Hindsight is Always 20/20…but Looking Back, it’s Still a Bit Fuzzy

It’s hard to believe that 2019 is already in the rearview mirror and that we’ve begun a new decade. Matt enjoyed his final week off from teaching school, staying up in Indy all week with Taylor. Abby began work this week and spent time with Megan and Garrett. Luke enjoyed his final week off from school and was a one-sport athlete this week. Ann & I enjoyed most of the week off, going back for a half day at the end of the week. We enjoyed a much slower week, which was a great change of pace for us. We spent a little time with our friends and family, which was good for the soul. The weather was all over the place from rain and fog to snow flurries to warm sunny days. Looks like it’s gonna be another one of those Indiana years… Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of the Scheu Family Blog.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t sleep well due to congestion and my new c-pap, so I was up early on Monday. Luke got up and went to practice. I watched DVR’d shows all day and was just an absolute couch potato – getting up only to get food or use the restroom. Abby, Megan & Ann went to Columbus for doctor appointments. Abby had an ultrasound on her neck but didn’t get any results today. Ann got her stitches out of her lip and received her pathology report, which was negatively – thankfully. The girls went to lunch and then shopped until sundown. It was dark and overcast all day – a perfect day for naps! I felt like crap again all day, going through a box and a quarter of Kleenex. Ann said it was spitting snow when they walked in. I did notice that it had gotten considerably colder outdoors. I watched the rest of the On the Road with Brian Johnson series as well as the entire seasons of Tosh.0, Jim Jeffries (which is now off the air) as well as the 2nd season of The Purge. Later, I flipped over and watched the Orange Bowl until bedtime. Luke & his buddies went out for a while then came back here to hang and Kam ended up spending the night. The girls got back sometime late and Megan stayed the night again. Here are pictures from Christmas Eve last week.

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I was up early again on Tuesday when work was calling about the fire panel going off at 3 am. I wasn’t sleeping well anyhow, so I went ahead and stayed up, started my work computer and did some work for several hours. Luke got up and went to wrestling practice before going to Kam’s house. I did a few household chores and made breakfast after I found my blood sugar spiking. I’ve not been good with my diet – horrible even. I haven’t exercised a bit in the last week or so and I’ve been under the weather for several days, so it’s no wonder. We enjoyed another slow day off, taking naps and watching TV shows – like the newest episode of the Mandalorian on Disney +. I tried to watch the new Picard show on CBS All Access, but it doesn’t come out for another 3 weeks yet…and then Abby turned us on to a new series on Netflix called You. We watched several episodes of it and I really liked it. Ann & I ran to the store to get supplies for tonight – the final day of 2019. Abby & Megan got ready and headed up to New Castle to ring in the New Year with Garrett and his friends. Luke & Brayden were back and forth a few times that evening. Mom & Sandy came over and spent the evening with us. Ann made a ton of appetizers for dinner / snacks that evening while we played euchre. Ann & I beat them 4-1 to win the best-of-seven series. They stayed pretty late by their standards, but Pixie was getting tired. When they went home, we turned on the New Year’s Eve shows and watched the ball drop with just Ann & I and Luke & Brayden. Lame as we are; we went on to bed shortly afterward. Here are pictures from Christmas Day last week.

cd19.01 cd19.02 cd19.03 cd19.04 cd19.05 cd19.06 cd19.07 cd19.08 cd19.09 cd19.10 cd19.11 cd19.12 cd19.13 cd19.14 cd19.15 cd19.16 cd19.17 cd19.18 cd19.19 cd19.20 cd19.21 cd19.22 cd19.23 cd19.24 cd19.25 cd19.26 cd19.27 cd19.28 cd19.29 cd19.30 cd19.31 cd19.32 cd19.33 cd19.34 cd19.35 cd19.36 cd19.37 cd19.38 cd19.39 cd19.40 cd19.41 cd19.42 cd19.44 cd19.47 cd19.49 cd19.55 cd19.57 cd19.60 cd19.61 cd19.63 cd19.65 cd19.68 cd19.70 cd19.71 cd19.72 cd19.75 cd19.76 cd19.77 cd19.78 cd19.79 cd19.80 cd19.81 cd19.82 cd19.83 cd19.84 cd19.85 cd19.86 cd19.87 cd19.88 cd19.89 cd19.90 cd19.91 cd19.67 cd19.69 cd19.92 cd19.93 cd19.94 cd19.95 cd19.96 cd19.97 cd19.98 cd19.99 cd19.100 cd19.101 cd19.102 cd19.103 cd19.104 cd19.105 cd19.106 cd19.107 cd19.108 cd19.109 cd19.110 cd19.111 cd19.112 cd19.113 cd19.114 cd19.115 cd19.116 cd19.73 cd19.74 cd19.117 cd19.118 cd19.119 cd19.120 cd19.121 cd19.122 cd19.123 cd19.124 cd19.125 cd19.126 cd19.127 cd19.128 cd19.129 cd19.130 cd19.131 cd19.132 cd19.133 cd19.134

I was up early again on New Year’s Day because I couldn’t breathe in my c-pap with all my nasal congestion again. I did some work on my laptop for a bit then warmed up some leftovers for breakfast. It was a nice, sunny day – a lot warmer way to start 2020 than the final day of 2019 was. I finished up watching season one of You on Netflix until the Parade of Roses came on. Ann got up a few hours after me and napped in her chair. Later, she made our traditional New Year’s lunch – Rebel Dogs (Bryan family recipe), coleslaw (Mom’s recipe) and tater tots – yum! Luke went to wrestling practice for several hours then came home and pigged-out. Ann & I watched college football bowl games and napped all afternoon and evening. Although the early games weren’t that great, the Rose Bowl was close and the Sugar Bowl was exciting until the 4th quarter. It was a slow, quiet evening until Luke called. He accidentally locked his keys in his car. So, Ann & I got dressed and headed to Batesville to rescue our baby boy. He was hanging out with Gray & Kam and some girls. I can remember Mom & Dad coming to my rescue more than once when I was young…so it was kind of cool that it came back around full circle. 😊 Meanwhile, Abby left Gary’s house and travelled to Megan’s. They drove up to Matt’s apartment for a while to hang out with him and Taylor before spending the night at Megan’s new house in Greenwood. Here are pictures of recent additions to my Hot Wheels collection.

hwc20.01.01 hwc20.01.02 hwc20.01.03 hwc20.01.04 hwc20.01.05 hwc20.01.06 hwc20.01.07 hwc20.01.08 hwc20.01.09 hwc20.01.10

Thursday was our final day off. I was up early and helped make sure the Duke made it to his wrestling practice at dawn. Ann invited her friends over to scrapbook in the kitchen, so I ran to the Mart of Wal for her pictures. She has decided to make a wedding album for Gracie and it already looks great! Luke ran and grabbed Pizza King pizzas for lunch for us and the girls. I watched a few more second-season episodes of You on Netflix that day while Ann scrapped with Shawna and Rhonda. Abby came home that afternoon with Megan and Bri. They were only here for a few minutes before heading out to ElRep for lunch. They came back to sit and talk for a while before Megan and Bri headed back up north. Ann made Fireworks popcorn for dinner and we watched the new Joker movie on the big screen. Luke went to the movies with Oakley and his family then ended up spending the night with them. Here are random pictures from our recent adventures.

sis19.12.302 sis19.12.303 sis19.12.304 sis19.12.305 sis19.12.306 sis19.12.307 sis19.12.308 sis19.12.309 sis19.12.310 sis19.12.311 sis19.12.312 sis19.12.313 sis19.12.314 sis19.12.315 sis19.12.316 sis19.12.317 sis19.12.318 sis19.12.319 sis19.12.320 sis19.12.321 sis19.12.322 sis19.12.323 sis19.12.324

I still didn’t sleep well overnight due to not being able to breathe. Between the congestion and the new c-pap, I just can’t get much rest. So, I just got up again and started my Friday. I did a little work on my laptop and cleaned up around the house before getting ready to return to work in Columbus. Ann & I decided to go back today and work a half day just to catch things up a little before coming back fulltime on Monday. It was a wet, foggy ride in and it stayed gloomy all day. Our days flew by, as you might expect. On our way home, we met Abby in Hartsville where we transferred Ann and the girls went on to North Vernon for Bu to get her new eyebrows. I came home with intentions of working that afternoon. I heated up leftovers for lunch and turned on the Purdue game from last night. I ended up sitting down and promptly fell asleep. I missed Luke leaving for wrestling practice and didn’t wake up until the game was in OT. I watched the Boilers win in double OT and decided to wait until tomorrow morning to work and finished up the Chex mix while watching a couple SVU episodes and took another nap (maybe two?). The girls woke me up when they got home. Abs looked great and said it was the best Christmas present ever. She went into work at BWR for the first time since she went to college in the fall. Ann & I watched the first half of Treadstone, season one and took it easy. Later, Abs came home with Gary and he stayed the night. We have a ton of social media pictures to share this week.

smp19.12.317 smp19.12.318 smp19.12.319 smp19.12.320 smp19.12.321 smp19.12.322 smp19.12.323 smp19.12.324 smp19.12.325 smp19.12.326 smp19.12.327 smp19.12.328 smp19.12.329 smp19.12.330 smp19.12.331 smp19.12.332 smp19.12.333 smp19.12.334 smp19.12.335 smp19.12.336 smp19.12.337 smp19.12.338 smp19.12.339 smp19.12.340 smp19.12.341 smp19.12.342 smp19.12.343 smp19.12.344 smp19.12.345 smp19.12.346 smp19.12.347

I had the same issues I’ve had all week, overnight. Between the congestion and the c-pap going full force, I couldn’t sleep past like 5 am. So, I got up and went to work – well, sort of… I worked on my computer for about three hours and then started binge-watching Netflix again. I finished up the second season You (I hope they make a third) and started in on the 2nd season of Lost in Space. Ann got up and promptly found her recliner and slept there all day. It was a prefect day for napping as it was overcast and even spat snow for a while. Abby got up and took Gary over to Memaw & Gigi’s house to dog-watch Pixie & Max for several hours. They came back to the house and Gary spent the night. Luke enjoyed a day off from practice, playing on his PS4. He went to the varsity basketball game and ended up having Oak spend the night. Ann & I got cleaned-up and went to Batesville to meet up with Paul and his family for Dayla’s 50th surprise birthday party at Rom Weber Party Place. There was also a ton of kids as it was Conner’s 14th birthday. I’d say there were about 50 people altogether. We enjoyed the taco bar and keg of Bud Lite for a few hours before heading back. It wasn’t even a half hour and I was asleep on the couch so I went on to bed to watch the end of the NFL playoff game. Although I drifted in and out, it made me smile when I heard the call at the end of the game – the Patriots were bounced in the opening round!

I was awakened at 5 am on Sunday morning with calls from work and our fire panel monitoring company. I got up and dealt with that issue and stayed up. I did a few things around the house and waited for the others to get up so I could get to our weekly household chores. I finished watching season 2 of Lost in Space on Netflix and an old episode of Start Trek from 1966 before flipping on the NFL playoff games. The kids ran to the store to get food for lunch and dinner. Ann made Fireworks popcorn for lunch. Luke tried to run Oak home in the Hot Rod Lincoln, but she wouldn’t start. He tried to jump it but my jumper wasn’t charged so he grabbed to keys to Barney and took Oakley home. I dug out the battery charger and hooked up his car to trickle charge for a few hours and charged the jumper as well. It was a much warmer day with plenty of sunshine. I finished up our inside chores during the 1st half of the Saints game and checked fluids in the vehicles at halftime. Unfortunately, Drew & the Saints lost in OT. That means that the Super Bowl will not feature Brady or Brees this year. Could it be a changing of the guard?? As the late game was playing on the big screen, everyone in the house ended up napping for a while. Abs work Ann up so she could make her creamy chicken enchiladas with chicken that had been slow cooking in the crock pot all day. The aroma was wonderful but drove the dogs nuts…to the point that we had to put up the gait to keep them out from under her feet! Dinner was delicious and there were very few leftovers. We watched a little football and then we watched the crossover episodes of Hawaii Five O and Magnum PI. The kids ran to the store and brought back, among other things, ice cream! We enjoyed the end-of-vacation treat before calling it a night, a week and a vacation. It has been a nice break but I think I’m ready to get back to work and get off this couch…

Next up is our Waybac section which features random photo albums from our bedroom closet. We lead off with a couple more pictures from Ann’s photography class at FC, circa 1990; we then fast-forward to September 1995 for a bunch more pix of our wedding reception and then our ensuing honeymoon on the northeast coast; and then we wrap up with a family picture (was this our Christmas card that year?) in December 2004.

Waybac.1990.apc13 Waybac.1990.apc14 Waybac.1995.09.tawr94 Waybac.1995.09.tawr95 Waybac.1995.09.tawr96 Waybac.1995.09.tawr97 Waybac.1995.09.tawr98 Waybac.1995.09.tawr99 Waybac.1995.09.tawr100 Waybac.1995.09.tawr101 Waybac.1995.09.tawr102 Waybac.1995.09.tawr103 Waybac.1995.09.tawr104 Waybac.1995.09.tawr105 Waybac.1995.09.tah45 Waybac.1995.09.tah46 Waybac.1995.09.tah47 Waybac.1995.09.tah48 Waybac.2004.12.sfcp05

Next up is our video segment and features one new home movie (a long one) as well as several from around the internet.

Well that does it for this week’s entry of the Scheu Family Blog. Thanks for keeping up with us this time out and we’ll catch up with you again next time. Until then, have a good one. We miss ya, Momma. From the Scheu family to yours – may we all have a prosperous 2020!
Later, Scheu

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