Doin’ Twenty Years on the Way

Summer returned to south-central Indiana with a vengeance this week. It was Palindrome Week – the last one we will experience this century. What that means is that the date of each day this week read the same forward or backwards – cool! Matt had a good week at Z-West middle school and came home to spend the weekend. Abby had a busy week of school, came home and spent the night this week and enjoyed her 20th birthday party. Luke had a pair of football games, is leaning towards not playing basketball this year and stuck around this weekend to spend some time with his siblings instead of his friends. It was nice having all the kids at home. Ann was gone for about half the week, attending her annual staff retreat at the doctors’ condo, just outside Destin, FL. Thankfully, there was no hurricane and they enjoyed beautiful weather. I didn’t do real well with my diet though I did exceed my exercise goal, logging over sixteen miles of walking this week. It was a fast week that was very enjoyable for everyone. The weekend was especially nice as we got to spend time with the whole family. It was nice to sit down as a family and eat dinner at our table. The home was whole and everything was right in the world for a little while. As much as we enjoyed having a full house when the kids were little, I think we may enjoy it even more (or just appreciate it more?) now that they’re older. It’s hard to believe we only have one teenager in the family now…damn we’re old… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

The week started off hot and humid as we returned to work/school on Monday. Ann & I both enjoyed fast days. She had a big meeting and presentation at CRH for her Green Belt training. Justin walked early with me and we got in a rather sweaty 5K before I left to pick-up Ann from her meeting. After I dropped her off at home (so she could grab a snack and ice her knees), I ran errands around town. When I got home it was time to pack up and head on to the high school for Luke’s JV football game vs. Connersville that night. Luke was the captain and represented the team at the coin flip. He was replaced as the kicker on the kickoff team but ran down as one of the tacklers on the outside. He played some sniffer back on the offense, but they didn’t run the set with a tight end/sniffer back very much – opting for the spread offense with four wide receivers for most of the game. He did catch the only pass thrown to him for about 15 yards, converting on a 3rd down. He also had four pancakes as his blocking continues to improve with each game. After the new kicker got hurt, Luke came back in and kicked 3 times (35, 31 – his first play back after he got hurt and 35). On the kickoff return team, he was put up front for the “hands” team and recovered the only onside kick by the Spartans. He started at middle linebacker again on the defense, recording ten tackles (leading the team). He also had two QB hurries/knockdowns. My favorite play of his was when he laid out a running back that came across the middle on a crossing route! It was a teeth-rattler for sure! Unfortunately, another trend continued – that of him getting hurt. This is two straight games where he went down and had to be helped off the field. He turned his left ankle badly while trying to make a block in the offensive backfield. He would return a to the game later but was limited to mostly defense the rest of the game. He iced it that night and hobbled around on it after the game. It was obviously swollen, but other than being sore he seems to be OK. We encouraged him to take it easy for the next couple days. As for the game itself, Coach Harris built up a small lead at halftime but found his team lacking in energy. After a halftime ass-chewing in the locker room, the team came out re-energized and built up a nice lead. Coach substituted nearly his entire team on the defense and after a turnover by the offense and a couple quick scores, we suddenly had a close ball game. He decided to bring the starters back in and was able to put the game away for good as the Pirates held on for another win, 26-22. Their record is now 3-1 on the year. I ran Luke & Ann home and then headed out to the Sunken Boat Bar for some football, food and poker with my good friends. We had nearly everyone there – Bryan, Bob, Rick, Shawn and me. We were only missing Alan and Pat. One of Bryan’s customers joined us as well and we all had a blast, as usual. We had fun watching MNF and enjoying some spirits and got caught up with everybody. It had been a while since we got together, so it was nice to see everyone again. Here are pictures of Luke’s varsity football game last weekend vs. Connersville at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

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We had a warm start to our Tuesday, topping out around the 90-degree mark with lots of humidity. I had a fast day at work, running Ann to a doctor’s appointment where Guse was pleased with her progress. He did offer to go back in to look at everything for her, if she so chooses. She will have another appointment later in the year to make up here mind. I was a little late getting out of work and ended up logging only a little under three miles. We ran to Walmart after work and picked up a few last-minute items before we came home and Ann began packing for her getaway to FLA that she insists is an annual staff retreat. I watched a few DVR’d shows and when she finished packing, we binge-watched a couple more SVU episodes. We went to bed a little early so we could get at least a couple hours of sleep before we had to be up tomorrow. Luke had a fast day at school and then was held out of football practice by the team trainer. He said he didn’t like that much and felt like a sissy. He also said that Oakley and a few others were out sick with a stomach issue. He came home briefly that evening to shower, change and say good-bye to Ann before heading over to Blane’s house to spend the night. Here are pictures of Luke’s JV game last week vs. North Decatur.

lfnd19.01 lfnd19.02 lfnd19.03 lfnd19.04 lfnd19.05 lfnd19.06 lfnd19.07 lfnd19.08 lfnd19.09 lfnd19.10 lfnd19.11 lfnd19.12 lfnd19.13 lfnd19.14 lfnd19.15 lfnd19.16 lfnd19.17 lfnd19.18 lfnd19.19 lfnd19.20 lfnd19.21 lfnd19.22 lfnd19.23 lfnd19.24 lfnd19.25 lfnd19.26 lfnd19.27 lfnd19.28 lfnd19.29 lfnd19.30 lfnd19.31 lfnd19.32 lfnd19.33 lfnd19.34 lfnd19.35 lfnd19.36 lfnd19.37 lfnd19.38 lfnd19.39 lfnd19.40 lfnd19.41 lfnd19.42 lfnd19.43 lfnd19.44 lfnd19.45 lfnd19.46 lfnd19.47 lfnd19.48 lfnd19.49 lfnd19.50 lfnd19.51 lfnd19.52 lfnd19.53 lfnd19.54 lfnd19.55 lfnd19.56 lfnd19.57 lfnd19.58 lfnd19.59 lfnd19.60 lfnd19.61 lfnd19.62 lfnd19.63 lfnd19.64 lfnd19.65 lfnd19.66 lfnd19.67 lfnd19.68 lfnd19.69 lfnd19.70 lfnd19.71 lfnd19.72 lfnd19.73 lfnd19.74 lfnd19.75 lfnd19.76 lfnd19.77 lfnd19.78 lfnd19.79 lfnd19.80 lfnd19.81 lfnd19.82 lfnd19.83 lfnd19.84 lfnd19.85 lfnd19.86 lfnd19.87 lfnd19.88 lfnd19.89 lfnd19.90 lfnd19.91 lfnd19.92 lfnd19.93 lfnd19.94 lfnd19.95 lfnd19.96 lfnd19.97 lfnd19.98 lfnd19.99 lfnd19.100

Wednesday was Patriot Day, in remembrance of the 9/11 attacks. We were up super early to get ready and head over to Columbus to begin our days. Ann was meeting up with her coworkers at 330 so they could drive down to Louisville to catch their flight. I wasn’t real thrilled with them flying on 9/11… As we drove into work, she was informed that the flight had been delayed. It wasn’t the first time – in fact, it was pushed back three times…to the point where their adjoining flight in Atlanta was scheduled to leave about 5 min after they were slated to land. They ended up getting bumped to a later flight and had a couple hour layover. They eventually made it safely and enjoyed the afternoon at the condo on the beach. Meanwhile, I started my annual 12-hr generator test at about 4 am. While I was there, I held a 3rd shift fire drill as well as a few other annual regulatory compliance items. Justin and I went to breakfast at the Hangar and then Vic, Michelle, Justin & I wound up going to Arni’s for a school fundraiser at lunchtime. I was busy all day, getting in about 20K steps – including walking a 5K in the heat and humidity that afternoon. Luke didn’t feel well as his stomach was achy and his ankle kept him out of practice yet again that afternoon. He said it killed him to just sit and watch. He went to Blane’s house after practice to work on their chemistry homework. When he got home, he drove us out to Hibbett’s to get a new girdle as well as an ankle brace. We grabbed Wendy’s drive through and talked to Ms. Ann, who had made it safely to the condo and was enjoying the lovely weather on the coast. We came home and ate before Luke showered and turned-in for the night. For whatever reason, I was wired and finally got a chance to watch the Brickyard 400 from last weekend. What a great race! Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.09.92 sis19.09.93 sis19.09.94 sis19.09.95 sis19.09.96 sis19.09.97 sis19.09.98 sis19.09.99 sis19.09.100 sis19.09.101 sis19.09.102 sis19.09.103 sis19.09.104 sis19.09.105 sis19.09.106 sis19.09.107 sis19.09.108 sis19.09.109 sis19.09.110 sis19.09.111 sis19.09.112 sis19.09.113 sis19.09.114 sis19.09.115 sis19.09.116 sis19.09.117 sis19.09.118 sis19.09.119 sis19.09.120 sis19.09.121 sis19.09.122 sis19.09.123 sis19.09.124 sis19.09.125 sis19.09.126 sis19.09.127 sis19.09.128 sis19.09.129 sis19.09.130 sis19.09.131 sis19.09.132 sis19.09.133 sis19.09.134 sis19.09.135 sis19.09.136 sis19.09.137 sis19.09.138 sis19.09.139 sis19.09.140 sis19.09.141 sis19.09.142 sis91.09.143 sis19.09.144 sis19.09.145 sis19.09.146 sis19.09.147

Luke & I were up early and into work / school on Thursday. Luke was fighting some stomach stuff again that morning. He texted me later and said that he was feeling much better after he at lunch and used the restroom. 😊 I had a fast day at work. Justin, Vic & I went to China Buffet for lunch then I ran to Best Buy to get Abby’s birthday present. We had a busy afternoon then I walked four miles on a freakin’ hot day with the heat index right at one hundred degrees. I my commute back to the ‘Burg, I saw they already had about 50 beer lovers camped outside 450 North in preparation of tomorrow morning’s Beer Release Day. Ann & I may need to go to one of those sometime…though I can’t see us camping out the night before for some beer… I came home and watched some DVR’d shows, relaxing with the dogs in the A/C. Luke was able to practice on his sore ankle, thanks to his new brace. He felt good on it and said he had a good practice. He was going to go watch his buddies on the soccer team, who had a game that night but decided to come home and get cleaned-up before Hannah & Morgan came over to help him clean-out his closet. I ended up falling asleep on the couch and went to bed early as all the lack of sleep this week finally caught up with me. I slept like a baby for about 10 hours that night… Here are pictures of some recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc19.09.28 hwc19.09.29 hwc19.09.30 hwc19.09.31 hwc19.09.32 hwc19.09.33 hwc19.09.34 hwc19.09.35 hwc19.09.36 hwc19.09.37 hwc19.09.38 hwc19.09.39 hwc19.09.40 hwc19.09.41

Luke & I were up early again on Friday the 13th, where we had a full harvest moon. Luke left for school early in order to get donuts before school with Blane. I was off work due to low census but had to make sure Luke got up and out the door on time. Once he was gone, I drove up to FC to see Abby and we walked uptown for breakfast at Ann’s. We had a nice time, spending some Daddy/daughter time. We ran out to the store before her first class to get her a couple things before I left campus. I stopped at the Exit 76 Flea Market to do a little Hot Wheel hunting and ended up with a few new treasures before driving home through the country. The dogs and I chilled in the air as it was too hot to work in the yard that afternoon. I edited pix and did stats from Luke’s JV game earlier this week. I spoke to Matt, who decided to come home for the weekend. It was a nice surprise. I waited for him at the house and then we went to Luke’s varsity football game that night as the Pirates hosted Lawrenceburg. We met up with Mom & Sandy at the game, but it had been delayed due to lighting from a storm that blew through a little earlier and didn’t get started until 8 that night. We sat and chatted with the Bainbridges, the Wests and the Messers. Drew and the County band performed the routine they did at the State Fair during the halftime and was pretty cool. As for the game, it started off great; we kicked-off and they fumbled the ball out of bounds at the 2. After a pair of procedural penalties, they were backed up to the ½ yard line. After that, we lost all control of the game. They moved the ball at will and we couldn’t get out of our own way. Quickly, we were down three scores before we finally got the ship righted and put some points on the board. They scored again before the half but most of it was due to us turning the ball over, penalties and of course…poor blocking and tackling. After such a big win on the big stage last weekend, this game brought the boys back to reality. When we would make a run, get some momentum and tighten the game up a little, we’d make another blunder and eventually the game slipped away from us. All in all, it was a dominating win by the Tigers. We were honestly never in the game. Luke started on special teams but did not play any defense or offense. He was the up back on the punt team, the left end on the PAT/field goal team, middle linebacker on the punt return team and an upback on the kickoff return team. He had a few good blocks but also whiffed on a couple…but at least he didn’t draw any penalties! We ended up losing 17-42 to even our record at 2-2 on the year. We were missing some key players who were hurt during the week, got hurt during the game or got suspended for stupid stuff…and that really killed any chances of us coming back in the second half. Matt kept Ann up to date by Face-Timing her when he was on the field. A big thank you goes out to Sandy and Matt for taking photos that night in Annie’s absence. Matt & I met up with Luke after the game and then headed out to Wings & Rings for dinner and a tube of Octoberfest beer! As we were enjoying our beers, Molie & Julia came in and sat down to talk with us for a while. Luke & Drew also came in for dinner with Hannah & Morgan. Our server was Randall and we enjoyed catching up with him too. We sat and talked a little too long and ended up closing down the place and were the last ones to leave. We came home and found the kids were in the family room, hanging out. Drew and Hannah ended up spending the night and Matt & I fell asleep in the living room before heading to the back. We have lots of social media pictures to share.

smp19.09.72 smp19.09.73 smp19.09.74 smp19.09.75 smp19.09.76 smp19.09.77 smp19.09.78 smp19.09.79 smp19.09.80 smp19.09.81 smp19.09.82 smp19.09.83 smp19.09.84 smp19.09.85 smp19.09.86 smp19.09.87 smp19.09.88 smp19.09.89 smp19.09.90 smp19.09.91 smp19.09.92 smp19.09.93 smp19.09.94 smp19.09.95 smp19.09.96 smp19.09.97 smp19.09.98 smp19.09.99 smp19.09.100 smp19.09.101 smp19.09.102 smp19.09.103 smp19.09.104 smp19.09.105 smp19.09.106 smp19.09.107 smp19.09.108 smp19.09.109 smp19.09.110 smp19.09.111 smp19.09.112 smp19.09.113 smp19.09.114 smp19.09.116 smp19.09.117 smp19.09.118 smp19.09.119 smp19.09.120 smp19.09.121

The dogs (led by Lola) were up and down all night with all the house guests that stayed that evening. I tried to sleep in a bit on Saturday morning, but it just wasn’t to be. Matt & I got up and watched some DVR’d shows while he continued to research new/used cars while I finished doing Luke’s stats and began writing my HTML code for this week’s blog. In the late morning, Matt & I drove to Mom & Sandy’s house and we all went to Buy Right to look at a couple cars for Matt. He test drove an Audi and a Nissan. He really liked the Nissan Versa Note after he test drove both of them. We worked up some numbers and we’ll have to check with State Farm to see how much insurance costs before he makes up his mind. We looked at a couple other lots in town but no one had anything he was interested in so we came on home. Drew had gone home by the time we got back, so Luke & I mowed and trimmed the lawn and then loaded up Betty White and headed to Gma & Gigi’s house to mow. We visited with the ladies for a while then went on to Taco Bell for lunch before ending up at Walmart to get supplies for Abby’s party tomorrow. When we got to the checkouts, we ended up in line behind Maryann & Sandy. Luke helped them load the car and then we met them back at their house so Luke could help unload the car as well. When we finally got back home, Abby & Garrett were there and sound asleep. We showered and then woke them up and went to dinner at El Reparo a little later that evening. Matt & I split a pitcher of margaritas and then came home to have a few drinks and play some euchre that night. Matt & I made frozen strawberry margaritas, finally cracking open that huge bottle of Patron that Dad B gave us a couple years ago. We put a pretty good dent in it, making four pitchers and having a great night. The kids and I played one game of euchre that lasted for about an hour. In the end, Luke (and Garrett) & I beat Matt & Abby, 10-7. Afterwards, Abby wanted to watch the new Aladdin live action movie on the big screen, so we all settled in and promptly fell asleep! I think I lasted the longest, but even I missed the ending…

We finally enjoyed sleeping in a bit on Sunday morning before getting an early start to our weekly household chores. Ann was up at 3 am again and kept me abreast of her progress as the girls all flew home that morning from Florida to Atlanta and then on to Louisville before driving back to Columbus. Matt & Abby went to the store and bought supplies to make breakfast that morning. It that really hit the spot! While Matt showered, Abby studied and Luke & Garrett played video games, I headed to Columbus to pick up Ann at her office. She and the girls made it home safely and had lots of stories to tell! When we got home, Ms. Taylor had arrived for today’s festivities. We enjoyed watching RedZone and cheered the Colts and Cowboys on to victory. Gma & Gigi came over a little while later and Dee, Jamie & Grace joined us as well. With Mary still recovering from heart surgery, Maryann and Sandy picked up the slack and made two delicious cakes for Abby, including a round unicorn cake – complete with a matching pinata! They also brought tons of homemade chocolate chip cookies that the kids all split. After a rousing rendition of the Birthday Song (with Robby, who had called-in at just the right time), we had cake and ice cream. The boys returned to the living room to watch football on the big screen while the girls sat at the kitchen table and visited. After everyone left, Abby opened her cards and presents and loved her new JBL speaker. It has Harman Kardon insides that make it sound really sweet. Later, Ann made Abby’s birthday dinner. This year, she asked for steak (filets!), baked potatoes and roasted cheesy broccoli– we taught her well! As Ann manned the oven, I played grill master, following Ann’s orders on how to cook the steaks. Everything turned out great and we didn’t have any leftovers. We returned to the living room and watched football and napped. When the late games wrapped-up, the kids all left with Matt & Taylor returning to Greenwood and Abby & Garrett heading back to Franklin. We got the house cleaned-up and took it easy the rest of the night, flopping on the couch with the dogs who were exhausted from their long weekend. Poor Molly is having some bladder issues – Ann thinks she may have another kidney stone as she has minor leaking with blood in her urine. Annie gave her some medicine and we’ll keep a close eye on her this week. We wound down the evening watching Fear the Walking Dead and the NASCAR races from Las Vegas this weekend. It was a perfect way to wrap up another busy week, here at the Scheu abode…

Next up is our Waybac segment which continues to feature photo album #18 of our young family. This week we lead off with Abby at her first Dixon Dance Revue at the high school in May 2004; then we move onto Luke’s first birthday party in June 2004; next we have a photo of us on Splash Mountain at Walt Disney World in June 2004; and finally we wrap up with an assortment of Christmas cards in December 2004.

Waybac.2004.05.addr138 Waybac.2004.05.addr139 Waybac.2004.05.addr140 Waybac.2004.05.addr141 Waybac.2004.05.addr142 Waybac.2004.05.addr143 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp11 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp12 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp13 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp14 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp15 Waybac.2004.06.lbdp16 Waybac.2004.06.wdw572 Waybac.2004.06.wdw573 Waybac.2004.12.ccs01 Waybac.2004.12.ccs02 Waybac.2004.12.ccs03 Waybac.2004.12.ccs04

Next up is our video segment which features two new home movies as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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