I Sidestepped to Intercept Her

We had a big week, here at the Scheu Abode. Matt had another hard week, teaching special ed in Zionsville. Abby moved back to campus for her sophomore year at Franklin College. Luke had a full week of classes, building up to opening night of football on Friday, where he contributed a big play on defense. Ann enjoyed spending time with Abby and getting her all prepared for Move-In Day. She did better with her knees, getting around pretty good this week. She continues to find relief with her compression hose at night and icing her knees whenever she gets a chance during the day. Although I lost about 5 pounds early in the week, I’m sure I put it all back on this weekend. I did meet my exercise goal, walking fifteen miles this week but missed-out on the annual On Eagle’s Wings 5K and party at St. Mary’s this weekend. It is an exciting time of year that is equal parts joy and sadness. We so enjoyed seeing all the kids (if only for a little while) this week but realize that now we are back to only being a one-child home again, as I write this entry. It will take some getting used-to again, but we managed last year so I suppose we’ll be fine eventually. For now, we miss the older kids and look forward to them coming home to visit soon. And it’s not just us; the dogs can sense the change too and they struggled to adjust this week as well – not sure what they’ll do next week… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

We had a hot / humid start to the week on Monday. It was a long day for Ann & I at work. Matt called me while I was walking a 5K in the heat that afternoon. He had a long, hard day at work again with lots of poorly behaving children then came out to leave – only to find he had to fix yet another flat tire on Bebe. He ended up going to Big-O Tire to get another new wheel. Turns out, he had blown another hole in a tire. Not sure what is going on, but it was the other “new??? tire he put on the car at that questionable place near U-Indy, earlier this year. I think they took advantage of him and put on a pair of shitty tires. He said that his car no longer shakes badly, as both of those tires are now off the car. Ann & I urged him to take the tires back to the store and see if they’ll warranty them or give him his money back but he wanted to let it go and chalk it up as a learning experience. I can relate…I’ve had a few those myself… Thankfully, he got it changed quickly and was on his way home where Ms. Taylor surprised him by being at his apartment. He said he really needed that and it quickly cheered him up. Abby had Garrett stay the night again last night. They slept-in today then later they went to the YMCA to workout before going out to eat dinner with Molie at Chili’s. Luke had a good day at school where he said he passed his test after studying last night (what!!??) then went to a sweaty football practice. Later, he went to Shack’s house to study that night (whatever!). Ann iced her knees while I checked-in new Hot Wheels while we cooled down in the A/C and ate leftovers, resting on the couches. Later, watched MNF, Preacher and The Terror. Luke came home and showered before going over to Jenna’s house to help her study. What has gotten into him? Matt called and talk to Ann for a while that night to help process his long day. While he was changing his tire, he cut his hand on the rusty underside of his car and now needs to get a tetanus shot – fun! Abs left Garrett here with us and went out with her friends to get slushies that night. She said she enjoyed her time with them – talking and laughing one last time before they all leave for college this week… Here are pictures from Luke’s football scrimmage vs. Indian Creek last week.

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Tuesday was an awfully humid day. It was no surprise that it ended up raining and eventually stormed really hard. Abby and Garrett slept in while the rest of us headed off to work and school. Matt had a better day, teaching at Z-West. Luke had school then went on to football practice again. I had a long day at work then Justin & I walked outside in the rain…until it started to pour – then we made a V-line back to the facility! I drove to the mall and walked another mall before picking up Ann at a meeting in CRH. She was at the hospital all day, stuck in a meeting. Garrett went home that morning, before the storms rolled through, leaving Bu alone with the dogs when it started storming. The wind blew so hard that it tore off half of the old climbing tree in the front yard! She was a little scared, as she hates storms. That poor tree is barely alive as it is and this may just do it in. We may have to actually look at taking it down. I began watching another Netflix original series that night called Another Life with Katee Sackhoff. Luke & Abs went out for dinner then he hung out with Oakley until late while Bu came home and started packing. The poor kid has some sort of heat rash from working out in the heat this week that is driving him nuts right now…

We had a foggy ride into work on Wednesday morning. It was overcast all day. Ann had another long day of meetings in CRH. Justin, Vic & I went out to eat at Ye Olde Fish House for a huge fish sandwich lunch – yum! Abby spent all day packing for college again. Matt had another busy day teaching at his middle school. Luke had a good day at high school and then went on to another hot football practice. After dragging the downed limbs from the climbing tree to the curb last night, the city came by this morning and picked them up while we were leaving for work. Justin & I walked a 5K out in the heat & humidity – honestly, we should’ve walked in the mall because it was tough. I picked up Ann after her meeting and we left town a little early. When we got home, the girls ran to the store to get something to make for dinner and ended up ordering pizza – LOL! Luke got cleaned-up after practice and went out to a movie with his buddies to see Good Boys. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.08.130 sis19.08.131 sis19.08.132 sis19.08.133 sis19.08.134 sis19.08.135 sis19.08.136 sis19.08.137 sis19.08.138 sis19.08.139 sis19.08.140 sis19.08.141 sis19.08.142 sis19.08.143 sis19.08.144 sis19.08.145 sis19.08.146 sis19.08.147 sis19.08.148 sis19.08.149 sis19.08.150 sis19.08.151 sis19.08.152 sis19.08.153 sis19.08.154 sis19.08.155 sis19.08.156 sis19.08.157 sis19.08.158 sis19.08.159 sis19.08.160 sis19.08.161 sis19.08.162 sis19.08.163 sis19.08.164 sis19.08.165 sis19.08.166 sis19.08.167 sis19.08.168 sis19.08.169 sis19.08.170 sis19.08.171 sis19.08.172 sis19.08.173 sis19.08.174 sis19.08.175 sis19.08.176 sis19.08.177 sis19.08.178 sis19.08.179 sis19.08.180 sis19.08.181 sis19.08.182 sis19.08.183 sis19.08.184 sis19.08.185 sis19.08.186 sis19.08.187 sis19.08.188 sis19.08.189 sis19.08.190 sis19.08.191 sis19.08.192 sis19.08.193 sis19.08.194 sis19.08.195 sis19.08.196 sis19.08.197 sis19.08.198 sis19.08.199 sis19.08.200 sis19.08.201 sis19.08.206 sis19.08.202 sis19.08.203 sis19.08.204 sis19.08.205 sis19.08.207 sis19.08.208

It stormed overnight and was a little wet as we headed into work early on Thursday morning. Luke went into school with Blane then they went on to football practice and then to the team dinner. That evening, he went to watch the boys’ soccer team (his good buddies Grayson and Mitch are on the team) and then ran around with Oak and Hannah, including playing tennis for a bit. Abs slept in then drove to Franklin to help Garrett move in and do some cleaning in her new dorm room. The kids are both living in the “Sections??? dorms. I lived there my sophomore year and party of my junior year as well…but we called them the “New Dorms.??? I had a fast day then walked three miles on a humid afternoon before picking up Ann at the tech center that evening. We bought a fridge off Ann’s co-worker for Abby to take to FC this weekend. We relaxed in the air and watched a couple more episodes of Another World and Ann made popcorn for dinner. Here are pictures from Power of the Past last weekend.

potp19.01 potp19.02 potp19.03 potp19.04 potp19.05 potp19.06 potp19.07 potp19.08 potp19.09 potp19.10 potp19.11 potp19.12 potp19.13 potp19.14 potp19.15

Ann & I had the day off from work on Friday but couldn’t sleep in due to the dogs and Luke not getting up for school. He eventually got his ass out of bed, but by then we were already up as well. Abby & Ann took off in Tonya a little later that morning for a girls’ day out before Bu leaves for school tomorrow. I got up and wrote bills before loading up Betty White and mowing/trimming at Mom & Sandy’s house. I sat down and talked with Maryann for about a half hour in the backyard before coming home to mow and trim. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the backyard finished before I had to take off and meet up with the girls’ for our hair appointments with Jami in Columbus. After we finished, the girls went to Greenwood for lunch while I ran errands back in Greensburg. Abby continued packing that evening while Ann & I got cleaned-up and went to a tailgating party at the Moeller’s house. They had a ton of food and some ice-cold brews. We only stayed a little while before heading on to the game to meet up with Matthew, who was driving down from Greenwood to watch his little brother under the Friday night lights. It was the opening game of the regular football season for Luke and the Pirates as they faced Shelbyville. They have had our number in recent years, though we beat them soundly last year. This year would be more of the same. Lucas started on special teams and was the first one in the record books for 2019 as he received the opening kickoff and ran it back for about 5 yards. Besides the kickoff return team, he also played on the kickoff team, punt return team, the PAT/field goal team and the punt team. He eventually rotated in on defense in the 3rd quarter with the varsity team, coming in at outside linebacker (Will). On just his second play, he picked-off a pass for the team’s first interception of the year! He recorded 4 tackles that evening to go along with his INT. He also came in on offense in the 4th quarter and played sniffer back, making some good blocks but not going out for any passes. The defense was dominant that evening and recorded a shutout. Special teams gave up one touchdown on a kickoff return. The offense moved the ball with ease as we out-classed the Golden Bears that night. Unfortunately, it was not a good team to judge how good we are, as they resembled more of a JV team and we won easily, 53-7. The game was sponsored by the National Guard and had some cool equipment there, a tailgating section with food, drinks and a bounce house and other stuff for the kids. Shriver Field was adorned with about three dozen American flags and a couple dozen servicemen. All in all, It was a really cool way to start the season. We enjoyed sitting with family and friends. Mom & Sandy and Abby & Matt were all there, making it special with them all there that evening. The stands were packed and there was even a good cheer block…heck, the band stayed for the entire game – if that tells you anything! We sat with all our parent friends and enjoyed a great atmosphere. We are really hoping for a special season that goes deep into the Sectionals this year. After the game, Luke and Oakley went out with Blane to eat and then went on to a party at Jenna’s house. Meanwhile, Ann & I took the other two kids out for dinner at Wings & Rings. Low and behold, the boys ended up out there for dinner with Jenna and her friends as well. Matt stuck around for a while, back at the house, before he headed back to his apartment in Greenwood. Abs picked up the boys at Jenna’s house for us and Oakley spent the night. He had a big game as well, getting a ton of playing time on both sides of the ball and rushing for over 100 yards! Way to go, Oak! Here are pictures of the latest additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc19.08.36 hwc19.08.40 hwc19.08.37 hwc19.08.38 hwc19.08.39 hwc19.08.41 hwc19.08.42 hwc19.08.43 hwc19.08.44 hwc19.08.45 hwc19.08.46 hwc19.08.47

We all slept in on Saturday morning after being up late last night. Abby and the boys went over to have breakfast with Gma. Gigi texted me and asked if I was listening to the Coach’s Show on the radio where there was an interview with Coach Moore. Among other things, they talked a little about Luke. Sandy said she would work on getting me a copy of the audio and I’ll post it on next week’s blog if she does (thx Gig!). We missed Bryan last night in the stands, but at least he was at the game. He was up in the press box, broadcasting the game on the radio last night – providing color commentary for WTRE. I’ve asked Gigi to get me a copy of that audio as well, so we’ll see what happens… Abs took Oakley home that morning and then we started packing everything up to move her back on to the FC campus. I loaded up Barney with all of Abby’s stuff, leaving just enough room for Ann & I. Luke rode with Bu in Tonya. We met her roommate, Bri, as we pulled up to unload the van. We got everything moved in very quickly, thanks to Garrett and his fraternity brothers. They made quick work of the girls’ stuff but then there were suddenly ten people crowded into the dorm room and although it is a suite, it was still too much and quickly overwhelmed an already-emotional Abby. So, we sent Luke, Garrett and the boys out to go watch the football scrimmage at Faught Stadium so we could focus on the task at hand and get Abs back to normal after her head spun around a couple times. Slowly, their room came together and a couple hours later, it was picture-perfect! Ann did a great job helping both girls unpack clothing and get it all put away. Ann & I took the kids, including Bri and Garrett, out for dinner at one of our favorites – Shale Brewing Company. On our way, we were reminded of how cool this little town has become. We talked about it a couple times. There were people out walking around downtown as they had a little art fair going on, which closed a couple streets. It was all so quaint. We enjoyed a ton of food and a few glasses of their crème ale brews. Their pulled pork nachos were still outstanding! We chatted and laughed for about an hour before heading out to Walmart to get last-minute items and then returned to campus one more time before saying our tearful good-byes and headed on back home. Luke did a good job of driving home, nearly killing us only once, LOL! Seriously, though, he did great and got us back in one piece. We got everything put away, gave the dogs some love and settled down to watch the Colts/Bears game. We were saddened to hear that Andrew Luck decided to retire after just 7 years in the league. We watched his press conference and respect his decision when he said he was tired of being injured and was mentally not in the game. Going out on his own terms is the way to go…its just sad that the last time he left the field as a player, the fans booed him… We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.08.134 smp19.08.135 smp19.08.136 smp19.08.137 smp19.08.138 smp19.08.139 smp19.08.140 smp19.08.141 smp19.08.142 smp19.08.143 smp19.08.144 smp19.08.145 smp19.08.146 smp19.08.147 smp19.08.148 smp19.08.149 smp19.08.150 smp19.08.151 smp19.08.152 smp19.08.153 smp19.08.154 smp19.08.161 smp19.08.155 smp19.08.156 smp19.08.157 smp19.08.158 smp19.08.159 smp19.08.160 smp19.08.162 smp19.08.163 smp19.08.164 smp19.08.165

After all the excitement and exertion yesterday, we enjoyed sleeping in on a beautiful Sunday morning…all except the dogs, who were up before the dawn. Annie put them out and left them out so we could all fall back to sleep. We slowly got up and did our weekly household chores. Later, Memaw came by and picked-up Luke. She took him to get a haircut and lunch from Wendy’s. He wanted to get it cut so he won’t be so “top heavy.??? ???? That was something Coach Harris said to him and then to us after the game on Friday night, kidding him about not keeping his feet after his big interception. Instead of staying on his feet and scoring a “pick six,??? he stumbled and fell to the turf. With this new haircut, perhaps it will help him keep his balance, should the opportunity present itself again – lol! Ann napped most of the day while I watched DVR’d sports – Bellator MMA, the Cowboys vs. Texans game, the NASCAR road races – Road America for the Xfinity cars and the trucks at the road course in Ontario and then some IndyCar racing. I captured some video off Hudl that I will share next week, along with Coach Moore’s interview on WTRE yesterday (thx Gigi!). Sandy also emailed me audio from another radio show, called “Beyond the Game,??? where they talked about Luke for a while. Mom and Sandy came over that evening and chatted for a while. Sandy brought me audio from Friday’s game that Bryan called for WTRE. After they left, we ate up some of the tons of leftovers we had from our recent meals out. With our bellies full, we relaxed and watched Serengeti and then Fear the Walking Dead before calling it a week…let’s hope the dogs sleep through the night!

Next up is our Waybac section which continues to feature photo album # 18 – our final album before we made the leap to 100% digital photographs. All of this week’s pictures are from 2004: Easter at Gma & Gigi’s house on Main St. in April; then a ton of pictures from Abby’s first Dixon Dance Revue in May, performing to “Sophisticated Baby;??? next we see the inside of my Father’s Day card in June; and finally we have a few more shots of Grace’s birthday party at her Westport home in July.

Waybac.2004.04.eoms02 Waybac.2004.04.eoms03 Waybac.2004.04.eoms04 Waybac.2004.04.eoms05 Waybac.2004.05.addr124 Waybac.2004.05.addr125 Waybac.2004.05.addr126 Waybac.2004.05.addr127 Waybac.2004.05.addr128 Waybac.2004.05.addr129 Waybac.2004.05.addr130 Waybac.2004.05.addr131 Waybac.2004.05.addr132 Waybac.2004.05.addr133 Waybac.2004.05.addr134 Waybac.2004.05.addr135 Waybac.2004.05.addr136 Waybac.2004.05.addr137 Waybac.2004.06.tfdc02 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp21 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp22 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp23 Waybac.2004.07.gbdp24

And we wrap up this week’s entry with our video section which includes one new family movie this week as well as several from around the internet.

Well, that does it for this week’s entry into the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this week and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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