They Look Like Section(al) Men

We’ve had another great week speed past us, here in southcentral Indiana. The weather took a turn to the cold side, so it finally feels like football weather! Our landscape continues to change as farmers continue to harvest their fields and the leaves on the trees continue to change colors and litter the yards. I finally got to wear shorts and sweatshirts during my workouts. Matt had a rough week, teaching in Zionsville but had a great weekend, spending time with Ms. Taylor and visiting us at home. Abby had a long week of classes at Franklin but was excited to start her yoga class and enjoyed hitting a theme park one last time this season. We also enjoyed spending time with her a couple times this week as well. Luke, who still lives at home with us was the child we saw the least of this week! He had a good week of school and football practice and got to play in the varsity football sectional game – which was very exciting! Ann continued to let her cane collect dust this week and is getting around so much better with each passing day. Even better…she cooked three times for us this week! LOL!! I lost twelve pounds this week – most likely due to Justin being gone! But I swear I gained it all back this weekend…also, I fell short of my weekly exercise goal – logging twelve miles in the challenging weather. Molly continues taking her meds and is doing much better…for now. If you didn’t know any better, you’d never know there was anything wrong with her. But my favorite part of the week was easily this weekend when the family gathered together at Gma & Gigi’s house again to celebrate another birthday. Hello again and welcome to the latest edition of the Scheu Family Blog.

We had a warmer but wet start to the week. It was back to work and school for everyone. Ann & I packed up Barney in preparation for sitting out in the cold rain that evening at Luke’s final JV football game in Rushville. Ann & I had fast mornings then went to get haircuts at Jami’s. Abby came down to see the doctor and met up with Ann. She has a host of new meds to take in hopes they can make her aches and pains go away. She still has some sort of infection running through her, so hopefully they can knock that out. We were still at Jami’s salon when Luke texted Ann to say that the game that evening had been cancelled. Apparently, they didn’t have enough kids, so they forfeited. The young Pirates finish the season with a 6-4 record on the year. Luke did not play in 3 of their losses. He went on to varsity practice that afternoon – their first of the post season. Afterward, he went out with Oakley & Cam before coming home and playing Fortnight until late. I walked three miles in the light rain after work then met up with the girls at Ann’s work. Since we didn’t have a game that night and Abs hadn’t eaten all day, we took her to eat some dinner. She wanted Five Guys and we were happy to oblige. Afterward, she went back to campus for her weekly Pi Phi formal meeting while Ann & I came home and took it easy the rest of the night, watching some DVR’d shows (The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot). Here are pictures from Homecoming a couple weekends ago.

lp19.10.04 ahc19.01 ahc19.02 ahc19.03 ahc19.04 ahc19.05 ahc19.06 ahc19.07 ahc19.08 ahc19.09 ahc19.10 ahc19.11 ahc19.12 ahc19.13 ahc19.14 ahc19.15 ahc19.16 ahc19.17 ahc19.18 ahc19.19 ahc19.20 ahc19.21 ahc19.22 ahc19.23 ahc19.24 ahc19.25 ahc19.26 ahc19.27 ahc19.28 ahc19.29 ahc19.30 ahc19.31 ahc19.32 ahc19.33 ahc19.34 ahc19.35 ahc19.36 ahc19.37 ahc19.38 ahc19.39 ahc19.40 ahc19.41ahc19.42

Tuesday was a cooler day…but at least it was dry. I was involved in a road rage incident as I was pulling into work that morning. Some guy was tailgating me and I noticed he was waving his arms and appeared to be shouting. When I turned into the driveway, he nearly hit me. As I stopped in the driveway to get the mail, he quickly pulled his truck off the road and jumped out, shouting and asking if I wanted to fight! So, I walked into the street and asked him what his problem was. He said I was going too slow and that I should stay off my phone. I told him that I was simply looking at my grounds to see if I needed to grab any balls that had been thrown/kicked over our fence. He continued to cuss and threaten. I told him he could go have intercourse with himself and to have a good day. It bothered me all day. What a dick. Thankfully, it was a fast day for me and before I knew it, I was out walking another three miles on a lovely afternoon. Luke had school then went on to football practice. He was out late again that night, running around with his buddies. He didn’t get home until after I had gone to bed again, since I fell asleep watching the World Series and ended up going to be early. Here are pictures of the recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc19.10.33 hwc19.10.34 hwc19.10.35 hwc19.10.36 hwc19.10.37 hwc19.10.38 hwc19.10.39 hwc19.10.40 hwc19.10.41 hwc19.10.42 hwc19.10.43

We had another cool start to the day on Wednesday. Luke was late getting up but made it to school in time, thankfully. He had a good football practice then ran around with Oakley, Mitch and Booney all night. They came over to hang out in the family room a couple times during their night while Oak downloaded stuff on his PS4 at our house. Eventually they all went out to Oakley’s house, where they stayed the night. Ann & I had fast days at work then I again walked three miles on a perfect afternoon in the mid-sixties. Besides seeing the boys, we had a quiet night of hanging out with the dogs and watching some of our favorite shows on the big screen, like Pawn Stars, FBI, SEAL Team and SWAT. We got a new bucket of Fireworks popcorn in the mail that day, which is always a good thing! Luke ran by Walmart and got a block of parmesan so we could have cheesy popcorn for dinner that night – yum! We got the first batch of school pictures for Abby (we had gotten Luke’s last week) and I was reminded of just how expensive the photography game had become. We love them, though, so you know we’re going to get them all. These were taken with the Lambda Chis as for their composite as their Chapter Sweetheart. She will also take another round with her ΠΒΦ sisters. I’m not sure if they still take regular school pictures any more or not? I don’t know if they even have a yearbook any longer. We never saw anything for one last year. Here are pictures from Luke’s varsity football game vs. Rushville last week.

lfrv19.01 lfrv19.02 lfrv19.03 lfrv19.04 lfrv19.05 lfrv19.06 lfrv19.07 lfrv19.08 lfrv19.09 lfrv19.10 lfrv19.11 lfrv19.12 lfrv19.13 lfrv19.14 lfrv19.15 lfrv19.16 lfrv19.17 lfrv19.18 lfrv19.19 lfrv19.20 lfrv19.21 lfrv19.22 lfrv19.23 lfrv19.24 lfrv19.25 lfrv19.26 lfrv19.27 lfrv19.28 lfrv19.29 lfrv19.30 lfrv19.31 lfrv19.32 lfrv19.33 lfrv19.34 lfrv19.35 lfrv19.36 lfrv19.37 lfrv19.38 lfrv19.39 lfrv19.40 lfrv19.41 lfrv19.42 lfrv19.43 lfrv19.44 lfrv19.45 lfrv19.46 lfrv19.47 lfrv19.48 lfrv19.49 lfrv19.50 lfrv19.51 lfrv19.52 lfrv19.53 lfrv19.54 lfrv19.55 lfrv19.56 lfrv19.57 lfrv19.58 lfrv19.59 lfrv19.60 lfrv19.61 lfrv19.62 lfrv19.63 lfrv19.64 lfrv19.65 lfrv19.66 lfrv19.67 lfrv19.68 lfrv19.69 lfrv19.70 lfrv19.71 lfrv19.72 lfrv19.73 lfrv19.74 lfrv19.75 lfrv19.76 lfrv19.77 lfrv19.78

The dogs did not do well overnight and into Thursday morning with Luke out of the house. Ann even put them in his bed, but without him in there; they got down and prowled around the house all night – barking and dancing. When Lola started scratching at our door, I just went ahead and got up early – I hate getting up before the alarm! Luke had the day off for student-teacher conferences. This was the first year Ann & I didn’t go to any since I can remember. In fact, I think this is the first one we’ve ever missed. We hated not going because we like putting a face to the name and we also want to let the teachers know that we’re vested in his education as well. However, Ann had a day full of meetings, including a board meeting that ran late into the evening. It was a long day for the both of us, to say the least. I spent it working on computers, mostly; trying to finish up our Win7 > Win10 conversion project. I did get out and walk three miles in a light rain while I took a break from work in the early evening. Luke got to sleep in at Oakley’s house that morning, enjoying the day off from school. He eventually came home for a while before going to football practice that evening. Hopefully the boys are prepared for the big game this week and that day’s practice won’t be their last of the season. Later that night, all the boys went out to the Lowe’s house for team dinner until late. When Luke finally did get home, we ran the Hot Rod Lincoln out to Jerry’s shop to have his windows and brakes looked at. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.10.147 sis19.10.148 sis19.10.149 sis19.10.150 sis19.10.151 sis19.10.152 sis19.10.153 sis19.10.154 sis19.10.155 sis19.10.156 sis19.10.157 sis19.10.158 sis19.10.159 sis19.10.160 sis19.10.161 sis19.10.162 sis19.10.163 sis19.10.164 sis19.10.165 sis19.10.166 sis19.10.167 sis19.10.168 sis19.10.169 sis19.10.170 sis19.10.171 sis19.10.172 sis19.10.173 sis19.10.174 sis19.10.175 sis19.10.176 sis19.10.177 sis19.10.178 sis19.10.179 sis19.10.180 sis19.10.181 sis19.10.182 sis19.10.183 sis19.10.184 sis19.10.185 sis19.10.186 sis19.10.187 sis19.10.188 sis19.10.189 sis19.10.190 sis19.10.191 sis19.10.192 sis19.10.193 sis19.10.194 sis19.10.195 sis19.10.196 sis19.10.197 sis19.10.198 sis19.10.199 sis19.10.200 sis19.10.201 sis19.10.202 sis19.10.203 sis19.10.204 sis19.10.205 sis19.10.206 sis19.10.207 sis19.10.208 sis19.10.209 sis19.10.210 sis19.10.211 sis19.10.212 sis19.10.213 sis19.10.214 sis19.10.215 sis19.10.216 sis19.10.217 sis19.10.218 sis19.10.219 sis19.10.220 sis19.10.221 sis19.10.222 sis19.10.223

Friday was cold and overcast. It was a fast day at work for Ann & I as we left shortly after noon when her office closed. We stopped at ElRep on the way home for a quick lunch before grabbing a couple naps with the dogs while binge-watching The Blacklist. Luke was hard to get up that morning for school but he made it in time in Barney. Afterward, he ran around with his buddies, ending up at ElRep himself before returning to Shriver Field to prep for what is hopefully NOT the final game of his sophomore season. The Indiana Class 3A #30-ranked Pirates hosted #23 Franklin County in the opening round of Sectionals play that evening. Matt came down after teaching in Zionsville to watch his brother and spend time with us that evening. We met with him at the game, where we sat with Bob & Pam, Shawn & Ally, Aaron & Kristie, Chad & Jean and JD & Anita. It was a chilly evening, but it was perfect football weather. The Pirates got off to a fast start and quickly jumped up by 2 TDs. We were on our way to a third, when the drive bogged down and we tried a field goal. But when it got blocked and they recovered it on the other side of the 50, they quickly came down and scored and had the momentum. At the half, it was a ballgame a tight ballgame with us up 21-14. We jumped back up by two scores in the third quarter, but then didn’t score again the rest of the game. The Wildcats, on the other hand, scored twice. On their second score, they had a choice: either kick an extra point to tie it up or go for two and go for the win. They decided to go for two and had it momentarily when the did a quick pass over the middle…but the open receiver ended up juggling and dropping the perfect pass and so FC remained down by 1. Luke fair-caught the ensuing, pooched kickoff. But the drive broke down before they could get into field goal range and a false start on 4th and 1 forced us to punt. The defense did well but was flagged for a suspiciously timed “hands to the face” foul. Instead of it being 4th and 25, the penalty created a 3rd and 5 and they picked up the 1st down as time was running out. Then, with 20 seconds left, they threw a pass towards the endzone that was picked-off by Luke’s friend, Corbin. That sealed the game and the Pirates escaped with a narrow upset, 28-27! Luke started on special teams, playing on kickoff return, punt return, punt and FG/PAT team. He also rotated in at sniffer back on the offense. Unfortunately, he did not get any snaps on the defensive side of the ball. To beat Batesville, we will have to shore up the defense on our left (usually the strong) side of the defense as well as our secondary pass coverage. We must do better on the penalties as well. This game should never have been as close as it was…we allowed them to stay in the game and it nearly cost us. Let’s hope the boys and coaches have learned valuable lessons from this game and we can move forward on our goal of winning another Sectional title. We congratulated Luke on a game well-played afterward and talked for a bit before he took off with his friends for the night. He ended up staying the night at Drayden’s house. We met Matt at Wings & Rings for dinner and a long talk. We came home and watched the new John Wick movie…well at least we tried, but we all fell asleep instead…

We were all up early with the dogs on Saturday morning. It was a cold and rainy, which dashed all hopes of me working outside. Instead, I decided to do our weekly household chores a day early. I did Abby’s FAFSA and was saddened that I had to put 4 in the blank now that asked how many lived in our household. Ann, Matt & I went to Walmart to get our weekly supplies and to get stuff for he and Ann to make chili. He & Taylor were going to a Halloween party that evening, where they were having a chili cook-off. Luke came home late that morning, just in time to say good-bye to Matt. It wasn’t long before Lukey was back out running around in Barney that afternoon. Ann & I took it easy, keeping warm with the dogs and watching DVR’d shows. We have a ton on there right now. We took naps and enjoyed a quiet day. Abby, Garrett and friends bundled up and braved the elements down in Santa Claus at Holiday World. It was a far cry from the hot, summer trips we made when they were kids. Instead, they enjoyed short lines for all their favorite roller coasters and obviously did not go to the water park, Spashin’ Safari! That evening, Ann made a great dinner of cheesy chicken and broccoli casserole. She was kind enough to make two batches – one with rice and one keto-friendly dish for me with cauliflower rice. It was amazing! Luke missed out as he stayed out with his buddies and ended up staying the night at Cam’s house. We have lots of social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.10.130 smp19.10.131 smp19.10.132 smp19.10.133 smp19.10.134 smp19.10.135 smp19.10.136 smp19.10.137 smp19.10.138 smp19.10.139 smp19.10.140 smp19.10.141 smp19.10.142 smp19.10.143 smp19.10.144 smp19.10.145 smp19.10.146 smp19.10.147 smp19.10.148 smp19.10.149 smp19.10.150 smp19.10.151 smp19.10.152 smp19.10.153 smp19.10.154 smp19.10.155 smp19.10.164 smp19.10.156 smp19.10.157 smp19.10.158 smp19.10.159 smp19.10.160 smp19.10.161 smp19.10.162 smp19.10.163 smp19.10.165 smp19.10.166 smp19.10.167 smp19.10.168 smp19.10.169 smp19.10.170 smp19.10.171 smp19.10.172 smp19.10.173 smp19.10.174 smp19.10.175 smp19.10.176

We were hoping to sleep in on Sunday…but with all the kids out of the house again last night, the dogs were lost and lonely. I slowly got up and did a few things around the house before Abby came home from school. Luke was next, but he disappeared into his room. At least Bu stayed out in the living room and chatted with us. Aunt Sharon sent us some great old pictures. I spoke to Rob that morning, who was headed to the casino for a fun day in Michigan and was hoping to stop by Redamak’s that evening, as they were closing for the season. Abby had to do some running around and met us over at Mom & Sandy’s, where we also met up with Matt & Taylor, Dee & Jamie and of course Mom & Sandy for my birthday party. We enjoyed a scrumptious lunch of Pizza King pizzas – including my favorite: a meat lover’s pie with the cheese on top…. yum!! Gigi surprised me with a ton of BWR bleu cheese and celery. Thx Gig!! After lunch, they sang a rousing version of the Birthday Song to me and then we ate three different kinds of cake! I had a huge piece of DQ ice cream cake and opened presents. I loved all my new Hot Wheels and snacks. The boys & I helped Gma get her Christmas stuff out of the attic so she could start putting it up this coming week. Afterward, we came home to watch RedZone and the Colts, who won again in dramatic fashion. Luke, Matt & Taylor watched the early games with us before Luke went to bed, Matt & Tay went back up to Indy and Ann & I took naps while watching the late games and the NASCAR race at Martinsville. Later, the sun came out and it inspired me to do a few chores outside with Molly. We drained and put up the hoses, packed-up the air conditioners for the winter, charged the battery in the truck and checked fluids in the vehicles. Afterward, we all grabbed some leftovers for dinner and took it easy, watching some shows on the big screen with the dogs, including It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! It was a great way to wind down the week.

Next up is our Waybac section, which features the final few pictures from photo album #18 – our last one before we moved to digital exclusively. I do have some other printed stuff ready to be scanned this weekend or next week, but then I think we’ll move on to the digital stuff, which should be fun as well! We lead off this week with the final glimpses of Week 19 fun at the Sand Pebble in Treasure Island, FL in May 2002; next we see Ann & her crew at their annual retreat to Panama City Beach, FL in May 2004; then we have some good ones from the Fourth of July parade in downtown Greensburg in July 2004; and then we wrap it up with pictures from and around the time of Abby’s fifth birthday in September 2004. What a fun time I’ve had over the past four years scanning and sharing all these pictures on here…

Waybac.2002.05.wnwp15 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp16 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp17 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp18 Waybac.2002.05.wnwp19 Waybac.2004.05.awr13 Waybac.2004.05.awr14 Waybac.2004.05.awr15 Waybac.2004.05.awr16 Waybac.2004.07.foj23 Waybac.2004.07.foj24 Waybac.2004.07.foj25 Waybac.2004.07.foj26 Waybac.2004.07.foj27 Waybac.2004.07.foj28 Waybac.2004.07.foj29 Waybac.2004.07.foj30 Waybac.2004.09.abdp18 Waybac.2004.09.abdp19 Waybac.2004.09.abdp20 Waybac.2004.09.abdp21 Waybac.2004.09.abdp22 Waybac.2004.09.abdp23

Next up is our video segment which features two new home movies this week as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss you, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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