As You Suffer in Vain, Own all the Grief and the Pain

This turned out to be a tough week for the family. It began innocently enough, but by weeks’ end it had become one of the worst ones in recent memory. Matt had a full week of student-teaching in Zionsville. He had some residual car issues that he resolved but by the weekend he was sick with what is likely Influenza “A.” Abby had a good week of classes and surprised us by coming home for the weekend with her travelling companion…the same one I used to have whenever I came home…a large load of dirty laundry! LOL Over the weekend, she received news of some drama that could impact her and Garrett at school. Luke endured his final week of classes before Spring Break. He had football and baseball practices all week and spent most of his free time with his teammate (and neighbor) Blayne. Ann had another week of tough physical therapy that continues to bring her pain and discomfort during the healing process. She’s putting on a brave face, but we know she’s tired of hurting. She’s hardly using the walker now and is getting around with her cane or nothing at all, but that is coming with an obvious price. But I have to admit, it’s great to see her back on her feet! I got back on the keto diet wagon (well, most of the week anyway) and met my exercise goal by getting in sixteen miles of walking. March undoubtedly came in like lion – bringing with it thunderstorms, heavy winds and even snow and ice. But the hardest part of the week was the news that our old friends Wayne & Shannon suddenly and without warning, lost their youngest child Jarrett. He was only twenty years old. We are heartbroken and cannot imagine the pain and grief they’re enduring at this challenging time… Ann & I have always held Jarrett in high regard as he was instrumental in helping Abby during her ATV crash. He will be missed…

We had a frigid start to the week on Monday. We had about an inch of snow on the ground as I headed into work that morning. Luke fell back to sleep after I got him up and poor Mary had to come in the house and wake his ass up for school! …How embarrassing for him… After a long day at school, he had football practice where he achieved a new personal best in squatting and the clean & jerk before he went on to baseball practice that night. Ann worked on After Prom stuff while nursing her sore knees. She said that they were as sore as they’ve been in a while and blames, “this damn weather!” I had a good day at work then walked a 5K at the mall. We were happy to watch the season premiere of American Idol that evening. When Ann went to bed afterward, I watched the rest of the UFC 245 event. It was anticlimactic…

Tuesday was another horribly cold day. It spit snow on and off and the wind chill was below zero all day. Luke got up on time that day and did not fall back to sleep, making it to school on time with Mary. He had football practice afterwards and by the time he got home, he was totally wiped-out! Ann went to PT in Columbus that day. Big thanks to Cheryle for taking care of her! She was still sore that evening but swears that it’s related to the weather – which is cool…now we have a meteorologist in the family!! It was still dark as I headed into work that morning. Thankfully, the day went really fast and before I knew it, I was at the mall walking again. I got in another 5K then ran to CVS and Walmart. By the time I got home, it was dark again. We relaxed and watched our DVR’d shows, trying to keep warm with the dogs. #11-ranked Purdue looked horrible and lost at Minnesota on a night that everything went wrong. …Still, they made a run and had a chance at the end; but a bad call with 4 seconds left in the game gave the ball to the Gophers when their guy clearly hit the ball out of bounds. It’s always a shame when an official decides the outcome of a game that has so much on the line. With the loss, the Boilers can no longer win the league championship outright. Still, they can win a share of the title with a win this weekend at Northwestern.

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We had another bone-chilling day on Wednesday. The temps stayed below freezing the whole day. After school, Luke & Blayne went to Steak & Shake in Batesville then hurried home for drivers’ ed…only to have the teacher cancel the class. So instead, Luke met up with Drew & Shack and they went to the Y to lift for a couple hours. Ann had a quiet day then went to Pizza King for dinner with her girlfriends. I had a fast day at work. Justin, Vic & I went out to lunch at Mancino’s then I walked a 5K at the mall again afterward. I thought I might be able to walk outside – it looked warm with all the sunshine…but it was deceiving. It was way too cold to get out there! I picked up the boys from the YMCA and ran them to Chester’s for a quick dinner before coming home. While Ann & I watched Idol for a couple hours, I checked in my new Hot Wheels from all the junking last weekend. During the show, we heard a loud boom and the whole house shook. We thought maybe Luke fell out of bed or something fell in the house or perhaps one of the trees fell and hit the house…but it was none of that. So, we turned on the local police scanner to figure it out. It was all very confusing as the police couldn’t figure out where it came from – was it a house explosion, a plane crash, a traffic accident, a transformer explosion, Muscatatuck or Atterbury playing war games, a comet creating a sonic boom…no one could figure it out…or maybe a UFO as Ann suggested!? LOL! It turned out to be something over at our friend Alan’s business but thankfully it wasn’t too big of a mishap and everyone was safe.

Thursday saw yet another cold start to the day. Luke had a long day of school then went to football practice. He drove the Hot Rod Lincoln home with Gma and then Blayne picked him up and they went to baseball practice. After practice the boys went to a baseball seminar entitled, “The Mental Side of Hitting,” featuring a pro baseball player. He liked it and got to meet the speaker afterward. I talked to Matt again that morning. He said he got his tire fixed and is enjoying teaching in Zionsville. Later, I video-conferenced Bu on Duo. She was prepping for a rush event with her sister Pi Phis and was excited to welcome a spring pledge class. Poor Annie was still sore, causing her distress and even a couple tears…but she fought through the pain to make quiche for dinner (thx babe!) that absolutely hit the spot. I had another fast day at work then walked over three miles at the mall, bringing me within a mile or so of my weekly threshold.

There was no snow in Greensburg on Friday morning, but there was about two inches of the white stuff waiting for me at work in Columbus. I went in early to help clear the snow but Victor had already taken care of it! Ann went to physical therapy with Jane that afternoon. Luke had a fast day at school then went dog-sitting at Mom & Sandy’s house while they ran to the casino. I had another fast day at work then walked a couple miles around the airport property on a chilly afternoon, working off the big lunch Justin, Vic & I had at Texas Roadhouse. We installed carpet in our office that looks nice then called it an early day. Ann & I chatted about our days for a couple hours while watching DVR’d shows. When Luke got home, Ann ordered takeout for dinner and Luke drove me to Wings & Rings and then on to Chilis. He is getting so good at driving. I thought it was pretty insightful when he commented on how many bad drivers he encounters on a daily basis. He said he sees it a lot when he is driving Gma around in the Hot Rod Lincoln after school. I told him that is when there are more young drives on the road and that he needed to remember that when he is driving solo in a few months. We watched a couple James Bond movies with our dinner that evening – first Goldfinger with Connery and then Moonraker with Moore as the iconic 007. It was that night that we heard the news about Jarrett. We were floored when we heard the news and were in disbelief. We immediately wanted to call Wayne & Shannon, but also wanted to respect their privacy and let their family mourn in peace. Our heart and prayers are with his parents and sister. Godspeed, Jarrett…we hope you find peace in the next life, young man…

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After being up late last night, I enjoyed sleeping in while Ann got up with the dogs on Saturday morning. Ann talked to Matt, who was sick with the flu. He would end up sleeping most of the day…to the point where Ann became concerned and called Taylor and Katie to check on him when he didn’t respond to calls & texts. Abby came home later that morning. Just before she and Ann went to the optometrist to get a new pair of glasses (since she lost both pairs of hers and cannot see in her classes), the local florist arrived with some lovely flowers for our sweet Annie. I hope it brightened her day and reminds her that we are proud of her progress in her recovery and to keep working hard! Luke enjoyed the day off and played Fortnight all morning. He ended up going out with Blayne later and they be-bopped around town all day and well into the night. After writing-out bills, Bu & I went to Columbus for the day. It poured all day while we were there and stormed hard at times. We started off at her favorite restaurant – Ruby Tuesday’s – for lunch then went next door to the Exit 76 Antique Mall to do some junkin’ and Hot Wheels hunting. Next, we went to Columbus Pawn but didn’t find anything of interest there and ended up at 450N for drinks and takeout pizzas. I had a couple of their Lite Knight beers and a few of Abby’s fried pickles while we waited on our brick oven-fired pizzas. When they were done, we picked up a bottle of their Simmons Winery Black Berry Bounty wine and headed home to have dinner with Ms. Ann. On our way home, Abby got a call from Garrett, who was upset that there were accusations about fraternity boys and sorority girls. There was a lot of speculation, some heavy-handed proactive interventions by security and RAs, false truths, mixed accounts and hard feelings. I am hopeful that cooler heads will prevail and nothing will come of all the drama. The issue comes down to boys using the girls’ bathroom in the suites area. However, there are no boy restrooms even though there is a boys’ suite over there now…and so the restrooms are used frequently by the boys. There are conflicting reports of what happened and so there will be an investigation to figure out what they’re going to do…what a mess! Luke came home and we watched a cool movie called “Unlocked” on the big screen. After everyone went to bed, I watched the final regular season game for the Boilers. They faced the Wildcats for a share of the Big 10 title. It was a good game, but they pulled away late and easily won their 24th championship (most all-time in the Big Ten)! Next up for #11 Purdue is the Big Ten tourney and then on to the Big Dance. Before I went to bed, I set the clocks ahead so we could “spring forward” in the middle of the night as Daylight Savings Time began. The wind was nasty overnight, gusting up to 50 mph and shaking the house at times – making it a little hard to fall asleep.

We all enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday. We slowly got up and got to our weekly household chores. Abs got up and finished her laundry before going to Gma & Gigi’s house to visit. She ended up driving back up to school in the early afternoon and made it safely. After spending the morning playing Fortnight on his PS4, Luke went with Blayne to lift and play basketball. Later, he went fishing on a gorgeous afternoon. That left Ann & I alone for a quiet afternoon and evening with the dogs. We took naps while watching racing and Ancient Aliens (well, I did while I wrote the blog and she played on her phone). It was the slowdown that we needed to catch our collective breaths before we start up again tomorrow. We both got in a nap or two, taking it easy. We looked forward to winding down the week in our usual fashion of The Walking Dead and Talking Dead.

Next up is our Waybac segment, which continues to feature pictures from our #17 family photo album of our vacation at Walt Disney World in June 2003. We lead off this time with our arrival and check-in at the Contemporary Resort; then on to the character meal called Chip ‘n Dale’s Harvest Feast at the rotating Garden Grill restaurant in Epcot; next we head to Animal Kingdom for the Kilimanjaro Safari; then we head over to the Polynesian resort to catch up with Keith & Rosie for the luau called Disney’s Spirit of Aloha; next we see various sights from around Animal Kingdom; and we wrap up this batch with a picture of Matt outside the Contemporary and then the kids with Ann & I on the long bus from the Contemporary to Animal Kingdom.

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We wrap up this blog entry with our video segment. We again have only one short family movie this week but several from around the internet.

And that does it for the latest entry into the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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