school career. I walked 3+ miles at the mall (it was below my 25° minimum outside) and made great time. That night, Ann made a delicious dinner of baked cheesy broccoli chicken that didn’t last long – it was damn good! We took naps with the dogs while watching TV and tried to stay warm…damn, we’re old… As promised, here are pictures from Ann’s birthday party last weekend.

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It was another cold start on Tuesday with another dusting of snow. Abby went in to school early for Student Council, so Ann & I took Luke to school. He again missed football practice that afternoon and was pretty sore when we saw him that night. Abs worked at BWR after school until late. I walked 3+ miles in the cold (it was a few degrees above my minimum that day). Since Ann & I had a long day, we stopped for a drink (we tried a couple ciders – Ann had a grape and I had a blackberry) at 450 North / Simmons Winery. We had a salad with our drink and ordered a pizza to bring home for dinner with Lukey. We really like that taco pizza, so we got half of that style and half buffalo chicken for Lukey. It was amazing. Ann worked on Abby’s Senior Night poster that evening while I fixed an old website of our 2006 vacation that had dead links left over from our original website. It’s a simple but fun page and you can find it here, if interested:

It snowed again overnight and so I had to shovel about 2” off the drive on Wednesday morning before heading in to work while the kids slept in, enjoying a 2-hour delay for school. Both of my maintenance guys were off, so I also enjoyed shoveling the walks and starting vehicles at work as well! Abby had Big Brothers / Big Sisters during school then attended Molie’s photo shoot with Farren that afternoon. Afterward, she and Mary worked on choreography before heading to DDS for her jazz and tap classes. Luke enjoyed the night off, playing video games most of the evening. Ann hosted her first After Prom meeting at the high school then went on to Dixon to get her Dance Mom on. Justin & I had a late lunch at Arni’s as part of a fundraiser for our coworker. After work, I walked out in the cold for 3+ miles again. When I got home, I edited music for Abby’s next Pirateers routine, called, “Funk in Black” – which is a mashup of AC/DC & Bruno Mars. After I got that saved and uploaded to Abby’s Google drive, I worked the rest of the evening on setting up our new access point on our home network – and boy, what a difference it makes! Later, Luke & I watched the #3 Boilers host #14 Ohio St for one hell of a game…but our beloved Boilers came up 1 point short to end their streak. It might be a good loss for them to get back into the groove since they’ve been off the last 4 games, to be honest. Here are some random pictures from our recent adventures.

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It was another cool start on Thursday that eventually warmed to above freezing. Ann had to go in early for a meeting, so we drove separately and I ran Lukey to school. Abby got to sleep in due to another doctor appointment in Columbus with the neurologist. If she wants to get a handle on these headaches, she will need to make a few changes to her daily routine… Ann went with her and they grabbed a quick lunch at Carino’s. I worked late then walked a 5K on a little warmer day that was actually pretty nice. Luke missed football practice after school yet again that night. Abby had Pirateers practice where she earned Pirateer of the Week! Way to go, Bu! Ann & I took Abs & Trevin to dinner at Tarouya to have a long talk and enjoy some great food.

Abs was in early for National Honor Society on Friday then came back and did homework with Trevin before heading in to Stradley / Hagerty’s Smile to job shadow at the dentist office. After school, she worked at Wings & Rings until late. Luke had basketball pictures (finally) after school. I had the day off due to low census – hopefully the last for a while. But I had to get up and run Luke’s forgotten bookbag to school (so much for sleeping in!). He stayed up way too late last night and couldn’t get out of bed this morning and was running around at the last minute as Ann was trying to leave. I ended up running a few errands around town then went out to the high school and walked the 5K track before picking up Lucas from the Fieldhouse so Gma could go to Columbus with Gigi. Luke had Grayson & Corbin over to spend the night. I ran them out to the YMCA for a few hours to play basketball. They came home and ended up running around in the woods and the neighborhood, getting muddy. Ann ordered Papa Johns pizza for dinner and the boys played PS4 until the wee hours of the morning. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp18.02.41 smp18.02.42 smp18.02.43 smp18.02.44 smp18.02.45 smp18.02.46 smp18.02.47 smp18.02.48 smp18.02.49 smp18.02.50 smp18.02.51 smp18.02.52 smp18.02.53 smp18.02.54 smp18.02.55 smp18.02.56 smp18.02.57 smp18.02.58 smp18.02.59 smp18.02.60 smp18.02.61 smp18.02.62 smp18.02.63 smp18.02.64 smp18.02.65 smp18.02.66 smp18.02.67 smp18.02.68 smp18.02.69 smp18.02.70 smp18.02.71 smp18.02.72 smp18.02.73 smp18.02.74 smp18.02.75 smp18.02.76 smp18.02.77 smp18.02.78 smp18.02.79 smp18.02.80 smp18.02.81 smp18.02.82 smp18.02.83 smp18.02.84 smp18.02.85 smp18.02.86 smp18.02.87 smp18.02.88 smp18.02.89 smp18.02.90 smp18.02.91 smp18.02.92 smp18.02.93 smp18.02.94 smp18.02.95 smp18.02.96 smp18.02.97 smp18.02.98 smp18.02.99 smp18.02.100 smp18.02.101 smp18.02.102 smp18.02.103

Annie and Abs were up early on Saturday for a girls’ day out. First, they went dress shopping then met up with Matt in Indy for a late lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Meanwhile, the boys slept in until Gray had to get up and go to baseball. I got up and did a few of my weekly chores and paid the bills before Corbin went home. Once he left, Luke & I planned a boys’ afternoon where we were going to run errands, eat, do some junking, exercise and practice driving. However, it didn’t quite turn out that way. We did run our errands and grab lunch at Taco Bell. As we waited 30+ minutes (they lost our order), we decided to alter our plans. My phone is five years old and is no longer able to keep up with today’s applications. I’ve already replace the battery in the past few months but the memory is maxed-out all the time and that just zaps my battery life. As my phone lost almost 25% of its charge in the restaurant, we decided to go look for new phones. So, we decided to skip our walk and junking in lieu of driving to Verizon. We were hoping to get the BOGO where I would get the new GN8 and he would get the GS8. However, there was too much red tape and we’d end up paying way more than we want in the end. We were ready to walk out and decided to go look at the phones and it we eventually decided to go ahead and upgrade. We were there for what seemed like three hours and came away with a pair of new phones, which is always a good feeling. On our way back, we stopped at the park where Luke drove us home to watch the Boilers try to rebound from their loss to OSU earlier this week. However, they had another tall order, playing #4 MSU. It was another exciting game for Purdue, but in the end they again came up a bucket short of winning and Michigan State knocked them off. The Boilers will obviously drop out of the Top 10 next week, but they’ve still had a great year so far. This loss still doesn’t change anything, as their goal remains the same – national champs. However, Big Ten champs is likely out of their reach now. They’ll likely need to win out and have some help. The girls came home after dark. Megan & Britney stopped by to see Bu for a while, but she was so worn out that she wouldn’t get out of bed and ended up sleeping through till morning. She obviously needs more sleep, as the doctor told her. Luke & I were so excited to set up our new devices that we didn’t get to bed until about 4 am! The girls’ basketball team won Regionals for the first time in school history! Way to go, girls! The three wrestlers that went to semi-state were unfortunately eliminated in the first round, ending a great season for the Pirates. The girls’ win pushes Abby’s Senior Night basketball game back a week. So, she’ll have one dance this coming week and then one the following week. Good luck to the Lady Pirates at the Final Four next weekend!

We all enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning. We slowly got up and did our weekly household chores on a cold, gloomy, dark day. Ann picked up Memaw and went to a funeral for a friend. Abby worked 2nd shift at BWR. While Ann napped, I watched the first NASCAR event of the year (the annual Clash, where last year’s pole winners get to race in the first competition of Speed Week at Daytona). It was a fun race that had a big wreck on the last lap, which is always exciting. We did as little as possible that night, relaxing and catching up on our DVR’ed shows before they all go on hiatus for the rest of the month due to the Olympics, we presume. Speaking of which, we watched a few Olympic events before calling it an early evening. It was a great way to wrap up a slower week and looked forward to an early start tomorrow, as we can start it all over again…

Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to feature our next three photo albums of our young family from the turn of the century. We lead off this time with Mom O’s birthday at the Main St home in November 2000; then Matt & Abby at the county fair in July 2001; Matt & I tubing in Pine Lake with Mom & Dad B, up in LaPorte in August 2001; New Years Eve in Ryle with Matt & Bu in December 2001; Matt & Bu putting up the Christmas tree and making a snowman in December 2001; Matt playing soccer at Washington Field in April 2002; Megan’s baptism in LaPorte in May 2002; summertime fun in Ryle in August 2002; and finally Matt & Abs playing in our pile of leaves we just raked-up in November 2002.

Waybac.2000.11.mobdp17 Waybac.2000.11.mobdp18 Waybac.2000.11.mobdp19 Waybac.2000.11.mobdp20 Waybac.2001.07.dcf19 Waybac.2001.07.dcf20 Waybac.2001.07.dcf21 Waybac.2001.07.dcf22 Waybac.2001.08.sipl35 Waybac.2001.08.sipl36 Waybac.2001.08.sipl37 Waybac.2001.08.sipl38 Waybac.2001.12.cws05 Waybac.2001.12.nye11 Waybac.2001.12.nye12 Waybac.2001.12.puct09 Waybac.2001.12.puct10 Waybac.2001.12.puct11 Waybac.2002.01.nyd01 Waybac.2002.01.nyd02 Waybac.2002.04.msgowf02 Waybac.2002.04.msgowf03 Waybac.2002.04.msgowf04 Waybac.2002.04.msgowf05 Waybac.2002.05.mbilp31 Waybac.2002.05.mbilp32 Waybac.2002.05.mbilp33 Waybac.2002.05.mbilp34 Waybac.2002.08.sira01 Waybac.2002.08.sira02 Waybac.2002.08.sira03 Waybac.2002.08.sira04 Waybac.2002.11.kipol02 Waybac.2002.11.kipol03 Waybac.2002.11.kipol04 Waybac.2002.11.kipol05

We end with our video segment, which includes one new home movie from this week as well as several from around the internet.

That does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma.
Later, Scheu

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