Sunshine…Sweet Love my Labor – Don’t Mind…I don’t Care No More

We’ve enjoyed a fast, wet week since we last touched base. While got some relief with some cooler temps and even had the humidity dip a bit this week, making it much more enjoyable. Matt continued to work full time at Z-West middle school. It was nice to see him for a little bit this week. Abby spent her week, focused on her second year at Franklin College. She seems to be settling in nicely and we got to see her a couple times this week. Luke continued to be a one-sport athlete, focusing his attention on school and football. He still enjoyed spending time with friends everyday as well. He played two games this week, one at the JV level as well as the varsity team. He has kept the house alive with several kids spending time at the house, just as his siblings did in previous years. I’m glad the kids still feel comfortable hanging out at the old abode still. It helps to keep Ann & I young at heart. Annie continues to make small progress every day with her knee rehab. She still drags that cane around, but it increasingly gets left in another room or lost completely a couple times. Actually, most of the time she’s just dragging it with her anymore. I eventually got back on my diet and dropped seven pounds this week as I exceeded my weekly workout goal by walking about sixteen miles during a busy week. It was great seeing family and friends this week and we enjoyed a long Labor Day weekend, officially ending summer…now, bring on the football!! Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

We had cooler, wet start to our week on Monday. It ended up raining all day and night. Ann & I had fast days at work. I weighed-in 8 lbs. heavier than when I left work on Thursday – it guess it was a really good weekend!! I walked about two and half miles that afternoon. The first half mile was outside, in the rain before I decided that it was too heavy and turned around. When I got back to work, I hopped in the van and went to the mall to finish my routine. I walked until I had to pick up Ann and head to Shelbyville in Barney. Abby’s first day of school was that morning. I’ll have to work on our annual kids’ back to school picture (more of a collage again this year) for next week’s blog. Matt had a good day at school, teaching up in Zionsville. He deserved a good day for once! Luke had a fast day at school, got his Jimmy Johns sandwich with Gma and then rode with the JV squad up to Shelbyville to play in the rain. Ann & I joined a good-sized crowd of parents in the visitors stands, who braved the elements on a humid evening. The boys came out strong and moved the ball at will, scoring multiple TDs before invoking the run rule where the clock runs continuously once you get up by 35 points. It was a lopsided game that allowed all the younger boys to play a lot of minutes. Luke played roughly half the plays on defense at outside linebacker and middle linebacker and about a quarter of the plays on offense at sniffer back. He was the kicker on the kickoff team and lined-up to punt once as well as playing on the punt return team. Although Luke made the first tackle of the game, he wasn’t on his game that night and seemed to play down to the opponent. I thought he would dominate play that evening, but instead he got lost in the mediocrity of the game. Still, he led the team in tackles but the game was never close, ending at 40-8 after we stopped trying to score on them in the second half. Luke’s stats: 1 rush (as the punter) for 2 yards and a pancake. He had 4 tackles and had 6 kickoffs (40, 50, 40, 57, 30 and 17 – which was a successful onside kick!). As Luke rode the bus back to town and caught a ride home with a teammate that lives next to us, Ann & I went exploring downtown and ended up at a new restaurant on the circle called Pudder’s, which is a bar and grill. They just opened a week ago and are still working a few kinks out. The food was outstanding; the service just ok. The atmosphere was cool, but we were sat under a speaker and I couldn’t hear anything Ann said the entire night, even though she was sitting next to me! We met Luke back at the house where he was getting cleaned-up and went to his room early. We actually found him doing his homework! Whaaaaaaaatttt??? Here are pictures from Luke’s varsity football game vs. Shelbyville last weekend.

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Tuesday saw another cooler start in the low 60s with some patchy fog. Fast day for Ann & I. We dealt with some Owens family drama early that morning, but it all worked out in the end – thankfully. I began my monthly EOC rounds and got back on my diet. After work, I walked about 3 miles on a nice but super-humid day. Although it was in the low 70s, it felt like it was in the mid-90s. Luke said the same thing; he had a good day at school but a hard, sweaty day at football practice. He said Coach Moore told him he would not be travelling with the JV squad on Thursday, which I think is a good thing? I hope he plans to play him on Friday night but I guess we’ll see… I ran errands after work and got back about the same time that Luke did. He did his weekly chores, talked to Ann and got cleaned-up before grabbing something to eat and walking over to Jenna’s house to study. Matt had another good day at work. Abby said she likes her classes and got her Roku working, which she loves. We took it easy and watched a few DVR’d shows before we both fell asleep watching the big screen.

We had an even cooler start to the day in the upper 50s on Wednesday – I love this weather! We drove through patchy fog again on the way into work, but thankfully it was yet another fast day for me with more EOC Rounds. It seems like this month absolutely flew by! Justin & I went out for lunch with Vic & ‘Chelle to Arni’s – one of my faves – and I got my Arni’s Senior salad- yum! I walked a 5k after work and talked to Abby, which made my walk zoom by in no time! She is doing really well and adjusting quickly this year. I think she really likes her new dorm, which I figured she would… We made plans to get together on Friday for breakfast – I can’t wait! Ann had a long day at work but brought home a bunch of corn on the cob from her one of her co-worker’s garden! Luke went to school and football. Afterward, he and Oakley went to Blane’s house to study chemistry. He said it is a pretty tough class. I remember taking it as a senior and thinking it was really tough as well. Matt had a challenging day; which I guess he was probably due for one – but he made it through to the other side. Hang in there, buddy! Here are pictures of Abby’s move-in day to FC last week.

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Thursday was yet another cool start in the 60s as Ann & I made our way to work in Columbus. We enjoyed fast days again. I took her to a meeting about mid-morning then went I picked her up and we went for lunch at Arni’s so I could enjoy yet another senior salad! I finished up my EOC rounds and got all my loose ends taken care of before I left for a long weekend. Luke had a good day at school then went to practice with the varsity team instead of travelling to Triton Central for the JV game. I heard they lost the game that evening but Luke said they had a great varsity practice. He was in the paper that night for his work on the JV squad, leading the defense in tackles. He brought us home the tickets for the big gave at Lucas Oil Stadium, here in a couple weeks. I briefly spoke to Abby, who had an easy day. She was planning to hang some lights in her bedroom so I could pickup the ladder tomorrow. Ann spoke to Matt, who had a few more troubles at work, but that’s kind of been the norm here lately. He’s already got a lot of good stories he can tell – LOL. I know I could write a book about the things I’ve seen in a quarter century out at my facility…if I could only remember them! Luke went to team dinner that evening then wound up at McDonalds with Oakley & Blane to eat again and study for their Chemistry test tomorrow before coming home to play Fortnight. Ann & I stopped at the store on our way home and picked up a steak and some jalapeno cheese bratwurst patties that we threw on the grill. She was given a half dozen Bartholomew County ears of corn from a co-worker and she created Mexican street corn. OMG it was the greatest corn I’ve ever had in my life!! After dinner, we watched the Colts play the Bengals in the final pre-season game of the year on the big screen and fell asleep at some point in the 4th quarter. Here are the latest additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc19.09.01 hwc19.09.02 hwc19.09.03 hwc19.09.04 hwc19.09.05 hwc19.09.06 hwc19.09.07 hwc19.09.08 hwc19.09.09 hwc19.09.10 hwc19.09.11 hwc19.09.12 hwc19.09.13

We were up early on Friday morning for work and school. I had the day off, so I ran Ann to work then drove up to Franklin to see Bu. She met me out in front of the Phi Delt house and we walked uptown to Ann’s Restaurant for breakfast. It was busy, but the food was outstanding again. We gladly walked around downtown before heading back to campus to work off some of that food. We hung out in her dorm and Garrett stopped by for a while before I had to take off and let her get to her first class in the late morning. I stopped by the big indoor flea market by the outlet mall before picking up Ann and heading back to town. We ran errands around town before stopping for lunch at El Reparo for some tacos and margaritas. We came home and relaxed in the A/C. Annie napped while I checked-in my newest Hot Wheels. Luke had a fast day at school then ran around with friends and got his Jimmy Johns sandwich with Gma before heading back to school to get ready for the next varsity football game. That night, the Pirates faced Triton Central, up in Shelby county. Luke started on special teams, playing upback on the kickoff return team, upback on the punt team, middle linebacker on the punt return team and end on the FG/PAT team. He did not play any defense that night, unfortunately. However, he did get to play on offense in the 4th quarter at sniffer back and made some nice blocks, including a key one on the goal line that cleared the way for a score. As for the game, it started off rough, as the Pirates gave up a TD on the opening kickoff. We came down and tied the game and then forced a 3-and-out but then the wheels fell off the wagon. We fumbled and they scored in just two plays. That was as close as we would get the rest of the game, as they never looked back and won easily, 37-13. Luke went out with Blane and Oak after the game then Oakley stayed the night. When Ann & I got home, I watched the season-opening Purdue football game vs. Nevada…and what a game it was! Unfortunately, the Boilers faded in the closing minutes of the game. Couple that with some questionable officiating and an incredible, last-second 56-yard walk-off FG by a freshman back-up kicker and you’re left with a heartbreaking loss to start the season… Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.09.01 sis19.09.02 sis19.09.03 sis19.09.04 sis19.09.05 sis19.09.06 sis19.09.07 sis19.09.08 sis19.09.09 sis19.09.10 sis19.09.11 sis19.09.12 sis19.09.13 sis19.09.14 sis19.09.15 sis19.09.16 sis19.09.17 sis19.09.18 sis19.09.19 sis19.09.20 sis19.09.21 sis19.09.22 sis19.09.23 sis19.09.24 sis19.09.25 sis19.09.26 sis19.09.27 sis19.09.28 sis19.09.29 sis19.09.30 sis19.09.31 sis19.09.32 sis19.09.33 sis19.09.34 sis19.09.35 sis19.09.36 sis19.09.37 sis19.09.38 sis19.09.39

After being up late last night, we all enjoyed sleeping in on Saturday morning. It was raining when we got out of bed. I tried to wake-up Luke a couple times but eventually went out and mowed / trimmed the yard by myself after it stopped raining. Luke and Ann went to the store to get clothes that fit our growing teenager. We all got cleaned-up and then headed up to Franklin to pickup Abby and drove on to Crawfordsville for Darby’s wedding. It was held out in the country at a place called the Wedding Barn, which was a really pretty setting for an outdoor wedding. Thankfully, the weather cooperated and it turned out to be a perfect day for Darby & Taylor. The event was well-attended and the place was absolutely packed. After a good meal, they got into some of the traditional stuff, but Darby wanted things a little different. She didn’t do a cake but instead had cupcakes, which were really good. During the Father/Daughter Dance, they had all the father/daughter duos come up to join them, which was a nice twist. So, Bu and I went up and danced and called Taylor up to join us as well. After some other stuff, the kids wound up on the dance floor and they eventually got my fat ass up there was well. It was good to see Stacy & Danny as well as Devin and of course the lovely Ms. Darby. Time flew past quickly and before we knew it, it was time to say our good-byes and part ways. Matt & Taylor drove Bebe home while we took Tonya back to FC. We dropped Abs off at the Sections, where Megan was up visiting from SIU in Vincennes. She was hanging out with all of Abby’s roommates when we got there and planned to spend the night with her. We brought in some stuff for her that we brought from home and said our good-byes before heading on home. Luke went out with Hannah and Morgan to the store then came back and hung out in the den. Meanwhile, Ann iced her knees and napped in her chair while I watched the AXSTV fights, featuring the LMA. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week. We were all up pretty late that night.

smp19.09.01 smp19.09.02 smp19.09.03 smp19.09.04 smp19.09.05 smp19.09.06 smp19.09.07 smp19.09.08 smp19.09.09 smp19.09.10 smp19.09.11 smp19.09.12 smp19.09.13 smp19.09.14 smp19.09.15 smp19.09.16 smp19.09.17 smp19.09.18 smp19.09.19 smp19.09.20 smp19.09.21 smp19.09.22 smp19.09.23 smp19.09.24 smp19.09.25 smp19.09.26 smp19.09.27 smp19.09.28 smp19.09.29 smp19.09.30 smp19.09.31 smp19.09.32 smp19.09.33 smp19.09.34 smp19.09.35 smp19.09.36 smp19.09.37 smp19.09.38 smp19.09.39 smp19.09.40 smp19.09.41 smp19.09.42 smp19.09.43 smp19.09.44 smp19.09.45 smp19.09.47 smp19.09.48 smp19.09.49 smp19.09.50 smp19.09.51 smp19.09.52 smp19.09.53 smp19.09.54 smp19.09.55 smp19.09.56

We enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday morning, after being up so late last night. I got up to begin our usual Saturday routine. I went out and checked fluids in the cars then loaded up Betty White and woke up Luke to go mow / trim at Mom & Sandy’s house. After four attempts, he finally got his arse out of bed. Mom & Sandy weren’t home, so we finished quickly and were on our way. Luke drove us to Taco Bell for lunch then we came home to work in the yard. However, Luke ended up running around with Oakley and Hannah while I pressure-washed the north side of the house. Funny how things work out sometimes… After getting cleaned-up, I joined Ann in the living room for a quick nap in the air conditioning. When Luke came home, we got dressed and went out to the Hampton Inn for Phyllis & Dick’s 65th wedding anniversary celebration with their family and friends. We had fun visiting with everyone and enjoyed a huge dinner that was outstanding. After a couple hours, we came on home to get in our comfy clothes and take it easy watching DVR’d shows on the big screen, including the Queen of the South season 4 finale, Serengeti, Fear the Walking Dead and Preacher. Luke had a couple friends over then went out running around town before he came home with just Grayson. The boys ran around the neighborhood until it started storming and Gray ended up staying the night. We fell asleep to the sound of thunder, which rumbled all night. It was a relaxing way to wrap up our fast week…

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature our final photo album – #18 – before we made the leap to using digital media, exclusively. We lead off with Abby’s birth announcement in September 1999 then move on to Charles Shultz’s final Peanuts Sunday panel in February 2000; next we see 3-month-old Megan in June 2002; then we move on to more of Grace’s birthday party in July 2004; next we go to Abby’s birthday party in September 2004; then Abby’s soccer game at the YMCA in October 2004; and finally we see Rob’s girlfriend’s daughter going trick-or-treating at Mom & Dad B’s house in Rossville in October 2004.

Waybac.1999.09.aba Waybac.2000.02.cslpcp Waybac.2002.06.m3mo Waybac.2004.07.gbdp25 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp26 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp27 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp28 Waybac.2004.09.abdp05 Waybac.2004.09.abdp06 Waybac.2004.10.asp08 Waybac.2004.10.asp09 Waybac.2004.10.asp10 Waybac.2004.10.asp11 Waybac.2004.10.hir01 Waybac.2004.10.hir02

Next up is our video segment which features one new home movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma…
Later, Scheu

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