…And I’ll be Happy that its Christmas Once Again

Let me just start by saying how thankful we are to have spent another holiday together with everyone healthy and happy. With all the kids home this week, all was right in the world – at least in our little part of the world. The house was alive again this week with all the activity. Matt enjoyed the week off from teaching school and made it home for a few days. Abby enjoyed another week off from school. She has not started working yet and enjoyed spending time at home with family and going out with friends. Luke was back to a one-sport athlete this week, focusing on wrestling. He competed in a big tourney this week and gained some notoriety. Ann & I enjoyed a slower week, spending time with family and taking most of the week off from work. We realize that holidays like these won’t last forever, so it makes it even sweeter when you understand what you’ve got before you lose it. We thoroughly enjoyed this week and look forward to another week with more of the same. The weather was not very Christmas-like with temps in the 60s. Blame it on global warming? It was cold and snowy last week and it supposedly going to be cold again next week. For this week though, it was a shorts and tee Christmas… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

Everyone was up early on Monday to start our week. Luke went to wrestling practice, Abby went to a doctor appointment and Ann & I went into work. I had a fast day at the office, only working a half day. Abby didn’t get many answers at her appointment and now they must schedule an ultrasound, so we’ll see how it goes. She went over to Ann’s work for a while afterward. We tried to get the girls to come with us to lunch but Annie had too much work to do, so Abby drove over to my work and went out to lunch with Justin, Vic & I at Chicago’s pizza. Afterward, I picked up Ann and we got haircuts with Jami. I dropped her back off at work afterward and set out to finish Christmas shopping. She finished work and went next door to the plastic surgeon to have her moles removed from her lip. She is doing fine; but once the numbness wore off, she was pretty sore. Meanwhile, Matt & Taylor came home – as did Luke, after his practice. Abs went home and they all got cleaned up and headed to Gma & Gigi’s house to help set up for Gracie’s big day. Jamie officiated over her wedding service as he had been ordained as a minister last week. He married Grace to her beau Austin, who is in the service. Chad & Mary came down; as did David & Donna. They joined Dee & Jamie, Keith, Rosie & Megan (who came into town last night), Mom & Sandy as well as our kids. Annie had the surgery planned for months, so she couldn’t put it off; but we hated to miss it. Poor Mom had her cap fall off yesterday, but thankfully the dentist was able to squeeze her in that morning to get it fixed. …Although I thought it would’ve been great fun to have a reverend from Kentucky and a grandma with a front tooth missing. By the time we got back to town and over to their house, the Buchannan’s were gone but it was nice to meet Austin. Mom & Sandy stayed home while Matt, Taylor, Ann & I came home to watch our first Christmas movie together – Die Hard – while everyone else went out to dinner at Chili’s for several hours. Abs & Luke ran errands for Ann that evening. Later, Ann got a call from Nell across the street and they ended up taking Ginny out to the hospital when her blood pressure spiked that evening. Luke ended up going out with his friends for a bit and Abby, Matt, Taylor & I played some euchre late that evening then we settled in and watched Die Hard – yes, it’s a Christmas movie! Here are pictures of Luke’s wrestling meet last week vs. East Central.

lp19.12.05 lwec19.01 lwec19.02 lwec19.03 lwec19.04 lwec19.05 lwec19.06 lwec19.07 lwec19.08 lwec19.09 lwec19.10 lwec19.11 lwec19.12 lwec19.13 lwec19.14 lwec19.15 lwec19.16

The kids and I were up early on Christmas Eve while Ann slept in after being up late last night. I took the kids to Pop’s Diner for an early breakfast where we met up with the wrestling team and alumni. I felt kind of bad because no one called ahead to warn them of our large group. We had probably 25 weary bodies show up to eat that morning, which is the most we’ve had since we were going to Trackside before it closed. We went on to the K of C’s afterward to meet up with the other volunteers from around town to help with the annual Cheer Fund to provide food and presents for the less fortunate in our community. It was one of the biggest turnouts I’ve seen since I’ve been doing this. There were cars backed up as far as you could see for drivers and we had hundreds of loaders – to the point where I probably only loaded 4 or 5 cars…and there were a ton of boxes this year. I’d say there were easily 50 people associated with the wresting program there that morning to help out – it was great to see so many of these young men being involved with something that gives back to their community! When we got done, Luke went on to wrestling practice and Abby drove up to New Castle to spend time with Gary and his family for Christmas. Ann & I caught up for a bit and then she started in cooking while I edited pictures and videos for this week’s blog entry. Meanwhile Matt & Taylor went back to bed and slept for several hours. In between Ann making Polish mistakes, jalapeno popper dip and a pair of cheeseballs, we watched our next Christmas movie – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and later we watched A Miracle on 34th Street before we headed over to Mom & Sandy’s for Christmas Eve festivities. Before we left, we did Christmas with Taylor and then Matt & Tay went over to Gma’s early to do her Christmas over there. Luke, Ann & I drove over and Abby & Garrett drove back from New Castle to join us over there as well. Although Taylor had to head up to Centerville to do Christmas with her family, we had a big crowd on-hand this year. In attendance, we had Mom & Sandy (with Gigi’s Gourmet open!), Keith, Rosie & Megan, Dee & Jamie, Grace & Austin, Ann & I, Matt & Luke and Abby & Garrett. We had a huge dinner of side dishes, which was awesome: sausage balls, little weenies, meatballs, queso with sausage, Ann’s 3 dishes, olive dip, ham & cheese sliders, turkey & cheese sliders, shrimp & cocktail sauce, Rosie’s buffalo chicken dip, chicken nuggets, celery & bleu cheese, and of course a ton of desserts – including some amazing buckeyes! We cleared the table, did the dishes and then held our White Elephant gift exchange. I came home with some ornaments and cash. Luke was the big winner with $25 of singles (stripper money, we dubbed it!). Afterward, we moved into the living room and did our big gift exchange. I came home with about 60 new Hot Wheels, among other goodies. 😊 We visited for about an hour then made our way home so we could do Christmas with Garrett before he had to head back up to NC to be with his parents for Christmas. We then proceeded with our traditions, getting a glass bottle Santa coke as I read the book ‘The Night Before Christmas.’ The kids then set up milk & cookies & cheese & Coke for Santa (and his helpers) and headed on to bed. As Ann & I helped Santa wrap presents (until about 2 am), I heard something fall on the ground in the living room. When I went to check, I found the cookies on the floor and Lola looking at me innocently. I say we wrapped, but we all know it was really Ann with me keeping her company, getting the goods and putting the presents under the tree. But I can tell you that we are getting too old to do this each year! Here are pictures of Gigi when she came over to the house last weekend.

gga19.01 gga19.02 gga19.03 gga19.04 gga19.05 gga19.06 gga19.07 gga19.08 gga19.09 gga19.10 gga19.11 gga19.12 gga19.13 gga19.14 gga19.15 gga19.16

We were up early on Christmas morning – even before the kids for some stupid reason! That’s got to be the first time that’s ever happened! My, how times have changed… We got the kids up and we opened all our presents. Judging by the number of gifts under the tree, I’d say we must’ve been on the nice list this year. We enjoyed mimosas while we opened gifts, which was a new twist that I hope becomes a tradition. 😊 Our favorite gifts this year: Luke – car stereo, Abby – new eyebrows, Matt – Nintendo Switch, Ann – diamond bangle, and as for me…my Bluetooth turntable! We took it easy for a bit, watching A Christmas Story until it was time to get cleaned-up and head back to Mom & Sandy’s house for lunch. Ann made a grand entrance into the house, slipping on the threshold and falling to her new knees! She was down for a few minutes. Gigi came in and sat on the floor, followed by the kids and myself, which helped to make light of the situation. Before we knew it, we had six of us sitting on the floor, laughing. Thankfully, she was OK but man; does she know how to make an entrance! We had a great turnout this year for our traditional meal: Gma & Gigi, of course, Keith, Rosie & Megan, Dee & Jamie, Grace & Austin, “Grandpa” Joe, David & Donna, Amy, Baili & Trent, and Ann & I with the kids and Megan. Somehow, they had plenty of room for all of us. What a spread this year! We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, macaroni & cheese, dressing, corn casserole, Jamie’s baked beans, yams, cranberry sauce, Ann’s green bean casserole & rolls, deviled eggs, Amy’s crab dip as well as desserts – a tableful of various things, including leftover wedding cake, key lime pie, sugar crème pie and Amy’s S’mores cheeseball – yum! We stuffed ourselves but somehow had a slew of leftovers. We cleaned-up everything and then played a few games of Gigi’s Bingo. Luke was the big winner this year, winning three of four games. Afterwards, I napped with Gma, Keith & Luke in the living room, watching The Polar Express, while everyone else colored Mom’s Christmas tablecloth and played a big game of Games Against Humanity. We said good-bye to Keith & Rosie, who were heading up to Noblesville to see the Harps and then on to LaPorte to see Rosie’s fam. We came home and napped for several hours. We watched more Christmas movies that afternoon, including some our favorites – It’s a Wonderful Life and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Matt & Abby ran back over to Gma & Gigi’s house to get leftovers for dinner that night. We played a couple games of euchre. Ann & I beat Matt & Bu 2-0 and then we moved to the living room and played Mario Kart on Matt’s Switch through the big screen and Megan ended up staying the night with us. Here are pictures of the recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc19.12.47 hwc19.12.48 hwc19.12.49 hwc19.12.50 hwc19.12.51 hwc19.12.52 hwc19.12.53 hwc19.12.54 hwc19.12.55 hwc19.12.56

It was a very warm Thursday with temps all the way up into the 60s again. I wasn’t feeling very good last night and didn’t sleep particularly well. Luke got up early and went in to practice and I got up once he left. I watched the series finale of Mr. Robot and then once the kids got up, we played Mario Kart on the big screen through the Switch. Later, we played something called Jackbox TV on the Switch through our cell phones, which was really cool. Then we watched Christmas movies all day: Frosty the Snowman, Home Alone, Elf and the Wizard of Oz. When Luke came back, he played GTA on his PS4 all day. Later, we dropped off his car at Greensburg Auto Sound so they can install his new stereo tomorrow morning. Matt, Abby & Megan went to Gma & Gigi’s house to watch the dogs so they could go to the casino for a few hours. They made jalapeno popper dip and played video games. The kids all came home and Ann ordered Papa John’s pizzas for dinner. The boys played laser tag while waiting for the driver to deliver dinner. Mary and Molie came over for a bit and then all the girls left to go out on the town. While Luke continued to play GTA that evening, we watched The Santa Claus. Afterward, we said good-bye to Matt as he headed up to do Christmas with Ms. Taylor that night. Here are pictures from Grace’s wedding earlier this week.

gaw19.01 gaw19.02 gaw19.03 gaw19.04 gaw19.05 gaw19.06 gaw19.07 gaw19.08 gaw19.09 gaw19.10 gaw19.11 gaw19.12 gaw19.13 gaw19.14 gaw19.15 gaw19.16 gaw19.17 gaw19.18 gaw19.19 gaw19.20 gaw19.21 gaw19.22 gaw19.23 gaw19.24 gaw19.25 gaw19.26 gaw19.27 gaw19.28 gaw19.29 gaw19.30 gaw19.31 gaw19.32 gaw19.33 gaw19.34 gaw19.35 gaw19.36 gaw19.37 gaw19.38 gaw19.39 gaw19.40 gaw19.41 gaw19.42 gaw19.43 gaw19.44 gaw19.45 gaw19.46 gaw19.47 gaw19.48 gaw19.49 gaw19.50 gaw19.51 gaw19.52 gaw19.53 gaw19.54 gaw19.55 gaw19.56 gaw19.57 gaw19.58 gaw19.59 gaw19.60 gaw19.61 gaw19.62 gaw19.63 gaw19.64 gaw19.65 gaw19.66 gaw19.67 gaw19.68 gaw19.69 gaw19.70 gaw19.71

Luke was up early on Friday morning to meet up with his team at the high school to ride to their next wrestling event. He drove Barney into school that morning since the Hot Rod Lincoln was in the shop. A little later, Abby, Ann & I loaded up Tonya and drove to the Spartan Bowl in Connersville to watch Luke & the Pirates compete in the annual Spartan Classic. Luke dropped down to a lower weight class for the first time this season, at 195. This is a more natural weight for Lukey. He can probably go down one more, but he’d have to cut weight. At this level, he doesn’t even have to watch his weight. First up, Luke faced a wrestler from Columbus North. However, either the athlete was injured or didn’t make weight, as he won by forfeit. In the second round, Luke had the honor of facing Shenandoah’s Silas Allred – the back-to-back state champion, national freestyle champion and ranked first in the NATION at 195! He was the #1 seed in the tourney (of course) and came in with a 105-2 high school record. The Duke was hoping to be #3 and not #106! Luke scored a point on him and lasted a little over 30 seconds before being taken down and pinned. That moved him to the consolation bracket. He had a bye in the 3rd round and needed to win his next match in the 4th round. However, he ended up losing to a boy from Valparaiso when he was pinned in the 2nd period…which knocked him out of the tourney and ended his day. However, we did advance four wrestlers on to the second day (tomorrow) of the tourney. That moves his record to 6-12 on the year. He stayed to watch the 5th round while Abby, Ann & I ran Megan to Terry & Christy’s house and then drove on to Mom & Sandy’s. There, we celebrated Dee Dee’s 47th birthday with homemade pizza, chicken wings and cake with peppermint ice cream. We sang a horrendous version of the Birthday Song then had Dee Dee’s favorite cake from a bakery in Cincy that Jamie picked up on his way back from work. We visited for a couple hours then came home. Luke stopped by and picked up his Lincoln with the new stereo on his way home. Gary drove down from New Castle and spent the night with us. I enjoyed watching a couple bowl games while writing my html code for this blog entry that evening before finally heading to bed. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.12.221 sis19.12.222 sis19.12.223 sis19.12.224 sis19.12.225 sis19.12.226 sis19.12.227 sis19.12.228 sis19.12.229 sis19.12.230 sis19.12.231 sis19.12.232 sis19.12.233 sis19.12.234 sis19.12.235 sis19.12.236 sis19.12.237 sis19.12.238 sis19.12.239 sis19.12.240 sis19.12.241 sis19.12.242 sis19.12.243 sis19.12.244 sis19.12.245 sis19.12.246 sis19.12.247 sis19.12.248 sis19.12.249 sis19.12.250 sis19.12.251 sis19.12.252 sis19.12.253 sis19.12.254 sis19.12.255 sis19.12.256 sis19.12.257 sis19.12.258 sis19.12.259 sis19.12.260 sis19.12.261 sis19.12.262 sis19.12.263 sis19.12.264 sis19.12.265 sis19.12.266 sis19.12.267 sis19.12.268 sis19.12.269 sis19.12.270 sis19.12.271 sis19.12.272 sis19.12.273 sis19.12.274 sis19.12.275 sis19.12.276 sis19.12.277 sis19.12.278 sis19.12.279 sis19.12.280 sis19.12.281 sis19.12.282 sis19.12.283 sis19.12.284 sis19.12.285 sis19.12.286 sis19.12.287 sis19.12.288 sis19.12.289 sis19.12.290 sis19.12.291 sis19.12.292 sis19.12.293 sis19.12.294 sis19.12.295 sis19.12.296 sis19.12.297 sis19.12.298 sis19.12.299 sis19.12.300 sis19.12.301

Saturday was Day 2 of the Spartan Classic, but Luke wasn’t wrestling, so we decided not to attend and instead, we slept in. I had trouble sleeping again and ended up getting up before the dawn, unfortunately. Everyone else slept in for several hours while I watched a new Dr. Who episode. As the day went on, we continued to nap all morning on a lazy day. Luke got up around noon and assumed his position at his desk, playing more GTA on his PS4. When Abby got up, we watched all the Simpsons episodes we had saved-up. Afterwards, I started watching college football again; first up was the Cotton Bowl, featuring Penn St vs. Memphis, which PSU won. During halftime, Abby, Gary & I ran out to Walmart for supplies. After lunch, we watched the Peach Bowl which was a semifinal game featuring #4 Oklahoma vs. #1 LSU. Burrow and LSU did not disappoint, putting up 63 points on the Sooners. He had 7 passing TDs plus ran one in before being pulled-out of the game. During the 2nd half, I paid bills since it was no longer competitive while Abby & Ann went to the grocery store to get food for dinner. They made Ann’s delicious potato soup, a salad with her homemade ranch dressing and to top it off, they had a fresh loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. It was very nice. In the late game, Ohio St took on Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl. It was a great game with Clemson narrowly pulling it off – so the championship game is set for two weeks from now with Clemson vs. LSU. Luke went out with buddies for a while before driving out to Oakley’s house to stay the night. Gary played video games all evening and spent the night with us again. We have lots of social media pictures to share.

smp19.12.223 smp19.12.224 smp19.12.225 smp19.12.226 smp19.12.227 smp19.12.228 smp19.12.229 smp19.12.230 smp19.12.231 smp19.12.232 smp19.12.233 smp19.12.234 smp19.12.235 smp19.12.236 smp19.12.237 smp19.12.238 smp19.12.239 smp19.12.240 smp19.12.241 smp19.12.242 smp19.12.243 smp19.12.244 smp19.12.245 smp19.12.246 smp19.12.247 smp19.12.248 smp19.12.249 smp19.12.250 smp19.12.251 smp19.12.252 smp19.12.253 smp19.12.254 smp19.12.255 smp19.12.256 smp19.12.257 smp19.12.258 smp19.12.259 smp19.12.260 smp19.12.262 smp19.12.263 smp19.12.264 smp19.12.265 smp19.12.266 smp19.12.267 smp19.12.268 smp19.12.269 smp19.12.270 smp19.12.271 smp19.12.272 smp19.12.278 smp19.12.279 smp19.12.280 smp19.12.281 smp19.12.282 smp19.12.283 smp19.12.284 smp19.12.285 smp19.12.286 smp19.12.287 smp19.12.288 smp19.12.289 smp19.12.290 smp19.12.291 smp19.12.292 smp19.12.293 smp19.12.294 smp19.12.295 smp19.12.296 smp19.12.297 smp19.12.298 smp19.12.299 smp19.12.300 smp19.12.301 smp19.12.302 smp19.12.303 smp19.12.304 smp19.12.305 smp19.12.306 smp19.12.307 smp19.12.308 smp19.12.309 smp19.12.310 smp19.12.311 smp19.12.312 smp19.12.313 smp19.12.314 smp19.12.315 smp19.12.316

I slept for only a few hours again and was up before the dogs on Sunday morning. Everyone else enjoyed sleeping in. I will have to figure out how to adjust my c-pap, as it constantly wakes me up. It didn’t help that I was congested and couldn’t breathe through my mask either. Once the others got up, we did our weekly household chores. I watched a few DVR’d shows until RedZone came on. It was the final one of the season, sadly. We ate leftovers – of which, we have a refrigerator full – for lunch but still barely made a dent in it. We said good-bye to Gary, who left in the late afternoon. Once he left, the girls went to the store to get stuff to make dinner that night. They came home and made cheeseburgers, tater tots and jalapeno dip – yum! The Cowboys and Colts both played in the late games, as did the Eagles. The Cowboys needed a win vs. the Redskins coupled with an Eagle loss to the Giants in order for Dallas to make the playoffs. The Cowboys destroyed Washington, but NY couldn’t handle Philly and the ‘Boys were officially eliminated from the playoffs. At least now we can likely move on from Coach Garrett. Don’t get me wrong; I like him just fine. He’s a classy guy, so there’s surely room for him in another position within the organization…but we need more of a rah-rah coach that will fire up these players… Dak came up just one yard shy of the single-season team passing record. Romo still holds that record. Megan came over to spend the night with Abby again. We played euchre with the old’uns vs the young’uns. Ann & I beat the girls 2-1 for bragging rights on the night. Meg & Abs ran around with Heather for a bit before coming home and calling it a night. Ann watched a movie on her phone with her new AirPods while I watched the final game of the NFL regular season and then called it a week myself.

Next up is our Waybac section, which continues to feature random photo albums. We lead off this week with an oldie of Deanna at the Dixon Dance Studio in 1981; then we have Keith & Rosie, circa 1993; our friend Chris, circa 1994; our wedding pictures, several honeymoon pix and even a few honeymoon photos – all in September 1995; and finally we have several of the kids at Christy’s house in 2002.

Waybac.1981.dddp01 Waybac.1993.krwp01 Waybac.1994.cvc01 Waybac.1995.09.taw47 Waybac.1995.09.taw48 Waybac.1995.09.taw49 Waybac.1995.09.taw50 Waybac.1995.09.taw51 Waybac.1995.09.taw52 Waybac.1995.09.taw53 Waybac.1995.09.taw54 Waybac.1995.09.taw55 Waybac.1995.09.tawr86 Waybac.1995.09.tawr87 Waybac.1995.09.tawr88 Waybac.1995.09.tawr89 Waybac.1995.09.tawr90 Waybac.1995.09.tawr91 Waybac.1995.09.tawr92 Waybac.1995.09.tawr93 Waybac.1995.09.tah41 Waybac.1995.09.tah42 Waybac.1995.09.tah43 Waybac.1995.09.tah44 Waybac.2002.kach19 Waybac.2002.kach20 Waybac.2002.kach21 Waybac.2002.kach22 Waybac.2002.kach23 Waybac.2002.kach24 lp19.12.05

Next up is our video segment which features one new home movie as well as several from around the internet.

And that does it for this week’s episode of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Mom.
Later, Scheu

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