…My Old Friends, Hoping it would Never End. Say Goodbye…

What a whirlwind of a week it’s been, here at the Scheu abode. It was easily the fastest week we’ve had in a long time, as it is every year at this time. All the kids enjoyed being off from school and staying at home this week, so the family was whole again and everything was right in the world. Matt worked full time at Aspen Place. He had Taylor down for a little while as well. Abby did some babysitting for her former bosses in Indy as she searched for a new car. She had Garrett down for a little while and even went to see him at his house as well. Luke spent time playing Fortnight and hanging out with his friends. Ann rested her ailing knees, fought off a couple more headaches and some bad swelling. We’re hoping her upcoming surgery will alleviate all these issues. She did more cooking this week than she has in the last couple months, for which the kids and I were grateful! As for me; I put my diet and exercise on pause and enjoyed the down time. I didn’t go completely crazy with my intake, but it was nowhere near compliant either. I finally took time this week to work on putting the majority of my music collection on my phone’s micro SD card, which will give me thousands of hours of music. I’ve been wanting to do it for a long time. I enjoyed spending time with the family but also made time to see good friends as well. It was a week full of elated highs and tearful lows. But no matter what; this week was all about family and spending time together with the ones you love. Hello again and welcome back to the Scheu Family Blog.

The boys and I were up early on Monday morning for our annual charity work on Christmas Eve. First, we met up with the wrestling team (all alumni this year, unfortunately) at Big Boy for breakfast then went on to the K of C’s to do our part at Cheer Fund, loading up all the vehicles with the boxes of toys and food. We had a good time as always, seeing the guys and helping out the community. When we got done, Taylor was at our home. We did a gift exchange with her and I loved the ‘Hot Sauce of the Month Club’ membership! I can’t wait!! The girls got up and did some cooking in preparation for that evening’s festivities then Abby went to Newcastle to be with Garrett and his family for a while. Later that evening, we did our traditional Christmas Eve stuff with dinner and presents at Mom & Sandy’s house. This year, we did soups and snacks. Keith, Rosie & Megan made it in from New York. Dee & Jamie helped Gma & Gigi prepare food. Gracie had to work, but she eventually made it just as dinner was ending. Matt & Taylor came over but she had to leave and head back up to be with her family that night. Abby & Garrett were a little late but made it back safely for dinner. Luke, Ann & I brought over the stuff Ann had prepared and we all enjoyed a big dinner together. Later, we had fun with our Dirty Santa gift exchange. This year the theme was “soft.” The stealing got pretty intense – especially with the pig in the blanket gift…but in the end, Matt won it for Taylor – what a guy! Afterward, we did our big gift exchange with Gma & Gigi and there were presents and paper everywhere! We stuck around for a little while and talked and laughed. We would’ve liked to stay longer, but we had to head back to the house to do our annual traditions as well. We got everything unloaded and put away then Ann handed out our new Christmas t-shirts before I read The Night Before Christmas. Next, the kids got things ready for Santa with cookies & milk as well as cheese cubes and a Santa Cokes and went on to bed. That allowed Ann & I to help Santa wrap presents and we didn’t get to bed until about 4 am or so…We’re getting too old for this stuff! Here are pictures of Luke’s basketball game last week at Franklin County.

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Matt was up early on Christmas morning to work at the old folks’ home. The dogs had me up before 8 but at least Ann finally got a couple hours of sleep. Ann got up and cooked stuff for lunch while the other two kiddos slept in. Since Matt had to work that morning, we decided to push back opening presents until after he got home that afternoon… much to the chagrin of Abby and especially Luke. We headed back to Gma & Gigi’s house about noon and it was another good crowd for lunch: Mom & Sandy; Keith, Rosie & Megan; Dee, Jamie, Grace, Cindy & DJ; Gpa Joe, and the four of us. Matt ran late and did not make it over this year so we brought him home a big plate for later. Meanwhile, we enjoyed another huge meal: a big turkey, a spiral ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, homemade noodles, homemade mac & cheese, homemade dressing, sweet potatoes, pasta salad, baked beans, green bean casserole, brussels sprout casserole, rolls, pecan pie, pumpkin pie and some kind of delicious strawberry dessert. We were stuffed!! The kids gave Gma & Gigi their special art project with their fingerprints in the shape of a heart. We left soon afterward and came home to nap as we waited on Matthew. Once he got home, showered and settled in, the kids passed out presents and we enjoyed opening all our gifts. It was another big mess with paper and boxes everywhere. It was a good year, judging by all the trash we carried out to the curb. Our favorites this year: Matt loves his new iPhone & the TSO show he attended earlier this month. Ann loved her heated toilet seat & her new Insta-pots. Abby was torn between her new Timberlands and the pretty necklace from Garrett. Luke couldn’t decide which he liked better – his new game chair or his air pods. I loved my new running shoes and all the awesome Hot Wheels! We relaxed and put away all our new stuff then Abby & Luke went back to Mom & Sandy’s to visit and get leftovers for dinner. Matt napped and then he went over there as well. Ann & I relaxed and watched Christmas movies all day – A Christmas Story, The Santa Clause, The Wizard of Oz and Home Alone. The kids brought food back for us to have a late snack. Abby went out with her BFF Megan and they ended up at Terry & Crysti’s house most of the night. Here are pictures from our family photo shoot a few weeks ago.

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Luke had an early morning basketball practice on Wednesday then went to Drew’s house to play Airsoft for several hours. Matt worked at Aspen Place while Abby, Ann & I enjoyed a lazy day off. When Matt got home, we all got cleaned up and drove to Indy to meet Dad & Barb for dinner at Hollyhock Hills. We had a nice, family-style, multi-course, fried chicken dinner then opened Christmas presents from them and visited for a couple hours till they closed the restaurant. When we got back to town, we dropped Luke off at the Messer’s, where he spent the night. Matt talked about going out with Joel but I don’t think he ever made it. Meanwhile Ann &I fell asleep watching some DVR’d shows on the big screen.

I enjoyed sleeping in on a cool, dark, rainy Thursday. Abby was up early to get the Hot Rod Lincoln, go to a dentist appointment and then pickup Luke from Drew’s house. Later, she drove up to Indy to babysit again. Matt worked the early shift at Aspen Place. Luke had to hitch a ride with Abby due to sleeping in after everyone else had left! He woke-up to an empty house. It didn’t surprise Ann or I – he sleeps like a log. Ann returned to work and had a long day. The boys and I had optometrist appointments that afternoon. The boys still have good eyes and don’t need glasses whereas mine continue to get worse and although I passed again on the bifocals, I have to wear cheaters with my contacts to see anything up close. I installed Ann’s new light over the stove and the heated toilet seat in the full bathroom. Once he got home, Matt slept most of the night. Ann & I watched a couple movies on the big screen and took it easy all night, eating up all our leftovers. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

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Ann went back to work again on Friday morning. Matt moved his work schedule back to second shift so he could go out to breakfast with Joel, who was headed back to Cali that afternoon. Abby drove up to Indy to work her babysitting gig then stayed at Garrett’s house in Newcastle that evening. Meanwhile, I had been in contact with my old buddy, Paul. One of our fraternity brothers is in bad shape and we both wanted to go see him. So, Paul picked me up that morning and we headed up to Franklin where we met up with our pal Pat. The three of us went to visit our old friend, Kevin, at his home with his family. Burd was my boss out at Grimmer-Schmidt and was key in my development after college. I learned a great deal about life from Burd and have always looked up to him as the big brother I never had. Sadly, he is now dying of cancer, so it was great to see him one last time. We got to say goodbye while reliving the glory years. We told stories and laughed for a while with him. His wife is a nurse and was very kind to allow us to spend some time with him today. We realize his time is precious and it should be spent with family, so we were pleased she allowed us into their home. It was obvious that she was taking good care of him and that without her, he would likely not be able to spend his last days in his comfortable surroundings and instead be stuck in a hospital somewhere. Time flew while we were there but we eventually had to say goodbye when the funeral planner came over to make final arrangements. That really drove home the finality of it all. Afterwards, we decided to have a few drinks there in town in his honor. We started at our old stomping grounds (where Burd worked at one point after college) – Mike’s Grill Bar. We sat at the big, round table in the back like we used to do back in the day. Next, we walked down to the Elks for a few drinks and met up with a couple old softball buddies. We talked and laughed and toasted our friend several times. We then ended up down at Bojak’s, just off-campus, for some food and one last round. Although I wish like hell it was under different circumstances, it was good to see Kevin and spend time with Paul & Pat – just like back in the glory days. We don’t see enough of each other these days. At one point we were so close we saw each other daily. It had been quite a while since the three of us hung out like that – maybe since the early 90s! Seeing everyone that day and spending time reminiscing and laughing for several hours was good for the soul. Kevin played such a large role in our lives before we all went our separate ways. Godspeed, Burd… We dropped off Pat and Paul drove me back to our house where we visited with Ann and the boys, had a cocktail and then called it a day. Matt & I had planned to watch the Music City Bowl with Purdue, but we both saw glimpses of the game throughout the day and neither of us wanted to watch it as the Boilers forgot to show up. I wonder if they thought they were playing on New Year’s Day?? It sure looked like it, as they got demolished by Auburn, 14-63. ☹ I was wiped-out from all the excitement and quickly fell asleep that evening.

Ann & I enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning. Matt worked the early shift at AP. Abby had the day off, spending it in Newcastle with Garrett. Luke slept till noon. I got up and paid bills, did the kids’ FSAFAs, filed away our 2018 bills and did the weekly vehicle maintenance. We took naps on and off all day and just took it easy as we watched college football games. We had planned to go up to Avon that evening to spend time with our Scheu family cousins. But it just didn’t work out for us. The kids ended up going their own way and Ann & I underestimated how tired we would be at that time of the evening. We didn’t feel much like getting dressed up and travelling that late in the day. Plus, with the rollercoaster of emotions yesterday, I didn’t feel much like being social. I think that if it had been earlier in the day we would’ve gone, because we really enjoy spending time with that side of the family and we rarely get to see them. Instead; we kept warm with dogs and blankets as we watched a movie and then turned on the big college football games. The Cotton Bowl was a blowout with Clemson moving on in the playoffs. The Orange Bowl wasn’t much better as Alabama dominated to move on to the championship game next week. Matt slept most of the night and didn’t feel well. Abby stayed up north until the early evening then went out with Grace and they got their noses pierced in Columbus that night. Luke went to the Messer’s to spend the night with Drew on his birthday. Ann made some snacky-type foods for dinner: jalapeno-stuffed mushrooms, turkey and salami sliders and buffalo chicken dip – that went perfectly with the football game theme that evening…

smp18.12.172 smp18.12.173 smp18.12.174 smp18.12.175 smp18.12.176 smp18.12.177 smp18.12.178 smp18.12.179 smp18.12.180 smp18.12.181 smp18.12.182 smp18.12.183 smp18.12.184 smp18.12.185 smp18.12.186 smp18.12.187 smp18.12.188 smp18.12.189 smp18.12.190 smp18.12.191 smp18.12.192 smp18.12.193 smp18.12.194 smp18.12.195 smp18.12.196 smp18.12.197 smp18.12.198 smp18.12.201 smp18.12.199 smp18.12.200

We enjoyed sleeping in on a lazy Sunday morning. We eventually got up and did our weekly household chores on another overcast day. I got stuff started then went over to help Mom & Sandy around their house. They were putting away their Christmas decorations. I installed a new shelf and did a couple odd jobs for them. By the time I got home, the Cowboys were already on TV. Although the game was basically meaningless, Dallas needed some momentum going into the playoffs next week. They ended up beating the Giants with a couple big plays late in the game which made it very exciting. The playoff picture played out all day long with several good ballgames. Matt worked a double-shift at Aspen. Abby slept most of the day instead of cleaning her room. She still hasn’t found a car she likes and we haven’t heard back from Jerry. I’ll need to call him next week when we head back to work to see what he’s been able to find out, regarding our options. Luke stayed at Drew’s house all day to help celebrate his birthday. They played airsoft wars and capture the flag. Later, I went to the Sunken Boat Bar to watch the final game of the NFL regular season. It was the Colts vs. the Titans. It was essentially a playoff game as the winner clinched the final wild card playoff berth while the loser began their off-season that night. Bryan, Shawn & I were joined Matt, Bryan’s brother Mike and his friend Tim. We not only cheered the Colts on to victory but also played poker until the wee hours of the morning. Shawn’s boys joined us at the poker table, which was even cooler. We briefly saw Angie and Ally, but they left shortly after halftime. We had fun playing cards, eating lots of good food, watching some quality football and even enjoyed a few cocktails. In the end, the Colts won and will play in Houston next weekend. It was a great way to wind down the week and allowed us to catch our breath before we start it all over again tomorrow…

Next up is our Waybac section. It continues to feature pix from our #16 photo album, which shows our family in May of 2004 during our Walt Disney World vacation. This week’s selections begin with our day in Epcot; then a character dinner (princesses) in Cinderella’s castle; next we see the Light Parade down Main St., which I think was called Spectro Magic; then we see the Lion King show in Animal Kingdom; and finally we have pictures of our fun dinner with Keith, Rosie & Megan at the luau outside the Polynesian Village Resort called the Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show.

Waybac.2004.05.wdw41 Waybac.2004.05.wdw42 Waybac.2004.05.wdw43 Waybac.2004.05.wdw44 Waybac.2004.05.wdw45 Waybac.2004.05.wdw46 Waybac.2004.05.wdw47 Waybac.2004.05.wdw48 Waybac.2004.05.wdw49 Waybac.2004.05.wdw50 Waybac.2004.05.wdw51 Waybac.2004.05.wdw52 Waybac.2004.05.wdw53 Waybac.2004.05.wdw54 Waybac.2004.05.wdw55 Waybac.2004.05.wdw56 Waybac.2004.05.wdw57 Waybac.2004.05.wdw58 Waybac.2004.05.wdw59 Waybac.2004.05.wdw60

We end with our video segment, which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one and may you and your family have a prosperous New Year. We miss ya Mom.
Later, Scheu

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